Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 179 - Twilight Week Arc

Twilight lead you towards her room, her stride was a little wobbly, shifting to the left and right. Her thoughts consisted of both sleep and Discord's reaction. To her, it seemed like he wanted praise for what he did. But perhaps positive praise hurts him? Or maybe he really wasn't ready for it. She found it curious, but she knew he'd have to get over it.

You? just felt sorry for him, he was really looking forward to her reaction. Hell, you were too. Too late now...

Upon entering Twilight's room, you could see Spike in his little bed, dreaming his little dreams. Twilight's bed...well...that was pretty big, perfect for a princess of course. And at the end of the bed was a mattress set on the floor. It had plenty of room. It had about three super soft looking pillows and a very snuggly wuggly quilted blanket.

Twilight gave you a dreamy eyed look and pointed to your bed. "That's where you'll sleep, I hope you like it. Fluttershy said you really liked things to be extra soft and comfy, so I got you the softest bed and pillows I could find. And that quilt? I can bet my library that you won't feel so much as a chill in that." Twilight yawned, and gave you a gentle pat "Thank you Anon, you and Discord, for agreeing to this. I'm sure we'll get along great."

"Yeah...I'm sure we will" You smile at her, oh geez. it was a false one. But one you actually hoped could be one of truth later on.

"I know we will....annnnyyywayyy, i'm sure you're as tired as I am so...let's hit that hay, huh?" Twilight swings her hoof to the side to emphasize wanting to sleep while keeping a cheerful demeanor.

You agree with her, and set your saddle bag to the side of your bed as Twilight herself hurriedly jumps into her bed and snuggles on her pillow and cuddles into her blanket. It felt so good to her, she really was that tired.

For you, the bed was pretty fine. Comfy, soft, it only lacked that magical warmth effect your actual bed had. But still good.

And then..for all...things fell dark and silent.

Day 1 begins.

You are still snuggling in your bed when you feel something gently pushing and poking you.

"Hey Anon! Yo dude, time to get up. Breakfast time, made by yours truly"

You thwack whatever is poking you away and turn over.
"mnngh...not today Chrysalis...sleeping still."


Wait....that wasn't weren't home.

Your eyes open wide and quickly turn around.

It was Spike, in a chef hat, apron, and some dough on his cheek.

"Spike? huh..what?..oh...erm..yeah...crystals...just..I was dreaming of the Crystal Empire. It's...a pretty neat place." You chuckle nervously

Spike immediately grins, then starts rubbing his claws on his chest before blowing on them "Crystal Empire huh? Yeah, that place is pretty cool. Did I ever tell you who the hero of the empire was?"

Did he? You couldn't even remember, and if he did. He didn't remember either. But..since you already knew anyway.. "Yeah, you're the hero right?"

"Oh....I guess I did tell you. That's cool, I don't have time to tell you the amazing story of me anyway. You're waffles will get cold if you don't hurry up."

"Waffles? What about Pancakes?"

Spike shrugs "Ehhh, I was in a waffle making mood today. Now come on already! My waffles are getting cold too, you know."


You grab your saddle bag and follow Spike through the castle into the room with the cutie map....oh shit...everyone was there. The entirety of the mane 6.

"...That's actually very odd Twilight, when Discord told me about what he did. He seemed happy that I was happy. I don't know why he'd react like that towards you" Fluttershy said as she munched on her waffles.

"Really? huh....Anon said something about a type of praise. Maybe it's just the way I said it...hmmm" Twilight pondered.

"You know what I think?" Rainbow Dash looked around the room, distrust in her face "I think he wanted to get under your skin. Twilight, you know how he is"

"Rainbow Dash..." Fluttershy looks to her with concern, she didn't want to think Discord did such a thing for bad reasons. "I don't think he would go through so much trouble to help a family only to rub it in Twilight's face,"

Rarity nods in agreeance "I agree. Why would he do such a thing? I know Discord can be a brute. But solving a friendship problem of his own volition? Come now, something like that could only be done through an incredible force of will. Similar to something like...hmmm" Rarity thought for a moment, then smiled as she came up with the perfect example "Like dipping hooves into mud. No, I think Discord would have done something completely different if he wanted to annoy Twilight"

"Ah gotta admit, It's a little weird for him to act that way. But ahm with Rarity and Fluttershy on this one. Discord wouldn't EVER do ah honest act like that, not even to get Twilight all uppity. Poor fella probably can't even take in the kind of praise Twilight gave. Gotta be rough"

Pinkie is just munching on her waffles. "This is good stuff!"

Oh geez, Twilight must have decided what happened last night was good for breakfast conversation.

Spike pointed to a chair set up just for you next to Fluttershy "Already got a seat prepped up for ya, got a pillow on it too since the chair is kinda stiff. If you need any more waffles.." Spike points to where Pinkie is sitting, next to her was a huge plate of waffles she was resisting dipping her face into "We got plenty for everypony, so don't sweat it if you feel you're gonna take too much"

You nod, that was actually normal, and helpful, and goddamn did you like waffles.
"Thanks Spike and.."You look over to everyone "Good morning Everypony, how you all doing today?"

Before anyone can answer. Pinkie zips up right towards you and gives you a huge hug. "Nonny! How ya been!? It's been like....forever!"

It wasn't a tightening grip either, it was a warm and friendly hug. Though, it didn't feel as warm as you'd usually would think. The waifuism you had for Pinkie wasn't.....quite as strong as it used to be. But you do return her hug like you would any friend.
"Hey Ponk, I'm doing ok. How are you?"

"pffft" Pinkie waves her hoof at you "You know, same old same old. Making ponies smile, planning parties, solving friendship problems. And of course..." Pinkie leans down, and amazingly backflips all the way back to her chair, and cheers "EATING WAFFLES!" and then brings her face right into her plate, gulping down half her stack of waffles.

Yup...that's Ponk.

You walk over to the seat next to Fluttershy. She smiles a gentle smile at you and gives you a quick peck on the cheek. You didn't mind. There was nobody there to make fun of you...though.

"Awwwwww! Is that not the sweetest sight you've seen all day?" Rarity fawned over the moment.

Rainbow Dash looked upon the sight and cringed "eeeeyyeeaah..cute" And upon looking at you, she notices something on your flank. "Oh, hey. He's got a cutie mark now. What's with all the arrows though?"

You find Rainbow Dash's reaction to the kiss very mehsome, of course she'd find it uncool. And of course she wouldn't know what your Cutie Mark meant too. You yourself weren't embarrassed by the kiss either. not among the Mane 6 anyway.
"It's the symbol of chaos"

"Chaos? now that don't seem right.." Applejack said, she seemed a little confused "Ah know your dad adopted you an all, but ah don't think ah ever heard of no pony gettin’ a cutie mark like that”

"Well Applejack, erm...Anon does have a way of getting into some trouble of his own....not that he's a bad colt or anything. He's actually a very good colt, but....well" Fluttershy seemed to get nervous at Applejack's confusion.

"What?, did he get into another fight with some crooks or something? Geez, what pony is stupid enough to mess with Anon at this point? Everypony knows he's Discord's kid" Rainbow Dash said, surprised that anyone would actually try anything on you.

You actually hadn't thought about that. If anyone did try to hurt you in a severe way....that wasn't Twilight....Discord would probably fuck them up. Same with Fluttershy most likely.

"Actually, I know you're all going to find this surprising. But I think it's best if you all know that Anon here. And yes, I know it's going to sound pretty strange. But Anon actually had a run in with Starlight" Twilight mentions

Rarity,Applejack, And Rainbow Dash all react. Pinkie Pie, who was chewing a huge amount of waffles. Swallowed, and then gasped late, getting stares from everyone else from her delayed reaction.

"Woah woah, hold on there Twi. You tellin' me Anon ran into Starlight? When did this happen?" Applejack questioned, this was totally out of left field.

"Yeah what gives!? That's a joke right? That's gotta be a joke." Rainbow Dash couldn't believe it.

You shook your head, you wanted to say something before anyone else could. "It's not a joke, I met her after the party Pinkie threw for me."

Rarity put her hoofs to her muzzle and gasped "Oh my, Anon! You must have been so frightened!" And then, Rarity let out a small ladylike bit of anger "How deranged. foalnapping a colt. What was she thinking?!"

"She wanted the power of my horn. She thought she could use it to make her dream come true. But, instead. we became friends, and now she's back in her old town, redeemed and wanting to do some real good. it's as simple as that." You said this with confidence. That was one hundred percent truth.

Pinkie shrugged "Makes sense to me!" She then went back to her waffles.

"Woah,woah,woah,woah...Woah!" Rainbow Dash hovered upwards and looked down at you, zooping right above you. "How in the world did you manage to reform Starlight? There's no way....wait! Let me guess, Discord did that weird mind thing, right?"

You shake your head "No, Dad didn't even know about all of it until after the fact"

Rainbow Dash chuckled in disbelief "Yeah, right. You expect me to believe she just changed, just like that? ok..." Rainbow Dash turned to Twilight "Twilight, I really gotta say, jokes aren't really your thing. You should leave it to the professionals....just saying"

Twilight looked up to Rainbow Dash, no hint of mirth in her face. "It's not a joke Rainbow Dash. Anon really managed to do it.And I admit, I was as skeptical as you were. But I went down and I saw it for myself."

"So, you all made friends then?" Applejack wondered

Twilight tapped her hooves on the table, and took a breath, looking up at the ceiling before looking at Applejack "Not...exactly...She's friends with Anon. But, I don't think she wants to be friends with any of us"

"She don't?" Applejack asked "I thought Anon reformed her"

"He's just. I don't think she wants to be our friend" Twilight was looking a little nervous saying this. as if repeating that she can't make a friend physically hurt.

"Twilight is right. And I support Starlight's decision. She has a right to choose her friends. So can we change topics please? Because I can already see where this is going" You really didn’t need this sort of drama in the fucking morning.

"No we can't just change topics! This is a big big big thing! She steals cutie marks. CUTIE MARKS! Do you know what that means? Anon, you're kinda cool, but there's NO WAY we can overlook this. I say we ALL go and make sure she isn't planning anything. Check every nook and cranny, question everypony. There's gotta be SOMETHING wrong" Rainbow Dash tried to rally the others behind her.

"Rainbow Dash! Calm down! I already said, nothing is going on." Twilight tried to reason with her

"Well how do ya actually know that, Twilight? We didn't know anything was wrong before and we almost lost our cutie marks forever" Applejack seemed to be behind Rainbow Dash on this one.

"I don't know. It all sounds very suspicious....But Twilight is usually right about these things. And Anon, you're absolutely sure nothing is amiss?" Rarity looked to you, ready to be behind you and Twilight depending on your answer.

You nod "Yeah, she was having freak outs about not being accepted. Even hiding away to work on a town center to make everypony's lives better. I helped her with that too, she didn't need to hide. The other townsponies were every accepting and just wanted to spend time with her as is"

Rarity nods "Then I don't see why we should intervene. If that's how it is, we could just make things much worse should we show up."

"...I'm sorry Rainbow Dash...but after all the trouble Anon went through, I'm going to have to agree with him...I don't think we should go.....sorry" Fluttershy of course, didn't want to upset anybody. But she was behind you as well.

"Well, considering it should be a majority vote,, that just leaves Pinkie. Pinkie, what do think?"  Rainbow asked

everyone turns to Pinkie, who was just happily munching on waffles with careless abandon. "But we already fixed the problem in Griffonstone. Why go back?" Pinkie says, looking confused.

"What? no!" Rainbow Dash facehooves herself "Weren't you paying attention at all?! We're talking about confronting Starlight! Come on Pinkie, be serious, you were the first one to really notice something was wrong. Back me up here!" Rainbow Dash tried to appeal to her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, I getcha. You mean how Anon fixed everything up with Starlight but she didn't even want to talk to Twilight? No, Anon's right. We shouldn't bother her. From everything I heard, Starlight is doing ok. She'll come around eventually anyway" Pinkie said, still munching on the rest of her waffle.

"WHAT?! PINKIE! COME ON!" Rainbow Dash was finding the whole thing ridiculous "You make friends with like, EVERYPONY! But reality check, she’s the only one who doesn’t want it! It’s super suspicious! What makes you so sure everything is ok?"

Pinkie giggled "Oh, I saw that Lyra was late coming back from her trip and decided to catch up. She became friends with Starlight too, isn't that great? Yep, things seem right to me. Besides, that will make a surprise party for Starlight that much more surprising. She'll never see it coming!"

Dammit Pinkie...Well..maybe not dammit. if there's anyone who could make a friendship in such a fashion. it was her. So it was 4 to 2 now. Rainbow Dash lost.

"Well, Rainbow Dash. We're kinda out voted here. And after hearing Pinkie Pie's vote, ah gotta say. I wanna switch mine too" Applejack flips her vote

"So that's it? We're just going to let her go just like that? Do I need to remind everypony what happened the last time we let somepony off easily?" Rainbow Dash tried to appeal to everyone once again.

"..Rainbow Dash...Discord is different. For a very very long time he never knew what friendship was." Fluttershy tries to calm down her friend.

Twilight adds on to Fluttershy's words "She's right Rainbow Dash. And not just by our words, even Princess Celestia wants us to trust in her. To trust in Anon's decision."

"What?! WHAT?! No way! Hello...he's a colt...A COLT! I don't care if he beat up Queen Bugbreath or King Crystalface. There's no way he's old enough to decide if she is up to something or not. And now you're gonna tell me Princess Celestia herself is on his side? Doesn't ANYPONY find it weird? Twilight, come on, I know you. The Princess was wrong before, wasn't there something that seemed off about it?"

Twilight shook her head " I'm sorry Rainbow Dash, but even if I did. I'm going to stand by Anon on this. We have to put a little trust that he knows what he's doing."

Rainbow Dash was frustrated as all hell, but she sits back on her seat and pushes her plate away. murmuring "..yeah ok..fine...just don't go whining to me when something goes wrong."

You were pretty frustrated yourself. You hadn't hung around Rainbow Dash for too long. So you forgot she too would have probably found the whole thing suspicious. Pinkie truly was the wildcard and thankfully, she stood behind you.

Suddenly, you feel a soft hoof rubbing the shoulder of your foreleg. You turn, to see Fluttershy smiling at you "It's alright Anon, don't you worry ok?"

She must have sensed how frustrated you were. You looked up at her, just looking into her confident yet worrisome eyes calmed you down.

Twilight Spoke up "Ooookkkk...I think we should shift the subject to something else. Anypony have anything they'd like to talk about?"

Applejack decides to speak up "Ah do" Applejack looks to you, she was still curious about the cutie mark "Anon, I think ah see how ya got that cutie mark now, but if ya don't mind me asking. Ah gotta ask, how do ya feel about it? Ah don't mean to make ya feel bad about it, that ain't my intent, especially since it don't even seem to bother ya. Ah just wanna know is all."

it actually didn't make you feel bad that she was asking. The entire mane 6 were here. So you could get this out of the way in case they ever make an actual insulting inquiry about the mark. Besides, she wasn't wrong. Chaos enveloped your new life, things even the mane six...hell even Celestia herself had never seen. At this point,the mark was appropriate.
"It's alright Applejack. I can answer your question. And honestly? I like the mark, I like the fact that my life can go any which way...even if I hate it. Yeah, chaos has surrounded my life for awhile. But it wasn't until I came to Ponyville that I discovered that chaos isn't always a bad thing. And that I can even help other ponies through chaotic means. Thanks to chaos, nothing is impossible when it comes to making somepony else happy.  So, yeah, I wouldn't change this mark for the world. Does that answer your question?"

Applejack nods, with a gentle smile on her face. "uhuh, ah never even thought chaos could bring about good things. Ya learn something new everyday"

Breakfast didn't last long soon after your explanation. everyone ate their waffles, said some small talk. Rainbow Dash being the most silent, still murmuring about how she didn't trust Starlight.

When breakfast was over. The rest of the ponies got up to go about their day. Fluttershy of course gave you a hug and a kiss, and made sure you were ok with staying with Twilight.Which you assured her everything would be fine. Pinkie nearly squeezed the life out of you And congratulated you on your cutie mark. Rainbow Dash just left, muttering a goodbye. Applejack thanks Spike for the waffles, commenting that nothing beats home cooking, and said goodbye as well. But Rarity...she stopped for a moment to have a word with you.

"Anon, can I have a little bit of a word with you? just a teeny tiny little conversation if you don't mind" Rarity asks, seeming concerned about something.

Rarity has always been pretty nice to you whenever you saw her. You could spare her your time for sure. "What's up Miss Rarity? everything ok?"

"Oh yes darling, everything is fine. but, I'm just curious. This whole Starlight thing, it still surprises me. Would I be correct in saying the townsponies just accepted her back?" guessed it would seem peculiar and had to be on someone's mind that it would be odd for them to take her back so easily. "Yeah, the reason though is actually kind of ironic. It turns out Starlight's teachings weren't really wrong. Just put into practice the wrong way. The more they realized how helpful it could be, the more it seemed they we're willing to accept her long as she didn't go all cult crazy again."

"I see...well..Anon" Rarity gave you a gentle pat on the head "You're growing up to be a fine colt. I must admit, I feared Discord was going to turn you into a little terrorizer. And I'm so very glad I was wrong. It even seems you're teaching him a few things about friendship and caring. It's all very amazing."

Awww… "Well Thank you Miss Rarity. It always means a lot to me to get a compliment from you" It really did, Rarity was probably one of the more genuine ponies when it came to compliments and criticisms.

"Well, it's well deserved. Which brings me to my next question. I understand you've gotten the affections of a few young fillies. Is this true?"

....wut?, "I..uh..yeah I guess. But, all that stuff was kind of too much for me. You know, i'm just too young for that stuff...erm..why do you ask?"

You say, thinking of Diamond Tiara. Wanting to speak with her, make sure she's ok, take her out to a movie...cuddle....geez...cuddle? you were thinking thoughts. Maybe that's how Chrysalis did it. She got you to agree with her advice, which, to your memory, sounded agreeable. and then lulled you into a trance state.

"Well, I don't think you're TOO young Anon. I think you're just right actually"

WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT "M-miss Rarity?...u-uhhmm...what do you mean by that?"

oh god, oh god...oh god...Spike's dream was becoming your nightmare. What, was she going to do, invite you into her room at night?

"Well Anon....." Rarity sighed "I sometimes fear my younger sister might find herself in a less than desirable situation one day. One that could very well leave her hurt. I'd love for her to have a positive influence, such as yourself. I was just wondering if you had any interest in her. I could help set up just the cutest little date if you'd like. How does that sound?"


NOPENOPENOPE...even if Rarity had the best of intention. and even though Sweetie Belle is probably....ergh...very doably adorable....doably...cripes...Yeah..even then, that would just piss Diamond Tiara off. And Sweetie Belle seemed to have just as little interest in you as you did her.

"Miss Rarity, I'm really sorry...I actually...have something to confess" Yeah, it was probably alright to confess to her. Especially with what she brought out. In fact, as things cycled through your mind. Maybe telling Rarity would be a good thing. She'd have in her boutique a few things a girl would totally love as a present....holy're thinking of getting DT presents...what's wrong with you?

"Confess? What is it?" Rarity tilted her head, confused.

"...I...actually still have feelings for one of those fillies...I never really thought about it until last night. Is it wrong to like somepony you essentially broke it off with?"

Rarity didn't seem insulted at all, instead of mentioning any disappointment you thought she would have had. She instead tries to help you. "Does she like you back?"

you nod "Yeah, I don't think she ever stopped liking me. I guess saving a damsel in distress really does affect a girl's heart."

Rarity smiled "oooohhhh, it's THAT filly. That's adorable Anon. Well, I can tell you this. I don't think it's wrong as long as you both like each other." Rarity was thinking innocent thoughts. She thought your mind was riddled of the adorable puppy love a colt would have "And if you really like her like it seems you do. Then you shouldn't ignore her either. Be a gentlecolt, and always treat a lady with respect."

that'd never work in your world. But, saturday morning cartoon ponies. probably most definitely.

You nod to her. a nod that suggests you understood. "I understand, and thanks again Miss Rarity."

"Don't mention it darling, now you have a good day. I do have other things I simply must attend to."

She bid you goodbye, and just like that. the room was empty once more. Leaving you with Twilight and Spike. Overall, that wasn't too bad. not bad at all. Cept for Rainbow Dash. You forgot she could be as suspicious as Twilight. sometimes even moreso. You hoped she didn't do anything stupid.