The Limeade Stand

by CrazedLaughter

Customer 003: King Sombra

It was once again the next day. Limey had desperately hungry eyes dead set on the exit of the forest. Whoever came out of there this time would HAVE to buy his limeade. He would stop at nothing to sell a single glass. He was ready for any and all shenanigans.

“Oh yeah baby, today ain’t gonna go bad this time! Somepony is gonna come out of there and their gonna be thirsty. So come on Limey! Get ready!”

But much like last time. When someone did finally come out. It wasn’t a pony. It was in fact, some sort of black and purple wisp, the size of a small hoofball, with glowing green and red eyes. And it was floating his way.

Limey just stared silently as the wisp began to approach him. When it finally did, it just seemed to mutter something about “Crystals” and went by him towards Ponyville.

“What kind of evil spirit is that? It gives me the worst kind of chills in my spine. Is it out for revenge? Does it want to conquer the world? Does it want to destroy it? And more importantly…..Is it thirsty?” Limey balanced these thoughts in his head until he made his ultimatum and called out to the wisp “Hey Ghosty! Hey! How can you pass my stand like that? Aren’t you thirsty?”

The wisp seemed to silently turn as it focused its eyes on Limey and hovered back towards him. “ say?”

“I did say that” Limey was still rather confident. He didn’t care how spooky or scary this guy was. He was gonna sell him a drink.

“I would say I am, for I am thirsty...FOR REVENGE! HAHAHAHAHA!” The wisp cackled evilly

Limey started to pour him a glass of limeade “‘fraid we’re all out of revenge. How about some limeade instead.”

The wisp raised a ghostly eyebrow at him “No, as in I want to destroy the beings who destroyed my body and enslave the town they reside in for my own evil deeds.”

Limey shrugged “No, I think I got that. But you can’t go enacting your evil plan without a good drink” Limey started to wave the glass about to catch his attention “while you’re at it. Do you think could destroy my competition too? See there’s this little filly that…”

“Wait wait...Did you say destroy a filly?” The wisp seemed stunned by Limey’s words.

Limey nodded “Yeah, I mean. This filly you see. She just strolled right next to my stand and started selling lemonade. I mean come on! I was right there doing my business and she just comes and ruins everything. So, yeah. I know how you feel. We’re kindred spirits you and I….so...gonna buy a drink?”

“So, allow me to understand this correctly. While I’m on my conquest. You want me to destroy a filly….because she sold lemonade.”

Limey nodded “Yes. and while you’re at it. Do you think you can make your future slaves buy some limeade too? Really would appreciate that.”

The wisp started to look up at the bright blue sky as he reflected upon himself and his past life “I-I don’t think I ever had that much evil in me. Enslaving the Crystal Ponies? Well, that was easy and deserved. But destroying an adorable lemonade selling filly? I-I just can’t. That is an evil that is even beyond me. I never thought such cruelty could even exist”

“Hey! Don’t go monologuing about me like that! She said I eat poop! If there was anypony who’s evil around here. It’s that filly. For sure!” Limey tried to correct the spirit. But the spirit would pay him no mind as he continued on his thoughts.

“I see now the wrongs of my ways.I, King Sombra, must renounce my evil and become a good pony to those who need my help. Once I regain a new body. I will do something that will help all good ponies in need.” And then he started to drift away back into the forest. “Perhaps I’ll become a carpenter. Everypony needs stairs after all. Stairs are rather nice…”

“HEY! HEY! DON’T GO!  AREN’T YOU GOING TO TAKE OVER  PONYVILLE OR WHATEVER?! WHAT ABOUT YOUR DRINK?! YOU SAID YOU WERE A KING! YOU GOT TWO BITS, RIGHT?!” Limey tried to stop him, running towards him with limeade in tow. He just had to sell one. JUST ONE.

Sombra’s spirit just turned and looked at him with disgust “I would NEVER buy a drink from such a sick individual such as yourself. did you even expect me to drink it? I’m dead…”

Limey stopped in his tracks. And just stared silently. Somehow, that never came across his mind “.........”

“...Right...I’ll be going now.” And so Sombra’s spirit hovered away. Back into the forest.

Limey just slumped back to his stand and slammed his face onto the table top. Once again, he failed on his mission to sell the delicious lime drink.