One Mistake

by ManicQuill


Rainbow Dash yawned as she dismounted her bike, dreading going into the large building for the day. Rainbow looked at the building then to her phone, last night a few more secrets were told on MyStable when someone posted a reply of the news story of Sunset Shimmer's accident, the Anon-A-Miss user quickly signed off. After that the page quickly devolved into rumors of what had happened, alot of them tying Rainbow Dash to the accident.

While this was going on however, Rainbow Dash was talking to Twilight, and it did not go well. As Rainbow Dash walked past the portal she thought about the last thing Twilight wrote.

Of all the beings to hurt her in your world, I can't believe it was the Element of Loyalty. Rainbow Dash shook her head as she walked up the steps, someone else rushing inside nudged her shoulder.

"Thanks for taking care of the demon" The boy whispered before rushing away, leaving Rainbow Dash paralyzed on the steps. She couldn't believe this, after everything that happened last night, people still thought Sunset was Anon-A-Miss? Rainbow snapped out of it then ran into the building, she needed to tell the others what was just said. When Dash entered she saw most of the girls gathered at Sunset's locker, Fluttershy missing from the group.

Rainbow got closer to the locker she saw what it was the others were looking at and felt her blood go cold.

Burn in hell, SunBitch Demon! Big mouthed whore! Do everyone a favor and die, Anon-A-Miss! The list of things written on her locker seemed to get worse as the others looked at it, horrified.

"This is just wrong." Pinkie whispered as her hair was as straight as a board, Rarity shaking her head as before pulling out her phone and taking pictures.

"Rares! What in the heck are ya doin'?" Applejack asked, clearly upset.

"Evidence, darling. I know a few people who happen to aid the teachers in their grading. Perhaps Principle Celestia could see if they recognize the handwriting. These people should not be able to get away with this." Rarity stated in a irritated tone.

"Why bother? 'She had this coming', Right AJ?" Rainbow Dash sneered as her thoughts of last night plagued her mind.

"I didn't... I said that when I thought she was Anon-A-Miss!" Applejack defended, clearly bothered by her words being thrown back at her.

"It doesn't change how messed up that was." Dash growled back.

"What gives you the right to judge me, Rainbow Dash, your the one that pushed Sunset into the road!" Applejack screamed, students in the halls stopping to look at the duo. Applejack realized what she said seeing Rainbow Dash's hurt expression. The athlete shook in rage then stormed off, leaving the others at Sunset's locker.

Rainbow rounded the corner to get to her locker but was stopped by Fluttershy, the pinkette's head buryed in Rainbow's chest.

"Please don't, Dash." Fluttershy pleaded with her oldest friend.

"Fluttershy, I gotta get to my locker." She huffed as she tried to move around the quite girl. Fluttershy held her tighter.

"Your gonna get upset." Fluttershy told her, causing Rainbow Dash to push her aside, curious what she was talking about.

Her locker door was similar to Sunset's with writing all over it.

You didn't finish the job.
Rainbow the demon slayer
Who'd you have to suck to stay out of prison?
Why didn't you do that to the Dazzlings?
Rainbow Dash stood at her locker as she read the other messages, all mixed with thanks, and others asking how she got away with it.

A door slammed behind her, causing her to jump as she now stood face to face with a furious Vice-Principle Luna.

"Get in here. Now!" She ordered, many others in the hallway rushing to class as the bell rung. Rainbow Dash closed her eyes as she followed the older woman into the dark office. Rainbow Dash shuddered as she did as she was told, walking into the office.

The darkness of the office was different then normal. Unlike every other time she was in the office there wasn't any light seeping through the blades of the blinds. The room had a hint of Alcohol in the air like someone just used hand sanitizer. Luna's desk was cleared off save for one file and her cup, the rest of the things normally on desk were now on the floor on both sides.

Luna herself looked worse for wear. Her hair was disheveled, her eyes bloodshot and dark bags were under her eyes. She struggled to pull a pen out of her pocket as she sat before Rainbow Dash, working on the folder before her.

"Vice-Principle Luna, I Di-"

"Sit your ass down!" Luna roared as she continued to write on the paper.
Dash didn't say anything, afraid of setting off the Vice-Principle again. "I wish I could hit you wight now." She slurred, glaring at Rainbow Dash. "She was your friend, she hoped you two cou be more, an you threw her into my car." She stated coldly, glaring at Rainbow.

"She's one to talk." A familiar voice whispered in the back of Rainbow's mind. Rightous indignation soon swallowed her as her rage shot back at the clearly drunk woman.

"Oh yeah! I didn't see you or Principle Celestia doing anything to help her." Rainbow stood up as she continued, now yelling: "Were you sloshed then too, or does it take a hitting a student with your car to get you in the drinking mood!"

Dash's ears rung as her anger began to drain, Rainbow Dash's cheek stinging after Luna had slapped her. The door to the room opened with Celestia glaring at the scene.

"LUNA!" The older sister exclaimed as she marched inside, pulling. Rainbow to her feet. "Rainbow Dash, have Miss Harshwhiney call me about your tardiness." Rainbow Dash said nothing as she left the two where they were, Luna bawling into her sister's shoulder.

Instead of going to the classroom, Rainbow Dash headed to one of the nearest bathrooms instead to splash some water on her face.

"So then we're agreed. We'll hold a vote with the rest of the team about demoting Rainbow Dash from team captain." A voice said, causing Dash to stand still and listen.

"I still don't feel right about this. We still have no idea what happened." Another voice stated, Rainbow recognizing the voice as Cloud Kicker.

"Dude, Sunset Shimmer was her friend before she started Anon-a-Miss and Rainbow pushed her infront of a car for telling everyones secrets. What do you think she'd do to us the next time we lose a game." Windy Breeze stated to the others. Rainbow Dash walked into view of Windy Breeze, Cloud Kicker, and Topaz Feather, all three looking shocked at the girl.

Behind the girls, Rainbow Dash could see her darker self in the mirror behind them, laughing at Dash's pain.

"I told you Dashie, no one believes in you. As far as these three are concerned YOU are a monster." Her evil self mocked. Everything, from the lockers, Luna, and now finding out about this coup was all she take.

"Fuck you! Fuck you, damn It!" Rainbow Dash screamed at her reflection, the three girls backing away from Dash, clearly terrified. Her reflection continued laughing at her while the girls were now terrified.

"Look Dash, theres no need to get violent." Topaz said nervously as she backed up.

"R.D. I-I told them this wasn't right." Cloud Kicker stuttered as she shook in fear. Rainbow glared at the mirror then looked at the girls, her face still filled with rage.

"You now what. Fuck this, I quit. You losers don't want me as the Basketball Captain? Fine. I can still lead the other teams." Rainbow Dash stated, turning away to storm out.

"I wouldn't count on that for much longer!" Windy Breeze yelled after Dash. The rainbow haired girl stopped for a moment then rushed out. Her anger building as she went to class. The day continued in her other classes to follow suit. People would point and stare as they spoke about Dash. Some would whisper loudly about how they couldn't believe what she did, other wishing she had done it sooner. It was strange that people knew now that Sunset Shimmer was innocent of Anon-A-Miss but they still wanted Sunset dead.

Speaking of, the account was still quiet after learning Sunset was in the hospital. That signaled to the girls and a few others in the school that Sunset Shimmer was framed, their true identity still a mystery to the student body. The lunch room was currently busy as the large group had Diamond Tiara, Photo Finish, and Trixie cornered against the wall.

"You losers honestly think I'm Anon-A-Miss?!?" Diamond Tiara growled, standing her ground.

"Nien! Nine! Zhe idea zs ridiculous! Zid you all forget my secrets zere also shared!" Photo Finish pleaded to the crowed.

"Trixie's secrets were also shared! Why would Trixie share her own embarrassing secrets if she was in fact the culprit?"

Rainbow Dash watched the chaos for a second before leaving the cafeteria. All of this was getting out of hand. Dash absent mindedly walked, lost in her own thoughts as the darker presence whispered in her ears. As she turned to walk down a hallway something pulled her out of her stupor, finding a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey dork." Gilda said in a oddly soft way as she looked down to the rainbow haired girl. "I've been looking for you."