by Filipino_Gal7787

》No Matter What Fondness We Do,You Still Don't Notice《

Sunset landed on the ground at the same time as the rest of the Humane 7. All of them holding their heads as the pain of their memories literally came flooding back into their minds. And with those memories came the feeling of guilt for Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle as they also recalled what they said to Sunset at the beach.

Once she recollected her memories,Twilight remembered every awkward encounter, every fruitless attempt at admitting her feelings, and every tender moment she and Sunset had shared together. The hugs, playful punches, kisses on the forehead, the banters on scientific theories, and the many splendor things Sunset had bestowed upon her. Though surprisingly for Twilight, even if she didn't have any pleasant memories of the redhead her interest on Sunset never left. It was simply one of those cliche teenage drama moments in movies and novels where the lead female developed feelings at someone who was out of their league. Like a nerd and a jock, a goody two shoes and a bad boy/girl, or the one where the new girl/boy falls head over heels in love with the person that is said to have a bad reputation or one of the popular kids. The latter is most likely the one that fits her situation.

"Twilight...Sparkle?" Sunset's thrilled voice brought her back to the present as she turned to look at the girl.

"Sunset Shimmer!"

Both girls sprinted towards each other at a fast pace and met in the middle as they shared a tight,albeit brief, hug and when they separated. Twilight didn't have to think twice as she did what she been wanting to do for a year now.

She crashed her lips against Sunset's not even thinking ahead as to what could be the results of her actions as they 'cause just not the redhead but everybody else surrounding them, off guard as Sunset mind tried to explain to her what was currently occuring.When Sunset did catch up, she didn't do anything to stop Twilight's intentions. She just stood as still as stone as the kiss eventually came to an end and she stood their eyes and mouth wide open as she tried to find the right words say.


"I love you, Sunset Shimmer..." Twilight said barely above a whisper but Sunset picked it up.

Again Sunset was frozen as those words slipped past Twilight's lips and she was left with her mind blank. Staring into the eyes of her friend, Sunset didn't need her geode powers to know that Twilight has been wanting to this for a long time. Behind those violet eyes, Sunset easily spots the emotions hidden in them but the most prevailing one of all was anxiety as Twilighg awaited her reply.

Looking at the corner of her eye, Sunset spotted Wallflower sitting on the ground with her back turned to them.

I have to take care of her first.

Looking back at Twilight she simply said,"Will talk about this later..."

Not even protesting Twilight agreed by nodding her head as she and girls watched Sunset walked up to Wallflower.


The silence was inevitable. That was something Twilight was certain about. The only thing worse than the silence was the awkwardness present in the air. After all she couldn't blame Sunset for being so quiet at the moment, it was her actions of not thinking what the consequences might be that started this. Kissing someone out of nowhere and saying I Love You rather abruptly would leave any victim speechless.

Both Twilight and Sunset were at the front of the school by the pedestal. After confronting Wallflower, the rest of their friends made an agreement to leave the two alone so they can talk things over with Fluttershy offering to take Spike home.

Both girls were leaning against the base with a short distance between them. Twilight didn't have the will to look at Sunset after realizing her mistake and was left as a blushing mess.

After an excruciating silence, Sunset was the one who spoke first." Well, you certainly took your time."

Twilight looked at Sunset confused. She saw Sunset was looking down with a smug smile and it only took her seconds to know what Sunset was getting at." You knew?"

Sunset raised her head but didn't focus her gaze at the bluenette." For a while now."

"Wait. If you knew then how come you didn't talk to me about it?" Twilight was beside the redhead by the time she was finish talking.

"I actually didn't know right away. I picked it up a few weeks before we went to Camp Everfree. And when we hugged at the ball, I kind of read your emotions for confirmation, sorry by the way, but it wasn't really easy when you actually felt conflicted at the time." Sunset rubbed her nape as she continued." I didn't need to use my powers to know that your feelings for me were changing. I didn't tell you about this because it didn't feel right. What would you do if I did tell you that I know?"

Twilight didn't answer as she thought about it. What would her reaction be if Sunset did straight up ask her about her feelings? If she were like any other girl she wouldn't even try avoiding it and would answer directly, but she isn't. Twilight would have done the opposite and make sure to keep it that way.

"I guess I would avoid the topic and prolong it." She answered.

"Exactly. There were times where I did want to talk to you about it but thought it would be better if you were the one to bring it up." Sunset was now looking at Twilight as said girl sighed.

"I guess i'm not as subtle as I thought I was." Twilight said hugging herself. Something then occured to her.

"Wait. You knew before we went to Camp Everfree."


"Then why did you try to hook me up with Timber?"

"Because it was part of my plan." Sunset said." I wanted to see how you would react if I set you up. When you look back at me confused then I gave a smirk and thumbs, you looked disheartened and my suspicions were correct."


Silence made its presence known again as they stood side by side with no words left to offer at the moment. Again,Sunset was the one who dissipated the quiet.

"Look Twilight." Sunset turned to Twilight." You're great and i'm flattered that you feel such a deep emotion for me. And if i'm being honest, anyone would be honored to be your significant other. You're intelligent, motivated, pretty,innovated, and down right adorable." Twilight's blush darkens at every compliment but she knew Sunset wasn't done yet."but...I'm just not really looking for a relationship right now" There it was."And if it were any other circumstance I would say yes, it isn't. Twilight, you're an amazing girl and I would do anything to make you happy. But if it's a relationship where your feelings are one-sided then that is something I cannot grant."

Tears were slowly making their way down Twilight's cheeks as she hung on to every word Sunset said and each felt like a stab in the chest. It hurts. Really,really,really,really bad. She had waited for this moment and had envisioned several times at what might progressed and was fairly certain that Sunset may have reciprocated her feelings but the truth will always triumph.

The soft sobs turned to a salty waterfall of sorrow as Twilight did nothing to stop the tears from falling or even tried hiding the fact that she was crying. Sunset took of her vest before wrapping her arms around the crying girl and hugged her tightly as Twilight continued her onslaught of tears soaking the redhead's shirt but Sunset paid no mind. Twilight's sobs eventually subsided and was left sniffling.

"Feelin' better?"

"Yeah" Twilight sniffled."A-and I respect your decision,Sunset. I hope in despite of my feelings that we will remain good friends?"

"Best friends. We will always be best friends." Sunset pulled Twilight in her arms again for a good 30 seconds before Sunset said,"C'mon, I'll drive you home."

The color seemed to drown from Twilight's face when she recalled the recent time she rode that monstrosity of a vehicle.

"Don't worry I promise to actually go at a leisurely pace." Sunset assured her.

"I hope you go by the actual meaning of leisurely."Twilight muttered but Sunset heard her.

"Why Twilight Sparkle, are implying that everything I do in the dictionary are by my own definition?" Sunset asked in a pish posh teasing voice earning a giggle from the bespectacled girl.

"Maaaayyybbe..." Twilight walked ahead of Sunset with the latter chuckling at how things turned to a complete 180. Just a few minutes ago they were having a tearful moment now it seemed that nothing emotionally serious happened.

While the pair were making their way to the where Sunset parked her bike what they didn't notice throughout the conversation was an athlete and fashionista intently eavesdropping just at the other side of the pedestal. When they heard the sound of an engine ignite and it slowly growing distant, they got up from their hiding spot and looked at the route where Twilight and Sunset took off.

Rainbow groaned at her defeat."Well shit, that just happened. I owe Aj five bucks."

She turned to Rarity who was staring blankly at the road her face devoid of any emotion until suddenly."NOOOOO!!!"

Rainbow covered her ears at the loud girlish, yet at the same elegant,shriek."What the?!"

Rarity's voice was slowly diminished but now she was in the verge of tears. She was now gripping the athlete's shirt and shaking her whole body rather agressively."Say it ain't so,Rainbow Dash! Say it ain't so!"

"What the fu-Rarity what are you talking about?!" Rainbow gripped her friends wrist to stop her from shaking her.

"My ship! Please tell me it sailed!"

Ship? Where not even at the peir! What the hell is she-

Rainbow cuts off her thought and was giving Rarity a look that says seriously?

"What? Is it a crime to ship your friends?" Rarity voice was dripping with sickening despair and,surprisingly ,innocence.

"I've been through enough shit today,Rarity. I don't need you to add more to the pile." Rainbow got Rarity's hands of her shirt and walked away.

"Rainbow Dash get back here! I need someone to rant to!"