Villains Are The New Thing

by ShadowedKnight68

Plans Unfold

Midnight was sitting in front of her window watching as birds flew by, she had a small smile on her face, from another's point of view one would think this to be normal, a pony watching the sky smiling, nothing wrong with that. But if they knew why she was smiling, then they would see how dark it truly was.

She was smiling because she had just defeated three Alicorn Princesses' three days ago, she didn't think it would feel this good knowing she defeated three beings that were seen as gods. It made Midnight feel powerful, her plan was going perfectly and soon she'd have Equestria, she had to hold back her laughter, Twilight was still in the castle and still a threat at the moment, but that would change soon.

Lighting her horn Midnight teleported to the castle she had found, she then walked to the throne room and looked around at the crumbling walls and ceiling, she lit her horn beging to fix the walls and ceiling, but her ear twitched "hello Chrysalis" she said in monotone voice.

In the darkness of the shadows behind Midnight, two green eyes appeared before Chrysalis walked out of the shadows "I had thought I was hidden well..." She said as she walked towards Midnight.

"To an average pony you were hidden perfectly...but to me you were as plain to see as the horn on your head" Midnight replied as she returned to fixing the room.

Chrysalis walked up next to Midnight and rubbed her head on hers "hmm...I missed you" she said with a smile, it caused midnight to smile slightly.

In the days after defeating the Princesses' Midnight and Chrysalis had begun a relationship of sorts. Midnight knew Changelings fed off love and other emotions and needed them in order to be strong, so she decided to give Chrysalis her love, she needed Chrysalis and her hive as strong as they could be to serve her the best they can. Although she never intended to gain actually feelings for the Queen, neither did the Queen for her.

"So did I Chrisy" Midnight smile at the nickname.

Chrysalis growled "why must you continue to use that horrible name? You will refer to me as Chrysalis".

"Of course" Midnight apologized "...Chrisy".

Chrysalis growled again "I will drain you if you continue".

"And risk harming me? You care to much for me" she smirked.

"That will change if you continue using that ridiculous name" she glared at her.

"Oh fine I'll stop...but only because I like seeing you happy" she kissed her on the cheek causing Chrysalis to shiver and gain a smile "and I love doing that".

Chrysalis smiled "I'll admit...your love does fill me ever so much".

"Good because that's how I like you, nice and strong" Midnight finished fixing the room "now how is your rule of Canterlot going?"

"Perfectly, those foolish little ponies don't even realize I've replaced their Princess, nor my Changelings that replaced the others" Chrysalis chuckled.

"Good, Twilight doesn't suspect a thing either" they both left the throne room and walked through the castle, making their way down stairs to the bottom before reaching a large door "everything is going just as I planned" Midnight said as she opened the large doors revealing a giant mine, ponies with chains around their necks were mining away, the Unicorns had magic canceling rings on their horns, the Pegasi had their wings chained to their backs preventing them from flying, the Earth Ponies had their back legs chain together. Changelings we're all over making sure the ponies didn't try anything.

"Hehehe...even the replacing of the ponies in each of the kingdoms is going well" Midnight smiled

"I still don't understand why we aren't replacing the ponies in Ponyvill, if we did we could easily overpower the elements" Chrysalis questioned.

"Because if we mess up there they will notice and ruin everything, but if we take over everything around Ponyvill and they notice...they will be powerless, completely surrounded with no pony to help them" Midnight explained.

"Hm....I suppose your right" Chrysalis agreed.

Midnight saw one of the ponies fall to the ground exhausted, she lit her horn and shot a bolt of red electricity right next to the mare making her jump back to her hooves and looked at Midnight "I don't believe I allowed a continue or I'll turn you to stone and shatter you" she emphasized by levitating up the magical black stone on the necklace around her neck.

"The Princesses' will find you and free us, then you will pay!" The mare yelled.

"Oh really?" Midnight smiled and looked to Chrysalis who then proceeded to change into Celestia "your Princess is buried underground as a stone statue" the look of horror on the mares face after hearing Midnights words made her smile grow bigger "back to work" she ordered and the mare hanging her head went back to mining.

Chrysalis smiled rubbing her head on Midnights neck "oh your cruelty is so delicious".

"And never ending" Midnight added as she began chuckling while she watched the ponies work.

Silver was pacing back and forth after reading the letter Celestia sent him, in it she had ordered him to remain in Ponyvill and continue to search for the anomoly. Something was wrong he could feel it, why would she give him the same order and nothing more? Shouldn't he be trying something else? Why tell him to do the exact same thing again?

He sighed not being able to come up with any answers and left his room to go search once more, as he was walking down the halls he spotted Midnight leaving her room 'maybe shes noticed something odd too' he thought as he walked over to her "hey Rose mind if we talked for a bit?"

Midnight looked at him and smiled "sure Silver".

"Good, well has Celestia sent Twilight any letters recently? And if so has she Twilight mentioned her acting off in them?" He asked looking at her.

" she hasn't mentioned anything to me, why?" Midnight asked tilting her head.

"Nothing...I guess I'm just being paranoid" he chuckled "I'll talk to you later Rose" he walked away.

Midnight smiled till he was out of sight when he turned a corner and glared "Rose? I've told him repeatedly to call me Midnight....hrr he's going to be the first to go when we attack" she growled and walked away.

Silver was standing around the corner, he was walking away till he heard her talking 'I have to warn Twilight and the girls' he hurried through the castle searching for Twilight, luckily he found her in the library "Twilight I need to speak with you, it's urgent".

"Oh um..ok" Twilight walked away from her book and over to Silver.

"I believe your friend Rose is planning something, something not good, she said she was going to attack and that I'd be the first to go when she did" Silver explained while looking around in case Rose walked in.

"What? Midnight wouldn't do that, I mean yeah she's grumpy from time to time but she's not evil, she's Celestia's student" Twilight explained.

"She's what...?" Silver asked confused.

"Celestia's student, c'mon I can understand not telling me but you? Aren't you her royal knight?" Twilight asked

"She's never mentioned Rose once" his expression turned stern "...Twilight get your friends we're going to ask Rose some questions".

Twilight nodded and went to get her friends

A few minutes later and the mane six and Silver were together outisde Midnights room, Silver had his sword out and he looked to the others and nodded before opening the door.

Midnight was reading a book when the door opened and they all walked in "um...ever heard of knocking?"

"No joking around Rose we have questions and you need to answer them" Silver said sternly.

Midnight closed her book "ok I'm not a book but I can give it a shot at answering your questions" she smirked.

"What did you mean by attack and getting rid of me first earlier?" He growled.

Midnight growled internally but raised an eyebrow "what do you mean? I didn't say that ever".

"I heard you perfectly clear" Silver glared at her.

"Why did you lie saying your Celestia's student??" Twilight asked.

"What? I am-" Midnight was cut off by Silver.

"I've been Celestia's Knight for years now and she's never mentioned you once, or having another student" he walked closer.

'shit...they know...dammit! I was hoping for at least three more days...' Midnight huffed "fuck it, your right I'm not her student, to be honest pretty much everything I've said to all of you has been lies, I'm very proud of myself for getting this far hehehehehe but I guess all good things must come to an end" she lit her horn and teleported away.

"Ugh! She got away! next time I see her I'm bucking her to the moon" Rainbow Dash growled.

"No! Dammit we have to get to Celestia and tell her what's going on!" Silver said looking to Twilight, who nodded and lit she horn teleporting them all to the castle, they then hurried to the throne room bursting through the doors.

"Princess Celestia there's a mare wh-...." Twilight froze when she saw midnight sitting next to Celestia "that's her!"

"I know Twilight" Celestia said calmly.

"No she's been lying to us all and she's planning something" Twilight said glaring at Midnight who was smirking.

"As I said...I know Twilight" Celestia said as she was engulfed in green flames revealing she was Chrysalis.

"Chrysalis!" The girls yelled.

"Oh good their eyes do work, I was worried they didn't" Midnight chuckled.

"Guards get them!" Silver yelled but none of the guards moved.

"Oh allow me, guards get them" Midnight ordered and the guards rushed to them surrounding them pointing their spears at them.

"W-what?!" Silver yelled in confusion.

The guards were engulfed in green flames turning into Changelings.

"They replaced the guards!" He yelled.

"Not just the guards" Chrysalis smirked.

"What??" Twilight looked at them fear evident in her expression.

"Oh allow me Chrysalis, It's time for an evil monologue" Midnight said and cleared her throat "you see I was the magical anomoly, I have been trying to gain stronger magic all my life, the anomoly the princess discovered was me gaining even more and testing my power, but I still wanted more power and I had a realization, what in this world has the most powerful of magic? Alicorns hehehe and so my ingenious plan formed."

"I needed to find an allie I could trust and that was Chrysalis and her army, then find somewhere I can call mine which I did find, and then eliminate all the major threats, that being the Princesses', replace them with Changelings and continue to replace everyone in Canterlot with changelings, after that I'll take the power of the Princesses' and become the most powerful Alicorn in Equestria, then eliminate you all but it won't hurt to do that part now" she lit her horn.

Twilight lit hers and telepeorted them all away.

Midnight chuckled "and now we continue with the real plan, hehehehehe God I love being evil" she telepeorted away with Chrysalis to the castle, once there they started walking as Midnight opened the doors in front of them "order your army to start the mass invasion, it's time Equestria belonged to the villains!!" She cheered with a wicked smile across her face.

Chrysalis nodded and sent out her order through the hive mind, all across Equestria changelings revealed themselves and began capturing the remaining ones in their areas and returning to the castle, the ones that had no ponies left began flying towards Ponyville. The sky was darkened by the bodies of thousands of changelings, like a dark cloud they surrounded the small town of Ponyville, ponies all over the town panicked and rushed to Twilight's castle in hopes of help and safty.

Twilight stood in front desk the crowd of panicking ponies "please you all must remain calm! In an orderly fashion please enter the castle and-" before she could finish the ponies swarmed into the castle pushing her inside with them.

Midnight sat on her throne smiling at a mirror she used a spell on to see what was happening in Ponyville "they're all trapped now's so easy" she returned the mirror to normal and looked at herself smirking "I truly am the greatest villain, all my knowledge of other villains really made me better then all of them heh" suddenly her mirror rippled like water until it changed to reveal Crimson there, it momentarily surprised Midnight but she held a calm expression.

"Bravo Jack, or should I say Midnight Rose?" Crimson smirked.

"Midnight is fine...and thank you" She smiled.

"You have achieved what you said you would, you've taken over Equestria, all of it lies in your hands...or rather hooves" Crimson chuckled.

"Yes, it was rather easy to be honest" Midnight said nonchalantly as she looked at her hoof "now besides congratulating me, is there another reason your talking to me?"

"Ah yes sorry, I imagine your quite busy with destroying the main six and all" Crimson looked down at Midnight, a glare in her eyes "I wished to tell you, you may now return to your home in your original body now".

Midnight's eyes widened, she could go home now? She smiled and was about to thank her but bit her tongue as she though 'do I want to go home?....I rule an entire nation....I have a giant army, I have ponies literally mining riches for me, but what do I have back home? A job that barely pays, a boring life I spend doing the same thing over and over till I die' she looked Crimson in the eyes "no thanks Crimson, I'm happy with whst I have here, I won't be returning to my old life".

"Are you sure? This will be your only chance to go home, after this I will never contact you again" Crimson asked.

"I am sure" Crimson smiled.

"Very well...enjoy your rule....the little time you have left of it Midnight Rose" Crimson smiled darkly down at her before the mirror returned to normal.

"What? Little time I have left?? What does that mean??" Midnight asked the mirror floating in front of her.

"It means it's over Rose" Silver growled standing in the doorway if the room.

Midnight gasped moving the mirror out if the way "you?? How did you get in?! My guards should have-" she got cut off from finishing her sentence.

"You mean the ones that are surrounding Ponyville, or should I say what they believe is Ponyville" Silver smirked.

"What?! What do you mean???" Midnight pulled the mirror back and cast the viewing spell on it once more, she saw the chnaglings surrounding the castle before they swarmed it, they broke through the doors filling the castle until there were no Changelings left outside, Midnight smirked belief if she caught his hour but her smirk slowly vanished when she saw the castle morph into a large magical bubble "what...want is happening??"

"Well you see Rose...after you revealed your little plan and Twilight teleported us away I made a plan, simply put we made a fake Ponyville with an illusion spell, thankfully Twilight was able to hold it long enough, now your entire army is trapped in a magical prison bubble, I believe this is when I should call check mate" Silver levitated his sword out of its sheath.

"!! I had all the planned!! This shouldn't have happened!!! I won!!! I was the greatest villain to everyone exist!!!" She roared with anger.

"No....your just like nay other villain, just when they think they've won they get cocky, your not greater" Silver glared as he walked closer.

Midnight snarled as her horn sparked "DIE!!!!!!!" She fired a magical blast at Silver but he dodged and threw his sword at her, it stabbed into the throne right next to her head, she talked looking at it before looking back at Silver only for her eyes to go wide when she was hit with a magical blast exploding the chair into prices.

Silver looked to Midnight who was now on the ground, her fur was singed and she was struggling to stand "if you were really the greatest villain then you would have thought to attack us when we were in Canterlot when we were caught off guard, your plan was unoriginal, I've read chikdrens books with better evil schemes" he walked closer.

"Hrr....s-shut up...." She hissed trying to stand.

"Or what? You'd blow your whole evil plan again? Perhaps you'll have me be the first one to be attacked?" He mocked.

"SHUT UP!!!" She fired a magic blast at him, but he used a piece of the chair to block it resulting in only knocking him back, using this she got up and quickly galloped away 'I'll get Chrysalis! She'll have enough magic to beat them all especially since Twilight is weak after the illusion spell!' as she ran down the halls she spotted Chrysalis walking towards a window and smiled "Chrysalis! That Royal knight is here, quickly destroy him and we can continue with the plan!"

"The plan? My army is captured, and your a fool, there is no plan" Chrysalis growled opening the window with her magic.

"What?..but..but I thought you loved me?" Midnight reached her hoof out to her only for it to be smacked away.

"Love you? Haha!! You were useful in keeping me sustained and your plan seemed like it would work, but as we know it did not, I have no use for you" Chrysalis began flying upwards "so long little pony" she flew out the window leaving Midnight standing there.

'I...I don't need her! I...I can use the stone! Yes the stone I'll turn the knight to stone then the main six I'll just...' Midnight patted her neck feeling for the stone but couldn't find it and looked down panickily "where's the stone?! I had it on it must have fallen off when he hit me with that magic attack! Dammit! I...I..." She didn't know want to do, she was out of ideas.

"Looks like you've hit rock bottom Rose..." Silver walked towards her his sword floating in front of him in a defensive way "it's over...just give up".

Midnight's eye twitched before looking at him, her once calm and cocky demeanor now devolved to a twitching mess, her mane and fur frizzled "no...I won't give up!! I can still um...uh...." She looked around as she backpedaled away from Silver.

"Just give up, you can't win" Silver got closer.

"Yes I can!!....I....I" she looked around shaking before hanging her head as her body was wracked with sobs.

Silver stood over her looking down at her and sighed sheathing his sword, he hesitantly reached a hoof towards her before putting it on her head lightly stroking her mane making her slowly sit down "you siad you wanted to be the greatest villain so...what happened to you to make you like this...?"

"My parents abondoned me.....I had no one to look up to, but...but I saw villains who were like me...they had no one either right they didn't let it hold this back, they used that to define who they were...." She sobbed not lifting her head.

"You could have been a would have been great, you wouldn't be here like this, but maybe it's not to late? You can still be better" Silver looked down at her and smiled slightly hoping to get through to her.

Midnight liftedhr had and sniffled " really think I can?"

"Yeah...I do" he held his hoof out to her to help her up "I'll help you".

Midnight looked at his hoof sniffling and shakily reached her hoof out to him, she looked at his caring smile and a widked smile grew on her face, she lit her horn engulfing him in magic before throwing him through a door "your to gullible...all heroes are" she chuckled wiping her tears away.

"Yeah maybe.." he groaned before lighting his horn and tossing her into the room at the wall "but we know when to shut up".

Midnight stood up glaring as her horn began bowling brightly "you'll regret ever trying to stop me!"

"Sure I will Rose" he smirked making his horn glow.

"It's Midnight dammit!!!" She yelled as she unleashed her spell engulfing the room in a bright flash.

The Mane Six quickly galloped down the halls of Midnight's castle searching for Silver and Midnight, Twilight was on Applejack's back resting from using up her magic, they followed the destruction all the way to a room with a destroyed door, preparing for a fight they looked in finding Midnight pinning Silver against the wall. Midnight was glaring at Silver won't her hooves on his throat choking him, her attention was drawn over to the girls though giving Silver a chance to fire a spell at Midnight sending her tumbling backwards.

Silver cough as he rubbed her neck "thank Celestia you girls distracted her..." He glared at Midnight.

"Are you ok Silver?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

"Yeah I'm good" he smiled.

Midnight shakily stood up "" Her voice was raspy making her cough, she held a hoof to her neck over the spot Silver had hit her with the spell, she lit her horn but before she could cast a spell she was tackled to the ground by Rainbow Dash, she pinned Midnight's head to the ground.

"I'm not letting you teleport away this time" Rainbow Dash smirked down at Midnight who was struggling to get free as well as speak.

"Good job Rainbow Dash, I'll get a carriage to send her to the dungeon" Silver lit his horn sending a magic message back to Canterlot, they then dragged Midnight through the castle all while she struggled to get free, once outside Applejack and Rainbow Dash held her down, after an hour's the carriage arrived pulled by guard pegasi, guards ponies got out of the carriage and grabbed Midnight puting a magic inhibitor on her horn.

Silver lifted her up with magic and threw her into the carriage, he runs looked down at the struggling Midnight smirking "cya....Rose" he slammed the doors closed as Midnight stumbled towards him with a feaful expression on her face, the carriage then took off into the sky heading towards Canterlot dungeon.

"Looks like I win" Silver smirked as he watched carriage get further and further away.