Villains Are The New Thing

by ShadowedKnight68


Midnight continued running even as she was in town 'a bear could easily make it here in a few seconds!' she yelled in her head, she'll admit she may have a pretty big fear of bears, she looked back to see if the bear was following her.

She slammed right into something and crashed to the ground in pain "Oh my God... I'm dying.... can't breathe...!" She looked up to see what she ran into.

It was a stallion, he had grey fur and a silver mane and tail, he was wearing royal looking armor, he looked down at Midnight and an apologetic look "So sorry about that, I didn't see you" he held a hoof out to help her up.

"I hit you...? It felt like a brick wall" she grabbed his hoof and pulled herself up.

"Heh, yes well that's what happens when you train a lot, you become harder to knock down" he chuckled as he looked back at the memories.

"I'll remember that..." She looked at his armor "so, are you like a knight?"

"I am actually, my name's Silver Blade, I'm with Princess Celestia's Royal Guard" he bowed with pride.

"Cool, I'm Midnight Rose" she smiled but on the inside was panicking 'he's with Celestia's Royal guard?! Crap. he cannot meet Twilight, she'll ask questions and my cover will be blown!!' she thought in panic.

"You wouldn't happen to know where Princess Twilight Sparkle would be? I've been looking all over town with an important information to give her" Silver asked her.

'crap!' Midnight thought "nope no ide-".

"Midnight, there you are, sorry that you got scared back there" Twilight trotted over with a light smile.

"There she is!" Midnight smiled widely her eye twitching.

"Good, Princess Twilight Sparkle, I am Silver Blade, I'm with Princess Celestia's Royal Guard, the Princess gave me very important information to give you," Silver said after bowing.

"The Princess? Okay, come on we can talk about it in the castle" Twilight said and walked towards her castle.

Midnight was smiling widely and twitching 'Oh God, here it is, the moment where everything comes crashing down, well I'm getting the heck out of this town' she went to walk towards the train station.

"Midnight come on this involves you too," Twilight informed.

'Dammit!!' she sobbed in her thoughts and turned around following Twilight and Silver.


Midnight was sitting on the couch next to Twilight as Silver got ready to tell them the important information.

"Princess Celestia sensed a strange magical energy surge near Ponyville a few days ago," Silver said in a serious tone.

Midnight was beginning to sweat.

"The magical energy was unlike anything she has seen before and is very dangerous if put in the wrong hooves, she wanted to know if you had seen anything strange or unusual lately" Silver asked looking at Twilight.

"No I haven't, but...Midnight" Twilight looked at Midnight.

"Y-Yeah?" She looked at Twilight her fear intensifying.

"Have you seen anything on your way into town or while you were in town?" Twilight asked.

'Oh, thank God' Midnight thought in relief "No, I haven't seen anything" she smiled 'good thing she hasn't put two and two together'.

"Alright well, I'll be staying in town to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary" Silver said and went to leave.

'good luck bud because I'm right here and you didn't notice, muhahahaha' Midnight laughed maniacally in her thoughts.

"Wait, you could stay here if you want" Twilight offered with a smile.

'You son of a' Midnight thought angerly.

"That would be great" Silver agreed with a growing smile.

"Alright, I'll show you to your room" Twilight walked away with him.

'well crap, now I have to be careful around him' she huffed and walked to her room, once there, she locked the door, and closed the curtains. She began reading up on history and magic, anything that will help her.

Once she finished reading, she got up and pulled an empty book from a drawer in the desk in her room, she set it on the desk and got a pencil out, she opened the book and began writing all the information she knew so far, a habit she had was writing the bus she was planing down.

"Okay, so Twilight believed that I'm Celestia's student, Silver is a Royal Knight with Celestia, meaning I have to try and keep a distance from him, I also gotta figure out how to take over this world, I'll need an army...or an ally that has an army..." She smiled wickedly and closed the book, she then hid it between the wall and the desk, she left the castle and went searching for an ally. she had the Equestrian Species book with her and a map as she walked.

She was flipping through pages while she left the town and into the forest "Okay, Umbrums.... imprisoned, Wendigos... banished, hmm, oh here we go, Changelings, bug-like horses with wings and horns that can change their appearance, they live in hives in the Badlands, so they are like ants basically just really really big. Hmm, and they have a queen named Chrysalis, she's a power-hungry mare... huh" she closed the book "She's perfect!" she made her way to the Badlands smiling.


Midnight found herself in front of a large hole filled castle after several long, dreadful hours of searching, she looked at the book with an illustration of the hive and tune back up at the castle "I found it, hehe" she put the book in her saddlebags and walked towards the entrance only to be locked by two Changelings.

The Changelings hissed as they flew at her.

Midnight lit her horn and grabbed them both, she then slammed them together before throwing them out of the way. He continued inside, whistling a small tune as she levitated and slammed Changelings that ran at her into the walls and ceiling, eventually she found what she assumed was the throne room with the largest Changeling she's seen "Ah you must be Chrysalis, my na-" she was cut off when Chrysalis shot a green magical blast at her only for her to dodge it.

"You dare to believe you can just waltz into my hive and come up to me?!" Chrysalis yelled as she charged another blast "I am Queen Chry-"

Midnight grabbed Chrysalis and slammed her to the ground forcing her horn to point at the ground, she then walked up to her looking down at her with an annoyed expression.

"H-how the hell did you do that?! You're just a unicorn you could pos-" Chrysalis was cut off when she was yelled at.

"Shut up and listen!! I'm not like any of those lame little happy ponies, I'm from somewhere that makes everything you've done look pathetic, you're a foolish little insect but you have something I can use, deny and will burn this and everyone of your species before I do, are you ready to listen now?" Midnight asked as she got up close to Chrysalis' face.

"I'm listening..." Chrysalis growled.

"I plan to take over Equestria, and once I do I think there will be enough to share with others, but I need your army, help me and I give you what you want, as long as it means I can leave this colorful magic world, do we have a deal?" Midnight asked.

"How do you plan to take over Equestria? I have tried before, what makes you think you can do it?" Chrysalis asked with force.

"Oh simple....I have knowledge of millions of other villains, and I know all the mistakes they've made which means I can prevent those mistakes from happening to me" Midnight smirked "this place is ruled by four Alicorns, take them out and this place will crumble, all I have to do is get them a certain place, and I think you can help with that".

"Fine... I shall help, if this plan of yours fails then you shall suffer for it" Chrysalis growled.

"Don't worry your little buggy head queeny" Midnight released Chrysalis and let her stand up.

"So how shall this plan of yours begin?" Chrysalis asked.

"Simple, I need you to look like the Alicorn Twilight Sparkle" Midnight explained.

"That is easy," Chrysalis said as she changed into a copy of Twilight.

"Damn, I wasn't expecting you to look exactly like her, hehe, this is gonna work better than I thought, now here's the plan, we need to get a small green stone from a volcano" Midnight started explaining the plan to Chrysalis.

[[[[[[[[[[{Eight Hours Later}]]]]]]]]]]

Celestia was sitting on her throne when a Guard rushed in he levitated a letter to her, Celestia opened it and began reading it.

Princess Celestia, I have found the magical disturbance and I require Cadence, Luna, and yourself immediately, come to the forest just outside the Everfree, I fear that this may bring total destruction to Equestria if it isn't taken care of.

Twilight Sparkle

Celestia got off her throne and teleported to Luna's room "Luna wake up, we need to go, Twilight has found the magical disturbance I told you of, we need to get Cadence, Twilight said that this thing may bring total destruction to all of Equestria". Celestia sputtered while shaking Luna

Luna got up now fully awake "Okay, let us go then" they teleported to the Crystal Empire and found Cadence with Flurry Heart.

"Celestia, Luna, what are you both doing here?" Cadence asked tilting her heard.

"We are here because Twilight has found a dangerous magical disturbance that threatens the very existence of Equestria, she needs all of us to go and stop it" Celestia explained.

Cadence set Flurry in her crib "Let's go" all three then teleported to where Twilight had said in her letter, once there they found nothing out of the ordinary.

"Are you sure this is the correct location, Celestia?" Luna whispered looking at her sister.

"This is where Twilight said it was..." Celestia looked around before spotting Twilight unconscious on the ground a few feet away, she looked beaten and bruised, she ran over to Twilight with fear and tried to wake her up "Twilight?? Please wake up! What happened?!"

Twilight's eye shot open and she smiled "surprise!"

Celestia looked confused before she felt a sharp pain in her back then coldness spreading through her body, she looked behind her to her sister and niece only to find black stone slowly covering their bodies, she found the same stone spreading on her back "w-what is this...?"

"Simple's your defeat" Midnight walked appeared suddenly smiling.

"W-what?" Celestia looking at her as her limbs slowly froze into place.

Midnight levitated a small green stone up hanging from her neck on a necklace making Celestia's eyes widen "Hehe, you must have heard of this stone, the Medusa Stone, very powerful magic lies within it, it allows the user to freeze anypony of their choosing".

"Who are you??" Celestia struggled to move her head as the stone spread up her neck.

"My name is Midnight Rose, and I am the one who is going to take over Equestria!" she let out a maniacal laughter as Celestia froze completely.

Chrysalis turned back to normal and walked over to the stairs smirking "Oh, this is too good..."

"I knew she wouldn't be able to resist a hurry to help her old student, now you remember the rest of the plan?" Midnight looked at Chrysalis.

Chrysalis changed into a copy of Celestia and smiled "My army is already infiltrating the Chrystal Empire, I'll be going to Canterlot impersonating Celestia".

"Excellent" Midnight said and Chrysalis teleported back to Canterlot, she then laughed wickedly "Oh, this feeling! Is this what it feels like to be a villain?? It's amazing... oh this world is going to crumble under my hooves" she then lit her horn and opened a hole in the ground, she then levitated the princesses' into the hole and closed it "Don't go anywhere you three, I want you here to see your world fall to me HAHAHAHAHA!!!!" Her laughter echoed through the air.


Midnight walked into Twilight's castle humming while smiling.

"Hey you're in a good mood, what were you doing?" Twilight asked with a smile.

"Oh, I was just out for a walk" Midnight smiled "Now I'm going to go rest, I have a lot planned tomorrow" she walked by Twilight and into her bedroom, she laid in her bed and went to sleep with excitement for the next day filling her body.