Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 140 - The Nightmare Night Arc

After the nuzzling was done. Celestia looked back to the television screen and gave a sorrowful sigh.

being unable to look up at her in your position. you felt another affectionate nuzzle was in order, that sigh didn't sound very happy. As for you, you felt this feeling before. The feeling of absolute safety and comfort. The same feeling you get from Fluttershy.
"What's the matter?"

"I'm just a little sad. You gave me this wonderful gift and I can't spend much time enjoying it."

"Why? Princess stuff?"

Celestia nodded "Mhmmm, it doesn't leave me much time to do things at my own leisure. And considering how interesting this all looks. This would be something I'd like to spend some of my leisurely time with"


Well, she wouldn't have that much to worry about. Your guess was she probably thought she'd have to restart each time she plays.

"Don't worry. The games have these things called "Save Points". Just use one and you can continue where you left off on your next session."

"Really...." Celestia found that convenient "So I needn't rush or panic if say, I had to go commemorate something. Or deal with legal matters."

"Yep, you could just save and do what you need on your next session...OH more thing"

You zap a couple of more games. Namely Super Mario All-stars +Super Mario World,Super Smash Bros Melee, and Power Stone. Then zap a paper onto the console that has special instructions for proper game and console handling.

Celestia looked at the new items that appeared with even more confusion. one was a very small disc, one a brick with a sticker, and the other was a larger disc. "Are those games aswell? Anon, even with save points. I don't think I have time to enjoy ALL these games"

"ahh, nah. these games in particular is to enjoy and share with your sister."

Celestia was even more intrigued. She knew arcade games had two player. But it was always switch outs. Seeing what you had shown her already, she was too curious not to ask the basic question of: "What do you mean?"

"These games can be played with you and your sister at the same time. mainly just games to beat eachother up in really...and um...hold on."

You zap in another game, Donkey Kong Country one and two
"And these two particular ones can be played cooperatively. with each of you controlling one of the playable characters. Trust me, if you both get the time. You'll have a real blast."

Celestia looked back on the screen. Still curious. "But at the same time? How could that screen allow it? From the game you showed me, it seems impossible."

oh man, this was both cute and a little annoying. But it was fine. And that was simply because no horse could be prepared for this. It made you feel like a godly master of video gaming.
"There's ways. You'll just need to pop them in and see for yourself. Trust me, you'll have a lot of fun."

"I'm sure. Hmmm...." Celestia stands up and walks over to the console, and magically levitates the paper with all the instructions and features and slowly begins to read "Hmmm, none of this looks very complicated. Perhaps I'll feign illness tomorrow so I can have time to learn all of this"

"You'd do that? Is that really a good idea?"

You really wondered this, you didn't want her to miss anything important just because of video games. You didn't know how important her job really was. But you'd not make the mistake of underestimating it either.

Celestia looked back at you, and smirked "Anon, you shower me with this many gifts and you're going to expect me to let them sit here and collect dust? I'm only going to take one simple day off to familiarize myself with everything. Unless you want me to make you a royal advisor on my play time....which I would just ignore you anyway"


"ok ok, alright. Fine. I don't even know why I'm worried or arguing with you. You're an adult. You've lived like...forever"
You look towards the outside. The sun was slowly starting to set.
"I should be heading out anyway, I don't want to miss Nightmare Night with my friends."

Celestia's horn started to glow as she peered outside towards the balcony as well. "I hope you enjoy yourself Anon, I really do. But...before you go, raise your hoof"


"Trust me, just do it"

hrn, well. no reason to fear her. She wasn't Discord. She wasn't going to put a bomb on you or something.

You put your hoof up as Celestia pulls a single piece of wrapped chocolate from her royal dresser and plants it on your hoof.
"What's this?"

Celestia giggled just a little, and looked at you with a mirthful warming smile. "Anon, are you going to tell me your world doesn't have chocolate?" did look like chocolate.
"It does...just wasn't expecting it. aww, thanks."

You smile warmly as you go to open it. But right at that moment. Celestia whisks it away.
"H-hey! what gives?!"

Celestia giggled "Well you can't just eat it silly, I was just getting you to an early start to offering your candy to Nightmare Moon so she doesn't do unspeakable things to you"

ohh hell no.

You use your horn to slap the chocolate back to your hoof, then smirk at her.
"At this moment, I am much more powerful than Nightmare Moon. If anything this is a tribute to me for not doing anything unspeaka-HEY!"

She tries to hover the chocolate away from you during your monologue, but you use your own magic to keep it in place. then laugh.

"Haha! Sorry Celestia. But you won't keep me from at least having one win on you."

Celestia stopped trying. her expression became that of stoic patience. "Hmmm, I should have saw that one coming. You enjoy power, don't you?"

oh, why'd she have to ask it like that? that's sort of a buzzkill. did enjoy the power. She was right.
"Come on, don't do that. I only get a day doing whatever I want with this thing. And I've never had a high quality chocolate candy before. Like I tried to tell you, I'm not a kid."

Celestia nods "You're right, I got a little carried away. It's hard not to when you look and act like an adorable,clueless, innocent little colt"

"That's righ-HEY!"
You look at her, your cheeks slightly puff with anger. But it was an anger she found cute.
"I'm not clueless! adorable..well. Yeah duh. But I'm not clueless! If you're referring to the whole dream thing? That was just you and your sister being really underhanded"

You calm yourself, because you truly felt you were right. and you did have the chocolate. So you technically already won.

Celestia nods, and seems to back off "You're right Anon. You're smart enough to reason that it was indeed an underhanded tactic. You may have the chocolate"

woah wait...did she just admit defeat?
"Really?....just like that?"

Celestia nods
"Just like that"

haah, well. Finally, some actual respect for your adult thinking mind. It actually made you feel proud.

You look to the chocolate. Yep, you definitely earned it now. You unwrap it with your magic and toss it up to catch it in your mouth.

As it comes downwards. Celestia immediately aims and blasts the chocolate, turning it into a blast of chocolate mush that hits your face.

Celestia starts laughing, as you just continue to stare up in the air. taking an actual second to realize you were in chocolaty goopiness.

you look at Celestia, which only illicit more laughter caused by your chocolate covered face.
"A-Anon...y-you look ridiculous" Celestia laughed all the more.

You really must have. chocolate you got into your mouth tasted good though. But not as good as to what you were about to do. There was no retarded dream world to hold you down this time. So this was no real big deal.

you silently aim your horn as Celestia continues to laugh. Before she even realizes what happens. You blast all the chocolate from your face to hers.

You then laugh, and laugh rather heartily. Not only from the fact that Celestia's laughter immediately ended the moment you hit her. But because you managed to one up her in the process.

"Take that! oh yeaaaaah! Anon shoots, and he scores! the crowd goes wild!"

Celestia couldn't hold it in though. She starts giggling along with you as she rubs her hoof along her face and starts licking at her hoof. "Very well played Anon. "

That was actually...kind of fun. Maaannnnnn, why didn't Discord just make you a unicorn in the first place? Being an earth pony sucked.

Though, you beat Celestia in a silly little fight. You had fun. And soon she'd know the joy of gaming. Despite the loss in the dream world. This didn't turn out all that bad. Especially since you could be honest with her. That being probably the best part. And unlike Discord, she was playful in the way she conducted herself. And was very nice to you. Sad she never had a kid of her own to raise after all these years.

"Well Anon, you can go now. I need to go see my sister and see what she plans to do for the night. You have a fun first Nightmare Night. ok?"

"I will, don't get too addicted to them games now" You give her a grin.

"I won't, don't go doing anything you'd regret with that horn....I do seriously mean that"

"I won't. you can trust me. But I'm still gonna have some fun with this thing before the night is over. Seeya later!"

You wave to Celestia, who both waved with her chocolaty hoof and continued to give it a few licks as you charged yourself up like a rocket. Ready to blast off through the balcony.

And with a final salute, you blast off outside and weave around the mountain Canterlot rests against and back into the sky.

Holy shit, you'll never not like flying around with magic. The speed, the scenery, the control.

As you looped around and through clouds. You couldn't shake the warm feeling of being able to be truthful with someone without them using it against you or actually mocking you. Celestia was fucking based.

Though your thoughts slowly shift to Discord. You actually hoped he was hoped taking a loss like that didn't hurt him too bad.

He'll be fine. Now was the time for flying.

Actually, as you zipped through the air crazily. One more thought hit your mind.


But, nah. She'd be fine. She's manage to handle Nightmare Night every year. That seems obvious. You had to get these thoughts out of your mind if you were going to enjoy the night. You could check on Fluttershy afterwards though. Discord'll be fine.

And you still had plenty of time in between. And there's two very friendly ponies on your mind that you were sure would love to see your costume.

Lyra and Bonbon time.......hopefully they won't ALSO make a conclusion that you were a mob boss.