Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 135

You span like a bullet back into the sky.

You flew right into a cloud. And using your magnificent powers. You span more, and more, and more within it. Until finally the cloud swirled like a tornado around you and exploded into a flurry of bolts that flew all over the place.

You lit up the night sky for a few moments as the bolts traveled in random directions before dissipating in various spots.

It was quite the light show.

you decide to drop the costume for now. Zapping it out of existence . No, you wanted to enjoy everything else now as you.

You look down on Ponyville. It was so far down, and from up here, it was so small.

As you looked down on the town, a thought occurred to you. Twilight was too easy...

You needed to scare someone tougher. Someone brave...

"Hey, you! " Yelled a familiar voice

......someone like...Rainbow Dash.

She was calling for you from behind....perfect.

But you couldn't don the Big Boss costume again, if you did, Rainbow Dash would recognize it when you go out for nightmare night. No, you couldn't let that happen. So you'd just don the costume you were originally going to use. And play the part.

You turn around as your mane turns white and a red coat appears on you. Your sword, Alastor, hung on your back. And your trusty slingshots, Ebony and Ivory, hung on either side of you.

Ok..maybe this wasn't going to be so much as scaring but testing the limits of your newfound power.
"Well well, and here I was thinking this was going to be a one pony show"

"What the....?" Rainbow Dash peers hard at you, besides your odd look. The most noticeable feature she notices about you is your lack of wings. "How are you flying like that?"

You shrug with a cocky smirk
"Baby, when you're this cool, there's nowhere else to go but up. Now, unless you came to party. Then you should go somewhere else."

Rainbow Dash cringed at that. That sounded really uncool to her. "Seriously? That's what you're going with? Ok, I don't know who you are. But you better explain yourself fast"

You snicker at her as you move up closer to her, making her slowly hover backwards.
"Explain? All I need to explain is that I'm looking for a good fight. and well..."
You gaze at her body up and down, then turn around and hovered forward
"Looks Like I came to the wrong place. A fat and slow pony like you? I'd rather face a donkey with two legs. No challenge there either, but at least they can fight back."

And that did it instantly. Rainbow Dash got instantly pissed. "Fat, SLOW?! Do you even know who you're talking to!?"

"I just said it...." You turn to her with a very arrogant smirk "A fat and slow pony"

"That's it! Forget who you are. You're going down! Nopony calls me fat and slow and gets away with it! Especially when they are the slow one! A Unicorn? Faster than any pegasi? No no...the FASTEST Pegasus pony? Yeah, fat chance. So, how about a race? huh? three laps around Ponyville! now!"

"ehhh, a race? That's boring. Why don't you put up those hooves of yours and show me what you're really made of. And try to keep that flab out of my face, will ya? I don't do the greaser look."

Rainbow Dash growled at you. A fight..yeah, she was perfectly willing now. "You asked for it. I was trying to be nice, but you reallllly asked for it. But I'll give you one last chance. Because I'm telling you have no idea what pony you're messing with."

You roll your eyes at her
"if it's not just fat and slow...then I'm gonna take a guess it's all that ugly you got on you too. That's the idea right? To scare me off with all that ugly? Because it's almost working"

"THAT'S IT!" Rainbow Dash rushes right at you, at a speed that made the scrappy changeling look like a turtle. But as you focused. You could see it coming before it came, and you zipped almost instantaneously to the right..almost like a sky star maneuver.

"Too slow" You chuckle

"...why you...." Rainbow Dash turns around, and tries a more coordinated attack. The moment she rushes you, you dodge to the side, then she quickly shifts her momentum to follow you. But you are easily able to ignore physics to just side dodge again. Making her spin out. She was able to easily catch herself though. "Geez..." Rainbow Dash turns to you. Although angry, she tried to play it off, she didn't want to show off that she was growing more annoyed by the second. "Look at you, it's gotta be REAL HARD to use magic to cheat."

but something about the power you had. It made you feel superior. You shrug off her insult.
"hey, magic is really hard to learn lady. But once I learned to fly with it. It showed me the ultimate conclusion that pegasi suck. We could do your job in our sleep if we wanted to."

" smug...little.."

You yawn and lay on your back in mid air as you spin your sword around you lazily. "smug? yeah, but that's a luxury you get when you're this good. Here, check this out."

You lazily wave your hoof as Alastor flies straight into a cloud. Causing it to turn black and shoot out a purple bolt of lightning straight towards Rainbow Dash. With a quick movement of her wings, she manages to dodge away from it as it heads towards you. But you just lay there, catching the bolt on your right hindleg's hoof and kicking it up into the air like a ball. Making it go straight up before exploding into a purple ball of sparks.

"Ahhh, see? Too easy"

Rainbow Dash wouldn't let her resolve die. Especially to the upstart that lazily hovered in front of her. "I don't know who you are. But a unicorn can never replace pegasi. You don't know how hard our job really is. an-WAH?!"

You zip like lightning right in front of her, and give her a smarmy bedroom'd eye look as you wiggle your eyebrows.
"Come on, are you just talk? Why don't you show me some real action, huh? I'm getting bored"

"GRRRRRR! I'LL SHOW YOU ACTION!" She immediately tries slugging you, but you manage to royal guard it. In other words, you parry it perfectly. It causes her to fall  back.
"Saw that coming."
"GRRRR!" She rushes back up to you and tries multikicking you. You can see all her kicks. and managed to Royal Guard them all.

"and saw that, and that..and that and that..and that..that one too, and that, and JUST RELEASE!"

Upon her next kick, you release a quick jab that glowed with fierce power. You made sure not to put in too much power into it. But you did put in enough to make her fall downwards towards the ground.

You use your magic to pull out your Ebony and Ivory slingshots and use Rain storm. An attack that rains down your pellets straight down in quick succession. Each pellet hitting Rainbow Dash square on her nose.

As she fell, she made annoyed grunts with every pellet hitting her nose. She flipped, and flapped her wings hard to fly straight towards you.

Too easy. You just slip to the side the moment she reaches you. But she doesn't over fly it this time. Instead she stopped flapping her wings to stop her climb right before reaching where your position was. And instead immediately changes her heading to where you would be. And that was enough. No amount of focus prepared you for it. And she slams right into your stomach. making you flip backwards and fall as you lose concentration.


"Ha! Take that!"

You catch yourself midfall and look up at her. Now you were a little pissed. You were supposed to be better than that. You wanted that SS Stage Ranking.

Rainbow Dash could see that you were actually not too pleased with what happened. And sticks her tongue out at you. "What's wrong? Not as fast as you thought you were? Maybe if you stopped packing on the snacks, you'd be able to dodge better."

"Is that supposed to be some kind of comeback?"

Rainbow Dash shrugs and smirks at you "No, it's just the truth. You're the kind of guy who let's his magic do everything for him. I know an Alicorn and a Unicorn who are a lot better at magic than you are. And I'd introduce you to show you how bad you really are at'll be in the hospital for awhile. That is unless you call it quits now and admit I'm the be-WOAH!"

You threw your sword at Rainbow Dash. But she manages to lift herself and narrowly dodge it. You were only mildly annoyed with yourself. And the sword itself was made not to cut her. But it would give her quite a shock.

"Hey, what's the big idea!? Are you trying to cut my head off?!"

"No, I'm just tired of your yapping. All you did was get a lucky hit in. But now..."
You equip Ifrit. A pair of fiery gauntlets remade into the shape of horseshoes.
"It's time to heat things up!"

Rainbow Dash was becoming more careful as time went on. She noticed not only was your magic above average. But you had a bunch of crazy weapons. She was trying to wear you down with taunts and try to either get you to give up..or if she had to, If you were a threat to her beloved town and friends, put you down enough that you'd need a hospital visit.

You just wanted to either beat her or get her to admit you were better. You had all this power and control. You couldn't lose to her. You had to be better than her.

You take charge this time with a straight punch. But just as you could royal guard her, she was able to slap your punch away with her hoof. But the heat you were generating. It was enough to make her feel a burning sensation. "ngh..woah.."

For you, you couldn't believe she blocked it. maybe you needed more light speed. You switch Ifrit for Beowulf, a pair of light gauntlets. And fly up higher than her and use Killer Bee, a lightning quick downwards kick. Rainbow Dash, being a master of speed herself, could see through your attack. She couldn't dodge it however. So she hovers quickly to the side. She was now taking this fight much more seriously. But you were moving so fast, she couldn't counter it either. Only dodge.

You couldn't believe she dodged it at all. It was a kick at super sonic speeds. How could she see it coming? You quickly cancel out of the Killer Bee and try your own flurry of kicks , coming upwards at Rainbow Dash.

But she would not be outdone. Again, Rainbow Dash enters her own flurry of kicks downwards at you. This time, much more furious than before. It was now becoming apparent to you. That she is now giving her 100%.

And your kicks met. And despite your magical enhancement. She managed to keep up. Dammit. How?! You had the power to do anything. You could probably get her to break her kicks with a well timed magical blast or a trick from behind. But you wanted to do this with the kicks. You fueled more magic into it. More magic into your kick speed. But with every increase you gave. Rainbow Dash was able to match it with her pure athletic ability.

You couldn't do it. And Rainbow Dash realized she would eventually get tired if she kept it up. Something that didn't seem to affect you. She noticed that you must have expended a ton of magic by now. But you were still going.  So she too, would continue.

But as time went on,she now assumed you had unlimited magic. and on that notion. She breaks off her attack and increases her altitude a little higher.The breakoff was so quick that you continue kicking at nothing. She then does a flip, hitting you on the back of your head as she comes down. "hah!"

Again you fall down, having to catch yourself with your magic to maintain altitude.

Dammit, as you look up, she was making faces at you. DAMMIT.

Even with this power. You couldn't keep up with Rainbow Dash

You flew back up to her eye level. Staring at her, looking pretty annoyed. Though, in your head. You forgot one important detail.

"Gonna give up yet? This has got to be pretty embarrassing. I mean, losing to a fat,slow,ugly pony like me? I guess that just makes you the worst pony ever, huh?" She snickered.

You stare at her as your sword finally returns from it's round trip and back to your back.
"I'm gonna tell you right now, I'm giving you one last chance. Back off now, or things are gonna get ugly."

"That's funny, that's exactly what I was gonna tell you"

you smirk
"You asked for it..."

You started gathering as much magic into your actual body as possible. Into your body, sword,and slingshots. Enough that you started to change color. You could feel the chaos within you. bubbling, wanting to get out. But you wouldn't let it...not yet.

Rainbow Dash got tired of waiting for whatever you were doing. "Yeah, that's it. I'm just gonna give you a quick bash to the head. catch you in mid air, then turn you in to the proper authorities. You're obviously some escaped nutjob. Here I go!"

And she rushes you, and the moment she's about to make contact. You release your magic through your sword, which surges it through your slingshots, then it goes back to you. Magic escaping at a very quick rate as a massive amounts cycles through you and your items. Your look changed too. You looked like a  blue demon horse.

"Devil Trigger!" You yell out as the actual trigger word to initiate your full transformation.

"What in the hay? OMPH!" You knock her back. The power you felt was tripled. You gathered a huge amount of magical power and used to to power up even further.

You weren't going to lose, even if you had to use a cheap method. Losing to Rainbow Dash?

Rainbow Dash gets back at the ready, as you again try a flurry of kicks. Rainbow Dash doesn't even get a chance to say anything. But she gladly obliges once again with her own flurry. Only planning her flip when necessary.

But she didn't get the chance this time. Your kicks were so fast they were actually producing lightning. You quickly overpower her and give her a few kicks to the face and body. Sending her downward.

You dive down after her, and Killer Bee right into her gut. Sending you both diagonally downwards.

She couldn't get out of it. It was too heavy a kick.

And as you both started to head down into town. Something clicked in your head. Enough to break your Devil Trigger.

You were overdoing it. If you came down on her. It would most likely kill her.

You wouldn't allow yourself to go too far. You loved the power. But by now, you proved you were crafty enough to make use of it the way you needed, even when limiting yourself. It was fun. It really was.

You bounce off Rainbow Dash and toss Alastor downwards past her. And use your magic to turn it into a floating net. Catching her safely.

She was knocked out cold from the blow though. You didn't need her remembering what actually happened. But you didn't know if you should be mind wiping. So instead. You singed her wings a little, making it look like a lightning bolt hit them.

You then float down to the ground with her.....hmmm

You make a dragging motion with your hoof. Causing the ground to open up and look like something crashed and slid on the ground. You then carefully place Rainbow Dash down at the end of it. Then...being a little sore that she made you have to Devil Trigger. You slap some mud on her face.

You then look upwards into the sky. And finish the illusion by generating a small storm. Rain and all.

Yeah...the illusion was complete.
"Well...that was fun. Rainbow Dash is better than I thought she was. I guess that means maybe I shouldn't underestimate Luna and Celestia either."

You look around...

You go behind Rainbow Dash and give her butt a squeeze. You're disappointed on it actually being rough and toned.
"Ehh....I prefer squishy butt."

Ok, the scene was set. She'd wake up. See the storm. See her wings. And think she just got hit by a stray bolt and dreamed up the rest. Nobody, not even her, could honestly believe there was a small unicorn flying around Ponyville doing god knows what. Perfect cover.

You sigh, you had enough training and fun for the night. You yawned. Yeah, it was probably for the best. It was getting really late now. And the rain you created was starting to come down.

If you ever got this power again. It'd have to be for a day you had free. And didn't have a goal in mind. Just a day where you could have fun with it. For now though. Your testing and training was done. And nobody would ever realize what actually happened.

you had to commend Rainbow Dash though. She had to make you think on the fly. You were sure magical augments at a normal level would have stopped her.
"Seeya around Dashie."

You open a portal back to your room. No map needed. And hop inside, shedding your costume as you hop through.

You look around, and could see the scrappy Changeling was still knocked out. geez. Now that you thought about it. This guy was super easy to beat compared to bluefast. There wasn't even a comparison. You could probably fight him without your magic if you ever needed too.

After teleporting him away into the living room,You manually remove the horn from your head. It was still glowing. So you stuff it deep into your Saddle bag to prevent it from being noticed.

You were ready for the challenge.

As you hop into bed and cuddle in your blanket. You imagined all the horrors you were going to cause tomorrow. There wasn't going to be a physical fight sure. But not only did you know to what degree you could scare a pony. But you knew you were crafty enough to think of alternatives should you fail at any point. were pretty good at this whole chaos thing.