Danganronpa V.E: Creating Chaos

by Vaatidj

Chapter 1: Despair Begins Again - Daily Life part 2

When I opened the door to my room my eyes immediately fell on the envelope that had been given to us by Monokuma. I had to wonder if anyone had already opened theirs up, and even more so if someone was planning murder. The idea of murder seemed repulsive, and the act of somepony else here doing it seemed even more so. I wanted to tell myself that it wasn’t going to happen, that no one was that crazy enough to commit murder just to leave this place. Yet, deep down I knew that it was entirely possible, and that it was more than likely going to happen. Monokuma is in complete control of everything that goes on here, and I know that he has our lives in even more command. All I could do was hope somepony wouldn’t be crazy enough to do that, no matter...

… no. I’m not going to think of that just yet, and I’m going to keep myself from commiting a murder. Even if I say I won’t, who knows if that is actually going to stay true. If I kept it to myself, I could be used by the murderer as a false culprit. If I told everypony what was inside, than when that really does happen I can use that to prove myself. Maybe I could than get other ponies here to do the same, and perhaps we really can stop a murder from happening… at least in the near future. If I’m going to go down and cause everypony to hate me because of what is in that envelope, than I’ll do it knowing it was for the greater good.

With that in mind I walked over to the end table that I had placed the letter on, thinking over real quickly exactly what it was I am doing. Part of me said this was a bad idea, but I didn’t listen to it and picked up the envelope. I hesitated, for a few moments reconsidering as I might worry about what I could do if I see this. With a shake of my head I reassured myself of my actions and ripped off the top of the envelope with my teeth. As I reached to pick up what seemed to be a photo inside, I closed my eyes and pulled it out. When I finally looked at the photo, I felt my jaw drop and eyes widened.

The picture was that of me in flight school, being shoved into a locker by Rainbow Dash. I felt all sorts of emotions, but knowing why it happened kept me from forcing any hate onto my friend. I put it down and started to wonder about several things, but the most worrying thing to me was how Monokuma even knew. Nopony should’ve had a picture of this, and I certainly don’t remember seeing a strange bear around that time either. The feeling of fear that washed over me during that point wasn’t because of the picture, but rather the feeling that no personal information was safe from being used.

“What twisted individual could know about this?” I asked myself, not expecting a response of any kind.

I put the photo back in the envelope and faced it so that I was looking at the back of the picture. I looked to my bed, and knew that tomorrow I had to tell Rainbow about the photo. She was the most important pony to tell, but in the end I would have to tell everybody. I went to sleep hoping that everypony would be okay, and that we would remain strong against Monokuma. As I drifted off I felt a slight spark within me, and I knew that no matter what tomorrow would be the most important day to come. Little did I know exactly how much that spark within me was already ignited.

------- Chapter 1: Despair Begins Again -------

Bing Bong Ding Dong

“Attention everypony, it is now 8:00 am. The courtyard and dining room are now open. Lets all look forward to another great day in this wonderful killing game! Oh, and can I please ask for those of you using the barracks to please put away the weapons after you use them!”

Monokuma’s voice was the most painful thing to wake up to, and that was in a very literal sense. At certain points sounded cold and sadistic, but at others he sounded like a whiny three year old. Nonetheless he had managed to wake me up, and turning to the left side of my bed I was met with the shape of the envelope from yesterday. Begrudgingly I got out of bed and picked it up, remembering what my plan was. I took a deep breath before trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes.

Ding Dong

The sound of the doorbell quickly reminded me that there were other ponies beside me and Rainbow Dash in this place. Placing the photo back into the envelope I walked up to the door, trying not to rush myself. Opening it up, I was met with the figure of A.K. Yearling in front of me, a look of concern on her face. Part of me was hoping it was Rainbow Dash, as it would’ve made hunting her down really easy, but I can see that wasn’t really going to happen. No doubt that she already had some idea of what was going through my head.

“You looked at the envelope, didn’t you?” Yep, I thought she would figure it out that quickly.

“Y-yeah, but I promise I’m not thinking about murdering anyone… or does that just make feel more suspicious?”

“Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure you don’t have the guts to kill anypony,” Whether A.K. meant to make that sting as much as it did was beyond me, but I swallowed the shot at my pride. “Anyways, I’m gathering as many ponies as are willing together and bringing them to the living room. I have something I need to discuss about the envelopes.”

“I… see,” I knew that if I didn’t go it would make me look suspicious, even after what A.K. said about not having the gut. “I’ll make my way there than and wait.”

“Thanks,” The Ultimate Author smiled at me as she said that, before walking off.

Deciding that Rainbow and breakfast, the second one I wasn’t really looking forward too for the rest of my time here, I made my way to the living room. As I opened, I once again found that I wasn’t the first pony here, although this time it was a far fewer number than it had been yesterday. Twilight and Doctor Whooves seemed to be have a casual conversation about the castle at the current moment and Trixie was… looking at herself in the mirror. I can’t believe it’s possible, but I think I have found somepony with an ego bigger to Rainbow.

I decided to wait for A.K. to get here, and kept quiet just in case I said something stupid. In that time many of the other ponies who had been trapped here started to file in as well. First came the ever cheerful Pinkie Pie, attempting to converse with us which, considering those already here, didn’t go so well. Then came Flam and Flash Sentry, the latter walking several feet away from the former, both avoiding eye contact. Finally came Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and A.K. Yearling, who looked at all of us before pulling out a book and writing something down in it.

“Thank you all for coming here,” She greeted as we all turned to listen. “If you are wondering where the others are, most of them have other business they send they needed to attend to. That said, I think we all need to talk about the photos that we all received yesterday.”

“I see somepony is one step ahead of me than,” Flam stated, “I was actually hoping to talk about them to, especially since they are the Monokuma’s motives.”

“Ya don’t have to state the obvious when ya already know what is going on,” Applejack rolled her eyes. “And honestly, is it really a good idea to know talk about those photos. Ah reckon if we do they would just give us reason to murder somepony.”

“I think the reason for us talking is actually to prevent anyone from murdering anypony,” Twilight announced, stepping forward. “If we share than we know what to expect from the one who planned the murder, and even than sharing can keep you from being a subject in case the pony depict on the photo is murdered.”

I blinked, then I blinked again as I tried to make sense of what she was saying. “I don’t really followed that,” I admitted after sometime, having gotten nowhere.

“Think about it this way,” A.K. Yearling said as she readjusted the glasses falling off her muzzle. “If everypony know who the pony who got the photo was, it would put the most obvious suspect in the spotlight. That would keep that pony from performing a murder, since everypony would know, or it would clear their name due to an inconsistency in their alibi.”

She than reached under her cape and pulled out a photo, showing Flam holding a strange statue in his hooves. My eyes widened in shock when I saw exactly what she was doing, without any hesitation or second thoughts. That was her motive, but it confused me in what it showed to us. She was a writer, and yet here her motive picture seemed to shine more to her famous Daring Do character than to her. Yet, I was the only pony who seemed to be questioning that, as everypony but Twilight and Trixie seemed to turn to Flam.

“W-why is everypony looking at me?” He asked, not liking some of the more glaring looks he was getting, especially from Flash.

“If it wasn’t without consequence, and the fact that everyone's life would be at risk, I would strike you down right now for whatever horrid act you caused, heartless criminal!” He berated, his words sending a shiver, reminding me to not get on his bad side.

“Flash, you have no means to put ill intent towards Flam,” A.K. said as she continued to write down what I could only guess to be notes. “Unless you want to be the prime suspect in case of his murder, I suggest holding your feelings back, or let them loose if you so wish.”

“I… don’t think I completely understand this,” Rainbow responded, feeling her mane as she hoovered in the air. “What is the connection between A.K. and Flam in the photo?”

“It’s not so much a connection to me, as it is to a close friend of mine,” A.K. admitted, having at that point regained the attention of most in the room. “Allow me to get this across, and for all purposes keep it secret. The reason the motive photo is that of which you see before me is because of a priceless artifact recovered by Daring Do not long ago. However, a few days she brought it to the museum it was stolen, replaced by a fake made of dark chocolate and covered with a golden wrapper. It seems that, if the photo is to be believed, that the one behind the theft was Flam.”

I expected Flam to be shaken from what A.K. had just revealed to all of us, but instead we was as calm as could be. He clapped his hooves, a smile upon his face as he sat down on one of the couches lining the room. He seemed to be excited that he was caught, or happy about it nonetheless. You would think that a pony who stole something would be angry or scared that they were caught, especially in a situation like ours. Yet here he was, relaxing on a couch without a care in the world for what he was doing.

“As much as I applaud you for realizing all of that, Monokuma got one thing wrong,” Flam said. “My twin brother Flim was actually the one who stole that, but I do get the blame for throwing around the very idea. A note for the future: sometimes the culprit is not the one directly involve in the crime,” He sprung off the couch, his hat flying off his head and onto his hoof. “And sense A.K. decided to share her motive photo with us, than I see it as important to do the same.”

“Ah don’t know about you, but this seems like a bad idea if anyponies ever seen one,” Applejack said with a shake of her head. “Won’t it just instill ponies to murder each because of past mistakes.”

“Applejack, I know you don’t want to do this right now,” I spoke up, knowing deep down that letting anything escalate would only lead to harm later, and death as well. “And I can understand where you are coming from. It’s a risk sharing these things with each other, but I realized last night that if we don’t take a risk than we are putting ourselves in another danger. If we tell everyone about our motive photos, we can stop a murder when one occurs.”

“And why are you thinking like that?” She asked me as before I could even finish talking. “Listen Ditzy, ah understand you heart is in the right place, more so than mister Flam over there, but you can’t go around thinking a murder is going to happen.”

“But it’s very likely that, no matter what we do, there is going to be a murder either way,” Doctor Hooves replied, standing by my side. “My area of focus my not have much to do with psychology in any way, but I should be rather clear that not accepting the inevitable will lead us to more despair than hope in the future. At least by sharing, we show that we have accepted anything that happens in the future.”

“Well I, the great and powerful Trrrrixie, finds your logic flawed,” The Ultimate Showpony, who I had almost forgotten was even in the room, shouted as she suddenly slid to Applejack’s side. “By accepting this game we are accepting death, and Trixie is not prepared for death, and neither should you be. Of course, I have yet to even touch my envelope, and some ponies here might be the same.”

“Trixie is correct, as I also haven’t seen what’s in my envelope,” Twilight spoke up, standing in between us. “But I don’t think either side is necessarily wrong. If you don’t want to share than you simply don’t share with any of us. If you want to share with anypony than go ahead, or if it is simply between two ponies that’s fine too. We can’t force each other to do these things.”

“Than, while I feel it was important to bring this up, I’m going to leave. Hope ya’ll have a good day.” Applejack said, and though her words seemed venomous I could feel no hard feelings from them.

As I turned to A.K. Yearling, I could see that she had been writing done everything that seemed to have happen. None of us noticed as Pinkie yelled something about Rarity and parties before bolt out as well. That left me, Flam, Rainbow, Twilight, Flash, and A.K. who continued to write until she seemed satisfied. She sighed as she closed the book, looking at the ground defeated, knowing that she had fail in her attempts to gather everything she wanted. I felt really bad for her, knowing that she had only meant the best deep down.

“Don’t frown miss Yearling,” Flash said as she stepped forward to comfort the Ultimate Author. “I’m sure that some of us here would still be willing to say what our envelopes held. I, of course, also seemed to have Flam as a target, but through more natural terms.”

“And I wouldn’t have have said anything about sharing if I wasn’t going to share myself,” Flam said, continuing off of Flash’s confession, if that is the right word for the situation. “You see, my photo showcased a bit of a battle I had over apple cider with Applejack’s family. I wouldn’t take my word for it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the mare had something similar.”

“I also wanted to share,” I told A.K., noticing the smiling that was starting to dawn her face. “While I don’t want to go into specifics because everything was settled all those years ago, mine was of Rainbow Dash.”

“While I want to tell you, I’ll have to get back to you about it as I actually haven’t opened mine yet,” Rainbow shrugged as she touched the ground, both her and Twilight proceeding to join us in comforting Yearling. “I promise, though, that those of us still here have your back.”

“Thanks everypony,” A.K. replied after a few seconds, wiping some tears away. “Look, I know I can’t control what you do but… promise me none of you will kill each other, please?”

“I don’t think you even need to ask.” I said with a smile.

With that we all pulled together for a hug, tears rolling down my face as I did my best not to squeeze her to death. It felt good having a group of ponies that I can trust, especially with the feeling of death looming overhead. Not for a second did I feel like my trust was misplaced, and I couldn’t tell if it would hurt me or not in the end. Yet, somehow, I found myself putting my life on the line by trusting them, especially Flam.

After the hug we all went our separate ways, and I found myself once again not knowing what to do or where to go. The sun was still high in the sky, or rather it was still only around nine o’clock. I quickly went to the kitchen and made a breakfast, trying not to look at the lack of a special something still bugging me. Knowing that Monokuma wasn’t going to fix it anytime soon I found myself wondering what everyone was up to. I need to spend some time with the ponies around me, especially since, as I would soon find out…

… something terrible was right around the corner.