Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 126

"W-woah, C-can I get a second first?"

"Oh hush Anon, You're already primed from that conversation we just had. If I wait, I won't be able to get any of that genuine emotion you have. Here, if it'll help..."

She starts to gently stroke your tummy with her hoof
"I'll give you a gentle massage while I have my meal."

You just lay back and take it as you feel her hoof gently circle along your belly. She even gives you a gentle poke, eliciting a giggle out of you.
"H-hey! don't do that."

"tch, don't act as if you aren't enjoying the attention."

" enjoy the attention. But I don't need you tickling me. "

"You're such a wimp. You can't even take a simple tickling? Fine, I'm nearly done anyway"

You could feel yourself slightly losing your emotion as you grow more tired. But it's very minor. Due to this, it makes you wonder about something.
"Chrysalis..can you permanently remove somepony's emotions? Like..from overfeeding?"

It seemed Chrysalis was already done with you at this point. She removes her hoof from you.and steps back to take a stretch. "I wouldn't know. It's never happened before. Again, Shining Armor would be your best example. I had that fool in my control for the longest time and he seems to be as optimistic as ever."

You just lay there, unmoving, thinking.
"Huh, well. I'm just making sure. Because if I'm right, you'd probably feed off me without me even knowing. I'm right, right?"

Chrysalis nods as she goes and taps at your floor door. "Of course I will. Food is food. Or would you rather I lie and say I'd be a good little changeling and i'd rather just frolic in the fields and catch butterflies."

Well, atleast you know for sure now. And, with the reassurance again, using Shining as an example once again. You were able to cement in your head that it wouldn't be so bad.
"No, thanks for telling the truth."
You walk over to the floor door
"You want to leave?"

She looks at you, then back at the door. "I do. My changelings get on edge when they are without my presence for too long."

You try tapping at the door knob...and then you notice something peculiar. But you don't mention anything of it. But, it's odd in the fact that the knob was loose.
"Ahh, that's understandable. Probably a bug...thing. Can I ask you for a small favor?"

"A favor?" Chrysalis raises an eyebrow "What? Before I go?...the door's locked Anon. If you wanted a drink of water or something, then that's impossible.....also you can do it yourself."

You shake your head and smile happily at her, with a small chuckle.
"No no, that's not it. I just wanna ask if you can turn into that filly form you do."

Chrysalis found that suspiciously odd, then she smirked at you "Ohhhhh, Anon, how shameful. I didn't know you were actually into that sort of thing."

You smack her leg, lightly, but you were sure even a heavier slap wouldn't have hurt her.
"Shut up, just do it for me. I have my reasons."

Chrysalis rolls her eyes. "I don't even think I can. If I know Discord. If I do manage it. I'll just change back. He definitely does not want me getting out of this ridiculous outfit. But if I least I can take it off." And upon that thought, she thinks it might be a good idea to try. "Ok, you know what? I think I will do your favor."

She takes a step back, and glows as she begins to shrink in her filly form.
"HAHAHAHA! It worked! Now to........oh..."
The outfit shrunk with her.

Chrysalis again gives her clothes a tug. But to no avail. It won't come off. And damn...did she look adorable now. You kind of wanted to see her walk around, do some dusting, and refer to you as master. get that out of your head. You had a reason for doing this.
You dart right into Chrysalis and give her a great big hug. Causing her to hiss as she falls down with you. She gives a cute little squeak when you both hit the ground.

This is what she gets for calling you a wimp. Plus, how could you resist not giving that adorable form a hug. The friendliest of hugs. You even rub your cheek along hers.

Chrysalis struggled to escape, trying to crawl away. But you just wouldn't let go."STOP! STOP IT NOW!"

"Nope! Because I'm a wimpy wimp who needs his hug! that's what friends do!"

"Not this one! NGHH...NGGHRRAAA!" She struggled hard, but she just couldn't do it. She couldn't shake you off. And she dared not try hitting you.

But that's all you needed. You let her go before she realizes she could just transform back to throw you off. And you then give her a grin as you walk over to the door.

Chrysalis quickly stands up and stares at you angrily. "Explain yourself Anon, explain yourself NOW!"

You felt like you had gained control of the situation now. Especially with your new ace in the hole.
"Relax Chrysalis, I just wanted you to be my size so I could give you a hug as a thank you....since we're friends."

Chrysalis stomped her hoof as she took a single step up to you, angry. "SO WHAT IF WE ARE FRIENDS?! I WILL NOT TAKE UNWARRANTED AMOUNTS OF AFFECTION FROM YOU UNLESS I'M IN A FEEDING MOOD!"

"Relax, geez. You act like you haven't warmed up to me even a little. Besides, do you know one of the best things about friendship?"

"I swear, if you say something along the lines of "hugs and tea parties". I will attempt to strip every last emotion away from you." She growled

You sigh as you place your hoof on the knob and throw open the door. then look back at her, shaking your head.
"Tsk,tsk. Come on Chrysalis. I'm not that bad. No, the best part of friendship is the gifts you can get. Like...the fact I can open the door."

"w-what?" Chrysalis was shocked, nearly speechless. She silently stepped up to the open door. And tried reaching her hoof through it. She was able to do it.

".....when did it unlock?"

"It probably was always unlocked. Unlocked to me anyway......but"
You slam the door shut. there was still one more thing you wanted from her.

"!" Chrysalis tried opening the door, but it wouldn't open. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! WHY!?"

You look at her with a serious look, an almost evil look. Not because you were being evil. You just wanted to fit the part.
"Because there's one more thing I want from you. And please, spare me the "Destroy you" stuff. You know you can't do it."

Chrysalis looked at you, with angry eyes. "No, but we can test trying to suck out every one of your emotions....permanently."

oh right......she could still suck out your love.
"Well, you could. But then you'd never get the door open. And then who knows what Discord would do. No, I'm going to take control of this situation. Because there's one more thing I want to know. Something I need to hear."

"You need to hear?" Chrysalis wasn't liking your tone, she felt you were trying to stand above her. "...and what is that?"

"I want to hear what friendship means to you. I want to know, for true, for real that I'm your friend."

Chrysalis stood there silent, then sighed, calming down. For some odd reason, she felt she couldn't make her threat happen. She didn't have that sinister urge to just drain you and force your husk to open the door. "Simple enough, I can answer that if it means you'll open the door."

"I will, but I just want you to be honest with me Chrysalis. I just want you to go against those deceptive instincts of yours and tell me the truth"

Chrysalis scoffs "Ha, says the one who no doubt has to tell countless lies just to be accepted. But fine, I'll be honest. No tricks, no lies, and no deception. I suppose one of us has to be honest."

...ouch, mean as ever still. She didn't have to say that. That made you not want to open the door at all. But, you just wanted this question answered.
"Are we really friends? Or was this just one elaborate ruse to pass the time?"

"Are you that insecure that you can't just accept your own version of friendship and be done with it? Ha, pathetic....but...if you want my honesty. If you really want it. Then I'll be honest. At this time, I consider you a friend. In fact, you'd be my only friend. I'll even go so far as to say that I feel a sort of affection towards you. As if you were one of my changelings. But don't let it go to your head. Because if there was ever a situation where I'd have to choose between domination or you. I would choose domination. And before you ask why, I'll tell you just this. Because if you're MY friend, you'd be happy with me achieving my life's dream. A dream I've had since I was very young. Is that good enough for you?"

"Yeah, that'll do..."
Not the heartwarming answer you were hoping for. While Starlight was relatively easy to crack, Chrysalis just wouldn't bend to the fuzzy feeling of friendship so easily. But you keep your word. You open the door for her. But she doesn't vacate just yet.
She just stands there, as if she's waiting for something.

"Uhhhh, Do you have anything more to say? The door is open."

Chrysalis sighs, annoyed. "You really are hopeless..." Chrysalis walks up to you....and gives you a quick and gentle hug. Was she still trying to feed off you? You thought she was done.

"U-uhhh...what was that for?"

Chrysalis put her hoof to her face and shook her head. "Seriously? Anon, that was a brief hug to wish you a good evening. Or are humans always so rude and impertinent?"

"I thought you didn't want hugs.."

Chrysalis started to get irritated again. "Oh yes, right. you're sooooo right. Because I didn't gently cuddle you and nibble your ear earlier. And if you're talking about me wanting you off me from your hug. Well that should be obvious. In fact, let me say it slowly so you can understand."
Chrysalis cleared her throat for this.
"" did with that hug. You did get overzealous. She had accepted your hug through force. So, what did she even mean exactly?
"Y-yeah but still, wh-"

"Keep quiet, keep quiet right now before I change my mind on this whole friendship thing. There is no "but still". I'm not Discord, I'm not your friends, I'm not a pet, And I AM CERTAINLY not a maid. I am me. And I will conduct myself in the way I want to act. That is the truth, and there is no changing it. Be happy that I'm willing to converse with you and let you be in my presence without the ulterior motive of using you." Chrysalis stops for a moment, she realized she was wrong about that, and she did want to be honest. "....ok, I retract that statement. I mean using you most of the time. I enjoyed some of my time with you, while the other time was purely for food or the desire to destroy you. Now, I'm waiting..."

Chrysalis waits, tapping her hoof on the ground.

She wanted an answer? for what? And fucking christ. You actually believed her. So it meant you really did succeed. You managed to make her your friend...and you really hoped that wasn't a mistake.
"Uhm...for what? I”

Chrysalis shook her head, "Remember? I just told you about it a minute ago?" Chrysalis then changes back to her original form and yells at you "THE WHOLE GOOD EVENING THING!"

"Geez, sorry. It's just you just dropped a whole lot of confusing crap on me just now. ok..."
You take a moment to sigh. as if to reset your thought process.
"Good evening...Queen Chrysalis."

You don't just say it, you even try bowing to her. To see if that helps calm her down.

Chrysalis notices it. And she takes it the way you had hoped. It even made her smile. "Well now, you can indeed be respectful. Then good evening ,Anon. Try not to be so annoying next time we have a chat. Ahh...hmmm." an idea pops into Chrysalis's head. "Actually Anon, I do have a request of you. Something to give us more things to talk about should we be in a conversing mood."

a request? wondered what it could be.
"What is it, it's nothing I'd regret later, right?"

"It's simple actually. If you ever happen to hear about the princesses suffering about something. I'd like to know what it is. It'd probably help me cheer up on more depressing days. Given you have no bias, then you shouldn't have any trouble telling me should you know anything. Right?" did say that. You REALLY didn't want to open up conversations of other ponies suffering as if it was something you'd talk about so casually. But you did say you had no bias. And, you did want to show her that you didn't. Who knows? maybe it wouldn't be so bad.
"Right, if I hear anything. I'll bring it up when I come visit you."

"Or I decide to visit you. Have a pleasant sleep Anon..."

And there she went. She seemed to be able to tell when it was day and night internally. Or enough time had passed where it just became obvious. You took one last look at her ass as she hovered down into the living room....unf.

You also noticed you didn't feel ill anymore. You hadn't had any trouble with your stomach for awhile. Maybe that's when the door unlocked? It could have been possible that you weren't supposed to be able to let her through until a particular time. Who knows.
Well...there wasn't much to do now. And you couldn't just go through the portal door. If anyone who knew you, saw you. Namely those who knew you didn't go to school today. They'd probably ask questions. And you were more tired than usual. probably from Chrysalis's draining. Maybe it'd be fine to just go to bed until morning. And then go to school,

you get on your bed and put your saddle bag to the side of your bed. You remembered Nightmare Night was soon. You wondered if there was any episodes dealing with that day again. Probably not.
You snuggle up on your blanket. And go to sleep. At least you didn't have to worry about your schoolwork and homework. You were already theoretically caught up.