On the Peak of Aris

by milesprower06

A Major Confession

Captain Fizzlepop sat at her morning campfire, hoping the imminent warm muffins would wash the lingering taste of salt water out of her mouth.

After she saw Thunderhead's enchanted hammer smash into the end of her staff, the next thing she knew was she was coughing up mouthfuls of seawater in one of Hippogriffia's dinghies. Speartip, Rivet, and Princess Skystar took her back to land, and laid her next to a fresh fire while the hippogriff guards rounded up the very few cliffside stragglers that were left among the wreckage. When she could think clearly again, she realized that in turning herself into a ship-to-ship projectile, she had lost her helmet, her silk conduit, and what made her heart ache the most, her staff and her necklace in the free fall after the numerous explosions that tore the Typhoon to pieces.

But yet, deep down, fighting past her heartache, she knew it was worth it. Hippogriffia was safe. There wasn't one casualty in the defense. Even though she had her mind set on resuming her watch duty the next morning, Major Speartip pulled rank on her, and insisted she spend at least twenty four hours in bed. But that was as far as she slid; she was outside her tent in what was left of her armor at the next sunrise.

"Captain?" She heard a familiar voice behind her. She turned, and saw Speartip, holding an item that had grown very dear to her. He walked forward, and offered her staff to her.

"We found it washed up on the rocks this morning. We haven't found anything else." He told her in a saddened tone. Fizzlepop took the staff in her front hooves, and saw the damage. The top four inches had been bent nearly ninety degrees, all three prongs had been smashed in towards the center, and worst of all, a few bits of gem dust was all that remained of the aetherium gem in the center of the prongs. It would take a few hours in front of the smithing furnace to straighten everything out, but the aetherium was sadly another story.

"Thank you very much, Major." Fizzlepop told him, setting it gently down next to her tent.

Major Speartip nodded, took another step towards her, and removed his helmet.

"Captain... I have a personal confession to make. I was in Canterlot during your attack, and I was disgusted with Princess Celestia when she surrendered you into Princess Twilight's custody. I believed you should've been in chains for high treason. Princess Celestia asked me to accompany you on this mission because she doesn't quite trust you on anything having to do with international diplomacy. She expected me to take command the moment anything started to go wrong. But then you voluntarily gave me command simply because I was in a better position to do so. Seeing how you've carried yourself here... How you've acquiesced to Queen Novo's every request of you, even after risking your life, which by the way, was the most foolhardy stunt I have ever seen in all my years of service, and it paid off spectacularly. You've made me a believer of second chances. Your behavior, Captain, is continually unexpected. I want you to know that I'm going to speak to the Canterlot Mage's Guild when we return, and try to get you another gem of aetherium. It's the very least you deserve for what you've done here."

Fizzlepop gave him a warm smile.

"I appreciate that, Major. I'm glad I can sway the opinions of some ponies that were there."

"And I'll be speaking to Queen Novo about letting you in."

"No, no. That's quite alright, Major. I want to prove myself to her. I'm not going to have others speaking on my behalf. If what you say is true, and she saw me fling myself over to the Typhoon like that, then I'll wait for her to make that decision. Princess Skystar's gratitude, not to mention her meals, are thanks enough so far."

"If that's how you really feel about it, Captain, then consider my lips sealed."