Son of magic and scales

by Sleeping knight 13

The beginning

Son of magic and scales


In the gardens of Canterlot Castle, a filly and a young dragon were playing, the filly had lavender fur, with a dark blue mane and tail with a pink and purple band, on its flank was a starburst surrounded by other stars, she had purple eyes that filly was Twilight Sparkle student of Princess Celestia

The dragon had scales of black color with the lines between the scales on his arms being blue, he had blue eyes, on his back there were black wings, this dragon was Dark Fang

The two were playing in the gardens since Fang's parents were visiting to form a treaty with Princess Celestia, Twilight was using her magic to make rocks float and Fang was using his flames to hit them

"Hey Twilight do you think we're going to see each other again?" Fang asked the unicorn.

" I'm sure we're going " said Twilight, sitting next to the dragon.

The two spent the rest of the month together, getting closer and closer to each other on the last day that Fang and his family were in the castle, Twilight found the young dragon in the gardens where they met

"Twilight is about time for my family and I leave," Fang said sadly.

"Fang don't worry, we'll meet again" said Twilight hugging the dragon

"I would like to ask something from you? "Asked Fang

"What?" Replied Twilight

"I wonder if you would want to be my lifemate" said Fang blushing

"I accept," said Twilight blushing.

"I read a book about dragons and I ended up learning about mating"

"And you accepted it anyway" said Fang approaching Twilight

"Of course, I love you and nothing will change that" she said kissing the dragon

"Twilight, you need to know that the mating mark will change you a little, are you sure that you want one?" Asked Fang

"Yes, I'm sure," she said, exposing her neck.

Fang bites Twilight's neck with its fangs sinking into the filly's flesh, as he released it there was smoke coming out of the wound, before an image of a dragon wrapped in a star appears

Twilight felt her whole body tingle

"What just happened?" She asked.

"It's a companion brand, so we'll always be connected," Fang said.

Twilight licked her is lips when she felt her tongue being cut .

" Ouch "

"What was Twilight?" Fang asked, looking at the filly.

"I cut my tongue" said Twilight feeling like blood

"Let me see," Fang said.

Twilight opened her mouth to Fang to see the cut, he was startled when he saw the fangs in her mouth

"Twilight looks like the brand has altered your body a bit" said Fang approaching the unicorn

"What do you mean?" Asked Twilight.

"Your teeth have become dragon's teeth, it looks like under your fur you have scales of the same color," Fang said.

Twilight stopped after hearing this, beginning to think about how this was possible she remembered Fang's warning that there could be changes in her body

"It's okay with me, so I can be closer to you," she said.

"Your fur seems to have gained fire resistance from the scales you have," Fang said.

The two heard Fang's parents calling to leave, they looked at each other and kissed before Fang left.

3 hours later

Princess Celestia was sitting in her room thinking about what she had seen in the gardens.

'Twilight is growing, I'll have to tell her sometime' thought Celestia

Celestia took a mantle that was hanging and placed around her body before jumping into the night and flying toward the home of her student's parents

When she got home she knocked on the door.

Celestia Point of View

I took off the hood from the robe when the door was opened

"Hello Velvet, I wanted to talk to you and Night Light about Twilight"

"I'm going to call my husband," said Twilight Velvet, letting me in the house.

I went to the living room and waited for Velvet to return, when the two arrived we sat on the couches

"Princess what do you want to talk about Twilight?" Asked Night Light

"I know she's adopted," I said, drinking the tea Velvet had brought.

The two ponies froze with it and looked at me.

"How?" Asked Velvet with fear.

"I know she's adopted because she's my daughter" I said almost making the two almost faint

"Princess if you do not mind asking, who is the father of Twilight?" Asked Night Light

I sighed, knowing I would have to tell them

"Twilight is not totally pony," I said.

"Her father is an extremely powerful being, he is Discord the god of chaos"

The two not knowing who Discord did not know how to react until I told them who he was, after that they asked why she looked so much like a pony

"My daughter is half pony and half draconequus, she was born in her draconequus form, I changed her to pony form before letting you adopt"

"What are you going to do now princess?" Velvet asked.

"I was thinking of telling her tomorrow," I told my daughter's foster parents.

"This is the right thing to do," said Night Light.

"So I'll tell her tomorrow, this and I need to tell you I got a way to make the treaty between Dragon Kingdom and Equestria solid"

"How?" Asked Night Light in surprise.

"A wedding," I said, further surprising the two

"Among my daughter and the prince of dragons"

"Is not she a little too young for that?" Velvet asked.

"No, I saw the prince and she in the gardens kissing, so that could only work," I said looking at a smiling Velvet and a red Night Light of anger

"When I get my hooves on this kid he will not even see what hit him," said Night Light

"I'll talk to Fang's parents to see what they think of it," I said getting up to leave

"Princess" called Velvet making me look at her

"You have Twilight custody, she's your daughter, tell her everything tomorrow," said Night Light

I nodded and kept walking to the door, when I was out of the house I flew towards the castle

'I hope she does not get lost in the madness' I thought walking up to my bed

9 hours later (Normal Pov)

Twilight was walking to the bedroom of Princess Celestia, her mother said the princess wanted to talk with her

When she reached the door and was about to knock Celestia left the room

"Twilight come with me," Celestia said, walking toward the garden.

"I did not do anything wrong, Princess," said Twilight, walking behind Celestia.

"Twilight the reason I called you was not because you did something wrong, but because I need to talk to you," said Celestia entering an area near the labyrinth.

"Twilight do you know who that is," she said, pointing to a statue of a draconequus standing in a dramatic pose.

"No princess who is he" said Twilight looking at the statue in curiosity

"Twilight you know that was always special, different from others even without your cutie mark, I'll tell you something very important, the reason you're so special is because you're my daughter" said Celestia making Twilight look at her

"But that's impossible, my parents are Twilight Velvet and Night Light," Twilight said.

"It's the truth," Celestia said.

"If it is true then who is my father? "Asked Twilight with tears in her eyes.

"Your father is the God of Chaos Discord," Celestia said, pointing to the statue.

"That's impossible, if it's true that means you abandoned me in an orphanage," Twilight said

"Twilight I had no choice, if you stayed with me, the nobles and citizens of Equestria would hunt you, I didn't want to see my daughter grow up in fear of the government people, I didn't want to see my daughter be raised by another family, I want you with me, hear you speak your first words, take your first steps, but I had no choice "said Celestia falling to the ground with tears coming from her eyes

Twilight looked at Celestia for what she had just said, she slowly approached Celestia before putting her face in Celestia and continuing to cry

Celestia embraced Twilight with her wings

"I don't know what to say but I'll try, you're my mother as much as Velvet, I love you, thank you for taking care of me," said Twilight with his face leaning on Celestia

"It's alright Twilight, I understand," Celestia said with her shining horn

Twilight blinked when her body was shrouded in light, when she looked down instead of hooves she saw purple claws, she had bird claws like hands, her legs were some kind of feline, had a serpentine body, dragon's tail with a tuft of hair at the tip, had horns on her head pointed back, her face was very much like Celestia's, she still had her cutie mark

"Wow" they both looked at the voice and saw Fang and his family, Fang was looking at Twilight

"Well, this is a surprise Twilight" Fang said as he approached Twilight and hugged her.

"You look beautiful," he said.

"As well as we are all here, I found a way to solidify the treaty between Equestria and Dragon Kingdom" said Celestia

"How?" Volcanus asked Fang's father

"A marriage," Celestia said.

"A marriage between whom? "Asked Obsidian to Fang's mother

"My daughter and her son," said Celestia

"What" screamed Fang and Twilight together

"I marry Twilight," Fang said.

"But I thought that at Equestria this sort of thing was not allowed at such a young age," said Volcanus

"Well, Equestria is not allowed, but in Dragon Kingdom," said Celestia

"You are right, with the marriage the treaty would make marriage valid on both sides," said Volcanus

"Well it depends on ..." he can not finish the sentence because of a scream

"Yes I'm going to marry Fang" cried Twilight kissing Fang

"The marriage will be in two months, then better prepare," said Celestia

"I agree," said Obsidian.

2 months later

Fang was standing on the altar of the throne room of the dragon castle waiting for the doors to be opened and his bride entering, beside him was Shining armor the elder brother of Twilight

"Nervous" asked Shining

"Too much," Fang said, loosening the collar of his suit.

"Well if you leave my sister at the altar you die," Shining said.

The doors of the throne room were opened and bride joined along with Fang's father and the mother of Twilight

The song "Here Comes the Bride" started playing

When Fang looked at Twilight he was sure that a thumbnail of himself was taking a picture and saving it in his mind for the rest of eternity

Twilight was in her draconequus form, the wedding dress she was wearing was long with the edges almost touching the floor, she had a tiara on her head the veil was in front of her face, she had white gloves in her claws the gloves they reached up to the elbow, on their paws there were white shoes with purple stars, the veil was constituted by several stars

When Twilight reached the altar Fang held his claws

"You look beautiful Twilight," Fang said.

"You look good too," Twilight said.

Celestia soon rose to the altar between Twilight and Fang

"Mares, gentlecolts and dragons are gathered here to celebrate the union between Dark Fang Prince of Dragons and Twilight Sparkle Princess of Equestria, is there anyone here who is against this union?" Said Celestia, no one in the throne room said anything

"Twilight Sparkle do you accept to stay with Dark Fang in love and disease, fight and conquest as your wife and lifemate?" Asked Celestia

"I accept" said Twilight

"Dark Fang do you accept to stay with Twilight Sparkle in love and disease, fight and conquest as your husband and lifemate ?" Asked Celestia

"I accept," Fang said.

"By the powers conferred on me you can kiss the bride," Celestia said using her magic to put the rings on the two

Fang took Twilight in his arms and kissed her with the sunlight of the sunset entering through the stained glass windows

Soon came the wedding party where they received several gifts and in the end were leaving

"We'd better go on our honeymoon," Fang said.

"Yeah," said Twilight snapping her fingers making a purple cloud in the shape of a carriage stop in front of them

The two of them went in and left.

Celestia, Velvet and Obsidian were crying with joy watching their children depart

Night Light and Volcanus were writing something on a paper

Even though no one was there to see a tear fell from the eyes of a statue in the gardens of Canterlot Castle

2 months later

Twilight was vomiting every morning since she and Fang returned from the honeymoon.

Fang was worried then insisted that she go to the doctor

"All right, I'll come," said Twilight, walking toward the door.

She was walking to the entrance of Canterlot Castle when she met her mother

"Good morning Twilight," Celestia said.

"Good morning," said Twilight.

" Where are you going ? "Asked Celestia

"To the hospital," Twilight said, she was about to walk when Celestia interrupted her.

"Come with me Twilight," Celestia said, walking toward the bedrooms.

When they reached Celestia's room, she asked a guard to call the court doctor

The two of them waited for a few minutes before they heard knocks on the door, and when they opened there was a unicorn with white hair, horsehair and gray tail, he was wearing a stethoscope with a stethoscope and had a suitcase on the right side, his cutie mark was a heart in an x-ray

"Princess, what do you need?" Asked Doctor Hearts.

"My daughter is sick, I wanted you to check her out," Celestia said pointing to Twilight

"Well, princess, what's the problem?" Doctor Hearts asked.

"I'm throwing up every morning, I was dizzy when I walked through the castle and I fainted recently," said Twilight

"Princess, because of the symptoms you described to me, I already have an idea of ​​what the problem is, I need a sample of your blood to confirm," said Doctor

Twilight nodded, holding out her trembling hull, as Hearts drew blood, she turned her face away from the needle.

"A little fear of needles I see, nothing to be ashamed of," said Doctor Hearts

"I'll be back with the results in a few minutes"

When he left, Twilight looked at Celestia in a panic

"What will be the problem, being that I have some infection or some fatal illness" said Twilight walking from side to side

"Twilight calms down, I'm sure it's nothing serious," Celestia said.

"How can you be so sure," Twilight said.

"Because you have your father's and mine resistance for illness, you basically do not get sick," Celestia said.

The door was opened and Doctor Hearts came in with some papers

"Well, Twilight Princess, congratulations you'll be a mother," he said,

"I'm pregnant," said Twilight smiling.

"Yes you are 1 month pregnant," said Doctor Hearts

"I'm going to be a grandmother," Celestia said, hugging Twilight.

"Go tell Fang," she said.

 Twilight used a teleportation spell to appear in front of Fang inside the room

" So ? "Asked Fang

Twilight changed into the draconequus form, she grabbed Fang's arm and put his claw in her belly

"Fang you're going to be a father " said Twilight

Fang blinked, one, two, three times before fainting, when he woke he looked at Twilight and remembered what she had said

"I'm going to be a dad," he said, hugging Twilight.

"Yes you will" said Twilight kissing Fang

11 months later

Twilight was walking with her mother in the castle garden to visit her father when she felt a great deal of pain

She fell to the floor

"Twilight, what happened?" Celestia asked.

"The foal is coming" said Twilight breathing heavily

Celestia without thinking twice, used the teleportation spell to take the two to the hospital of the castle where

"My daughter is giving birth," Celestia said in panic

Doctor Hearts got up from where he was and started helping Twilight

4 hours later

Fang was pacing up and down the corridor in front of the hospital ward, he was completely scared and worried about Twilight

Celestia had informed him that Twilight was giving birth as soon as she left the hospital ward, and since then, Shining Armor, Cadence, Twilight Velvet and Night Light were waiting

"You can come in," said Doctor Hearts, coming out of the room.

Fang was the first to enter, he saw Twilight lying in a bed holding a small alicorn colt with dragon characteristics

The foal had as black as the night with several white dots on his body and lines as if they were scales, his mane was white with several black dots, when he opened his eyes it was possible to see that he had the same eyes as his mother only with the split pupil

"What name should we give?" Fang asked.

"Shadow Star" said Twilight

Fang nodded, the others entered the room as soon as he said it.

"Welcome to the family Shadow Star Sparkle "