Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 107

"Hrn" Discord was stroking his beard, something about your story seemed off to him "Yes, I can see why you'd be so upset. But why, of all things, would you discuss changelings with her at all?"

"I just wanted to know why there couldn't be peace. Don't you think keeping the changelings around in one house is kind of? I don't know. They'd get bored eventually. Among other things. Wouldn't it just be better if they could all just be good guys? Or at least not have them and the ponies at each others throats?"

Discord rubbed his forehead, a little annoyed "No, I meant why would you discuss this with Twilight? Celestia is much more reasonable and wouldn't have tried this on you at all." Then he sighed "Still… Twilight had no right to do what she did. And unfortunately, straight out revenge is out of the equation."

"Straight out revenge? ...You were going to get revenge for what she did to me?"

Discord nodded "Of course I was, oh Anon. I may look like my usual perfect self. But deep inside. I want to turn her whole world upside down. For at least a day. But alas, We all know Fluttershy will not let it happen"

Awww, that was sweet of him. In a twisted sort of way. "Well… Thanks for the thought at least. So.." You sigh "We're going to go see Twilight right?"

Discord nods "We are, But I can assure you, I won't leave until she fully understands how catastrophic her actions could have been. Now then..." Discord puts his talons on your mane and pulls it out like a vegetable. A new puff of clean and straightened hair popping up on your head. He then proceeds to eat the hair he pulled out. "Ahh there we are, you must excuse me. I haven't eaten since yesterday and my stomach was killing me."

You didn't even feel the initial yank, and at this point. Something like that was normal, and not worth reacting to. "It's fine… Oh, wait. I got something for you. Let me just..."

You look around, until you realize you never took off your saddlebag, You look around, and see your saddlebag sitting on the side of the bed. Fluttershy must have put it there for you. You dig through your bag until you see the invitation envelope. You grab it with your mouth and show it to Discord.

"Hmmmmm?" Discord takes the envelope and flips it inside out by pushing his talons and paw together, making the invitational letter slip down. He quickly catches it and reads it. "Discord hrn hrn, invited..hmm..compilation..hrn… mmm"

"You weren't around when I got this. I was almost getting scared I wouldn't see you at all before the party. And well now. I don't even know if I really want t- OW!"

Discord whaps you on the head with a rolled up newspaper he just manifested. "Bad Anon, bad. Don't get so depressive that you're willing to upset everypony else. Parties are meant to be fun. And you can't have fun being mopey, understand?"

Yeah, you understood. but, this time. It wasn't because you were going to be mopey… well, maybe a little. "Discord, what do you think is going to happen when Twilight doesn't show up? Fluttershy will obviously still want her to go. And everyone else will still be expecting her. She's going to be the mopey one after all this. You know that right?"

"You assume Twilight isn't going… again" Discord whaps you "Bad Anon, bad."

"Ow! Stop that!" You wave your hoof at him, trying to knock the newspaper out his his talons, that was getting annoying.

"Oh relax my pint sized partner, I'm sure we'll find a way to make this all work out. For now, let's go give Twilight a talking to. Maybe mess with her a little without letting Fluttershy catch on. How does that sound?" Discord poofs away the newspaper

He was right from before. He really didn't look all too upset despite him saying he was deep inside. "...that..I guess… But, are you sure you're ok?"

Discord nods "I am, are you ok Anon?"

You sigh, and give it some thought one last time "Yeah… I'll be fine. I think I'm mostly over it. Still, If Twilight tries to make this not as big a deal as it could have been. I'm going to flip"

"Well, I can't say if that will or will not happen. So, if you'd like, I'll flip right along with you"

...Again, that was reassuring in the twisted kind of sense.

With that, you and Discord head out through the front door where Fluttershy was waiting. She looks upon you both. You weren't crying and looked a lot calmer now. At least to her as compared to last night. "Good Morning Anon… erm… how..are you feeling?"

"Better" You go up to give her a hug, to let her knows things are ok "Thanks to you and Dad"

Fluttershy felt absolutely relieved, not only from you being calm and seemingly happy. But Discord looked calmer to her as well. She already felt that all things were going to be ok. "I don't know what you did Discord. But I'm very happy that you did it." Fluttershy smiled up to him.

Discord chuckled, blowing on his talon claws and rubbing his chest as a "Best Dad Ever" shirt appears on him. "I don't even think I need to say it, it's self explanatory"

Fluttershy giggled at Discord's cute joke. Well, you were glad she was in a good mood. Because depending on how this went. Somebody was going to be in a really bad mood.

The three of you went on your way to the castle. Fluttershy was still worried about one thing however. "Is it really ok if Anon misses school?"

"It'll be fine Fluttershy. What could missing one day of school possibly cause? Besides, this chat with Twilight is much more important. Don't you think?" Discord responded. He wasn't lying. You agreed with him completely.

"I do, but. Does Anon have to be around for this? I have a feeling… some bad things are going to be said..." Fluttershy was starting to look worried.

"I'll be fine Aunt Fluttershy. I promise, besides. I want Twilight to apologize to me. Right there and then. If I went to school. I'd just be worried about what was going on between you three."

"Fluttershy, You needn't worry at all. Anon is..." Discord teleports right over you and gives you a pat on the head "a mature and intelligent little colt. Mature enough to handle the conversation like a big grown stallion. You said so yourself, he's very smart"

Fluttershy nods. "He is… Are you sure you'll be ok Anon?"

You nod. "Yeah, besides. With you around Aunt Fluttershy. I never have a reason to be sad." You move up next to her, and nuzzle your head on her side.

You meant what you said, even if it was childish. As long as she wasn't being pessimistic or depressed. She was always a ray of sunshine.

"There see? I can't believe I've got to be the one to say it. But as long as we stick together as a family. We'll always manage to get through even the worst of adversity. And...." Discord started coughing "Ok that's enough of that. I could only take so much unity and balance at one time. Especially when I'm the one to first realize it"

"...but, you're right Discord. And.." Fluttershy lightened up again, giggling at Discord and, just as he hovered above you to give you a pet, she hovered above him to give him a pet. "If it wasn't for you, we'd never be a family. I think it was a really good idea to adopt Anon. Everypony has been able to see that you aren't a meanie like they thought just by seeing that you really could be good and nice."

Discord tapped his talons and paw together, feeling a little embarassed "W-well, That's well and good. B-but I really don't care how other ponies see me.." He was never going to finish that sentence. And mention that his goal was to make sure they never looked down on Fluttershy again.

Fluttershy gave Discord a big hug "Oh I know you do! deep down, you're just a nice, cuddly, softie!"

Discord stops, he slowly accepts, and twists his head and arms around so he could grasp and hug Fluttershy without having to turn. "A… erm… only for the moment… just this moment."

Awww, how could you not join in on this? You were already feeling better about the whole thing. Because it was moments like these, that made you feel like you were part of a family. And that feeling, was one you'd hope would never go away. It was worth keeping up the lie.

You three continued your trek to the castle . You could already see fillies and colts leaving their homes to go to school. You hoped Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon wouldn't get sour that you dipped on them. But you were sure they could handle the project just fine on their own. You just wondered what Discord planned to tell Cheerilee on the reason that you weren't there today.

The three of you approach the front doors of the castle. Fluttershy moves up to them first. And gently knocks on them. No answer.

She knocks again. No answer. "Twilight...Spike...are you in there?"

Discord moves up next to her and pats her on the head "Fluttershy, if I may, I think a firmer approach is necessary."
Discord cocks his paw like a gun. And punches the door. The boom was so heavy that you felt the ground tremor.

Still no answer. "Will, now that is rather distressing.." He mentions

You roll your eyes, and just push the doors open, and walk inside. Cute as the moment was, you didn't want to be waiting around out there all day. You didn't know what it was, but being near the castle. about to talk to Twilight again, was making you feel a little sour again.

"I-I guess..we could just let ourselves in" Fluttershy muttered, she didn't like just barging in unannounced.

The three of you step inside, and head towards the Cutie Map chamber. And the three of you didn't have to go any farther than that. Twilight was inside, on her seat, her face was planted right on the map.

Fluttershy carefully approached Twilight first, she wasn't reacting, she approached closer to her at a slower pace, Still no movement.

"T-Twilight?" Fluttershy drew ever closer, enough that she could reach out with her hoof and tap her, and she did just that "Twilight… are you ok?" No movement. "T-T-T-Twilight?"

...Noooooo… No she wouldn't. She couldn't. She didn't.

"nnmmnnffgmmmmhhh" Twilight groaned as she raised her head slowly, her eyes bloodshot red, veiny, and her coat color looking slightly paler than usual.....soommmmeeehhoowww.

"T-Twilight? Wh-what happened?" Fluttershy was now worried for Twilight, that kind of made you feel angry inside. Even if the only reason she was doing it was because she just cares too much.

"...I haven't slept… Fluttershy, I did something terrible yesterday. I haven't left this room since it happened. I sent off Spike because I didn't want him to see me like this. I had to bribe him with gems… ugh… I just, I don't know what happened. I..I just. I mean, it just seemed so obvious. I should have checked, but If I stopped the spell to start another one, she could have escaped… but then it turned out it wasn't even her… I don't know how I could be so wrong. I..I honestly never seen a colt that smart before. And asking about changelings right after their banishment?...Ogh… F-Fluttershy, I'm, actually glad you're here… I don't think I could face A-"

Twilight turned her head, and saw that you and Discord was right behind Fluttershy.

"...Oh no..." Twilight slammed her head right back on the cutie map. "...Ohnmmmm" She moaned, she honestly had no idea how to handle this.

"....." Fluttershy didn't know what to think, that pretty much confirmed what you told her. And yet at the same time, she could see how badly Twilight was devastated. There was even a letter of some sort under her face. "T-Twilight, I.."

"You don't have to say it… You're all really mad at me, right?" Twilight says without movement.

"oh..I… er" Fluttershy didn't know what to say… but you did.

"I am.." You step up, you could feel something flowing through you. Was it rage? Maybe. Maybe you just wanted to knock her down another peg. Maybe… or maybe you just wanted to vent on her about how stupid she really was. Just because she didn't sleep doesn't excuse that, through confirmation, you could have been gone forever.

"You nearly sent me away forever Twilight, and for what? Because I was able to keep up in a debate about changelings? You had a spell that could reveal the truth right? Why didn't you just zap me BEFORE trying to seal me? I want to know that, right now!"

Twilight raises her head, everything she was looking at was in a blur. She looked at you, and sighed "B-because I thought you'd take a shot at me. Even if I cast the spell, you… mmnn, Chrysalis would have probably taken the opportunity to shoot right back with something more..painful. And if she escaped… I didn't know what could happen after that."

"But it wasn't her, it was me. Even Spike believed me. You're assistant, Twilight, a baby dragon, one we can presumably say is less learned than you are. Believed me. Or at least, was willing to question it."

"...I… I..." Twilight was already losing hope in this situation, she couldn't excuse what she had done.

"You're sorry right?" You eyed her, expecting the obvious.

"I..I am..I really"

"Good, because I'm not accepting it." You tell her, standing firm. You couldn't let go of that anger.

Fluttershy turned to you, gasping "A-Anon?"

You look over to Discord. "Dad, you mind taking something down for me?"

Discord nodded, he had a neutral expression as he made some parchment appear. He then poofed up a quill, licked the tip with his tongue, which was black and inky at the moment. And prepared to write.

"W-what's going on? I thought we were going to discuss things?" Fluttershy didn't like where this was going.

"...." Twilight just silently stared, she felt too weak to comment on what was going on.

"You want me to accept your apology right?" You stare right into Twilight's bloodshot eyes.

"...I do..but… what are you… doing?" Twilight was too tired to guess.

"Anon, Discord… I don't like where this is going. What are you doing?" Fluttershy asked, She was not expecting this at all.

"From the looks of it. It looks like Anon is going to have a list of demands." Discord tapped the parchment with his quill to make sure it was working. Of course it was.

You nod. "I am, I'm not going to be happy with a simple apology. And I want to do this my way. I was the one she was going to banish."

"But, Anon, look at her. She's been up all night, wracked with guilt. Don't you think we should just… let bygones be bygones?...Please?" Fluttershy gave you a big sad look.

You looked to Discord. He was buckling under pressure from Fluttershy. Dammit, even you felt offput now.

"Fluttershy… stop… Anon's right. What I did was irresponsible. So much so that I could have put him into a fate worse than death." Twilight was mustering up energy to stand, and put her hoof on Fluttershy, to let her know it'd be ok "..I'll be fine."

...Goddamit. You didn't want her to be fine with it. You wanted her to stew for what she did. Dammit, this was the problem people spoke of when it came to the show. Perfect little fucking Twilight can do no wrong, even when she does wrong..

And then there was Fluttershy. You didn't want to upset her. No wonder Discord didn't want her to come. He knew this was going to happen.

You sigh… "never mind, there's only one thing I want. I want to finish that discussion about changelings with you."

Discord poofed away the parchment and quill. He knew the situation had been defused thanks to Fluttershy. He doesn't even comment on the situation. He just lets you lead on.

"...T-that's it?..." Twilight asks.

You nod. "That's it. And depending on how that discussion goes, I might want one more thing from you."

"...Ok, I agree" Twilight doesn't even ask you what it is. And what you wanted was simple. The moment you confirmed that Chrysalis truly wanted to change. You wanted a meeting with the Princesses. And with Twilight hopefully agreeing with you. See if you could get some equality going on.

"Anon...." Fluttershy was relieved, she thought it was going to be something crazy "...are you still mad at Twilight?"

You at least wanted to be honest about this. "I am… but I guess, not as much." Or just not allowing yourself to be,

Fluttershy turns to Twilight "Twilight, can you do something for me?"

Twilight weakly nods "whuzzat?" Oy, she was really out of it.

"I want you to spend an entire day with Anon. I now understand that this really was a big misunderstanding. But… it is your fault Twilight. You don't understand Anon. But Discord does, and so do I. And we see him for what he is. A very smart colt, a very loving colt, a colt that makes us both feel oh so proud. Isn't that right Discord?" She turns to him

Discord nods "Of course, a chip off the old block. Though" Discord snickered "I think I'd actually have to feed him that chip for that phrase to have meaning" Discord looked around. No one was laughing. "hmmm...." Discord stays silent after that.

What was she doing though? "Aunt Fluttershy… I don't think that's a good idea."

Fluttershy could see what the situation had caused. It made Twilight restless, and it made you angry, different from the colt she grew to love. "Anon..I..I know I don't usually do this… but..." Fluttershy raises her right hoof, then puts it down. "But I'm putting my hoof down."

...Oh the irony.

...Shit… you weren't nearly hateful enough. Or to be exact. Hateful towards her to bring on le edgy "YOU AREN'T MY AUNT". You look to Discord.

He just shrugs the moment you both make eye contact "I'm ok with it, of course. I'd like to add that if for whatever silly reason that Anon is once again threatened with banishment. That it will be I who will be doing the banishing."

"Discord.." Fluttershy looked to him, she didn't want that....

"I'm sorry Fluttershy, but it's only fair. You don't want poor Anon having the possibility of being sent to Tartarus… do you?"

"I don't want anypony going there...."

Discord, surprisingly, even to you. Would not back down from this "Fluttershy, please believe me when I say I'm sorry. But if it comes to that. I will do it"

"Mm-mnngh… It wont..I p-promise I won't use any magic… on A-Anon… F-fluttershy… I agree to his terms..I promise it'll be ok..." Twilight was having trouble standing at his point.

"Mmnnn… I just don't… mnnn… Well..." Fluttershy looked to everyone in the room. "I just want everypony to get along. That's all I want… Anon… are you ok..with being with Twilight for the day?"

You didn't want to… but. Discord was at least backing you on this. And you did need the time to have a full discussion on the subject of changelings. Fine, it'll be ok. "...fine… but only for you Aunt Fluttershy..."

Fluttershy could feel the tension in the room, she let out a meek "Thank you..."

She didn't like the situation, or the bad feelings going around. She only wanted everyone to get along. She had never seen you like this before. It worried her. And yet, she did her best to grasp the situation. She couldn't tell you that you had no right to be mad. What Twilight did was… extremely bad. So she knew she couldn't just tell you to stop. All she could hope for was to try to make the situation better.

You were still angry. Still upset. But you were no longer scared, or feeling so emotional that you were ready to break down. You didn't get exactly what you wanted. But it was a start. And at least Twilight was complying. she understood the gravity of the situation. "o-ok...I-I'm ready" Twilight groans as she falls to the ground, and starts to snore. Out like a light.

There was no point in talking to Twilight at this moment. She was too tired and weak to keep up any kind of conversation.

Fluttershy moves over to Twilight, and gives her a gentle nuzzle "....Twilight...mnnnn"

"Well, that went splendidly. But look at the time! I need to take Anon home, and get him ready for the party!" Discord said, spontaneously out of nowhere.

Wut? Both you and Fluttershy didn't expect that.

"What about Twilight? We can't just leave her here..." Fluttershy said, not wanting to leave her friend on the floor.

Though, it didn't take you long to realize that Discord probably wanted to have a more private chat with you. It was still school time after all. Clearly he was making excuses. "That's fine..."

You look onto the downed Alicorn. She was in no shape for the party. "If Twilight has the energy, she can come to the party… as a sign of forgiveness."

"Really? You're not un-uninviting her?" That made Fluttershy smile a little, she was seeing a glimmer of hope in all this. Of course, she was also buying into Discord's lie "You really forgive her that much?"

You nod, you yourself lying about the forgiveness bit. But if it made Fluttershy feel just a little better. Then it was worth it. You were about to probably head home. The last thing you needed was Fluttershy having terrible thoughts fill her head. You'd rather Twilight not come at all. But telling her she couldn't in front of Fluttershy would have only made things worse. You probably had nothing to worry about. With Twilight being tired, yet still being invited, everyone else could just be told that Twilight didn't sleep last night. They would still probably figure out the truth of why she didn't sleep. But it would happen AFTER the party. Which… is just… fine.

Fluttershy gently moves Twilight's head to it's side so she wouldn't be pressing her face on the floor. She then hovered over to you. And gave you a gentle hug. "Anon… I love you. All I want for you is to always be the happy little colt I know and love. I know, I know the situation is bad. But I know we can all get through this. And if Twilight just spends a little time with you, and you with her. I know you both will be able to connect and be real good friends. You're very very smart, and so is Twilight. I know you both could have such interesting conversations if you are just willing to open your heart to her. C-can you promise me something… before you go?" You held in your sigh, you didn't want to promise anything. But. again. It's FlutterButter. She genuinely loved you. What could you do? Just thinking of telling her no slowly cracked your heart. You just couldn't do it. You held no hatred in your heart for her.

"What is it?"

"Just, keep your heart open. And please give her one more chance"

...You agree to it, much to your chagrin.

Fluttershy then looked to Discord "...and Discord… do you think you could at least put Twilight on her bed?...So she can get some rest."

"I suppose..." Discord snaps his talons. sending Twilight away in a flash of light.

With that, you all say your goodbyes. Fluttershy giving you both hugs. Fluttershy told you both that'd she see you at the party. She was still depressed about the whole situation. But she managed. She reasoned that if things went well, like she could imagine it, then things… things should be fine.