Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 102

You stare directly into Chrysalis's eyes. You weren't going to take this from her! She was just a bug. "I don't have to take this from you. I'm an adult, and not only that. I am Discord's partner. Without me everything falls apart. That's how important I am. You? You are just a bug that got a lucky break!"

Chrysalis scoffed as she stared at you with the same intensity "Puh! An adult?! That's a laugh. You're just a grown child in the body of an ACTUAL child. I'm willing to wager my entire hive that even "Humans" saw you as a pathetic being. It only makes sense that an overgrown brat like Discord would take you in as a partner"

You flinch… ngh, she was right. But still.. "Yeah? So what, at least here I'm somepony! I'm loved, cared about, and I actually feel the magic of friendship here! What do you have? Nothing. You only ever had your hive, and even being stuck here. That's all you got. Manchild trumps evil, checkmate!"

"That was all given to you! I bet your original form was ugly and vomit inducing. A form nopony would ever approach." Chrysalis growls back at you, her anger rising. She wanted to crush you so badly.

And you too, equally wanted to crush her. "Hey! Only the body was given to me. I still had to work hard to get where I'm at now. And you wanna know what? Going to your hive and annoying you… that was my idea. And boy, was it worth it. You couldn't do anything. Me and Discord got you so good that it was worthy of a photo. Because that's all you're good for Chrysalis. Being propped up just to be beat down."

And amazingly, Chrysalis is the first to lose it. Changing back to her normal form in a huge fit of rage. "THAT'S IT, I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE RULES! I'M GOING TO OBLITERATE YOU!"

...Oh shit. You step back, only noticing now that you were surrounded by Changelings. But even with that, a green flame suddenly surrounds both you and Chrysalis as she stares at you, licking her lips, her desire to crush you going hand in hand with her anger. "I'M GOING TO ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF THIS!"

It was only you and Chrysalis, the changelings staring from outside the circle of flame. Chrysalis remarkably had not noticed them. She was blinded with rage.

You try to think of a way to win this fight, but Chrysalis wasn't going to give you a chance. She lunges at you immediately. You cover yourself in fright. You were done for. Not even a chance to yell to her to stop.

And the moment she makes contact. A blast of magical energy expands out from your body and sends her colliding into the wall. You were hiding your head in your hooves, shaking. Not even realizing what happened until you looked up, and saw the circle of fire was gone. And Chrysalis was falling back down to the ground.

"W-what? I'm… ok?" You looked at your unscathed hooves

Chrysalis was still in a rage. She didn't even take the time to consider things when she just roared at you and fired off a bolt of energy. You didn't even have time to dodge it. Not like it mattered. The moment it hit you, it bounced off and slammed into the wall, right above Chrysalis's head.

...You were protected… by something… Discord? "What? Ahh geez!"

Chrysalis was shooting off shot after shot at you. Each bouncing off of you and hitting other targets. Eventually, one shot hits a changeling. Making the captain and the other Changelings intervene. "My Queen! Please stop, you're attacking your own subjects!" The captain calls out to her.

But she's not paying attention. She's firing more shots, each shot bouncing off of you still. At this point you were just standing there. Watching the green lights of energy bounce different ways. Hitting more changelings.

The captain calls to her again "My Queen! Please!" But she just wouldn't stop. Not until finally she was out of shots. Her magic drained. And yet she was still trying. Panting, yet still determined.

You didn't know what to do. The changelings were watching both you and her. Some tending to the wounded. And the Captain had flown in between you and Chrysalis in an attempt to calm her. "My Queen! You have to stop. The child has some sort of protection. You are doing more harm than good."

Chrysalis looks into her Captain's eyes angrily, and shouts at him "FINE THEN, IF YOU'RE SO WORRIED ABOUT ALL THIS! THEN DESTROY HIM FOR ME! I COMMAND YOU!"

The Captain didn't know if he could actually follow through, he didn't understand what was going on with his usually cool headed queen. "M-my Queen, I I think the child might be..."

"DO IT OR I'LL THROW YOU RIGHT OUT THE FRONT DOOR!" Chrysalis barked at him.

The Captain shook, but saluted to her, fearful of what might happen to him "A-as you wish my queen...."

...This wasn't that she wasn't allowed to destroy you. She COULDN'T. It didn't take you long at all to surmise this was Discord's doing. But did it work on the other changelings too?

You didn't have time to think if you could properly test that theory as the Captain steps up to you. He did his best to act confident "I have no idea what you have done to our Queen, But I will not allow you to do any more harm. FOR THE HIVE!" we go… time to see...

The Captain tries to out right gore you with his horn. geez, you weren't expecting that brutal a move. But the moment his horn connected. It sent him into the wall so hard, it knocked him unconscious.

Chrysalis watched as her captain slammed right into the wall, and sighed. Putting her hoof to her face as she shook it left and right "Of course...."

She was still so full of rage. But what could she do now? Oh yes, what could she do? You smirk at her, you had the advantage.

"Hahaha! Look at that, you can't destroy me. That's too good. You and your children are absolutely useless." You looked around, the changelings were already backing off, a few gathering near Chrysalis. It looked like they didn't know what to do. Leadership was crumbling.

She wasn't making a move, none of them were. You looked around and smirked. "What? none of you want a piece of me? Come on, I'm ready for a fight!"

You hopped about happily. Oh shit, this was perfect. There was nothing they could do. An over zealous Changeling, thinking he could actually do something, hisses and rushes at you, wanting to avenge his queen from the dishonor you caused her.

"Oh ho? Really? Come on then, bring it!"

The changeling was pretty runty and weak looking, was about your size too. You could probably take him. During the rush, the Changeling trips and flies right towards you in a spiral. Chrysalis grumbles, watching her little changeling fail. But you took it as an opportunity to get them back, at least for taking your room. You would show them that you were truly top dog.

You raised your hoof, ready to slam it down at the incoming runt of a changeling's head, not to kill him. But just to down him. But you miss his skull entirely, your hoof going right into his eye due to bad timing.. Or it would have gone through his eye, severely hurting him, if the same energy field didn't extend from it's body and send you flying into the wall, right next to Chrysalis. "GYAAAGH!"

And at that moment, Chrysalis too had figured out what was going on. Before you did even. She couldn't hurt you, at least on a severe level. But the same went for you. You couldn't severely hurt her or her children.

The runt however, didn't realize it. He hopped for joy, and went in to smack your face in while you plopped back to the ground. Chrysalis holds him back, and gently speaks to him "Hold yourself little one"

"But my queen! He's just a weenie that caused you harm. I must avenge you and the captain. I must!"

Chrysalis gently rubbed her hoof over his head, and shushed him in a way a mother would. "You've done more than I could ever expect. now hold yourself, and let me handle this."

The little runt of a changeling calmed down, and nodded and bowed to his queen as he backed off.

Chrysalis looked over you with a smirk, as you held your head and tried to regain your senses. "So, it seems to go both ways. I can't hurt you, and you can't hurt me. Interesting, isn't it?"

"Ungh… s-shut up" You say in an injured daze.

Chrysalis chuckled "Oh poor Anon, did you hit your head? Do you want me to rub it and make it all better?"

You slowly get up, and back away from her. "I don't see what's so funny, You looked like your head was going to explode a minute ago. W-what changed?"

"Easy, the realization that destroying one another is impossible. No matter what we do, you nor I can end each other. Or did you think you got flipped into the wall?"

That's when it actually hit you, that's when you realized what happened. Ogh… You look over to the runty Changeling, who still looked like he wanted to fight. "N-no, I realized what happened… ngh"

"Which brings me to my next point, since you can't do anything to me or my hive. That means your room is now my children's or my room if any of us decide we need a comfier sleep. That bed of yours is really quite something, Anon. I was enraged because I thought you had actually pulled a victory. But in the end, I still win" She gives off a satisfied smirk

You get up, and gaze upon Chrysalis. You couldn't just lose. You wouldn't. "Kinda petty taking this as a victory, don't you think? Aren't you a queen?"

Chrysalis snickered "Don't bother Anon, there's nothing you could say now that I know we are working on an even playing field. In fact..." Chrysalis looked to her changeling horde. "You're all dismissed to the basement. Take the wounded and the Captain into the basement for healing. I wish to speak privately with our pint sized host."

" it, I'm going back to Equestria. I'll deal with you when I'm… YIPE!"

Chrysalis moved close to you, and stomped her hoof on your tail. She was almost expecting to be blasted again. But her theory held true. It had to be a really heavy blow for whatever defenses were on everyone to actually activate. "You're not going anywhere… when I want to talk to you. YOU WILL listen."

The changelings however, were barely moving. They seemed willing to disobey an order to find out what was going on.

"I SAID TO LEAVE ME! NOW!" Chrysalis barked at them, causing them to scramble and vacate the room as you yanked and tugged at your tail.

"Let me go! I said I was leaving!" There was no point now, you thought you had the win for sure. Now you were just buttmad that you lost your lead.

After Chrysalis was sure her subjects were gone, she lifted her hoof, causing you to fall on your back.

"Ngh!" You immediately flipped over and prepared to run for the ceiling door. You were almost to the point where you could go up the stairs when Chrysalis called out to you.

"Anon wait. Please." Her please didn't sound too sincere… but it came out of nowhere, enough to stop you dead in your tracks.

"Please?...when do you say please?" What was she doing now?

Chrysalis laid to her belly once again. Instead of attempting to approach you. "I'm saying it now, I'm starting to realize the position I truly find myself in."

...Uh huh… "And what does that have to do with me? I don't know if you realize or not, but I don't owe you anything. You being sealed up is the logical conclusion for villains like you and you barely, just barely, managed to escape. You brought that upon yourself"

Chrysalis looked at you, not with anger, she actually looked....sad. "Why do you hate me so much? Did you hate me since you saw me on your "show"?"

...This was… different. "I actually didn't. I thought you were an ok villain. But my views changed since coming here. Villains like you are an actual real threat. You tried to kill me before, remember?"

"I do, but what did I ever do to you personally to warrant all this? You coming into my home just to torment me. You setting off the chain of events that nearly brought upon my end. Tell me Anon, I'm listening."


You didn't have a reason, you just thought it'd be fun to mess with her since she was a two dimensional bad guy. meaning no emotional strings attached. "...Erm. The whole sealing thing was actually more Discord's fault. He was having me sneak in as Twilight to find out a secret about Princess Cadence, and it sort of went wrong when I started to change back in front of Cadence and her husband. And Discord explained it as you guys being the problem. But I'm sure you knew that part."

"And what about your little trap? Hmm? You and Discord fooled us… fooled me. Into capturing you just so you could torment us. For what purpose Anon? Justice? Is that what it was? Doesn't seem like something Twilight would do… now does it?"

Because she wouldn't. What the hell was she doing? Was she trying to make you feel guilt? You open your mouth, thinking you could just tell her EXACTLY what you did. But looking at her depressive state, and thinking back on it. It was kind of uncalled for. You close your mouth. And don't say a thing. This wasn't so easy anymore, now that you were being called out on it.

"Looking at your expression, I can tell you just did it to torment me and my hive and nothing more. Tell me Anon, wouldn't that be the same thing that I did back in Canterlot? Is that not evil?"

You wince… "I… err… well, I mean. You're a villain. So it shouldn't count..."

Chrysalis laid her head down on the front of her legs, and sighed, she looked miserable. "I see, so it's alright to attack others because you deem them as evil. You don't know what my life is truly like, and yet you and your father saw fit to ruin it anyway"

You stay silent, you did not like where this was going at all. Surely she couldn't have a reason to mention her own life unless there was more substance to it…

"Well? Don't you have anything to say for yourself?" She asks

"I… I mean… you tried to take over Canterlot… that's..pretty evil."

"I'm starting to sense that the show only ever showed one side of things. Tell me Anon, Did it ever tell you my reasoning? My motivation?"

...It didn't really. Unless you counted her song. "Didn't you dream of ruling? It was in your song… you know that right?"

"I do… but that was merely a song. Do you know what my children and I feed off of, Anon?"


Chrysalis nods, looking more depressive by the second "Yes, love. And the love we feed off of comes from ponies. But do you know what the problem is, when your food source is love?"

You shake your head. "N-not really"

"The ponies in which we need to feed off of react violently towards us. And why shouldn't they? Draining their love weakens them. So of course they look unfavorably at us."

"So why don't you just talk to them? Set up some sort of..I dunno, an arrangement?"

"It's not so easy Anon, there are many of us. That requires a large amount of love. Apparently, more than Celestia is willing to part with. So of course, like every other "Villain" she's locked up, we are seen as beings who are to be hated. And so, we react in kind. But not because of spite, but of necessity. You understand that, don't you?"

You stayed at caution, but you decided to slowly approach her. This was an interesting development. "But the other villains DID deserve it"

"Even Discord? Your caretaker and "partner"?"

You nod. "Yeah… he wasn't doing Equestria any good. You can't convince me on that one. But on the same coin, I'm glad he became a good guy. I wouldn't be where I am without him. And I owe him a lot for that."

Chrysalis gets intrigued by your answer. Or that's what it looked like to you. Something about this looked off to you.

"Look, even if Celestia was being disagreeable about your methods. You could have found another alternative, another way. Couldn't you?" You ask her. Still being cautious

Chrysalis shook her head "I am a queen, Anon. A simple alternative for me, I could possibly find. But I have an entire hive to think about. And since Celestia did not want to negotiate. War and deception was our only choice. Unless you could think of a better way. If you can, I'd like to hear it."


There had to be something. "You could er… ummm. What about the animals of the forest?"

"It's possible. But their kind of love is minimal at best. Instinctual. Not enough to feed an entire hive."

You couldn't come up with another answer, so you wanted to be sensible. And to be sensible, you'd get right down to it. "...What's your point? What are you getting at with all this."

Chrysalis took a huge breath, and then slowly released. She didn't speak for a good minute. Then she looked to you, with a melancholic expression. "....My point is Anon. Now that it's all come to an end for me. I have no options left. And whether Discord was joking or not. I'd like to fulfill my new role or… roles as it might seem to be. In other words, I'd like to be your friend. And learn to be good. So perhaps eventually. I could try again, and make a better world for my children without angering the ponies."

You narrow your eyes at her. "Bullshit. In other words, you're lying to me"

"I see. So rather than take a chance and show me that there is another, better way. You'd rather condemn me based on biased observations. Who is truly the villain here Anon?...Me… or you?"

You felt your heart wrench on that. She had you there. How could you not try? Most of the in between season villains and antagonists got reformed, even Gilda and Diamond Tiara. Two characters you never saw coming when it came to redemption. But, were you the one to even attempt giving her a chance? "How am I supposed to trust you? This could all be a huge trick."

"And why would I trick you? It's already clear that we can't hurt each other. And even then, what could I possibly do? Discord's plan on making me your "sister" includes a curse that traps me in a single, powerless form when he finally let's me out and about. You'll be perfectly fine."

Hrn… "And, what about your attitude? I already have to deal with enough shenanigans as is. I don't need you causing me grief if I agree to this."

Chrysalis gives you a little bit of a sly smile "That's something that can't be helped."

You look at her, staring her down the best you could with your best "Oh you better fucking not" expression. "Why not? How am I supposed to take you seriously with that sort of answer?”

Chrysalis, ONCE AGAIN, changed into her filly form "Because Anon, deep down. You enjoy it. I can taste it..."

Dammit, you'd really wish she'd stop doing that. The way she always had advanced on you before. It made you feel things you shouldn't be feeling. "That's not true, most of the time, I get pretty angry about it."

"...When Discord does it. But when I do it, no matter how angry you get" Chrysalis gets up, and looks at you with bedroom eyes "You get some sense of enjoyment out of it. It's odd really, considering you aren't originally of a pony species. You must have really enjoyed the show for more than just the reasons of watching it, am I right Anon? Hmmmm?"

You started to sweat at that… Oh shit. "N… no"

Chrysalis giggled, but she didn't make any more motions towards you, she just smiled. "Whatever you say Anon, I think I'm going to like being your friend. I'm sure we can learn to get along. In fact, why don't you go off and enjoy the rest of your day. I'll have your room ready for you for when you get back. How does that sound?"

...Wait. "Huh? What? Really? I mean… you'll have it cleared out?"

Chrysalis nods "And cleaned back to the way it was. So, will you give it a shot Anon. Will you let me be your friend?"

This was a difficult decision. But she had a point. Now that it was obvious you were both invincible to each other. There wasn't much else she could do. And it could make the whole eventual sister thing an easier transition. Hmm… "...Ok, but you only get one c-GYAH!"

Chrysalis hugged onto you tightly. "Thank you Anon, I promise, you won't regret this!"

You slowly return her hug. She doesn't try molesting you this time. It actually was a pretty legit hug. "Ok then… erm, you're welcome. I'm gonna go back up and uh… do some Equestria stuff. I guess I'll see you later… I guess."

You waved to her, and headed up your gravity stairs back to your room. She waved back.

That… surprisingly ended well.