by ShadowedKnight68

The Test

The sun shined through the blinders of a window waking a young man, the man groaned and sat up.

"Curse the sun....you are my enemy" he groaned and walked out of his room, he walked to his bathroom and took a shower, she got out and dried his hair, he looked at his reflection and sighed.

"Time to start the day Michael" he told himself and left his bathroom.

He walked to his kitchen and opened a cupboard to find it empty "ok..." He looked in another and another and another finding nothing each time, he then opened the fridge to find some milk and what looked like a sandwich only it was green.

"Alright so milk it is" he got the milk and drank some as he walked to his laptop.

"Let's try to find a job so I don't starve to death" he scrolled through different jobs, he clicked and checked ones that paid a lot, but each time he didn't have the right qualifications for the jobs.

A few hours passed and he groaned and rubbed his eyes, he sighed "I need money but I don't fit in with any of these jobs..." He glanced at the computer and saw a link to a job offer, he clicked it and read it.

Help achieve a new scientific revolution, allow yourself to be tested on and you will be rewarded with knowing you helped evolve our race, and you will be given ten million dollars.

Michael smiled at the mention of ten million dollars, all he had to do was do some simple tests like answer questions and he'd get ten million bucks.

Michael looked at the address and left his apartment, he then made his way to the building.

<<<<<<<<<<[Three Hours Later]>>>>>>>>>>

Michael looked at the large building, he smiled and walked in and towards the front desk.

A woman was sitting behind it and smiled looking at him "hello sir, how may I help you?"

"Well I wanted to join that test for ten million dollars" Michael answered.

"Great your the only one that has showed up, please follow me" the woman stood up and walked to a door and put her key card through a scanner and the large metal door unlocked, she then walked through and made her way done the hall.

Michael followed looking around, the place smelled like a hospital the hall he was walking through was white and had grey doors leading to who knows where.

The woman opened a door "please step in and sit down" she continued smiling which now started to weird out Michael.

"Um...yeah sure" he walked into a large white empty room, in the middle was a grey metal chair, he sat in it and the woman closed the door.

He sat there for a while before he heard a voice come out of nowhere "hello sir I've been told you would like to participate in the test?"

"Yeah, I uh heard about the money and well I'm in desperate need for some cash...I'd be willing to do pretty much anything really" Michael chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his head.

"Well you are the perfect person for this test then sir, please tell me your first and last name" the mans voice said.

"Oh my names Michael Cane, um I wanted to know what will these test involve? I'm not to good at science stuff..." Michael asked.

"No need to worry, you won't have to answer any questions you'll just need to put this suit on and walk to the next room" the mans voice answered as a hole opened and a pedestal rose up from the floor, there was a grey and black skintight looking jumpsuit.

"Uh ok" Michael stood up and looked around "can you see me?"

"Why?" The voice asked.

"Well I have to take my clothes off and...it's kinda weird if someone can see me" Michael said trying to see if there were cameras around.

"No I cannot see you so you do not have to worry" the voice replied.

"Ok cool" Michael took off his clothes and put the suit on, it was a bit difficult since it was pretty tight, a doorway then opened in the wall once he got it on.

"Please enter the next room" the voice said.

Michael walked through it and found himself in another large white room except at the back wall was a large ring shaped machine, behind it was a black scorched marks, cables were connected to the ring, he looked to the left the and found a black glass observing window, there was a metal cart by the door way that had a headset on it.

"Please put the headset on and await further instructions" the voice said.

Michele put the headset on and the door way closed off behind him "um...".

The ring started humming and sparks came off the sides into the middle, soon light engulfed the room blind Michael momentarily.

Michael blinked several times to clear his vision and when he did he saw a rainbow glowing vortex in the ring.

"Please step into the rift" the voice directed.

"Wait what?? No no no" Michael backed up "what the hell is that??"

"If you wish to receive your money you must enter the rift" the voice stated.

"Fuck that! I want answers now or I'm leaving!" Michael ordered.

"Alright" a much deeper mans voice said "a few months back our scientists discovered a small rift, upon further inspection they soon theorized that it may lead to another dimension, but before they could test this theory the rift closed, fortunately they were able to study it enough to build a machine to reopen the rift, they sent a drone in and discovered a entire new world much similar to our own, but they lost signal with the drone before they could explore more of it, Michael your here to explore this world and see if it is possible for our race to move there in case our own world dies or a war happens".

"Nope I'm out, get me out of here" Michael tried forcing the door open.

"If you do this we will triple the money" The man with the deep voice said.

Michael stopped "triple?"

"Yes we will triple the money, all you have to do is enter the rift" The man said.

Michael looked at the rift then the door he was weighing his options, if he left he'd not get any food and he'd loose his apartment, if he stayed he'd get thirty million dollars "ok...I'll do it".

"Excellent, now just walk to the rift and enter it" the man directed.

"Ok..." Michael walked towards the rift, he was taking deep breaths in and out, he got to the rift and reached his hand out to it, small sparks hit his hand and he chuckles "it tickles".

He took a deep breath and walked into the rift, he found himself flouting through the glowing void "woah..."

"Alright Michael we'll be able to talk to you through the headset, we want you to explain everything that's happening" the man said.

"Ok, I'm flouting..." He looked around "my body feels all tingly and..." He winced as he felt pins and needles spread across his body "ok I'm feeling pins and needles all over now...gah ok it's starting to burn...it's getting worse ngh gah!!!!" He screamed as he felt like his skin was on fire.

"Michael? What's happening??" The man asked.

He felt like pure magma was being poured over his body, he screamed at the top of his lungs until he went silent, his eyes bulged as he desperately and futilely clawed at his neck trying to breathe, he couldn't get a breath in.

Tears ran down his face as he felt his muscles rip and tear, he felt his bones crack and pop, they twisted and bent in abnormal ways.

"Answer me!" The man yelled.

Michael felt his eyes bulge out but not from the sock of air but it was as if he eyes were now larger, they were larger then his eyelids could cover, he felt his skull crack and shift as it grey and changed, his face popped out and stretched forward.

He felt two things push out of his skull and get longer and longer, he put his hands to his head where the things were growing and sobbed silently.

He felt something tug at the end of his spine before ripping out, it twitched as he continued clawing at his throat for air, soon his hands got stiff before something dark formed over his fingers, his middle and ring finger merged together while his thumb completely vanished.

He withered in the vortex and held his stomach as he felt his organs move around and change.

Eventually he saw a white light ahead of him, was sent flying towards it and fell to the ground, he panted now able to breathe once more, his vision went black as he passed out from the pain.

<<<<<<<<<<<[The Lab]>>>>>>>>>>>

The man with the deep voice listened to the static from the headset.

"We lost the signal sir.." The scientist said.

"Damn it" the man cursed "that's the fifth one...".

"What should we do sir?" The scientist asked.

"The tests a failure...let's try again, tell the subjects family that he's gone missing, don't let them know about the project".

"I shall sir" the Scientist walked away.

The man looked at the rift as it slowly closed "I will figure out what is on the other side of you...and I will take all that it has".

<<<<<<<<<<{Other Side of The Rift]>>>>>>>>>>

The first thing Michael noticed when waking up was the pain his entire body was feeling and the headache pounding in his skull.

He groaned and struggled to open his eyes, when he finally did he quickly closed them again due to the light, he opened them again and looked around his vision was a bit blurry.

There was tall grass around him, he saw some trees a but away, he glanced up and saw a blue sky with a few clouds, a bird flew over.

'Did I just dream that whole thing? If not then this other world looks just like earth, though if it was a dream it wouldn't explain the pain I'm feeling all over...' He thought and winced when he moved his arm slightly.

He moved his fingers but noticed he was only moving three and the felt bigger and harder then usual, he slowly moved his head and looked down at his hand, his eyes went wide at what he saw.

His hand was gone, in its place was a three clawed lizard paw, he looked his body over and his heart stopped, his entire body was covered in dark purple scales, his back legs looked like hooves, he had a long lizard tail that ended in a large tuft of dark red hair.

He noticed his neck was a lot longer and he could move it around a lot more.

He reached up with his hands or paws and touched his face and head, his face stretched out into a muzzle, he felt upwards and found large pointed ears and what he guessed were horns, he felt a odd mohawk on top of his head going all the way down to his neck

"What t-" he put his paws to his mouth after hearing his voice, it sounded much higher and softer but that was impossible, like the rest of the things that's happened to his body, he needed to make sure he wasn't just hearing things.

"T-testing?" He flinched hearing the female voice again, he slowly looked down between his legs not finding what he usually had.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!??!" He or rather she yelled at the top of her lungs.

"This job sucks!!" She yelled and tried to think of what to do next 'ok on an alien world, with a weird body that's female....I guess finding people could work, or whatever's on this planet' she stood up on her back legs and fell over onto her back wincing.

"Ngh ok...can't stand on two legs got it..." She rolled over and got up on all fours, and stood up shakily, she started walking and looking around.

There was trees and grass all over, she noticed that the air also was different, it felt cleaner.

<<<<<<<<<<[Three Hours Later]>>>>>>>>>>

Michael was walking through a forest "dang this place is creepy...".

She looked at her paws as she walked, she was leaving three clawed footprints as she walked 'feels weird walking on all fours, and also having scales all over my body...'.

She huffed 'man what a story I'll have to tell when I get home, my sisters not gonna believe it' she chuckled lightly but her smile turned to a frown "if I ever get home..." She really didn't have any way of knowing that she'd actually get back home or not, she sighed.

A twig snapped and she froze.

She looked around frantically but found nothing, she sighed in relief "hehe ok it's a forest...it was probably a squirrel or...alien squirrel".

Her ear twitched and she heard breathing, suddenly she smelt something rotten now that she though about it she could smell alot of things but this rotten smell was a lot more noticeable, she turned around towards the sound of breathing and saw large green glowing eyes in a bush.

She gulped and went to run but tripped and fell "son of a bi-" a large wooden paw slammed down on the ground in front of her, she slowly looked up and found what looked like a large wooden wolf, it was snarling and its breath was rancid, she gagged and covered her nose, her smelling seemed to be a lot better and this close up to this thing was horrid.

It growled and lunged at her, she quickly rolled out of the way making it bite into the dirt, she got up and ran for her life literally.

She ran not looking back but her now much better hearing could hear it's wooden paws hitting against the dirt behind her, she shriek pad and ran faster.

Trees whooshed by her as she narrowly dodged branches, some smaller branches scratched her legs and face as she ran through bushes, she felt the things warm breath in her back as she ran faster and faster.

She ran through a bush but on the other side she found a drop off, she gasped and tumbled down the rocky hill before slamming into a small stream.

She winced and panted as she laid in the water, she open one eye and looked towards the top of the hill, her eye widened when she saw the wooden wolf come out of the bush and make its way down the hill.

She weakly stood up and tried to run only to fall after putting pressure down on her right from leg, she looked at it barely could move it, she started limping as fast as she could away from the wolf.

It followed her not even needing to run, it punched onto her and tackled her to the ground.

She whimpered and looked at it with terrified eyes, the wolf growled and put her neck, she screamed and felt a heat in her throat suddenly she spewed out a large stream of purple flames.

The wooden wolf jumped back yelping as the flames engulfed it lighting it completely up, it slowly burned until it was black and stopped moving, it then crumbled into embers on the ground.

She looked at the now dead wolf and stood up "that'll teach you not to mess with me!" She cheered before wincing, she felt something wet dripping down her neck and looked down to find blood dripping to the ground.

"O-oh yeah..it bit me pretty bad" she felt a little woozy seeing this much blood, she stumbled and started limping down the stream, it had to lead to some type of civilization.

<<<<<<<<<<[Two Hours Later]>>>>>>>>>>

Michael was no longer walking straight she kept going off to the right and then left, things were a bit blurry as she walked.

She followed the stream and eventually left the forest, she continued following the stream till she noticed a town off in the distance, a smile grew on her face "there's a town...I can get some help..." She stumbled towards it, once she was there she froze seeing horses or ponies walking around, but they were colorful and looked odd, they had bigger eyes then the ones on her world.

The alien ponies or horses looked at her and all of them froze.

"H-hey-" Michael was cut off when they all just dropped what they were doing and ran into the buildings to hide, she heard the doors lock.

Michael looked around at the now empty streets, she started making her way down the dirt road "um I need some help...I got attacked by a wooden wolf or something...uh hello?" She looked around, she wasn't actually sure if they could actually understand her or not.

She knocked on the door but flinched when she used her injured leg "gah stupid!" She growled at her self and walked away from the door, she walked to another "um hello? I could sue some help...ngh I'm kinda hurt...pretty bad..".

"Um...sorry not home" a mans voice said.

"I saw you run in here, and you just spoke" Michael said but was answered by silence, she huffed and walked away from the door, she spotted a dress on a table, she walked over 'well I hate to tear apart something this nice but...I need something to cover my wounds...' She put one paw on one end of the dress and then but the other end and pulled till she ripped a part off, she then threw it over her neck and made a makeshift bandage, she wrapped her injured leg as well.

Michael walked over to another table and found an apple, her stomach growled and she gladly ate it but quickly spit it out "bleh...the heck kind of Apple is that? Tastes gross..." She saw a carrot and took a bit out of it but spit it out too "gah come on!! Why is there so much rotten food?!"

She walked away from the tables, no one was gonna help here so this was useless, she walked out of the town 'hm forest is a bad idea, I don't need another one of those wolves attacking me' she looked around and spotted a farm not to far away, she walked towards it.

When she got there she found it was an apple farm, she walked in and looked at one of the shiny red apples hanging from a branch, her mouth watered seeing it.

She tried reaching for the apple but she wasn't tall enough "where's a ladder when ya need one?..."

She tried climbing the tree but only fell on her back, she growled and slammed into the tree with her side trying to shake one off, she only winced feeling pain from hitting a tree with her shoulder.

"Hrr stupid tree" she growled and felt the heat in her throat again, she then burped out a purple flame that hit the tree igniting it "oh god oh god!!"

She looked around for water panicking, she then heard a man with a deep voice yell at her.

"What are you doing?!" A large red stallion was running at her.

She eeped and ran the best she could away, luckily he seemed more worried about putting the fire out on the tree.

She sighed in relief and made her way into the forest behind the farm "damn it, I'm a screw up..." She huffed and stopped walking she found a large tree with a bunch of roots out of the ground, there was a enough space under one that she could fit in, she crawled in and laid down.

"Well...it's better then nothing I guess" she yawned and her stomach growled "yeah yeah I know buddy I'll get ya some food tomorrow" she sighed and her eyes slowly got heavier and heavier until her eyes finally closed, she fell sleep huddled under the large roots.