A Displaced Baron

by MagicLover2128

A Meeting of Friends and New Acquaintances

A Meeting of Friends and New Acquaintances

Ponyville - Twilight's POV

As I make my way through town to search for the rest of my friends I consider what has been explained and said by the unique and strange individual who has ended up in Equestria and on Equis.

It’s almost unbelievable what I have been told but I have no idea or evidence on how to contradict his claims since the amount of information and details put into said explanation of Humans and his birth would be very hard to lie about or be of some make believe story.

Then there was the bag that he had and the supposed cause of all this mess and confusion for the both of them, it is still mind boggling how much magic and spells were crafted and placed on such a innocent looking item.

I give myself a mental shake off as I refocus on finding my friends.

“First up is Applejack and then onto Fluttershy,” I think to myself as I change direction towards the Apple Acres Farm.

Later on; Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres Farm - Twilights POV

I walk past the many Apple trees of which I half heartedly examine as I try and locate Applejack.

I soon do so after a short few more minutes trotting along where I see and hear Applejack hard at work gathering and bucking apples to be sold later on at her Apple Stand.

”Yea-haw,” Applejack calls out as she rushes forward and then makes an about face turn as she lifts her hind legs and gives a great big buck with her hooves to the tree of apples.

Which soon became bereft of them as all of them fell down and landed in the array of wooden barrels below the tree.

I see as Applejack gives a smug look as she raises her head, making her blond braided mane swish about below the brown stetson hat that she wore always.

I call out to her, ”Applejack.”

The orange coloured mare turns her head and gives a smile and laugh as she speaks towards me while walking in my direction.

"Howdy Twilight, what brings you here round these parts today; need some apples or somefin?"

I shake my head and reply to her as I say, No Applejack, I don't need any apples but I do need to show you something or rather someone who has strolled into town and may need help."

Applejack raises an eyebrow or rather does a facial expression similar to that as she asks me, Well, who or what is it and why do ya need my help?"

I give out a sigh as I shake my head as I then tell her with a small smirk, "You wouldn't even begin to believe what I have to tell you and show you."

Some time later; outside Ponyville, Fluttershy's Cottage - Twilights POV

"Oh my, and he's really part cat with nowhere to go or stay?"

Fluttershy says this in question towards myself and Applejack, who a still flabbergasted and shocked from what I filled her in on about Ponyville and Equestria's newest guest and visitor from another dimension, in her quiet and gentle voice.

I nod as I say to her, "Exactly Fluttershy, and you may be able to help with your knowledge on animals to maybe keep him calm or perhaps be of a better judge on how to care for him than I can."

Applejack seems to have momentarily shaken off her feelings of bewilderment as she asks me, "You still haven't explained why you need me around Twilight."

I look at the orange coloured Earth Pony as I say to her, "It's because of your ability to tell if someone is lying or being untrustworthy Applejack."

Applejack has a bashful expression as she says back in said emotion to me, "Gawrsh Twilight, thank you; I'll do my best to help see if that there varmint is lying to you."

I nod with a small smile as I say back to her, I appreciate the help then Applejack."

I am interrupted by a small voice or sound until I realise that Fluttershy has been trying to get my attention for the past few minutes.

"Um, Twilight not that there isn't any bother with me helping a friend and seeing a new kind of creature or animal to befriend but are you sure he isn't dangerous or a monster in disguise?"

Her voice gets quieter and quieter as she speaks to me until I can just make out her last words as I strain my hearing to listen.

Fluttershy looks at me with an awkward look and smile as she fidgets in place awaiting my answer of which I do and give my most sincere and gentle of looks and expressions towards the bearer of Kindness.

"Well he did not seem dangerous; intimidating, yes but that was because of his size and how unusual he is compared to most creatures we all have seen from the Everfree forest."

Fluttershy seems to pause at my words as she soon gives a slow timid nod and replies in her usual gentle voice, "Okay; I'll help you and meet this feline creature."

A little while Later; Ponyville, route to Golden Oak LIbrary - Twilights POV

I listen with a little exasperation at Rarity who is asking questions about Ponyville's newest guest and visitor as we all walk towards the Library and my own Home in Ponyville, I have been unable to locate Pinkie Pie who seemed absent from Sugarcube Corner and from what Mr and Mrs Cake told us she was organising some party for some new visitor to Ponyville of which I have an inkling to whom the party is for but I hold my thoughts to myself for now until I am certain.

We were able to pull Rarity away from whatever she was creating or styling for somepony with a similar tale I told, Applejack and Fluttershy who now walk to my left as I spy a hovering Rainbow Dash following us who we were able to find resting/napping on a cloud in the sky.

"And You're sure he's not some uncivilised beastly brute, Twilight?"

I roll my eyes a little as I say to Rarity, "Yes for the last time Rarity he was very well mannered, actually he seemed quite intelligent from my conversation with him."

I was still given a very uncertain look by Rarity who soon stalled her questions as we all soon reached the door to the Library but as we reached it we heard voices that I myself recognised as Spike the other one took a moment to recall as the voice of the one who called himself Baron.

Some time ago, after Twilight left the library - Baron's POV

I am unsure of what to do now that I am alone and waiting for Twilight to come back with her friends.

I look about again at the Library when I realise what I could do, read some books.

I carefully make my way to a random shelf/bookcase and look at the titles which to my surprise have similar names or close approximations to books and authors of my own world.

'Of Mice and Mares by John Stallionbuck'

'Lord of the Fillies by William Gelding'

'The Mare of the Crowd by Edgar A. Pony’

'History of The Mane of Terror by An Unknown Author’

I skim through some of them to see if they match anything I know of my own worlds version of books and the authors who wrote them.

To my surprise the more darker aspects are muted/omitted or toned down in this worlds version of the stories or are changed so much because of this worlds own unique history and way of life that some of the plots and stories could be considered a whole entire different tale than I expected.

It could also be because this world seems more peaceful and less harsh that the authors are forced to tone down the dark and horror type aspects of their stories, possibly by the publishers of the books.

I shake it off as I return the books to where I found them and browse more of the books on the other bookshelfs.

The pattern seems to repeat itself as I find many books that have similar names and titles of books from my world but they all have relation to horse or Pony names and puns that seems a little too weird for me, not to mention of where I am and what has happened to me so far is far beyond weird that it is nearly absurd.

As I put back the last book from my browsing I hear the front door of the Library open up and a voice that I recognize as Male instead of female as I expected Twilight to be here soon but I shrug it off as I turn to greet the newcomer until I spot who or rather what has came through the door.

The being who I assume is male, from the voice, is a small purple scaled being with a light underbelly and deep green rides along its spine from the top of his head and ending at the tip of his tail of which I can just see.

Compared to Twilight's own height he is about half the size of her.

I listen as the young dragon speaks aloud as he enters the Library.

"Hey Twilight, I've finished the chores and errands for Rarity so what do you need me to do next.........?"

Spike pauses in his speech as he spots myself sitting down near one of the bookshelves, with the baby Dragon's own body freezing up in fear and confusion at the sight of me which I consider humorous as I was terrified earlier at the thought of meeting a dragon.

The next words out of the young drakes mouth are as much as I expected, "What the heck are you, what are you doing here, does Twilight know you're here?"

He has a panicked look in his eye as I can guess he is considering either running or standing his ground.

I decide to placate his fears and worries as I speak, "I have no exact name for my species but I assure you I mean no harm; and yes Miss Sparkle does know I am here as she left some moments ago to seek out her fellow Pony friends to come and meet myself."

"I was asked to wait here for them so I have been doing just that until you came in my young fire breathing friend."

As I speak to the baby Dragon I can see my words have mostly managed to calm Spike to a reasonable level as he soon speaks and asks me, "So how did you get here then?"

I smirk as I have a feeling I am going to be explaining yet again about Humanity and certain facts of my world quite a few times today.

"Well I arrived here by somewhat unique means as it all started with a merchant......."

Now, Golden Oaks Library - Baron's POV

"......And so I ended up here in Equestria and close to Ponyville where I met a few of the resident Ponies including Miss Sparkle who I believe is now outside the door."

I hear a gasp as I raise my voice slightly and direct it to the front door of which soon opens and I am confronted with the sight of two Ponies I recognized yet three others I do not.

One of the Ponies is a Orange coloured Earth Pony with what looks like a old and well worn western hat, or Stetson is what I believe it is called, resting atop her very pale yellow braided mane of hair and green coloured eyes that are a lighter shade than Spike's own green reptilian eyes.

I can just spy a marking or design of three red apples on her flank, which still eludes me as to why Ponies of this world have these markings but I plan to find out later.

The other Pony is a butter yellow coloured pegasus with her mane being a pale rose colour; her eyes were of a cyan colour and her marking was of three pink winged butterflies, she seems quite timid as she is somewhat hiding her face in her mane but is unsuccessful in doing so as it just makes her look adorable in my eyes.

The last of the group is a Unicorn but her body was coloured a very light gray which made the colour of her mane and eyes stand out more as it is a shade of Indigo with her eyes being a shade of azure and her marking being three light blue gems of which I can guess are either diamonds or pale sapphires.

I speak aloud to them all but mostly to Twilight who has yet to enter as have the rest of the Ponies I previously observed.

"I count three others of whom I can guess are the friends you spoke about Miss Sparkle, but what of the fourth one you said you were friends with?"

Twilight is about to open her mouth and answer but I am instead answered by a mane of pink, blue eyes and high chipper voice that suddenly appears in my vision with no warning.

"Here I am silly?"

My reaction is as expected from last time, a sudden yell out in surprise followed by a cat like sound of fright but what was not expected was myself shooting straight up and hitting my head on the Library ceiling.

I come back down from my fright induced leap in the air with a splitting headache and woozy vision as my last words spoken out loud before I begin to blackout are, "Oh its you again?"

I feel myself fall down and hit the floor where I knew no more besides the faint sounds of panic and raised voices that reached me just as I was swept away by the blackness of unconsciousness.

Thats it for this chapter, i will try and work more on future chapters but I may be busy with Christmas preparations so I am unsure if I can make any sort of chapter or story with a Christmas Theme or rather a Hearth's Warming Themed chapter or story.

However I do promise to work on my other story involving a certain brand of films since I planned to anyway at least give out a new chapter for that story.

See you all later fellow Bronies and lovers of all things MLP.