Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 62

It had been some time now.

At this point, you sat on a taxi carriage, heading towards the studio that you hoped was ready. And that Suri was there. You looked over to Coco, who was examining the card thoroughly. "Something the matter, boss?"

Coco tore her attention away and looked at you and smiled, giving you a pat. "You don't need to call me "Boss"."

Ohhhh… Soft hooves… oohhhhh… "U-um, well. You did agree to all of this."

"I did, but it all needs to be on paperwork for it to be official. I don't want anypony to get in trouble due to not having any documentation. You understand, don't you?"

Dammit come on… "Well… I mean, I guess, but "The Magnificent Q" is a little eccentric when it comes to things like that. I guess he can draw up some papers. But, remember. You did agree."

Coco didn't know how to answer that,and she didn't want to upset you. "I Know… I… I just want to talk to him first. In case any changes need to be made, it's to make sure ponies like you are getting a fair deal. I just want to make sure everything is ok."

That's fine. Slight alterations just need to be made. All you know is, once she sees Suri. She'll most likely take her as an employee. And you can Discord can go home with a fixed friendship problem under your belt.

You nod to her. "I understand, but I promise you. Everything is alright. We are all professionals after all… So uhmm, what's with you and the card?"

"Oh… It's just the address, I could have sworn the buildings near there were all closed down."

"Well you know, he's eccentric. He's the kind of guy that likes a little chaos in his life. But, hey. despite the location we already have our first employee… Your first employee anyway."

Coco started to think, this deal was strange to her, and very hard to pass up. It was risk free and the extra money could help in her endeavors. She could even make big donations to help restore places like theaters and community parks that have since been closed down. But the fact that you, a colt, was sent to make the deal. And that she's never heard of "The Magnificent Q" made things worrisome. But, if he already had a first employee… then maybe he is something? Even if he wasn't, She was willing to give him a chance.

You had no idea if you were actually there or not, but you could tell you were entering the more slummy side of town. "Does he pay you?"

You didn't quite catch that,you were busy staring at the buildings. "What?"

"Does he pay you? Does he take care of you when you are away from your parents?"

You didn't know if telling her he was your dad would be relevant or not. She seemed really stuck on this. And sadly, you lacked your saddlebag to show her that you had quite a haul of bits, even after buying those gems. You decided to play it cool.

"He pays me, very very generously. I never get a chance to spend all the money, and I just end up with more. I can't even carry it around anymore. And yeah, he takes care of me fine. I mean, look" You point to your red suit and snazzy silver "A". "He has a matching suit that has a "Q" on it. Were that close, And I wouldn't have it any other way."

Coco nodded, and smiled. That did sound very good, and it seemed this "Magnificent Q" treated you, his assistant, with utmost respect. "I'm very glad to hear that. I am actually getting excited to meet him now."

Coco smile then slowly wavers to that of a frown "I've met so many other fashionistas… and they are usually not very nice. And they always think I'm out to ruin them, I'm sorry if I made you feel insulted by being a little skeptical. I guess I shouldn't think negatively of somepony I haven't met yet."

You had no ill will about this. It was all a ruse anyway and being skeptical about Discord in any form is to be expected. "Don't sweat it, you're too much of a nice pony to put yourself down like that"

Coco giggled at your endearing words and gave you another pat "Thank you, you're the nicest assistant I've ever met in this business"


After a bit more time, you both are dropped off in front of a building with a giant Q and A on it. in fact, it had a tagline "QnA, Answering the question of fashion everyday, all day."

QnA. Hahaha… That's good… And… He even included you in it… That was nice of him… Even if it was a ruse. The building itself was nice. neon lights up the wazoo, clean red walls, glass doors. It especially looked nicer than all the broken down buildings around it.

Coco was impressed. "Wow… I certainly wasn't expecting this"

"Me neither..."

"What?" Coco looked at you confused

"A-ahh… I mean… give me a moment. I need to see what "The Magnificent Q" is up to. Please don't come inside until we call you in. It's not to be rude. It's just a rule we have… sorry"

Coco shook her head at you with a reassuring grin "Don't be, I'll just wait out here until I'm called. You go do what you need to do" Fucking thank christ she was so understanding.

You walked into the building. Woah. Lights were blaring. And… Suri was walking onto the stage in a dress, while Discord sat on a chair staring. Wearing sunglasses… the fuck?

You walk up to the side of him, and whisper to him. "What's going on here chief?"

Discord looks at you, then takes off his sunglasses… Holy shit, he looked like wreck, his eyes were bloodshot.

"W-what happened to you!?" He looked like hell! It was astonishing to you.

Discord points his hoof "This… I didn't realize doing a fashion show for so long would be the epitome of boooooring. What kept you?"

What kept you? You thought you made some damned good time. "What?! It didn't take that long for me to convince her, the trip just took forever because you’re in bumfuck nowhere land."

Suri stopped, looking down the the both of you, feeling a little peeved. "Hey you, can't you see I'm trying out different clothes for "The Magnificent Q"?, you can just go wait over there until I'm done, mkay?"

Ohhh… she's being a bitch and not even hiding it…

Discord however, looked at her, with a near death glare. "Suri, this colt doesn't take orders from you. He takes them from me, he is your superior and my assistant. Understand?"

Suri got immediately scared and worried form those words. She didn't want to lose her job. "S-sorry Mr.Q… it… it won't happen again… Is there… anything else you need me to do?"

"Leave us, I need to discuss further business with my assistant" Discord waved his hoof at her

Suri nods and bows "Y-essir..." And leaves, going behind the runway curtain.

Did...did he just talk down to her in your defense? "...Discord....did you just do that?"

Discord took out his eyes now that the coast was clear and began to clean them. "Do what?"

"You defended me, like, you just snapped at her and said I was her superior."

Discord popped one of his eyes in to more thoroughly clean the other one, to inspect for spots. "Well, that's the truth isn't it? At least for our little ruse. And besides… if she goes "mkay" one more time I think I'm going to burst. She's LEAGUES below you, certainly not worthy of my respect."

You… didn't know how to respond to that. So he respected you? Or just respected you over her? Still, it was nice of him to do. And the fact he did it so suddenly, made you feel towards the former.

"Coco is waiting outside by the do we play this?"

Discord pops both his eyes in. "However you wish, it is your plan after all."


"Ok… you tell Suri our new boss is here. I'll bring Coco in. If I'm right. They'll see each other, Suri will realize she works for Coco. Coco will be happy. We'll probably hear why she cares about Suri… yadda yadda. Redemption bla bla. The good thing here is that we fixed someone's life and that we solved a friendship problem."

"I'm just glad the whole thing is over, this was far too much trouble than it is worth… But… the fact we actually accomplished this DOES mean we are just as capable as Twilight in the whole friendship business… Princess of Friendship indeed..."

Discord… always looking at the brighter side of things. "Ok, I'll go fetch her now. Can't wait to see this all come together."

You walk off to the front. She was still there, waiting patiently. She gives you a smile the moment she sees you. "Hello Anon, is everything ready?"

You nod. "Yes ma'am, please come in and have a look. Meet our employee… your employee… before talking with "The Magnificent Q".

Coco nodded as she walked in "I don't mind that, if I do end up being your boss. I want to get...."

She spots her..."Suri?!"

Suri was next to Discord, and the moment she heard that voice. She turned… surprised to the nth degree "Coco?!"

Ahhh shit nigga… It's happening.

You walk over to Discord as the two mares walk over to each other. This was going to be a heartwarming fest.

Coco slowly stepped over to Suri, she was worried. Why was she there? "Suri… is that really you? I didn't know you got a job here.."

Suri looked down, and then side to side. She seemed reluctant "Yeah, you know. I still am capable of looking out for myself. I didn't need you to survive."

"I-I know. It's just… I didn't expect to see you here. I didn't know you'd be one of my new employees." Coco said, she was starting to feel a sense of hope and happiness build up in her.

Suri however, seemed a little stunned "Your new employee? Wait, you're the one we're gonna be working for?"

Coco nods "Yes… and I'm glad for that. When I found out what happened to you. I got worried. I didn't know what I had done would have such an impact. I only wanted to make things straight… even if I didn't want to be your assistant anymore. I didn't want you to just be out on the streets."

Discord started to eat some popcorn that he poofed up. reaching his hoof in to drag some into his mouth.

"Can I get one of those?" you ask

Discord doesn't even make a motion. a bag of popcorn just appears in your hooves. "Thanks"

Suri eyed Coco, her expression, she seemed unsure of herself. "Well, I haven't been. I've been working odd jobs here and there until I could get up on my own four hooves. And then I found this place. So I've been doing pretty good for myself."

Coco nods "I can see" then she smiles "Well, I'll be happy to have you. But… we would have to talk about… what happened before. I can't approve of dishonesty… I'm sure we can-"

Suri stopped her,and gave her an angry look "Dishonesty? Excuse me? Who do you think you are that you can tell that to me? When I found you, you were nothing. I made you my personal assistant. Did I work you hard? Maybe… but you ate everyday didn't you? You had a home right?"

Uhhhhhh. "....oh no..."

Discord leaned up, getting a little excited "Finally, things are getting interesting"

Coco's ears drooped as she took a step back "Y-yes… but… Suri, everything we did..."

Suri stepped up to her, getting angry "..Everything we did was because it was everypony for themselves. You saw those other fashionistas. It's a pony eat pony world and we were going to the top. We Coco, you and me. Then you betrayed me, and left me to rot. Mkay?!"

Coco started shaking "B-but… I, I tried… I sent you a letter and-"

"Oh, I got the letter. I'm just wondering why it took you so long. Oh, right. You were waiting until you were on top before you called me over to take your table scraps!"

Discord was beside himself "Anon, are you seeing this?! I didn't even see this coming! Talk about an amazing twist."

You were silent… This… This wasn't happening… This would never happen in any of the greentexts you've read. Sex wouldn't either… but… usually everything turns out ok… for sex… but still.

Coco backed up against the wall, scared "No! No, I didn't… I just wanted you to be ok. I didn't even know what happened to you..."

Suri walked up to her, and clapped her hooves, looking highly angry "Good job Coco, you followed my number one rule "Everypony for themselves". I bring you in, and on MY high note. You crush me under your hooves and now, now look at you. You're successful, you have money, jobs and clients. And look at me… I'm nothing now… because of you!"

Coco tried to get one more word in. But Suri pointed her hoof at her "I don't even want to hear it. I'm so out of here, I so totally don't need this job."

And with that… Suri walked out. Leaving you and Coco in shock. Discord found this all entertaining.

"What… just happened?" You were struck with utter dread

Discord looked at you then at Coco, then back at you. Then popped some of your own popcorn into his mouth "Isn't it obvious? Everything backfired because we made the wrong assumption on one matter. She didn't answer the letter because she was ashamed, she didn't answer it because she never got over what happened. And now we just made it worse. Amazing, we may not be as good as Twilight. But the surprise ending sure threw me for a loop."

Coco started to sob and cry. Feeling miserable and guilty about what she was told.

"Holy shit… What have we done?" This wasn't happening!

"I just told you Anon… Hrnnn." Discord started to notice your expression "Anon… you don't seem as amazed as I am about this. What's the matter?"

"How can you ask that? Look at her… we fucked up Discord… We fucked up… really bad..."

Discord gave you a chummy bump on your leg "But look on the bright side. We still are buddies. Isn't that what counts?"

No… No, goddammit!

"We have to fix this Discord… We can't just let this happen."

Discord shrugged, he saw no way to fixing it "What's done is done Anon. What are we going to do? Convince Suri to suddenly change her mind? MAKE her be Coco's employee? What could we possibly tell her to make her change her mind?"

You thought hard… You thought as hard as you have ever done before… And yet... "I… I don't know. I thought that even...with the way she was living. That'd she still at least take the job and it'd work out from there… I..."

Discord put his hoof on your side, and looked at you. His expression..he actually looked worried. "Anon, we failed. There's nothing more we can do here. If I knew this was going to happen, I promise, I would have told you. But I didn't. We need to cut our losses and return home. We can pretend this never happened. It's not like we'll ever come back here. And we didn't ruin their lives. Coco still has her job, And Suri still has....something..."

You look over to Coco… Shit… "What about her? We lied to her. Now we have nothing, and she's going to know that we lied. She's going to hate us."

"Does that matter to you?" Discord asked.

"It shouldn't...but...she was so nice and understanding..."

Discord nodded, and straightened his hat "Step aside Anon… I can at least do this much."

"W-what are you going to do?...please don't do an-"

Discord put his hoof to your mouth and shushed you "Just trust me Anon, we'll call this a special favor… And I'll collect when I feel like it."

Mnnn… You don't know, but, no. If it'll help. "Just don't do anything that'd hurt her.."

Discord bowed "Oh trust me, it will be a simple enough performance" Discord walked over to the crying sobbing mare. "Miss Pommel?"

She didn't answer, she was just sobbing. Discord produced a handkerchief "Ms.Pommel… may I please speak with you?"

Coco then noticed Discord's voice, and looked up at him. She realized she was here on business. And what happened? She had conducted herself most unprofessionally. it only made her sob more as she tried to stand and quiet her crying "I-I'm s-sorry… I..."

Discord wiped her tears and passed her the handkerchief "No apologies needed my dear. I had heard everything, and I was appalled about what I heard."

"B-but… B-but, she's right… I..."

Discord shook his head "All you did was follow your dream, and from the looks and sounds of it. Just because she made some of your life better, doesn't mean she has the right to abuse and hurt you like that. She should have respected you like a friend. If she had done so, none of this would be happening to her now. It's her fault. Because if you hadn't done what you done. She would have ruined the life of another pony. You did everything right. And you even tried to make amends. If she couldn't accept that… well, then that’s how things are. Besides, she may come around eventually. And if you're willing still, you'll be there to take her in and show her the right way."

Coco's sobbing slowly stopped Those words.... "S-so...she might still be willing to change?.."

Discord nodded "Everything takes time my dear, everything takes time."

Coco hugged Discord, crying "T-thank you… Thank you Mr.Q… I won't give up hope. I know she'll come around. Oh.." Coco backed off, and wiped her tears away, smiling at Discord "And, I'd be happy to accept you as an employee as well… Though we could do a partnership if you want. It doesn't matter to me."

Discord cringed… Noooooooooope "O-oh..well. I'd love to, but me and Anon must be heading back up north. Seems there's an emergency… All of a sudden."

Coco nodded, she didn't want to take up his time "I understand… But, if you ever come down to Manehatten. The offer is always open."

Discord nods slowly "I'll… remember that… come along Anon, we are taking the show on the road."

He did it… You were stunned… The fucker actually did it. He didn't fix the friendship problem, but… he… You just stood there..

"Anon, time’s a wastin'" Discord chuckled nervously.

You shake your head to get out of your stunned trance. "Oh..uh...umm..Can I say goodbye to Coco first?"

Discord took a deep breath, annoyed , then released "Yes… mnn, I'll be waiting outside."

Discord walked out, He didn't want to be there anymore. In truth, the words he said to her bothered him. They were more meaningful than he realized.

You walk up to Coco, and give her a hug. You wished you could do more. To make up for your failure. But… Discord had already done enough for the situation. "Thank you for your time Miss Coco… and, it was really nice meeting you. You're a really nice pony… I'm sorry about what happened"

Coco smiled at you, a tear coming off her cheek. She gave you a hug back. "It's alright… Mr.Q's words, well, "The Magnificent Q"'s words. They inspired me… I know everything will be ok. And I'm glad you have such a good and understanding employer. I bet your parents must be proud that you work for such a nice pony."

Yeahhhh. You smile at her, the ruse was over. So whatever. "He's my dad actually."

Coco was surprised, but… it explained a lot… to her at least. "Well, then it's no wonder you're so well mannered. You and your father are both amazing ponies.I hope you become as successful as him one day. If you ever set out on your own and need a job. I'll always be open for you."

You felt a little bad that it was all a big lie… but she was happy. So you just nod. "Thank you… umm… will you be alright?"

Coco nodded "I will be now. Oh," Coco put a hoof to her mouth in small surprise "Your father looked like he was in a hurry. You better go see him… Don't worry, I'll be ok."

You nod. Yeah, she'd be just fine. You both hug each other again, and you wave to her as you walk out. And as you walk out. You plop… right onto your bed.