Wars of the Old World (A post nuclear Commie related interactive story)

by Soviet_Pony_Need_OCs

Chapter One page eight The Minor Delay

Chapter One

Page 8

The Minor Delay

  As the stallion now intrigued with the buzz coming from the grave, Hammer Will came across a decision, he could confront the stallion and risk death or he could gain the upper hand by acting first. Ignoring Ms. Tommniov’s signal to get back on the car, he drew out his PPSH from his back and cocked loudly allowing the stallion to hear it loud and clear.

  The stallion paused and shook as if he ignored him and proceeded to walk towards the grave, Hammer Will signalled Fire Tan to get ready with her rifle, and although unsure she complied.

  ‘’So this is what this is?’’ He said as he stood by the grave.

  A silence wrapped around the group, as the winter winds picked up on the barren wasteland and the ruins of the town, a chill went down Fire Tan’s neck, she felt more uneasy than ever, knowing that Hammer Will is really the only leader in the group, they couldn’t risk losing him.

  After a long pause, the stallion turned around facing the group and reached for his holster.

  ‘’Hold it there, I don’t want more blood then there already were.’’ Hammer Will said as he pointed the PPSH right at his head. Hammer Will said with intimidation.

  Seeing the odds are against him, the stallion dropped the ‘holster’, suddenly a smoke envolped him blanketing the surrounding.

  ‘’Damn it!’’ Hammer Will shouted before firing a good dose of bullets into the smoke (-21 7.62x25mm), but to no avail, the stallion had ducked down to avoid the volley of bullets and returned fire.

  But fortunately for Hammer Will, the stallion couldn’t see either after firing a few quick rounds he attempted to roll out of the smoke screen to escape but was caught off guard by Fire Tan, in his attempt to duck behind a nearby wrecked vehicle, Fire Tan fired a round into his shoulder making him drop his weapon.

  ‘’Hammer he is disarmed!’’ Fire Tan cried to Hammer Will, who is now consumed by rage after being fueled by the adrenaline of battle.

  Hammer Will walked towards the downed stallion with full swing and bashed his head with the stock of the gun. Spilling blood on the cold yet muddy wasteland.

  ‘’Oh I’m going to enjoy this…’’ Hammer Will mumbled with a devil’s tone.

  Hammer Will bashed the stallion multiple times with the stock with no gaps in-between. Fire Tan, now stunned by this display of violence, she didn’t understand what had gotten into Hammer Will, he was never like that. As the beating continued the struggles of the stallion became weaker until he was finally on his last breath.

  ‘’Пошел ты, коммунист.’’ The stallion gurgled on his last breaths.

  ‘’Fuck you too.’’ Hammer Will replied before dumping another dozen rounds into the stallion. (-12 7.62x25mm)

  The stallion now completely dead lays in a pool of his own blood right beside the grave of his partner.

  ‘’Sir……That was completely uncalled for.’’ Fire Tan said or she would have if it didn’t come as a squeak.

  Hammer Will quickly ran through the stallion’s body and pulled out his Nagant revolver and a pouch of bullets, after putting them into the trunk, Hammer Will walked up and entered the car.

  As Hammer Will slowly refill his magazine, Fire Tan decided to question Hammer Will for his sheer brutality.

  ‘’Commissar, that was really unnecessary, he was only angry.’’ Fire Tan said in a pitiful voice.

  Hammer Will suddenly stopped, dropping a bullet onto the cold steel chassis of the car a hollow ding rang through the silent car.

  ‘’That was… UNNECESSARY?! What are you a rebel sympathizer?’’ Hammer Will suddenly snapped in anger as he almost leaped on Fire Tan.

  ‘’Please… Stop, your scaring me Com-missar…’’ Fire Tan sobbed as fear over took her, this was never where she wanted to be.

  Her words worked like a switch, suddenly Hammer Will snapped back. His eyes losing the flames of anger that was in them.

  ‘’Oh god, I’m so sorry comrade Fire Tan, I was just out of it. It must have been the alcohol, please don’t think too much about what I said, I would NEVER hurt you.’’ Hammer Will said as he took a more caring gesture and leaned in to attempt to comfort Fire Tan.

  Fire Tan on the other hand simply cried and sobbed making inaudible noises, she didn’t understand what happened to this world, the murders the rebellion, the war. What was her proud motherland, now ruins and decimated. And everyone around her become less recognizable every day the commissar she once remembered and the commissar she knows now, are two different pony. Fire Tan leaned on the windshield crying while Hammer Will gently pets her mane, trying to calm her down.

  All while this is happening, Mr. Tommislav and Mr. Tommniov are both weird out by what they are seeing. Finally after another few moment of what seem to be a cringe filled romantic movie, Mr. Tommislav finally decided to cut in.7

  ‘’Aren’t you guys soldiers? We are looking up to you guys protecting us, get your acts together.’’ Tommislav said.

  Realizing how bad she must have seemed, Fire Tan cleared her tears and straightened out.

  ‘’Are we good now?’’ Fire Tan said to everyone inside the car.

  After both Tommislav and Tommniov nodded in agreement, Fire Tan turned towards Hammer Will and asked.

  ‘’Are you okay, commissar?’’ Fire Tan said, quietly.

  ‘’I’m find comrade, just a Minor Delay in our trip.’’ Hammer Will said as he restarted the car and with a familiar thundering noise, the car started and soon the group was back on the road.

Date: 1990/12/22, 10AM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
Ms. Tommniov, Healthy/Basically
Mr. Tommislav, Healthy
5 marekov pistol and 113 rounds in total (in share with the PPSH)
1 SVT-40(scoped) and 4 clips of ammo. (39 rounds)
1 PPSH-41 113 rounds
4 day worth of food.
Moscow Industrial district 21.