Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 41

As you began your trek to Sugarcube corner, you couldn't help but feel a nagging feeling in your gut.

"...Ugh… Come on.." You knew this wasn't going to blow over in a day. You know what happened to Diamond Tiara. It's too cliche… but it must be it. She has definitely fallen for you. And it seems she alienated her best friend in the process. You ruined the cosmic balance of Equestria… sorta… If that was even a thing.

With every step you couldn't help but feel a little sorry for Silver Spoon. Was she a cunt? Yeah. But fuck, if your theory is correct. You just unintentionally took her best friend from her. Even more, it seemed she was dependent on her leadership.

With every step, your progress slowed. Visiting Pinkie might be a mistake. If she could read how you feel. If she had a Pinkie Sense for that. You wouldn't know what to say.

You stop. "Fuck me in the ass goddammit..."

You turn towards the direction Silver Spoon was walking off to, and run after her. You had no idea what this would accomplish. You had no idea on what you would say. But you know that if Silver Spoon saw Diamond Tiara again. Diamond Tiara would reject her hard.

You manage to spot her in your sprint, you call to her. "Yo Silver Spoon, Wait! I wanna talk to you!"


Silver Spoon stops and turns to you, confused as to why you followed her, tears still draping across her face. ".....A-anon?"

"Y-yeah, hey."

...Yeah, “hey”… good work Anon. Great start. Barreling right into stupidity on this one.

She doesn't seem to know how to reply, considering you just talked to her.

COME ON… CHEER HER UP YOU BASTARD… and then try not to let tomorrow be a disaster for her.

"Silver Spoon, uhh, look. Maybe you should actually take a break until I actually talk to Diamond myself. I mean, she obviously wants to talk to me about something. I could just find out what’s up myself and see if I can fix it. How does that sound?"

She shook her head, she seemed so unsure and depressed "I-I dunno… I mean. We always do everything together. She's my best friend… She's never told me to go away before. Maybe I should just go see her after a day… like you said… or maybe when she gets back"


"U-uh look. Forget about what I said earlier. Listen to what I'm saying now. Just relax, you know. Live up a day on your own while I find out why Diamond Tiara is acting strange. Just trust me on this. It'll be better for everypony. Ok?" You had to talk her out of it. Diamond Tiara was going to just tell her to go away again tomorrow, and what's worse. She'd probably say something about liking… or… loving you to her, crushing her utterly.

She didn't seem suspicious of your behavior as you began to sweat. She was just thinking. her tears letting up bit by bit. "Just, have a day to myself?"

You nod profusely. Geez, she's a wreck without her. Or just the fact she got shut down so damn hard really fucked with her. "Yeah, just do whatever you want. I promise by the time I'm done, you and her will be bumping butts again in no time"

You promised… YOU PROMISED… MORON. But, like giving candy to a kid. A promise was enough to cheer her up just enough for her to stop crying.

"You really promise you can do that?"

You nod like a moron. "Yeah, trust me. I got a way with words. So, just go home and relax ok?"

"Ok… but" Now she seemed really confused "How did you know about the flank bump?"

You cringe just a little. You only seen them do it on the show. "O-oh well, I mean. It just seems like something you guys would do since you're so close."

"Oh..." She looks into your eyes "Anon… I'm.. I'm sorry again for blaming you earlier. I thought you were just..." She stops, seems she was gonna say something mean

"Well… uhhh… uhmm… You're kind of ok for a blank flank." She thought you were a pony who was mean and ruthless deep inside. But now...

"Can I ask you just one question Anon?.." She looks deeply into your eyes....oh god...

"Um...yeah? sure. Shoot"

"Why are you being nice to me?... I mean. Me and Diamond Tiara. We sorta… well.." She didn't want to say it, she couldn't admit to saying she was being mean to you, to the CMC.

You immediately interrupt her, you knew what she was going to say. It was like a saturday morning script. "Look it's fine, don't worry about it. No hard feelings. I'm not angry. Just go and enjoy yourself ok? Make a day of it."

But she didn't turn, or go to leave just yet. Instead she hugged you....FUCKING CHRIST. THIS WAS NOT WHAT YOU WANTED.

"T-thank you Anon… really. I just want to be friends with my best friend again. I thought you wanted to take her away. But, you're just a nice guy. You saved her, just because she was in trouble… despite what we did. That's pretty cool" She loosens her grip, and looks at you with a waiting smile.

"Well yeah, I mean. I couldn't just leave her. No matter what she, or you, did to me. Nopony deserves that kind of stuff to happen to them."

Silver Spoon looked at you, she cringed at first. Cringed at the thought of her own misdeeds. That you would risk your very life to save someone who mocked you and humiliated you. "S-so… if.. I was also in danger? You'd help me too?"

of course… probably… more so than Diamond at this point, maybe… god, this is horrible. You nod, you weren't going to say no. "Yeah, I would.."

She blushed just a little. And turned away. No… No… It couldn't be THAT easy. But it was. You somehow charmed Silver Spoon through her grief of losing her friend. This would be a good time to be ugly....

What's worse. Is that you know you charmed the bullies. No, it couldn't be the CMC. You probably would have learned to enjoy it. Sweetie Belle was especially a cutie… BUT FUCKING NOPE! CHARMIN' THE ANTOGONISTS! GO ANON GO!

"W-well I'm… I'm gonna go home… Can you have Diamond see me after you talk to her tomorrow? I don't… I don't want to accidentally see her too early and her get mad at me again."


"Yeah...I'll send her your way"

"Thank you..umm..again..I mean....B-bye" She looks at you one last time, and takes a slow pace back to her home.

....oh shiiitt..

You turn and look at a side of a house… looks like a firm wall. You walk up to it, and slam your head once on it's side.


"Who's there?" You hear a pony come out of the house you just slammed your head on. You stop, and peer around the corner.

BG SECRET AGENT HORSE AT 10 O' was Bon Bon. She manages to spot you as you peer over the corner "Hello? Who's there?"

You'd consider running, but you were a colt. She'd probably think nothing of it. As you slowly come out of the corner, Lyra also pops out of the house, and looks at you. She smiles a big smile "Wow, that big sound was caused by that little colt?"

"I guess, hey, what's wrong?" Bon Bon said, she must have heard you "Who're you calling an idiot?" She walks closer to you to take a full look of the side of her home. Nobody there.

"U-umm, no one ma'am… Just, talking to myself.."

Bonbon seemed confused by that answer "Huh? Then… why are you calling yourself an idiot?"

Lyra looks over to you, giving you a big smile "Come on Bon bon, you don't have to be so direct with him. Look at him, he's so adorable! Can we keep him?"

...wut... wouldn't mind a Lyra....and a Bon the same time....

Bon Bon giggled "Come on Lyra, don't joke like that. You don't want to scare him. Why would you even say that?"

Lyra moved closer to you, and gave you a pat "Look at him. I've never seen a colt so cute..I dunno what it is...It's like..he's got something about him that just screams "There's more to me than meets the eye!" .......woah.." Then she notices "What happened to your eye?"

Bonbon notices aswell, and takes a closer look "Let me guess, you're Anon, that colt that managed to beat those two thugs… son of Discord… right?"

...Wut?! How did she know?! " did you figure that out?"

"Well… You did yell out your name… and I just put two and two together."

Lyra gives Bon Bon a big hug. "Wow! That's amazing Bon Bon, I wouldn't have ever been able to guess that."

...Hmnn… "You both don't live together do you?"

Lyra turns to you and shakes her head "Oh no no, we are just Super Duper Bestest of friends."

Bon Bon smiles and adds to her sentence "The very bestest"

...Oh boy, well, they were really cute and nice. Yeah… a twosome would be awesome… ugh… too bad they don't seem the type to fiddle with a foal… Well, maybe Lyra. She seemed to get some feeling from you.

"You guys look like it. Sorry if I bothered you"

"Oh it's no trouble" Lyra smiled, waving her hoof at you "Pretty cool we get to meet the little hero, wanna come in and have a cup of tea with us?"

Uhhh… maybe?... yes… that seems weird… yes?... alone with two stranger mares? ...yes? "Ummm..."

"Don't go scaring him Lyra, He did sort of meet us… just now, y'know?" Bon Bon cautioned her friend.

"Oh… right? Well… my offer still stands. Don't worry about it if you say no, we'll understand!" Lyra was giving you a very welcoming smile.

"...uhmmm, well… I guess, I could step inside for some tea."

"Woooooo! I'll go get him a cup!" Lyra rushed inside to set up an extra cup and seat.

Bonbon giggled "I wonder what got into her?" Then she looked at you with a smile "Ya sure you wanna come in? It's pretty girly stuff"

You didn't mind at all. They were cute… CUTE… and you needed to get your mind off this DT/SS mess.

You nod. "I don't mind, it's uh..."

Oh boy, this is gonna be nerdy. But it should work. with your fucking luck. "An honor to share some tea with two very pretty mares."

Bonbon giggled at your charm and rubbed her hoof in your mane, gently and lovingly "Well aren't you the little charmer? Hope you aren't planning to woo us, we're a little too old for you."

...Awww… ".u-umm, nah. I was just playing."

Lyra popped her head out "Come on! Come on! Before the tea gets cold!"

Ok, cool. You were about to spend some time with two BG characters. Hopefully… this would get your mind out of the shitter. And not only relax you but give you time to figure out what to do about Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

They do say tea relaxes you.