The Colt of Fire and Lightning

by ShagPony

Chapter 16: Powers Unleashed

Now I know what you are thinking….is this some fan fiction based around Avatar The Last

While I do like that anime or cartoon or whatever the f*ck it was, it's not based around that. So stop thinking about it ok?


(Mason's Pov)

I don't know how. I don't know why. But this is flipping awesome.

While I was standing on the side lines watching a mare ready to cut the wings off of my friend, the next I see myself plowing this same mare across the street as I give a feral shout of rage.

I also feel hot...and staticy if that makes any sense.

Now I was standing in front of my friend as her mouth was agape with shock and awe and maybe slight fear as lightning arced around my wings and legs and fire spew from my mane and tail. To tell you the truth, I felt powerful.

Really powerful.

Dark Blossom groaned as she rubbed two singed hoof marks on her chest. She slowly looked up at me with disbelief as I snorted in annoyance. As she got up with that look still on her face, I smiled a toothy smile.

Let's do this for real shall we?”

Disbelief quickly became anger as she fired a volley of shards at me. With speeds I didn't even know I had, I went over to Scootaloo and destroyed her earthly cuffs around her hooves and wings, picked her up and quickly flew her to an alleyway of a building.

Scootaloo blinked confusingly from how fast she ended up from the street to an alleyway. She looked at me with slight fear in her eyes as she gulped.


I looked at the filly with small mirth in my eyes as I grinned. “I'm the guy.”

Her eyes widened slightly as she looked me up and down. “H-h-how are y-you doing that?”

Taking a peek at myself I saw that indeed, streaks of blue lightning arced around my hooves without hurting Scootaloo somehow as Fire somewhat touched the tip of my hooves. While I could do simple tricks with fire and lightning, this was something new.

To tell ya the truth, I have no idea. I could do simple tricks with my elements but nothing this extreme.”

The filly’s eyes seemed to get bigger as my words graced her ears. “You've had these, whatever elements, for a while!”

I shrugged my shoulders with a nod. “Pretty much.”

Her gaze became quizzical as her eyes narrowed. “How lon-”

Her question died in her throats as she noticed that I was still hanging on to her as her hooves were around my neck. A blushed graced her cheeks as she stared at me for a while but didn't let go. Eventually she looked into my eyes blankly as I looked into hers confusingly.

Scootaloo blinked. “Mason, your orange and blue eye, they’re glowing.”

I simply looked at her with slight shock as I blinked a few times as if I would be able to see it myself. Before I could ask she cut me off.

“And your voice sounds different too.”

Again I went to ask the filly if she was alright but again she cut me off.

“And you're covered in fire and lightning.”

My eyebrows slowly raised as I eyed the filly whose blush seemed to take a deeper shade of red. Her eyes the met mine and she seemed to get a dreamy look on her face.

Feeling a bit awkward I cleared my throat. “Uh….do I look good in it?”

She seemed to become nervous as she swallowed. “You look….look…”

My confusion slowly became concern as the way the pegasus filly was acting and went to ask her if she was alright. My mouth quickly clicked shut from the next word she said.


A small blush touched my cheeks as I looked at the filly with wide eyes as her look became more dreamy and her blush darkened. I shifted my gaze left and right as her grip tightened a bit around my neck.

I was going to say something but was quickly stopped by the shouts coming from Dark Blossom.


I narrowed my eyes at the entrance of the alley in anger as it suddenly clicked what I was doing and why I was doing it, I had a score to settle. Scoots looked over my shoulder fearfully to eye the entrance as well.

Alright Scoots I'm gonna go real quick to deal with something, I want you to get out of here and hide from this crazy mare.”

As I turned to leave, a orange hoof stopped my advances as I turned to Scoots. She was giving me a worried look as she eyed the entrance a few times. “W-where are you going?”

I only smirked as I felt my lightning and fire become more noticeable on my body. “Me? I'm going to settle an unfair score with this mare.”

Not waiting for her response I quickly shot out of the alleyway leaving a trail of lightning streaks behind me. As I came to the middle of the road, I saw Dark Blossom searching high and low for me. I waited until her gaze settled on me and in turn gave her a mocking wave. The mare growled from her throat as crystals began to form into tiny shards.

I snorted to myself while feeling my lightning intensify and my fire become hotter around my body. I crouched low in a fighting stance as I glared angrily at the mare who did the same.

Both of us didn't move as we stared each other down on the barren dirt road of Ponyville. The only thing ringing through my ears was the sound of my own heartbeat as I stared down the assassin in front of me. The air was tense as her and I waited for the first move to be made.

As my body tensed up waiting for the first move, I could see out of the corner of my eye Fluttershy tending to the others wounds. Fluttershy must have dragged Rainbow Dash out of the crazy mare’s site since she was laying down next to AJ. Both the mare's were staring with wide and alarmed eyes as they saw me in the open.

Dash tried to get up but found it to be no use as she fell to the ground in a daze. Having nothing else to do she looked in my direction with pleading eyes that told me to run and hide.

I didn't stare for long when a battle cry from the mare turned my gaze to her. She had her head down as she fired off a spell with a volley of shards at my direction.

Both the girls cried out in alarm as the deadly forces of crystal and a spell came at me. I blinked at the dangerous projectiles as my powers drove my instincts into overdrive telling me exactly what to do.

Go right

Not even stopping for a second, I listened to the voice in my head as my lightning, with break necking speeds, shot me on top of a house with a crack of thunder. The shards down below hit nothing but sparks that began to disperse from my earlier position and the spell blasting into nothing. I slowly turned to the mare as she looked at me with disbelief while Dash and AJ looked at me with shock.

Smirking to the mare, I channeled my lightning to my hooves and wings as I glared at the mare who seemed to gulp.

Let's wallop.”

Without missing a beat, I threw my right hoof forward sending a large bolt of electricity at the mare who yelped in response. She dodged to the left to avoid my lightning and quickly formed her elements to fire another attack.

I didn't give her the chance.

Expanding my wings out to my sides, I took to the sky as the small hum of the bolts kept me aloft near the clouds that were above me. As I stayed in the air I fired bolt after bolt as the mare did her best to dodge the bolts with her already exhausted body.

A pained cry reached my ears as the mare got too close to one of my bolts that sent a painful shock through her body. To my dismay, she wasn't close enough for it to render her immobile or unconscious.

As I prepared another volley of lightning, I yelped myself as a large crystal shard came in my direction. More followed forcing me to zap back in forth to avoid her attacks.

I zapped to the left avoiding another attack from her elements but didn't see the cloud until I entered it. The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by electricity that dance around my body with a static hum. Looking around I could see I was inside the cloud that gave small flashes of white with a rumble of thunder. Turning my gaze down I could see the mare that eyed the cloud with confusion which I smirked to.

Looking to the other clouds, I quickly zipped to them with a quick flash of white and a large crack of thunder as I made random turns and twist to confuse the mare so I could get another hit.

I underestimated the mare as either she got lucky or had a good aim as she summoned a pillar of water trapping me inside which immediately douse my flames rendering it useless. I thrashed around the water that held me like a vice grip as I tried to use my lightning but didn't get a satisfying result. Fortunate for me, I heard a muffled yelp as the water dropped me to the ground. I expanding my wings to slow my descent which did me good but didn't make the impact any less pleasant.

With a small grunt, I picked myself off and shook my wet fur. Looking through my damp mane, I could see Rarity had her head turned as far as it could go in her earthly prison to fire off small rocks at Blossom.

They were enough to distract Blossom to allow me escape, but not enough to keep her protected. A large appendage of water, bigger than the other ones I've seen, appeared and headed straight for Rarity with the intent of drowning her. I saw the mare close her eyes waiting for the appendage to strike but only got a few splashes dampening her mane and fur.

She looked confusingly at Blossom who, to even my confusion, panted as she wobbled. I could see the wet dirt as the water dispersed, no longer obeying her command.

It didn't sway the assassin as she growled and commanded her earth element to drag the posh pony under the earth until she was buried alive. Rarity gave a muffled shriek through her crystal gag as her head began to sink in the dirt.

I however was not going to allow this. Blossom was distracted which gave me the advantage of surprise. Quickly galloping over, I reactivated my lightning allowing me to zip under the mare. She blinked in confusion as she looked down at me with her mouth agape.

I simply smiled as my fire came back ten fold.


With a quick buck I sent the mare screaming in pain and shock as she hurtled in the air and onto the ground with a pained grunt.

Having her out of the way, I galloped up to Rarity who was terrifyingly eyeing the dirt that almost reached her cheeks. Her eyes widened however as she eyed me but that quickly became a glare as she talked to my with muffles and grunts.

I raised an eyebrow at the look she gave me that clearly said, ‘Why the buck are you still doing out here with this mare?’ which I could understand but I really needed to settle the score with her.

Um, hi Rarity, how are you?” Apparently that wasn't the right thing to say as her glare hardened and she gave a muffled shriek.

I shook my head as I looked for a way to dig the pony out. “Look I know I'm not supposed to be out here but I really need to settle the score right now.”

Her eyes became pleading as she tried to talk to me with no success. I sighed in agitation as she gave a muffled that said, ‘are you listening to me!’

Having enough of her muffles, I quickly gave a swipe of fire that shattered her gag. Rarity gave a sigh of relief as she could finally talk but immediately glared at me again.

“Mason darling, why are you out here and not hiding like you were told?!” She seethed through clenched teeth.

I shrugged as I pawed at the dirt around her cheek. “Like I said, I need to settle a score with her, now be quiet while I figure a way out for you.”

My friend scoffed at me as she clearly struggled to get out of the dirt. “Score or not you shouldn't be-”


The sound of Scootaloo’s voice cut off Rarity as my instincts told me to look at my attacker. My gaze widened when my sights landed on her.

She had tiny shards directed at me and Rarity, ready to cut through us until we looked like shredded cheese. Her face darkened with a smirk and a slight wince as her burnt fur was known but shook it off.

“Make a choice.”

Without a second to waste, she sent the wave of shards at us, which only gave me a second to think.

'If I leave then Rarity would take the blow, but if I stay we will both get hurt or worse, end up dead.'

I choose both

My gaze became a hard glare as my right blue eye hummed with power. Quickly hopping over Rarity who yelled at me to run, I brought my hooves out and clapped them together.

A loud crack that made even my own ears ring, sounded as a shockwave of lightning was sent at the shards. As the two waves connected, I could clearly see my lightning zapping her shard into tiny dust as it progressed.

Eventually my wave of thunder ended just before it reached Blossom as her wave reached us with tiny pebbles that didn't hurt.

Her hoof stomped in frustration as conjured more crystals. Her hoof immediately went to her head as she gave a pained groan and her crystals crumbled into pebbles.

I raised an eyebrow at this in confusion until it clicked in my head. I can remember Sweetie doing this once when she used to much magic for a crusade we went on. My confusion became a smirk when I had an intended goal to take this mare down.

'All I have to do is waste her elements and eventually her magic and then I can take her down.'

With a new goal in mind, I zipped over to the mare with the intention of wasting her remaining two elements and magic.

When she was done nursing her head, her eyes widen as she saw me approaching fast. Not wanting to be to close, she used her wind element to float herself in the air while firing spells of different kinds at me.

I easily dodged them as they looked clearly weak, if her panting face was anything to go by. When I was close enough I gave a punch to the mare with my fire causing her to grunt and fall to the ground.

Not wanting to be beaten, she caught me with a levitation spell and threw me into a building, hard. I wheezed as I felt the air leave my lungs and dropped to the ground. My pain was somewhat forgotten when Blossom groaned again and fell to her knees, clearly exhausted with no mana left.

I silently cheered as I shakily got up and galloped full speed at the mare with the intention to finish this quickly.

That was my mistake however when in my excitement I forgot she still had one element left. Her earth element.

Again the air was forced from me as a earthly claw caught me, dragging me in the air and kept me there. Blossom chuckled darkly as she came to eye level with me with a toothy smile.

I felt a throbbing pain in my face as her hoof connected with it. Tears threaten to spill from my eyes as her other hoof connected with my other cheek. I gave a choke sob as I could feel my powers dying down quickly from the sudden burst it had earlier.

“For a colt so young, your elemental burst lasted longer than I expected.” She said as her hoof slapped my face causing me to cry out. She looked me up and down with a critical gaze that began to harden. She opened her mouth to speak her words but was cut off.

“L-leave him a-alone you brute!” Rarity said as she shook her somewhat buried head hoping it would get her out. Blossom snarled as she sunk Rarity down to almost her bottom lip causing her to shriek.

Blossom gave a groan from using her elements again but glared again. “Q-quiet you!”

Her gaze then looked back to me and slowly lowered to my flank. “Still no Cutie Mark even after all that.”

Shaking her head, she raised her hoof that became a small rocky spear that cause my eyes to widen in fear. Reeling back she gave a sinister scowl.

“I'm sure Stone can deal without two pointless elements.”

Time seemed to slow down as her hoof came hurtling forward with the intent to spear my gut. I was surprised however when a blur stopped the spear from reaching me and went off skidding to the side and went still in the dirt.

My fear became confusion which quickly became horror as the blur was pink last I saw. Looking to my right, I saw a pink body with a pink mane and tail and three balloons for a Cutie Mark.

And a spear jutting from her gut.

Tears began to spill from my eyes as I horrifyingly looked at my unmoving mother that had a spear in her gut that began to bleed. I tried to call for her but all that came out was a choked sob as I tried to wiggle out of the rocky claw that held me.

Blossom scoffed. “Bucking waste of a life.”


My gaze slowly turned to Blossom as she stared emotionlessly at my mother that made me growl. She heard my growl and turned to me with that stare and scoffed again.

“Don't look at me like that, she should have just kept herself out of it and she might have still been alive.”

Her words only fuels my anger as I grabbed the claws and slowly began to crumble them under my hooves that began to glow with a menacing color of orange and heat. My mane began to burn with power as lightning cracked and skittered around my small body.

Blossom’s eyes began to widen as she took a small step back. “What the bu-”

She didn't finish as I gave a loud and booming war cry, obliterating the earthly claw and knocking Blossom back into the buildings behind her. I landed on the ground as my vision began to turn red with rage and my teeth bared menacingly. My gaze slowly rose to Blossom who tried to get up with much difficulty making me growl again.

Her gaze turned to me and her eyes widened in fear as her mouth hanged in disbelief.

Now let's visualize what our dear Blossom is seeing shall we.

So imagine Mason, white fur and wings, blue tips on his feathers, a mane and tail that looks like fire with small streaks of blue through it, an orange, almost amber iris for his left eye and a blue one for his right. You got that? Ok now let's give a description of what he looks like now.

His entire body hummed with power as it glowed a light blue with lightning arcing around it with small cracks. His mane and tail flowed in a non existent wind with three different shades of dark red as flames flicked about. His wings had become bigger as they looked to be made out of lightning with fire licking the tips of his feathers. Fire also licked the tips of his hooves as it burned and melted the earth beneath him. His eyes flowed with rage and hate as they glared at the mare who stared back in fear. His amber eye had now become a brighter orange as flamed seemed to dance within it. His light blue eye had become a darker shade of blue as lightning dance within his iris.

The only thing the colt gave off was immense power with sheer rage as he intended to beat the life out of the mare in front of him.

Oh yeah, shits about to go down.

I eyed the mare as she shakily got to her hooves and backed up a bit, clearly feeling the power that radiated off me. Even I could feel it and I intended to use it.

Images of my parents in their graves from Earth flashed my mind and were replaced of Pinkie in her grave which made my eyes blaze with raging sadness. This mare came along and hurt my friends and had the intent to kill me, but instead she hurt my mother who might never recover.

A life that made mine heaven and she took it. Since that's the case.

I'll take hers.

Not even wasting anymore time, I took in a deep breath as I reeled my head back. I held it until I had taken enough and gave a large shout as I spewed fire like a flamethrower.

Right from my mouth.

Blossom yelped as she dodged and ducked from the burning inferno that followed her. To my dismay she got her backside away from the buildings and to the open road giving her enough room away from my raging fire to not touch her.

I stopped spewing fire as I growled and expanded my larger wings and took to the sky. I heard Blossom give a small whimper as I tilted my body to her.

First you hurt my friends.”

Faster than Rainbow Dash, I zipped in front of the mare and gave a powerful punch that would send AJ running for her bits sending the mare slightly in the air.

Then you threaten to kill them more than a few times.”

Not giving her time to fall to the ground, my body turned to ash and quickly formed my body behind her in a flaming type of teleport and bucked her into the air. I soon went in front of her body and dived down, hitting her stomach. I did this a few times, juggling her in the air as she went one direction and I met her there with a hit, buck, and occasion of fire and lightning with the intent to make her bleed.

Then you threaten to cut the wings off of Scootaloo.”

Kicking her one last time directly in the air, I zapped my body into a small bolt directly into a small cloud that began to expanding into a raging thunder cloud. Blossom’s stayed suspended in the air until gravity claimed her and threatened to bring her back to Equestria. I wouldn't allow it.

Two lightning bolts judged out grabbing the mare who screamed in pain as her body spammed from the bolts that circled around her body with a tight, painful grip, keeping her in the air. The clouds departed revealing myself with my wings expanded and large, numerous bolts behind me that cracked and boomed loudly.

I saw her eyes widen in fear as she continued to spasm. I bet I look like a god to her.

I sure as hell felt like one.

Then you hurt my own mother!”

Throwing my hooves forward, a large boom that made the six girls wince with fallen ears, sounded around Ponyville as a streak of lightning knocked Blossom back with a scream directly into the ground.

The clouds dispersed as I landed on the dirt with a thud and slowly walked up to the mare who groaned in pain. Her body was full of singe marks, burnt fur, cuts and bruises, and her eye was completely swollen. I think I could even see her horn cracked a bit.

I ignored her injuries however as I passed by Rarity who stared at me in horror. I continued to walk up to Blossom as she struggled to get to her hooves but with no success. The closer I got, the hotter and more powerful my powers became. The mare must have been panicking so much that she found new energy to stand up. I could see the earth shift between us to form a wall.

I didn't let it get any higher than her barrel as I fired a fireball at the wall obliterating it to dust, causing Blossom to wobble a bit.

I stopped a few feet away from the mare as she eyed me fearfully, unmoving as I spoke in a saddened tone.

“Then, you hurt my mother in a way that she may never get to awaken from ever again. Because of you, I'm going to loose my second family and for that, I'd like you to do me a favor...”

Crouching down low, my fire bright and my lightning became more menacing as it cracked around me. My face darkened to a scowl as the mare began to shiver from what I was about to do.

“I'd like you to burn.”

Not even waiting for a reply, I charged directly at the mare who covered her face with her hooves, waiting for her demise. As I drew closer I took to the air as I pushed my hooves out with the intent to finish her off. She took Pinkie Pie’s life away from me, so I'll take hers.

Being only a few feet away from the mare, I gave a roar cry as my fire blazed on my hooves ready to deal the finishing blow. However, instead of hitting the mare, I hit something else.

A golden shield.

Stumbling away from the sudden intrusion, I glared hatefully at the shield that blocked me from getting to the mare, so I responded by hitting it a few more times hoping it would break.

Roaring in anger, I spewed fire at it while also firing bolts at the blasted shield. Again, I got the same result. Nothing.

My eyes narrowed as the shield stayed up keeping the mare inside of its golden containment. I raised an eyebrow as I studied the shield in front of me. Strangely, it felt like I've seen this golden magic before.

As I continued to study it, my elements picked up a power far more greater than myself, standing behind me. As a matter of fact, I felt two of them. Turning my head, my eyes slightly widened in shock as I saw the two deities of Equestria standing in all their glory.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

(Celestia’s Pov)

Everything was nice and calm in the castle. Celestia had woken up to raise her sun while her sister lowered her moon. During this time she had done her daily routine for the morning before heading to the dining room to have breakfast which was some toast and delicious, calming tea.

When her routine was done she had begun her work starting with the throne room to deal with ponies that asked the princess for not-so-great requests and ones that could actually matter.

Her work was interrupted when smoke had entered through the window and appeared in the form of a scroll. Politely pausing a noble who was pestering about some orphanage and how it should be taken down for something else and what not, the princess unfolded the scroll and read its contents.

She hadn't flown out of the throne room so fast before, commanding guards to rally up and for a pegasus to get her sister.

Luna didn't even wait for her sister as she took off with her own valley of guards.

Now she was soaring through the air, going as fast as she could to reach Ponyville with Luna by her side and a valley of guards behind them. Some kept to the air while others rode chariots.

As the town drew near, Celestia’s eyes narrowed as the power of unwelcome elements became known to her along with the tall tale sign of Mason's power. She could also see some of her little ponies taking refuge away from Twilight’s castle grounds.

Snorting to herself, she followed her sister that banked slightly, but quickly to the right to approach the fight that was taking place. Below the two princesses, some ponies began to cheer that their two deities had arrived with an army of guards as well.

Celestia mentally raised an eyebrow at the amount of guards Luna had requested with her. But she couldn't really blame her younger sister.

She lost one friend from another world once. Luna would be damned if she was going to lose another.

As the two princesses approached the castle grounds, they suddenly stopped in mid air as they felt a very powerful surge that they hadn't felt in a long time.

“Sister do you think?” Celestia asked worriedly. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Luna’s features becoming a scowl as she kept herself aloft.

“It is sister, quickly we must move!”

Luna didn't wait for a reply as she flew the rest of the way to the ground with Celestia soon following. As the two royal sisters passed over the last few buildings they heard a large crack of thunder bringing their attention to something that made their eyes widen.

On the ground just a few feet away were the Elements along with Twilight, being treated by the Element of Kindness. A bit of a ways away from them was a pony that made Celestia’s eyes narrow and made Luna growl to herself. But what really surprised them was the little colt that didn't even look as how they remembered him.

He was slowly walking along the barren dirt road as red flames licked and flicked where his mane and tail were and lightning expanded on his much larger wings, making him as intimidating as he could get. As he drew near to the mysterious pony that struggled to get up, his power increased with rage.

As the princesses and their guards landed on the ground, Celestia blinked at the amount of power that such a small and young colt was radiating off. Not even the dragon that she and her sister met a few years ago radiated this much power. Even if he was angry.

As Celestia watched Mason come closer to the pony, she was brought from a hoof tap on her shoulder. Looking to the side, she saw Luna who had a fallen look on her face as she looked to the side as well. Knowing the gesture, Celestia followed Luna’s line of sight and felt her heart drop at what she saw.

Laying on her side with hardly any rise or fall to her chest, was the Element of Laughter, who had a large rocky spike jutting from her gut. The sight made her breath catch in her throat as she understood why Mason had such a power surge with his elements.

This realization also made her eyes widen in alarm as she looked back at Mason who was crouched in a pounce with his fire flaring wildly.

“Sister he's going to-”

“I know Luna and I will stop him before he does something horrible, stay here and heal her, I can still feel her life force.” Celestia interjected as she approached Mason quickly. As she walked, she heard the sound of her sister's magic activating to aid Pinkie Pie and the sound of her guards following. The princess gestured a hoof to them telling them to stay behind while she took care of the problem. As she drew near, Mason shot away from the ground and quickly approached the mare who covered her face with her hooves.

Quickly thinking, power surged through her horn and she brought up a golden shield immediately stopping Mason in his tracks. She could hear the colt growl as his power became all the more furious. The princess winced in pity as the colt attacked her shield hoping to break the golden wall that separated him from the mare.

Although Celestia knew her shield wouldn't break, she could still feel the power from Mason’s attacks as they hit it. Mason eventually stopped his attack and stared at the shield with his back turned to her. Celestia went to speak to the colt but was stopped as her sister joined her side.

That seemed to stop the colt as he quickly turned around with shocked eyes to see the princesses in all their glory with a lot of guards behind them.

Celestia took in a breath as she searched her thoughts on what to say to the colt as she looked into his glowing irises that stared back at her.

“Mason, I know that you are angry right now-”

I'm a little more than angry right now Celestia.”

Celestia flinched back slightly from the change in his voice. It was no longer that sweet innocent voice they heard when they first met, it was now one that had power and seemed revenge. However, he at least spoke kindly to her which was a good sign.

“I understand that Mason, truly I do. But you must stop this and calm yourself before you do something you'll regret.” Celestia pleaded as she eyed the mare.

The colt snorted as he glared back at the mare. “What I'm going to do to her is something I won't regret. Considering for what she had done.”

Celestia sighed to herself as she's seen this type of stubbornness before. ‘Are humans always this stubborn when they seek revenge?’

Before Celestia could negotiate with the colt, Luna had voiced her own words.

“While you might want revenge on this mare for what she has done today, this is not the way to do it Mason. She will answer for her crimes in the most justfull way possible.”

Luna slightly flinched herself when Mason’s eyes jerked back to the Princess of the Moon and his fire flared brighter.

I don't want her to suffer in a cell or by justice, I want her to suffer through death’s judgment!”

Celestia’s eyes narrowed as she took a small step forward wanting to make the colt step down, but he didn't even budge.

“Mason, you need to stop and think about this. What would your mother say if she saw what you were about to do.”

Celestia took a few steps back and tensed up as Mason took to the air to be eye level with her as his eyes burned with hatred and answered through clenched teeth.

What does it matter when my mother, my new family, is DEAD!”

Celestia frowned in sadness as tears fell from the colts eyes. She would have said something to comfort the colt but her sister beat her to it.

“She is not dead Mason.”

His fire immediately stopped raging as he looked at Luna with big eyes. “What?”

Luna stepped to the side as she gestured a hoof to the medics who were aiding an unconscious Pinkie Pie, who no longer had a rock jutting from her gut.

“I used my magic to heal her Mason. Her element is giving off a life source that indicates she is still alive.”

Mason looked blankly at the unconscious form of his mother as tears spilled from his eyes. Slowly, he descended to the ground as his wings and shoulders slumped and his powers died down.

She's still alive?”

Celestia nodded slowly as the colt seem to give a relieved sigh. “Yes she, she'll be unconscious for a few days but she will live Mason.”

The colt sniffles as tears freely spilled from his eyes. He stopped sniffling when he turned to look at the mare who stared blankly at the princesses.

“Mason, please stop what you are doing and let us bring proper justice on this mare.”

Celestia began to worry as Mason didn't answer her for a time and continued to stare at the mare who eventually met his gaze. They stared at each other until Mason turned back to the Princesses with sorrow in his eyes and nodded.

Celestia sighed in relief. ‘That was a lot easier than I thought it would be.’

Celestia was brought from her thoughts as Luna slowly approached the colt and reach a hoof out to him as she looked at the colt with comforting eyes.

“Come Mason, I'll take you to the hospital with your mother.”

A frown replaced Luna’s features as the colt gently pushed her hoof away and made his way to the Element of Laughter.

“J-just...get t-that mare away f-from me.”

Celestia became shocked when the colt became ash and floated to his unconscious mother. The medics reeled back in surprise as the colt reappeared next to the pink mare.

A frown crossed her face when the colt slowly approached Pinkie and nudged her face with his snout. Her heart ached when his ears fell and he curled up under her hoof and layed his head down next to her.

The medics looked to each other and to the princesses on what to do. Celestia gestured a hoof, silently telling them to leave him be.

Her attention was brought to the mare who started all of this as she slightly growled. Her horn lit up as Luna commanded the guards to surround the mare trapped inside the shield which they did with pointed spears.

The mare chuckled. “Well it's a surprise to see you here again Princesses.”

Luna growled as her horn glowed menacingly. “You should know better than to bring an attack to a princess's castle and upon the Elements.”

The mysterious mare nodded as she took in some breathes. “Yes I guess I should know better, but better doesn't happen with our group when we're busy taking what we want. You should know this Luna when you lost, oh what was your little coltfriend’s name again, Lucas the Dragon was it?”

Celestia eyed her sister as Luna’s wings unfurled and she took a step forward at the shield.

“You don't have the right to speak of his name heathen.”

The mare scoffed as she pawed at the dirt. “Maybe I don't, but it was still nice to see such a large dragon fall.”

Luna went to walk into the portal but Celestia held out a hoof, stopping Luna’s advancement who only snorted in response when Celestia shook her head at her.

Wanting to take charge for her short tempered sister, Celestia stepped forward to the shield as the mare eyed her with disinterest.

“It matters not of anything else, you will have to pay for you crimes that you committed and you will cooperate under high interrogation.”

The mare chuckled a bit as she shook her head. “I don't think I'll be able to do that princesses.”

Celestia’s eyes narrowed as she charge a spell to render the mare unconscious. “And why is that?”

A toothy smile graced the mare's lips as she eyed the princesses. “Well my master needs to know that this plan was a success and that we will be able to take a step forward.”

Eyeing the mare, Celestia slowly took off power so the shield would drop immediately when needed. “A step forward into what.”

The mare smirked as dirt began to circle around her body and slowly made her disappeared.

“A step into taking what's ours.”

Luna’s eyes widen as she grabbed Celestia's shoulders. “Celestia drop the shield!”

Knowing what her sister was doing she immediately dropped the shield which her guards responded by jumping the mare. When they landed, the only thing that indicting she was there was a cloud of dirt.

Said cloud of dirt appeared behind the pile of guards as the mare smirked ad continued to disappear. Luna charged forward as her horn glowed.

“No!” Was the last thing she shouted when her horn blasted a spell at the mare but only struck ground. Luna stared with disbelief at the empty space in front of her and stomped a hoof to the ground cracking the dirt.


All guards saluted their princess as they followed her orders to find the culprit that caused the attacks. Celestia saw a few guards left ready to leave but stopped them.

“The rest of you! Go around and see if any ponies have been injured! Medics, go to the Elements and aid them please!”

The rest of them saluted their princess as they did as they were told. The rest of the guards went around the area in search of any bystanders that were caught in the attack. The medics that weren't taking care of Pinkie and her colt went to the Elements to help treat their injuries.

Celestia gave an annoyed, yet tired sigh at the events that have transpired. She shook her head though, as she began her slow walk to the colt she needed to see. As she passed, she blinked as she saw the Element of Generosity being slowly dug out of the ground by two guards.

Celestia blinked as she activated her horn and with a small yelp from the mare, pulled her out of the ground and sat her down. Rarity looked to her princess and gave a small bow of her head.

“Thank you Princess Celestia.”

Celestia smiled as she nodded and continued on her way to the colt. As she approached closer, she could see out of the corner of her eye an orange filly being check over by a guard mare. Celestia didn't think anything of it as she approached the sleeping forms of Pinkie Pie and Mason.

Mason had rested close to Pinkie’s chest, curled up in a little ball. A pink leg was unconsciously draped over the colt as he slept soundly. He no longer had red fire on his mane or tail, instead he had his regular orange and yellow colored mane and tail along with his white fur and small wings with blue tips on the feathers.

However, Celestia frowned sadly with slight anger as she saw something that wasn't on the colt before. Something that filled her with dread.

If only we came here sooner.’

She could sense her sister come to her side and give a sigh of dread herself. Luna stared directly at what Celestia saw. She didn't need the connection to Luna’s mind to know what she was thinking.

“They'll be back for him.”

Celestia nodded in confirmation. “I know they will Luna.”

“I know they will.”

(Stone's Pov)

Stone quickly trotted through the dark hallways of his rocky lair as the doors to the medical wing approached.

Bursting through the doors, he looked around at the amount of medics and small portion of patients that looked at him startled. He payed them no mind as his eyes landed on a beaten mare that was being treated by two nurses and one doctor.

Approaching the mare, the three ponies dispersed for their master as he approached the mare that was barely hanging on to consciousness.

“What's the news Blossom.”

Blinking a bit, Dark Blossom looked at Stone with tired eyes. She slowly smiled as she shifted to get comfortable on the bed.

“He has it.”

Stone froze slightly as a toothy smile slowly graced his lips. He knew exactly what Blossom was talking about but he wanted to hear it from her.

“Has what?”

Blossom's eyes narrowed slightly as her smile got bigger.

“His Cutie Mark.”