Dadonequus Discord (Book 1)

by CrazedLaughter

Chapter 24

As before, Filthy Rich led you into his study. He was speaking. But you weren't paying too much attention. It was just this or that about that he wished Discord had arrived as well so he could talk about an interesting business venture.
No, you were tempering yourself. You had a feeling about what you were about to jump into. And had to steel your mind and body for what's to come.
You couldn't have an angry outburst like before. You were an adult in mind. You had to remember that. She was just a child and a brat to boot. Nothing to get angry about, and you knew you could shrug off her insults. You had no reason to react like you did before, none whatsoever. And on the plus side, being the cool and collected guy you are. You also knew you could pull off a few devious moves of your own if needed. She wasn't the only one who could charm couldn't really do that before...but now you were cute.

"Mr.Anon?" Filthy Rich was looking at you, a little concerned. "Did you hear me?"

"What? Huh?"

You snap out of your thoughts as you realize you were standing in front of four seats with a small table between them. A large porcelain container with a spout sat on the middle of the table while four cups sat at the edges. Only three were filled with what seemed like Hot cocoa. Both Filthy Rich and Diamond Tiara were looking at you like you had just done something peculiar.

"Do you not want to sit Mr.Anon? I could have the chair removed if you like" Filthy Rich said as he took a sip of his cocoa

Fuck. You got too lost in your planning that you didn't even hear him. You quickly bow and take a seat.
"S-sorry Mr.Rich, just..umm..a little nervous"

Filthy Rich nods "Understandable Mr.Anon, It's not everyday somepony such as yourself gets to come into my home twice" he gives a hearty laugh

You just blink

Filthy Rich's joyous smile becomes stoic when he realizes you didn't get whatever joke that was supposed to be. " Well, nevermind. Here, have some cocoa, Anon. We got some discussin to do. Just a shame your father couldn't join us. It's awkward to be explaining how this is going to work without the other parent present. But we did get it worked out. But first, why don't you both greet each other. Since you both will be spending time together. It's important for two parties to always greet each other in kind, it opens worlds of opportunity."

That sounded like business speak. You look silently at Diamond Tiara, While she looks at you with a stoic smile. Trying to at least seem pleasant. Lucky for you, You knew not to be petty at a time like this.

You give a happy,cheery, smile to her
"H-hello Diamond Tiara!...sorry for being so nervous. This is just really overwhelming"

Filthy Rich finds your little hello adorable, and smiles "Now that's initiative, you didn't even hesitate, I wouldn't have been able to tell any kind of altercation happened between you two."

However, Diamond Tiara had yet to reply

"Say hello back darlin', don't be rude now" Filthy gives her a nudge

Diamond Tiara stared into your eyes and gave you a quick snooty look, She could tell, unlike her father, that you were faking it.And she was annoyed you took the initiative before she could.
"Hello Anon, it's a nice day we're having, isn't it?" Diamond Tiara said as she sipped her cocoa, eyes locked to you, filled with disgust

You just keep your smile, and carefully grab your cup with your ever growing skills of...grabbing.
"Oh yeah! It is! Everyday I get to spend in Ponyville is a new day of fun and making new friends, I hope we can be friends Diamond Tiara, I'm awfully sorry about before. But the situation was kind of nasty....I dunno what came over me."

Diamond Tiara, while remaining audibly collected. It was obvious that she was visually annoyed with you with the way she crossed her eyebrows, her face hidden purposely behind her cup.  Her “upbeat” attitude sounding rather coarse"That' I'm very hear that, and don't worry..I guess we both were having...a bad day.."

"Haha! Now that's what I like to see. My little darlin' having a nice cup of cocoa with a new friend. I can already tell you both are going to get along so well. Especially since you are being a gentlecolt about this Mr.Anon" Filthy Rich cheered

Diamond Tiara was gripping her cup tighter, it was shaking in her hooves.

"Well Mr.Rich, I don't wanna be any trouble..." You say as you take a sip of cocoa
You then think about Discord's "truth". You did believe it, you knew he wouldn't change too much in his attitude. But that had to be true. It would be too terrible if it wasn't .
"...My father, he got me out of a really bad place. I'm very grateful to him. And so, I always try to be the best and goodest son I can be. But sometimes, I just have some flashbacks."

"I can only imagine. Growing up in an orphanage in Fillydelphia. But I can already see great progress in you Mr.Anon, considering your father's past actions, it's remarkable, almost ridiculous to believe really, to see he could help you in that regard. It's truly inspiring and to be respected." Filthy said, with admiration in his tone

You take a sip of your tasted pretty damn good, top of the line.
"T-thank you Mr.Rich, that means a lot. And I'm sure it means a lot to my dad too if he had heard it. I mean, you are Filthy Rich after all. You are already a very respectable pony among regular folk like me"

You took a quick glance at Diamond Tiara, her eye was twitching. She was definitely getting angry that you were making such headway with her father. And it was obvious she couldn't think of anything to say.

Filthy Rich chuckled, he felt humbled "Now now Mr.Anon. One can swear you were tryin' to butter me up. Even if what you say is true."

You both laugh in unison, until Filthy Rich notices his daughter's silence.
"Something the matter sweetheart? you've been quiet."

Diamond Tiara turned to her father and smiled at him, a mirthfully fake one only obvious to you "Oh it's nothing, I didn't want to interrupt. That would be rude. Wouldn't it?"

Filthy Rich shook his head in disagreement, he felt in this particular instance that it would have been alright "No, but I also didn't mean to make you feel left out. No, I think it's time we get down to business then. Now, I'm not a harsh pony. I just want you both to learn from each other and hopefully become good friends. But I cannot tolerate the kind of behavior you both exhibited, especially you young lady, that is no way to act"

"..." Diamond Tiara hung her head in shame, frowning "Yes Daddy"

Filthy Rich gave his daughter a gentle pat "Now now, I'm not mad at you darlin'. I just want you to improve."

Diamond Tiara gave her father big sad eyes "But aren't I good as I am now? Am I a bad pony?"

Filthy Rich gulped, he didn't mean to imply that, but you knew she was playing him now. It was now time to observe and learn first hand.
"N-no pumpkin, it's not like that. You're one of the best ponies there is. But even the best make a mistake once in awhile."

Diamond Tiara looked downward, and circled her hoof around her cup "O-oh, I see.....I really am sorry Daddy. I just don't know what came over me...."

You just glance at her, a stoic look on your own face as you take a sip of your hot cocoa. You'd let her have this. Because she wasn't going to have you. That's for sure.

Filthy Rich reached over to give her a hug "Now now, don't cry. I'm just doing what I have to as a father, sweetheart. It doesn't make you a bad pony, it's just a part of learnin'."

"So, does that mean I'm still the best pony?" Diamond Tiara asked

"Of course you are" Filthy Rich squeezed her tight.

You roll your eyes. If that was a demoralizing tactic to make you feel less of a man...pony...colt.It didn't work. That's what all parents say because their children are all special snowflakes.
after that little display was over. Filthy Rich looked to the both of you. and finally started to discuss the terms of how this is going to work.