Winter & Dagi

by Sparkling blaze

Re-meeting Mom and Dad

Adagio's POV
I take another sip,and suddenly start feeling really dizzy,maybe it's a sign I'm dying,hopefully it is after all I deserve it. I can feel my conscience draining out of me,I fall in the ground and start to faint.

Before I quickly say in a weak voice:
"It's for the better."

I wake up in the same place I saw Aria and Sonata last time. I turn back only to see Aria looking disappointedly at me and Sonata doing the same thing.

"Hi...girls..."I say looking embarrassed.

"Adagio. What we told you about moving on?!" Aria says angrily.

"I know but..."

"We told you to move on and try to have a life,but instead you turned alcoholic and doesn't even let your boyfriend worry about you! Are you crazy?" Aria says more angrily.

"Yeah Dagi, that's the exactly opposite of a life." Says Sonata.
Wait. Even they being dead they're still my younger sisters.

"Hey you're both younger than me,you can't tell me what to do!" I say kinda arguing with them.

"No. No we can't but mom and dad can." Aria says with an serious voice. I get very surprised by the mention of our parents.

"Mommy,Daddy." Calls Sonata.

Then I see two adults very taller than me,Aria and Sonata: One woman with magenta eyes, purple and blue curly hair,and a yellow skin wearing a long purple dress. And a man with red skin,blonde hair, green eyes and using a militar uniform.

"M-m-mom, D-d-dad." I say almost crying.

They look really angry at me tho.

"Yes Adagio it's us, we have been watching you like your sisters have." Says Mom.

"I have to say I'm not happy with what I see."Says dad in a angry tone.


"But nothing you can't keep doing this to yourself."

"Do you think this is what we want?"

"But I didn't kept the promise I made to you, mom, Aria and Sonata and and I'm all on my own...."My voice starts cracking. "I just wanted to let you happy.... But all I do is bringing pain to everyone..."I feel tears rolling down my cheecks. "Why can't I do nothing right? Isaw it was going to happen how come I didn't stopped it?! I'm so stupid!" I sniff and look at dad. "Why I'm so stupid dad?"

"You don't just bring pain to others and you've made me and your mother very proud but you need to move on." And you couldn't stop it because there was no one that could stop it and you're not stupid Adagio there was nothing you could have done, nothing anyone could have done."

"But I don't wanna to keep in there. I want to stay here with you, mom,Aria and Sonata."

"Now all you can do is try to move on with your life."

"But I want you all back."

"One day you will we'll all be together again, but you still have a lot of life to live before then. There's still so many people that still need you."

"But what about that powers? can't I just throw them away? I don't wanna see everything bad that is going to happen."

"It's something you were born with it. It's just as much a part of you as anything else."

"I-I-I don't wanna lose another person who is important to me. Why this only happens to me? Why I have to lose everyone?!"

"The future hasn't been written. Maybe you can still save him."
Dad gives me a tight hug. "You can't give up now that you understand what's happening you can try to stop it."

"If it is that way... Then why couldn't I save Aria and Sonata?" I say crying.

"Aria was because she was sick because of the lack of magic, and Sonata was because you didn't know what she was planing. But for this you know what's gonna happen so you can change it."

 "Why you had to leave me alone?"

"It was our time to go, everyone has one. All we can do is make the best of the time we have. And you haven't been doing that."

"I want this all to stop Daddy! I just wanted to come join all of you so we'd be a family again. I know I'm acting childish but I want things to be like before Daddy!"

"One day you will see us all again, and we'll all be happy. I wish things could be liek they were before too, but that's impossible. All we can do is watch over you. You have peole that love you very much that are still alive."

I fall on the ground crying.

" I... I... "I start saying words not even I can understand.

My dad kneels by me and hugs me as tight as he can.

"You know you have people that will help you. I know you dont want it or think you deserve it but you do."He says as he strokes my hair." I don't want my little girl to have to go through this."

I sniff one more time as we break the hug.

"You know Winter loves you right? He loves you as much as you love him."

I nod.

"He wants to help you, so please let him help you."

"O-okay..." I say weakly.

"That's my girl." He kisses my forehead, stands up and help me get up. "Now, I don't want to hear or see anymore about you wanting to die. You still have your whole life ahead of you."

"Ok."I sniff again.

"Good. Now I hate to say it but it's time for you to go." He pulls the whole family into a group hug. "But never forget we're always watching over you. and we all love you."