If You Wish Apon a Star

by Yukifall

I'm Coming Home

Years ago when the Pony sisters ruled in peace and harmony, a new princess appeared on the princesses' bedroom balcony. The Sisters were baffled looking down on the small pony, who looking as if having just been born, was extremely small even on baby pony standards. They called her FallenStar, because on the night she was born thousands of stars had flown through the sky as if wishing to join one of their lost. Soon afterwards all of the castle workers were gathered and told to tell no pony about the new princess. The Royal sisters did this because of her small size, they thought they to keep the new princess a secret until she was big enough to hold her own against the world.

Day by day, The new princess stayed small but was as energetic as everypony her age and slightly older. Thought she learned from both Celestia and Luna alike, she loved to hang out with Luna the most, following the middle sister throughout the castle when ever she could. The little pony would watch her sister's sky for as long as she could during the night hoping to show her that some ponies do love the night as much as she did. Luna loved the attention she was getting from Fallen and began to teach the small pony everything she knew. They grew incredibly close to each other and Celestia was pleased to see how well they got along. All was peaceful in Equestria.

But soon the time that Luna turned into Nightmare Moon came upon them. The jealousy of their eldest sister over threw her love for her little sister, and Luna was lost to them as Nightmare tried to install the eternal night. Celestia knowing how much this upset their littlest sister finally decided to seal Nightmare into her beloved moon for a thousand years. Fallen heard of her eldest sister's plan as Celestia discussed it with the royal guards and she knew that even if Luna wasn't there any more she would have to save her because her sisters meant the world to her and she couldn't stand for the sun and moon to be torn apart by such trivial matters. This caused our little heroine to devise a plan.

So the time came to curse Nightmare and right before the curse was finished and the jelous pony sent to the moon. As Celestia powered the elements up in the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters, Fallenstar snuck into the courtroom to see what she could do for her second oldest sister. As the charge of the Elements of Harmony's power grew greater, Fallen saw her opportunity to save her sister from the fate that was about to be bestowed upon her. Just after Celestia released the beam of rainbows towards the lunar princess, a small alicorn-like figure opened her wings and flew for the first time, right into the beam of rainbows, sacrificing herself to save her loved sister.

At the sight of seeing the small pony sacrificing herself for her, Nightmare turn back into Luna realizing how childish she had been, nothing of the dark mare she had once been remaining. As the sun came up for the first time in a week, the Pony Sisters cried. It took the sisters weeks to get back to normal being able to make the day and night pass normally. For years the sisters searched, trying to find a way to reverse the spell but none was to be found until the thousand years had past. The princesses then decided to tell a lie and told the royal servants that it was, in fact, Nightmare Moon sealed up there and not the scared little princess that had supposedly died in the struggle.

Now a thousand years have past and the curse has been uplifted, thus sending a small cutemarkless Alicorn back to the land of Equestria. The pony arrived like the fallen stars she was named after and crashed landed with a boom in the farthest acre of the Apple Family Orchard where our story begins.

A loud crashing noise was heard all through out Ponyville as a large bright star fell and seemed to crash near AppleJack's farm. Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Fluttershy all became worried for their friend and wondered if any of the crop was damaged. The girls had been having lunch together, even though the orange earth pony had declined in order to get through the Granny Smith apples at the back of the farm. They all decided to race over to see what had happened worried that their friend had been hurt as the 'asteroid'-as Twilight called it- crashed into her trees.

At the farm every one had been shook up by the boom. Granny had been knocked out of her rocker in the house and Applebloom had nearly fallen from the ladder she had been standing on, had Big Macintosh not steadied it. The crash landing had knocked trees over and created an incredibly large crater inside of the Apple family's back orchard. Inside the crater that had been created, a groan could be heard from the rubble as some of the rocks moved as a small blue head poke out of the rubble. The head tilted from left to right before a bright glow began to cover the rocks that covered the rest of the pony's body. The rocks levitated away from the body to reveal a small light blue pegasi(from what could be seen) with hair that was similar to Princess Celestia's but only had two colors pink and blue. The mane, though beautiful and amazingly soft originally, was now increadubly fried and poofy with burnt tips at the end. The tiny pony sat up and rubbed her head as she groaned again before jumping to her hooves in alarm, her small blue wings springing out in horror.

"Luna! Celest! What happened? Where is everypony?" The seemingly pegasus filly asked, only to fall flat on her butt again as the dizzyness from standing up too quickly over took her. "Woah... That... was weird..." She said before shaking her head as she tried to get back up again before she heard a voice over head. She looked up but could not see anything through the dust that was still in the air from her hard landing in the orchard.

"Now what in tarnation!" The voice (We all know and love~) said as it got closer to the hole, the southern drawl was extremely heavy and reminded the small filly of a pony who use to work in the castle. "Well, I never! All them apple trees are knocked over! It's going to take weeks for Big Mac and I to replant those! Wait a minute....What's with this big hole?" It asked sounding near the edge of the crater.

"W-w-who's there?" The frightened little Alicorn asked shaking in her hooves as she looked up, the area still quite smoky.

"Is somepony down the-"

"AppleJack! What happened?" A new voice sounded out along with the stomping of many hooves drew nearer to the top of the crater.

"Twilight! Am I glad to see you! I think someone's down in this here crater that was caused by that fallen star!" The first voice, AppleJack she assumed, replied sounding quite worried for the pony stuck in the large crater.

"Anypony there? Could some pony get me out of here?" The small pony called out, her voice still slightly shakey, causing the rest of the ponies to jump at the new voice. They all looked around wondering where in Equestia the voice had come from but Rainbow seemed to figure it out the fastest.

"Hold on there a sec! Rainbow Dash to the rescue!" Another tomboyish voice called out followed by the sound of flapping wings. The smoke cleared as a blue pony with a bright rainbow colored mane, who couldn't be that much older then Fallen herself, flew down and picked the small pony up with one cyan colored hoof. "Just hang on and I'll have us out in a jiffy!" The rainbow haired pony said before flying back up to the top of the crater.

The smaller pony coughed as she was set down and tried to shake all the dirt off her usually well kept coat. Now that there was more light, any pony could see the singed ends of the small pony's mane and tail which nearly caused Rarity to faint at the thought of anyone looking so dreadful. Her hair was frizzy and fried the color changing extremely and causing it to stand up so much at it actually completely covered her horn causing the ponies to think that she was a pegasi pony. The dirt and grime covered her coat all over and her burnt hair covered one of her eyes. The other was a dazzling aquamarine color just like Princess Luna's. As the Mane Six stared at the new pony, the filly immediatly looked around at the dark trees that were surrounding them as if expecting Nightmare Moon to be just over their shoulders. And she kind of was.

"What are you looking at? It looks like you've just seen a ghost!" Rarity said coming back to her senses as she bent down in front of the pony that looked to be a pegasi. The white unicorn had swallowed her exasperated horror at the filly's mane truly wondering about the girl's health.

"Where's Nightmare Moon where did she go? Did anything happen to Princess Celestia? What happened?" The Alicorn asked looking around thinking she was still somewhere near the capital of Equestria in the middle of what is now the Everfree forest.

"What do you mean?" Twilight Sparkle asked suspiciously, coming forward to look at the smaller pony. The purple egghead stood next to Rarity's kneeling form her head angled slightly downward to look at the younger pony.

"I'm not sure but all I remember is that Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were fighting and... Then Luna turned into that Nightmare Moon and it scare the bajibbers out of me... I remember Celestia saying something about a spell that would last for a thousand years but not much after the fight began... What happened?" The cutiemarkless pony asked worriedly to the six ponies gathered. The filly didn't know of what had happened very recently and that these six knew the entire story of what happened.

"Nightmare Moon was banished to the moon for those thousand years... It was almost a week ago that she escaped from her prison and held Princess Celestia captive unti-" Twilight started wondering why this filly didn't know the story behind one of the most popular holidays to date, telling the story before she was interupped by the small pony.

"Luna wouldn't do that!" Fallenstar exclaimed looking distraught at the thought of her middle sister harming the oldest.

"Oh but she did!" Fluttershy said quietly before squeaking and saying sorry. Twilight said it was fine before starting again.

"You see the six of us were able to cure Princess Luna from her jealousy thus forever getting rid of Nightmare Moon." Twilgiht said causing the filly to go wide eyed at that, wondering what these ponies could do that not even Celestia could have done "We harnessed the Elements of Harmony and were able to save the princesses!"

"What happened to their sister?" FallenStar asked trying to play it cool to see what the story had in for her.

"Luna?"Twi asked but the blue pony shook her head. The protegee of Celestia thought hard trying to rememeber what other sister she could mean. "You can't possibly mean... The baby Princess? The one that had no written record of her name and was killed in the battle between the sisters?" She asked curiously after remembering the old tome that she had found in the Starswirl the Bearded section of the Canterlot archives.

"The Baby princess? Killed?" She asked her eyes going wide wondering where ponydom had gotten the idea before realizing that her sisters had said that. 'They said i was dead... why didn't they tell the truth...? Maybe they didn't want a little sister after all...' She thought her eyes growing slightly teary at the thought of her sisters not wanting her any more even after what they had been through.

"Oh don't cry..." Applejack said coming up and wiping a stray tear with her hoof. She was thinking a little too much that it was Applebloom instead of this small pony. The orange pony settled down near the light blue pony nuzzling her face against the crying pegasus.

"It was almost a thousand years ago... no one that knew her would still be alive today... Well except The other princesses..." Twilight said, but immediatly wished that she could take it back as more tears spilled. Fallenstar immediately thought of the castles inhabitants that she had grown to be friends with. Winterwillow, Crabapple, Rook... every pony she knew was dead now.

"Awww Don't cry little guy! Pinkie pie is on the fly! Just in the nick of time she'll come up with a rhyme and with a lime she make you smile any time!" Pinkie said dancing around happily trying to cheer the new comer up. Which helped a lot as the filly giggled happily at the thought of Winterwillow singing a similar song to her.

"So how did you get here?" Fluttershy asked the thought on everypony's mind. The small pony thought for a moment wondering if it would be bad if she lied to them about how she got to be ten feet into the dirt of the farm. She knew there would be repercussions for it later but she couldn't tell them if her sisters wanted her dead.

"Failed Sonic Rainboom... I've always wanted to do one," FallenStar half lied because she had always wanted to do a Sonic Rainboom one day, but she didn't want these ponies to know who her family was just yet because she didn't know them well enough.

"Well Keep trying! The only pony ever known to have done it is right there~" Twilight said waving a hoof towards Rainbow Dash, causing the rainbow maned mare to blush.

"Twilight! you're embarasing me..." She said as she flapped above the others looking down at the small group.

"You've done the Rainboom?" Fallenstar asked her voice cracking as she looked at the mare who had pulled her out of the crater with even more admiration. "I thought it was just an old mare's tail and I wanted to prove everypony wrong."

"That's what I wanted too!" Dashie said excitedly, leaning down towards the other pegasus crossing her forehooves. "It was during the race for..."(We all heard this in that one episode we get itshe did the Rainboom)

"That's so cool that you all were connected before you guys even met!" The cutiemarkless filly said excitedly. "I wish i had some cool friends like you guys! Heck I wish i had a cutie mark too!" She smiled at the group.

"Why don't you hang out with us? We're always happy to have more friends. We could show you around Ponyville if you like." Rarity said standing up as they all wanted to get back to town.

"Hang out with you guys? Of course!" She said excitedly as she stood up, stretching sore muscles.

"You know what would cure those stiff muscles right up? A massage! Those always seem to help me after a-" Rainbow stopped mid-sentence realizing what she had said. All the others started to laugh at the tomboyish girl except Fallenstar who didn't know the pony well.

"Never thought you'd be one of them girls that liked a spa day, aye Rainbow?" AppleJack asked as the rest of the girls continued to giggle at the thought as they walked out of the gate of Sweet Apple Acres.

"Aw come on, guys! You can't tell anyone! It would ruin my rep!" The cyan colored pegasus whined. Pinkie Pie immediatly gasped and said

"I won't tell anyone Rainbow Dash! I cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye! That's a Pinkie Promise! And nopony breaks a Pinkie Promise!" Rainbow then had the rest of the group to repeat that including the newest member.

"What's your name?" Fluttershy asked quietly coming to walk next to Fallenstar as they began walking again.

"I'm FallenStar! What are your names?" The purple unicorn skidded to a stop as the name struck a cord in her distant memory of her time with Princess Celestia. The mare couldn't think of when she had heard the name so she began to walk again hoping to ask Spike if he remembered hearing that name before.

"Well I'm Applejack of the Apple Family Farm," The orange earth pony said tipping her hat at Fallen.

"I'm Pinkie Pie!" The other Earth pony of the group said as she bounced down the road

"Rainbow Dash! Soon to be one of the awesome Wonderbolts!" She said doing a barrel roll above the group.

"Rarity of Rarity's Fashion Design~" The white unicorn said doing her famous mane flip.

"I'm Twilight Sparkle! Protegee of Princess Celestia" The Purple unicorn said causing Fallen's eyes to go wide at the thought of her sisters protegee being so far away from the princess herself.

"and I'm... Fluttershy..." the yellow pegasus said quietly as they entered the busy town of Ponyville.

'They're all so nice and friendly... I might have to watch myself around Twilight though...If my sisters want me dead then I'll be dead...' The blue filly thought sadly as they all arrived at the small town of Ponyville. They showed the small pony all around town; From Town Hall to Rarity's Design suite and back. As they had a snack at the Sugar Cube(Pinkie's treat) when AppleJack said she had to get back to bucking apples. The smaller pony excused herself with promises of seeing them tomorrow and coming to her 'You fell out of the sky and you're not hurt' party courtesy of Pinkie Pie.

"Hey! AJ! Wait up!" Fallen said racing after the orange pony, coming to trot next to the farm pony "Can I come and help out on the farm?" She asked as they walked on the same road they came into town on.

"Well, I'm not so sure... Big Mac did get hurt just the other day... Sure but why would a pegasus want to do an Earth pony job like this?" She asked pointedly wondering what they were going to do about the hole in the middle of the Fuji apples.

"My older sister always says that we need to work as hard as an Earth pony and that we should always help out a friend in need. Besides! I need to help out with all the trouble I caused with that big hole in your field!"

"Well then, considering that! Welcome aboard!" AppleJack said as they entered the farm grounds.

"Well that seems to about do it," AppleJack said after kickin a couple more of the Granny Smith apples from the trees, "Fallen! I think it's time we he-" The orange pony cut her sentace short as she saw the small blue pegasus lying down in a pile of fallen leaves with a pair of buckets full to the brim with apples. Her singed mane and tail were a mess still and covered in leaves and sticks; Rarity surely would have fainted at the very sight of the small pony.

"Come on, little filly. I bet AppleBloom or Granny has an apple pie waiting for us." She said nudging the slightly purple pony awake.

"Are you sure you don't want to take some pie home to your sisters?" Apple Bloom said as the whole Apple family stood at the door to wave Fallen Star home. The yellow pony had already tried to yank the cutiemarkless pony into her group that she called the "Cutie Mark Crusaiders" which was hastilly declined. The girl shook her head smiling as she started to walk away

"Yes, but my sisters will be expecting me back home before the moon rises." She said waving as she walked through the gate and out the road.

"Well, feel free to come back any time!" Granny Smith said in her aged voice waving her arm looking quisically at the small filly's retreating back as if she were remembering an old Mare's Tale. Big Mac and Apple Jack were already headed back inside as the pegasus resonded.

"Of course, Granny Smith! Have a good night!" She called back before she walked out of ear shot.

"That little filly sure is somethin'... Reminds me of this one Mare's Tale... Bout the lost princess...The girl is so small and fits the description... " Granny muttered as she and AppleBloom walked over to her rocking chair.

"What are ya talkin bout Granny?" Big Mac asked in his deep voice as he walked past heading up to his room for the night.

"Oh just an old mare's mutterin's," The older and wiser mare said nonchalantly as she sat down to think of the old mares tail wondering if the filly could possibly be the lost Royal Pony Sister.

As our young filly continued to walk through Ponyville, shops began to close hastily as she walked and she thought she heard Pinkie calling her name. She continued to walk, thinking deeply about where she would stay for the night.

"My sisters want me dead i think... And I don't want to burden any pony with me staying there... But where could I-" Her thoughts were interupted as she ran into a pony in a cloak. "Oh excuse me... Miss?" She asked looking up at the cloaked figure.

"What is this I spy? A little Pony with a curious eye." The Pony's gravily voice said as she bent her neck to look at the small Alicorn. "But not just any Pegasi, An even rarer find than I." The zebra said slipping back her cloak's hood. The frizzed out hair had been moved around as she walked and her horn began to show underneath all the dirt and grime that had built up over the days events.

"You're a Zebra! Thats so cool! I've always wanted to meet one!" The small princess said having not noticed her horn problem and began looking closely at the stripes on Zecora's face.

"Tis but an Alicorn, but how is it that you were born?" Zecora asked worriedly at the filly. If this alicorn was here then the prediction that this Zebra had had a few nights prior was going to be true sooner then she hoped.

"Y-You know what i am...? Oh no, Oh nooooo... Please don't tell anypony, Please!" She pleaded worriedly to the zebra. Her sisters wanted her to be dead and if anypony found out about her horn then word would spread or perhaps Twilight would just send a letter strait to Celestia herself and then she truely would be dead.

"Calm thy self worried one, for of the worry you have none." Zecora said silencing the young Alicorn, as the Zebra continued on to speak "I shall not send you home, but I will go through your story with a fine toothed comb."

"Really? Do you have a place so that we may talk? I don't really wish to speak about this out in the open." The filly said worriedly looking around for any pony on the main street. She looked but surprisingly there was no one to be seen and it confused her greatly because the moon had only just come up.

"But first we must play a game. What is your name?" The rhymes of the Zebra were begining to confuse the small Alicorn but she shook her head and responded.

"FallenStar... And yours?" She asked hoping that she wouldn't start rhyming like that if she hung with her too much.

"I am Zecora, Bright FallenStar. Let us get out of this Bazzar." The zebra said pulling her hood back up and started to walk towards the Everfree forest the filly at her heels.