The Beginning of Chaos, Alicorns, and the Elements

by Tyler-the-Brony

Part 5: The Conclusion

“FAMIRA!” Dune Star called out as he recognized the creature held in the center of the Elements of Chaos, not daring to believe his eyes.

The creature was without a doubt Famira though. Famira appeared to be within a deep and dark slumber and severely malnourished though, almost a ghost of his former self. Dune Star knew what he must do now.

“Celestia! Luna! With me now!” Dune Star called out as he charged towards the Elements of Chaos.

Celestia and Luna appeared beside Dune Star almost instantly at his words, both charging with him at the Elements of Chaos at near the same speed.

“You two need to grab Famira before he falls okay? Do you understand?” Dune Star asked them, hoping they would simply listen to their master.

“But what are you going to do Dune Star?” Luna replied, ushering forth a few tears from Dune Star with her question.

Anima’s petrification would not last much longer than it already had. Large cracks were beginning to appear all over his being, and he was beginning to be able to visibly move again. Dune Star knew he had to time everything perfectly now.

“Don’t worry about me! Do you understand what you need to do?” Dune Star called out again, hoping that Celestia and Luna would both understand what he must do and why he must be the one to do it.

“We do!” Celestia called to Dune Star, tears in her eyes, as they all neared the Elements of Chaos greatly now.

“Please try to come back though!” Luna added, tears running down her face as well now, having fully grasped what Dune star intended to do now.

Dune Star nodded and smiled one last time to his two favorite students as he entered the circle of the Elements of Chaos. Their power nearly threatened to overwhelm Dune Star, but they were also made of the Sands of the Desert of Fate, and therefore, Dune Star could control them enough.

Dune Star closed his eyes and went in to a direct upward soar after embracing the Elements of Chaos, knowing full well he needed the maximum height his wings would allow for this to work as he intended.

Out of the corners of his sight, Dune Star saw Celestia and Luna catch Famira as Anima began to fully escape from his stone form. Dune Star needed to work quickly.

Dune Star continued to soar beyond the heights of the sky that any winged creature should go, knowing he needed to push himself every tiny bit of distance he could go for maximum impact.

Eventually, just as Dune Star heard Anima bellow below again, his wings would let him climb no farther. Dune Star pivoted himself so that he would plummet downwards now, glad he had exhausted his wings enough so that he could not flap.

Dune Star began to feel a sonic barrier form about him as he became able to barely see Canterlot again, knowing that no Alicorn had ever achieved this speed before. Dune Star also saw Anima roar at the sky, or more precisely, at him.

Dune Star no longer felt guilt though as he knew this creature truly was no longer in any way Famira. Dune Star had the Elements which had created this creature with him. Destroying both at the same time was the only way everypony could be safe.

Dune Star was extraordinarily close to contacting with Anima now, and thus he put the final part of his plan into action. Dune Star turned himself ever so slightly as he made contact with Anima, so as to push him back to what would be both his birthplace and his grave.

The Desert of Fate took only a couple of moments to reach at the tremendous speed Dune Star possessed. Once there, Dune Star used the last of his magic to restore his energy to fly once more. Dune Star empowered himself to teleport beyond where he had last flown to, so as to make sure this contact would destroy the Elements of Chaos and Anima completely.

Dune Star plummeted one last time, and as he again came close to hitting Anima, time appeared to slow itself. Dune Star looked about him as the ghosts of his past and the friends of his present appeared before his eyes.

Only two words escaped Dune Star before the impact. Two words that nopony would ever hear when they were uttered at that moment.

“Forgive me.”


The impact of the collision between Dune Star and Anima within the Desert of fate could be felt fully, even in Canterlot. The Six Bearers and the Six Leaders all felt the power of the Elements of Harmony leave them as grief overtook them.

The 12 Users of the Elements of Harmony looked towards the Princesses and received only grave nods as their answer to the unasked questions.

“C-Can we go see if h-he’s okay?” Rainbow Dash asked aloud, knowing full well that her hope was futile.

Princess Luna nodded and let her magic flow through her horn, brining all the ponies nearby to the edge of the Desert of Fate.

The Desert of Fate was now empty, just a barren basin where the home of Dune Star had once been. The ponies present began to cry before the magic of the Desert took effect one last time.

“Don’t cry. We all knew there would be sacrifices.”

Everypony looked up as what could only be described as the ghost of Dune Star approached them threw the swirling residue of the Desert and the crash. The being once called Dune Star smiled as he looked upon all the ponies present.

“I am simply content that all of you are okay after this battle. Be happy. I had a life far longer than most. And now I can be with my father again.” Dune Star spoke as he smiled upon the heavens and those before him.

“It’s not fair though! You did so much for all of us! You should still be alive!” Commander Hurricane called out, emotion overtaking her for the first time in what felt like 10 lifetimes.

“I will continue to be alive. So long as you all remember me. As long as one pony remembers me, I can never really die. The same is true of every pony in Equestria. Remember that I will always be with you and live your lives well.” Dune Star replied to Commander Hurricane, hoping she would understand this due to the war-like times she had once lived in.

“Goodbye master.” Luna spoke up, still crying as she had been through all of Dune Star’s last words.

“We will miss you. You were a true hero of Equestria. I will make certain nopony ever forgets what you have done.” Celestia added, smiling at Dune Star before turning away to cry like her sister.

The others could not speak words to Dune Star. They merely smiled, nodded, and cried. Dune Star felt certain that they would be okay though, and content that he should move on.

Dune Star walked a short ways to lay down at the center of the deepest part of what was once the Desert of Fate. Dune Star curled in among himself as though settling for a long sleep before his residual magic gathered and he became a crystal representation of himself, his spirit both remaining with the ponies in Equestria and going to join the other ponies in Elysium.


History must never be fully forgotten. If even only one person still remembers, then it can live on forever. The same thing is true of people, and of ponies. Remember this mantra. Live for the present, prepare for the future, and always remember the past.

Goodbye for now.