When I was just a filly

by Kunama Windrider

The Spell

Dear Fluttershy,
I would like to invite you over to read sometime, however, I have a really busy calender. Maybe it's too soon, but I would be very happy if you could make it today! If you can, meet me promptly at four o'clock. Hope you can come!
P.S. I discovered a new spell!

Fluttershy smiled as she read the note. Of course she would like to go over! Reading with Twilight was such fun. Her books were so interesting, and it was peaceful there. She could really relax. Fluttershy had just started reading the 2nd Daring Do book, although there was too much danger for her liking. But she didn't want to hurt Twilight's feelings, so she read them anyway. And who knew what the spell was? Fluttershy giggled. Twilight was so funny! She packed her bags and headed over.


Twilight waited nervously at the door. She desperately wanted to try out this new spell, and Fluttershy was possibly the most supportive pony she knew. As well as that, she was quiet, so Twilight could concentrate! Suddenly, a quiet knock at the door rang through the castle. Twilght opened the door in a rush, crying, "Fluttershy! Finally, you're here! Come-on-let-me-show-you-the-spell!" She led Fluttershy through the castle, going on and on about the spell. "It's supposed to create a circle in which we can see an alternate past! You have to say words as well, like this: A problem in the past I fear, show it to me, bright and clear... oops." A circle yawned ahead of them, blocking their way. "Never mind, we can just run through it," said Twilight, fervently hoping that it was true. They ran through it.