Winter & Dagi

by Sparkling blaze

Adagio is sick? (Part 2/2)

Winter's POV

Adagio went to the bathroom there's already 20 minutes,I'm starting to get really worried,what's she's doing in there?

Okay,I'll go in there.

"Adagio?Adagio?Dagi?Dagi,is everything okay?"

I knocked in the door.

"Adagio?Adagio,open the door,please. Adagio, open the door." I knocked desesperately on the door.


Oh my god!Fuck it all,I'm going to break the door.

She’s fainted,and burning, I don't give a fuck if she doesn't want to go to the hospital, this is for her own good, for her to stay alive, I catch her in my lap, I'll take a cover, her clothes, some of her shampoos and some of her hair creiamos, her cellphone and I think that's all.

Hope she doesn't mind,but I'll have her car borrowerd for a few time.

In the hospital...

"Help,somebody she's barely breathing!" I cry out loud.

They come fast to help Adagio.
She’s soon put in the oxygen,and in the medication,I'm so aliviated.

"Sorry to inform Mr. Cloud,but Ms.Dazzle has rare chances of living,we're injecting vitamins in her, has she been eating?"Asks the doctor.


"Her problem is lack of nutrients."

I look down sad,almost crying,I can't lost Dagi, she explained to me that's not it.

"I'll let you alone now." Says the doctor.

"Hey,Dagi,I know you didn't want me to bring you here."

No answer.

"But,I'm sorry,I lost my grandparents,I lost my parents,I lost my sister, I can't lose you too. Adagio, if you ever wake up,if you get better,I just want you to know that I love you." I start to cry."If you ever wake up,can we be together?Can we be one?Can we date?Can we marry?Can we build a life together? We'll look to the stars every Night, we'll remind one another of how we love each every night before we sleep." I sniff. " When we marry,you'll have an awesome bride dress,and Aria,Sonata and Flower will watch proud of us two,we can live wherever you want...And we can have how many kids you want,but if you don't want we don’t need to. Dagi. No, Adagio. Adagio Dazzle, if you ever wake up,would you give me the honor of being your boyfriend?"

I hear an little:

"I thought you'd never ask..."

"Adagio , you're awake!"

"Of course I am,did you forget our promise? Always be there for each other. Always. So you saved my life again, huh? I most definitely have to pay you,close your eyes."

" Okay , they're closed."

And then when I last expected it,I received my "payment": an kiss in the mouth from Adagio,I'm so suprised.

"Yes, Winter Cloud, I'd love to be your girlfriend."

"I love you, Dagi."

"I love you too, Winter."