Redeeming Darkness - 'Displaced'

by KukriRyuTsukino

Meeting with the Denizens

Guest Room - Dawn Wing, Canterlot Palace
Point Of View: Thomas Oliver
‘Don’t know who this cute chick is, but I don't really mind that she's washing my hair. Admittedly, the pale raspberry pink skin is… slightly unnerving. Call it a gut feeling that this may be the most relaxed I am going to be for a while,’ I thought. “Who are you?” I muttered.

“Rose… Rose Quartz Pie,” was her reply, for some reason, her voice reminding me of Halle Berry. I stiffened more in surprise as warm water streamed over my head and shoulders, my head falling back slightly as she chuckled softly. “Your mane is thick and silky, yet strikes me as unruly and as stubborn as its owner,” she teased as I shivered slightly before blinking as she slid into the tub with an appreciative sigh.

“I suppose I can be stubborn, though many people can be stubborn about different things,” I deadpanned as I shrugged.

“Good point. My twin sister is crazy about her party planning business and surprisingly good at it, despite having moved to a small village. Me, I'm more… creative in a different way,” she commented.

“I can tell, you're like me. A musician,” I quipped, amused by the mildly interested look she gained as she sighed softly, settling into the bubbly tub.

“What kind of music do you prefer? I'm more of a Gothic Rock myself,” Rose asked.

I shrugged. “A variety, I suppose. I can do everything from heavy metal and hard rock to country and blues,” I sighed as I shrugged. My ears twitched slightly as I heard the door open in the other room.

“You're what, fifteen? Sixteen?” Rose commented abruptly, confusing me.

“Eh? Last I checked, I was…. nineteen,” I muttered in confusion.

“Huh, I could have sworn you were fifteen, about the same as Pinkamena,” she said thoughtfully.

“Pinkamena? Huh, sounds like a bit of a… unique name. Though I did know someone who preferred to be called… well,” I started before pausing, glancing away from Rose Quartz's curious gaze.

“What did he prefer?” I heard her as I saw her shift closer in the bubbly water, pert B cup breasts bobbing in the bubbles.

I swallowed slowly. “He preferred… Onager Irranu,” I said slowly. From Rose's blank look, she didn't get the ridiculous joke. “Essentially, the nickname he preferred…” I said, whispering the real meaning in her ear.

Rose's eyes widened as I sat back before she snorted, then broke into husky laughter. As she shifted, apparently to keep her balance, I couldn't help but notice that a certain part of her body was rather… obvious as it was no more than a foot or two from me.

Her nipples were a dusky pink as I tore my gaze away. I didn't realize, at this point, that Rose was roughly twenty minutes older than Pinkamena “Pinkie” Diane Pie. Of course, I also didn't know that dragons ate gemstones, though I am well aware that rose quartz is a type of uncommon gemstone.

My ears twitched slightly at the voices before my senses, specifically hearing and sight, sharpened abruptly, letting me catch the motherly gentle voice and more excited female voice.

“Eh? How are you doing that? The tips of your ears look almost… pointed… with silvery white fire,” I heard Rose comment, distracting me as what I termed as 'aura flames’ winked out like a blown candle.

“Huh? I guess… the only thing I can think of…” I commented, thinking. “Would be if I were focusing energy through my ears, sharpening my hearing. Read of a similar ability… never imagined it was possible,” I sighed.

“What do you mean?” Rose said curiously.

I shrugged. “There are little known tricks to manipulate the energy within one's body, which can take different forms at times. One skill is enhancing one's senses, which, if used with sight, would make you more vulnerable to sudden flares of light. Hearing, vulnerable to loud noises. Smell… heh… kinda obvious,” I quipped. I could see the curiosity in her eyes.

FPOV Perspective Shift - Rose Quartz Pie

Admittedly, he seemed to know what he was talking about, though from the sound of it, such abilities as he spoke of were either extremely rare, or almost forgotten. The small smirk he gained was rather cute, though, even if he's a bit younger than me. Knowing Pinkamena, the first things she'd be asking about would be his favorite desserts, drinks, colors, and foods, in no particular order. Probably, she'd ask, subtly, about his birthday. Eh… who am I kidding? Pinkamena isn't really that subtle but she does tend to be diligent and stubborn.

“I saw a video of a prank in a middle school cafeteria… using something called Liquid Ass… sprayed four spritzes… on the back of a bully's chair… it ended up clearing out a third of the whole school,” he said, pausing only to snicker a few times. I blinked before I snorted then broke into laughter. “I have a feeling that Pinkie would find you hilarious,” I quipped jokingly. I scooped up a soft washcloth as I noticed the unsure look that flickered across his face before I slid closer to him before carefully rubbing it against his shoulders and chest, noticing how smooth his body felt against the lighter fur of my fingers and palms. I cocked my head, noticing that other than on his head and his mane, there was little fur on his body.

FPOV Perspective Shift - Thomas Oliver

I shivered as Rose bathed me, the closeness relaxing as it was utterly foreign and unfamiliar. She soon pushed me towards the steps into the tub, which confused me until I realized that she was saying, through action, that it was wisest to rinse off and find some clean clothes.

“Can't remember the last time someone did that for me,” I muttered. I heard Rose say something, but ignored it as I slid into the nearby shower, cranking it nice and warm, though it was habitual for me to cool it down gradually to prevent my muscles from cramping up.

'Now that I consider it, I never got the chance to mention that it was Stephen Cardenas who trained me, someone Jason would have known,’ I mused thoughtfully. A small smirk crossed my face as I exhaled softly as the heated water ran over my skin though over the next several minutes, I cooled the water a little at a time, every thirty or forty seconds. I cut the water flow as I shook myself, absently noticing the feel of restrained power that flowed through my body.

'Guess it's time,’ I thought as I stepped out of the shower before focusing as I felt the water stream off to hover over my right palm before I flicked it over my shoulder into the shower.