Wars of the Old World (A post nuclear Commie related interactive story)

by Soviet_Pony_Need_OCs

Chapter One page five The Path to Leningrad

Chapter One

Page 5

The Path to Leningrad

  As the morning sun risen over the group in the chilling breeze, Fire Tan, Hammer Will, along with Tommislav and his wife had packed up the camp and began to plan for their march to Leningrad.

  ‘’We will follow the small industry towns and scavenge supplies, hopefully we can find an automobile, at best we will reach Leningrad by the spring of next year, I know this is simple plan and Christmas is of near, we must press on.’’ Hammer Will said as he drew out his plan using his hooves to draw on the dirt.

  ‘’That’s it? Are you sure you know what you’re doing? And also, why don’t we just go to Moscow, this is our lives you’re playing with.'' Tommislav said again with a sense of disbelief and distrust.

  ‘’Comrade, I believe I am the one with the gun, you would do well to listen to what I say.’’ Hammer Will replied with a threat.

  ‘’Hey, my chest still hurts! I can’t walk from Moscow to Leningrad! Why can’t we just head to Moscow first, I’m sure that the Kremlin can keep the city in order.’’ Tommniov said as she slowly got up, still shaken by her wound.

  ‘’Since you asked, I should just tell you civilians about it. First of all a SIMM was detonated on Moscow, the heat could have evaporated everything and every-pony there, and even if the SIMM didn't what do you think about the rebels? Even out here far from downtown we already had what seemed to rebels, Goddess knows what could be there? Hammer Will said annoyed.

  ‘’Hey, would you mind telling me what exactly happened to you?’’ Fire Tan said worried as she walked up to Tommniov slowly.

  ‘’Oh darling, my wound? After the solar blast which we survived by being behind the office, I saw some armed pony-folks, I thought it was the military since they were all dressed fancy I tried to make contact but they fired and I escaped, unfortunately I guess I got shot in the process.’’ Tommniov said still slightly in pain.

  ‘’By the way COMMISSAR.’’ Tommislav said sarcastically, ‘’Names Mr. Tommislav, about time you asked for that, Civilian isn’t my name you know?’’

  As Mr. Tommislav finished his sentence, Mr. Tommniov called out to Hammer Will worried, ‘’ If Moscow is destroyed what makes Leningrad different?’’

  ‘’The Leningrad fort has a nuclear shelter that is both self-sufficient and well protected by a garrison and both me and Former Captain Fire Tan here are the garrison commander’s friend, so we have a better chance there, plus if we find a working automobile we can make the trip in days, until then we will take care of you and your wife.’’ Hammer Will finished by patting Fire Tan’s shoulder saying ‘’Plus Fire Tan here can pick an apple clean off a tree with her rifle from more than 500 yards, right?’’ He said jokingly.

Fire Tan smiled slightly with shyness at the complement. After the group picked up their belonging, they were on their way.

The trip along the road was long yet dull, The world around them is now completely dead, lifeless trees accompanied by dry grass and there was nothing but mud, as the snow that suddenly melted in the blast turned into water, making traveling even harder, Fire Tan started to notice the cold as the clouds were blocking the sun, the world seemed dark and unsettling. The first hours were filled with jokes and random conversations but soon it was just a barrage of complaints from Tommniov, it would seem that Ms. Tommniov is having a hard time with her wounds and Mr. Tommislav is also tired after having to help his wife walking through the wasteland. Along the road a few cars with what seem to the remains of their previous owners can be seen, but there are no functioning cars nor must survivors, the heated steel have turned the cars into ovens. After another few more hours that felt like centuries. The sight of a small town was up ahead.

  ‘’Finally~ I’m almost gonna faint!’’ Fire Tan said with great relief and instantly collapsed on the ground laughing, ‘’I don’t even know if we are gonna be able to reach ANYWHERE today, I hope I can find something to drink in the town. I’m so going to get plastered’’

  As Fire Tan relished herself in this brief moment of victory, she realize now her uniform is now covered in mud.

  ‘’You look like cow on farm, comrade!’’ Hammer Will laughed as he pulled Fire Tan up from the ground, ‘’I’ll give you my trench coat while yours get clean. Anyways vodka awaits.’’

  Just then the sound gunshot pierced the air, and sent the slightly relaxed nerves of Fire Tan and Hammer Will into full on mobilization.

Having a soldier instinct. ‘’GET DOWN!’’ Hammer Will yelled as he pushed Fire Tan through the mud behind a busted car, and ducked behind a tree while Mr. Tommislav tugged Ms. Tommniov behind the car that Fire Tan was at.

  Just then Hammer Will spotted a few ponies firing at them from a tower, they wore civilian clothing, and had a distinctive blue bandana on their heads. The ponies seemed to have no mind in peace, while one kept firing another two more slowly moved up on both flanks.

‘’On your left! Just use your iron sights’’ Hammer Will called out to Fire Tan. And threw Fire Tan her rifle.

  unexpected, the flying rifle caught Fire Tan off guard and smacked her right in her face, slightly dazed, she pokes around the corner and aims down her scope.

  ‘’I’ll get the left, you get the right! Wait, take your scope off.’’ Hammer Will said urgently as the two ponies closed in on them from both sides and the supressing fire is keeping him down.

  Bang! Bang! Bang! Fire Tan fires three rounds but to no affect besides allowing the three ponies to spot her position, as the suppressing kept them down and the two ponies getting closer, the situation seemed dire.

  ‘’Stay calm, wait till enemy magazine run out.’’ Hammer Will said as he tried to get every-pony to calm down.

  Just then they heard a familiar tick, it was the sound of an empty receiver. In a flash Hammer Will tosses his ushanka out as a distraction.

  As the two ponies were distracted for the moment, Hammer Will emptied his whole magazine into the two flanking ponies, just then Fire Tan saw the last remaining rebel trying to reload, and she focused in and blow his brains out with one precise shot. Just then from the corner of her eye, she saw some-pony else, a flash through a window. ''A Sniper!'' Fire Tan thought, quickly turning around she fired four rounds and the pony went down.

  Then there was silence.

  ‘’Alright threat gone. Move up.’’ Hammer Will signaled the group to move up as he drew out his pistol.

  As the group went to loot the now dead attackers, Fire Tan had went to check on the sniper.

  After finally getting to the house where the sniper was seen, Fire Tab busted into the room and found a mare dead on the floor, it would seem one of Fire Tan’s bullet had found its way to her head and the shot killed her instantly.

  Only then did Fire Tan realized a mistake, the object seemed like a scope was simply a binocular, she appeared to be simply a survivor that just happened to have seen by Fire Tan and mistaken for an enemy.

  ‘’This can’t be true right?’’ She thought to herself. But just then she realized the crucial thing about the mare, she didn't have a blue bandana like the rest of the attackers.

  ‘’I never kill innocent ponies. Right?’’ Fire Tan suddenly snapped.

  ‘’I don’t kill innocent ponies, I never do.’’ these are the thoughts in her mind throughout all of her wars, it kept her strong and away from guilt, but now? To have the truth laid in front of her?

  Something cracked.

Date: starting from last chapter 1990/12/21, 1PM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
Ms. Tommniov, Wounded in the torso (Not fatal, recovering)
Mr. Tommislav, Healthy
1 marekov pistol and 4 clips of ammo. (45 rounds)
1 SVT-40(scoped) and 2.2 clips of ammo. (22 rounds)
1.5 day worth of food.
Moscow Industrial district 20.