Rainbow Light And Sketchy Clouds

by Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

“Rainbow Light You Grow Up Too Fast!”

Rainbow Light was in her room it was 9:30 am she kept on looking out of the window waiting for her friend to arrive. She was so eager she just couldn’t wait.

Rainbow Dash walked inside the bedroom, “Hey there, honey, what are you doing looking out of the window?” She asked.

“Just waiting for, Sketchy Clouds ohhh I can’t wait!” Rainbow Light answered.

Rainbow Dash’s eyes were filling up with tears, “Oh, Rainbow Light-”

“Mummy? Are you crying?” Rainbow Light interrupted.

“Yes, I’am it’s just, you’re growing up too fast,” Rainbow Dash said, showing her feelings.

Rainbow Light gave her mum, Rainbow Dash a big hug, “It’s okay mummy, doesn’t this happen in life?” she asked.

“Yes it does. I just feel like it was yesterday you were born,” Rainbow Dash cried.

“I’m sorry I’m growing up too fast,” Rainbow Light said.

“Don’t be sorry,” Rainbow Dash said, “I’m gonna be fine,” Rainbow Dash smiled as she hugged Rainbow Light tightly to her chest.