The Colt of Fire and Lightning

by ShagPony

Chapter 4: Called Ponyville

(Mason's Pov)

This dynamic filly wasn't kidding when she said that she likes to go fast. I couldn't really tell how fast we were going because all I could see were colorful blurs. I could at least tell that we were getting closer to the Carousel Boutique because it wasn't that far. We would be there in no time.

Now I really wish I could use my wings.

As we made the distance between the shop shorter, Scootaloo quickly turned the scooter to the right making it come to a skidding stop just a few inches from the front door. Having tightened my grip on the filly, I loosened up and stared at the shop that was directly in front of us.

"Wow, that was quick." I exclaimed as I eyed the shop up and down.

Scootaloo huffed with smugness as she took her helmet off and turned to me with her chest puffed out. "I did tell you. When I'm on this scooter, I like to make it go as fast as I can."

As I discarded my own helmet I lightly tapped Scootaloo's shoulder. "Well until I see for my self, I'd say you were going just as fast as Rainbow Dash."

As she set her helmet on one of the handles, I could see a hue of pink touch her cheeks as her ears slightly fell. "W-well I wouldn't say that I'm as fast as Rainbow Dash but thank you."

I nodded in response as we both made our way to the door. Scootaloo opened the door to the shop and motioned me inside with her head. I thanked her and stepped inside with the filly following close behind me. As we entered, a small bell chimed which was followed by a voice.

“Coming~” came a posh, sing song voice. Since I've never exactly been in this place before, I decided to wait and see where Scootaloo went to. When I saw she was waiting for the pony that be,one to the voice to come I decided to take the time to look around. I could now see that this store was a specialty shop specifically made for making clothes. Whoever worked here was extremely well experienced. The dresses that aligned the mannequins were very well designed, of course there were a few that had no clothing to show.

As I continued to take in the sights of the store, I heard hooves approaching.

“Welcome to the Carousel Boutique where- oh, hello there Scootaloo."

The mare that came to us from the deeper part of the store had white fur with a purple mane and tail that had curls. I could also see that this mare was wearing makeup and eyeliner on her blue eyes. I also smelled perfume, a lot of perfume. Taking a quick glance at her Cutie Mark I saw that she had three gems.

“Hi Rarity!” Scootaloo greeted the fancy pony, “is Sweetie Belle home?”

“Why yes she is and I can call her down for you, but first,” her gaze shifted to me, “who might your friend be?”

Scootaloo gestured a hoof to me. “Rarity meet my friend Mason, Mason this is Rarity, Sweetie Belle’s sister.”

“A pleasure to meet you darling.” Rarity greeted as she gave a small bow of her head.

’So it's one of those peop- ponies huh, well might as well be a little formal.’ I thought.

“Um, the pleasures all mine Miss Rarity.” I said politely as I too gave a small bow of my head.

I lifted my head to see that Rarity had a look of mild surprise on her face as she put a hoof to her mouth that had a small smile. “Oh my, such manners for a young colt such as you.”

“You can thank the two people who raised me well. It's all from my parents, they did raise me well.” I said with my head held up high.

“I bet they did darling. Anywho, you said you came for Sweetie Belle?” she asked as her gaze shifted to Scootaloo.

“Yup.” Scootaloo said with a excited nod. Rarity nodded back as she went to a set of stairs. Which reminds me, how did I not see those?

“Sweetie Belle!” Rarity called loudly, “your friend Scootaloo is here!”

We didn't have to wait long as a squeaky voice answered back. “I'll be down in a minute!”

Rarity nodded to herself again and looked back at us. “She'll be down in a minute darlings, now if you'll excuse me I must finish some clothes for a client.” she said walking back into the store.

“Wait, you made all these?” I asked with astonishment.

Rarity stopped mid-way of a door frame -without the door- and turned her attention to me. “Why yes darling, I did make them.”

I looked at all of the clothes that surrounded me and gaped in shock. "Did- did you make all of them? By yourself?"

Seeming to light up at my astonishment the fashioneta turned her body completely towards me with a her head held high. "Why yes I did. Every piece of clothing, accessory, or drawing you see around you was created by moi. I am a fashioneta after all darling so it's only fit that I created the clothes by myself."

I blinked in even more astonishment. Now I remember how my dad looked best for the job he went to. While I was a bit frustrated by how expensive a piece of clothing was, he soon explained how long it can take for people -even with help- to make clothes like a suit or dress. So hearing that this mare could make them by herself was astonishing.

"Well I thinks it's incredibly astonishing on how you make all of these by yourself. My dad would tell me how long and how much work it can take to make clothes like these so you must have a special talent for them."

It was real clear that Rarity seemed to beam at my compliment. “Why thank you very much darling! I do work very hard on them and put all the effort I can into them. Now you two along with Sweetie Belle enjoy yourselves, I must get back to work.” she said walking into her work area. As she disappeared I heard another set of hooves approaching from the stairs.

What came from the stairs was a small unicorn filly. She had the same white fur like Rarity along with a light pink and purple curly mane and tail. Like Scootaloo, she too didn't have a Cutie Mark. As the filly approached us, she perked up at seeing her friend Scootaloo.

“Hi Scootaloo!”

“Hey Sweetie Belle!”

As the two friends got closer they both came in and hugged. If I wasn't a boy and probably still human I would say that it was cute looking. Probably.

“What are you doing here Scootaloo, got any ideas for more crusading?” asked Sweetie Belle as their hug ended.

Scootaloo shook her head. “Nope, I got something better.” To put emphasis to her statement she gestured her head to me with a smile. Sweetie Belle looked to me with a raised eyebrow.

“What about him?” The unicorn filly asked. Scootaloo put her hooves around her mouth and moved closer to her friend to whisper into her ear. When she was done, Sweetie Belle looked to Scootaloo with disbelief, then looked to me with said expression while raising an eyebrow. She walked over to me and looked at my flank and gasped as her disbelief became shock.

“Oh my gosh your right, he doesn't have a Cutie Mark!” Sweetie said as she looked to Scootaloo. “Does Apple Bloom know about this?!”

“Nope, we were gonna head to Sweet Apple Acres to show Apple Bloom as soon as we got you to come with us.” Scootaloo replied with increasing excitement.

“Well then let's go!” Sweetie excitedly said as she headed for the door, which Scootaloo happily followed. I was still trying to find out what was going on with these two and the fact I don't have a Cutie Mark. I quickly went outside and galloped to catch up to the girls. This time I didn't even wobble. Yay for achievements.

“Might I ask again,” I started as I caught up and watched the fillies attach a wagon to the scooter, “what exactly is the big deal with me having no Cutie Mark?”

“You'll find out soon enough.” Scootaloo replied. I groaned in impatience but nonetheless, put my helmet on, got in the wagon with Sweeite Belle, and waited for the speedy ride to the farm.


During another need for speed ride to the farm, I took the time getting to know Sweetie Belle some more while on occasion getting to know some things about Scootaloo when she wasn't doing anything crazy. It took a bit longer to get to the farm than it did to Rarity's store, especially since it was on the far side of the town. When we finally arrived, Scootaloo parked the scooter and wagon next to the white picket fence allowing for all of us to disembark and heading through the main gate that had a wooden apple sign hanging above it.

As we trotted up to the farm I took a look around to take in its sights. Obviously like any other farm or place of had working labor there was a large red barn with some fences on the side probably for some of the animals to roam around. Although, unlike most barns I've seen, this one was coneoletely decorated to the point it almost look like a house. As we continued walking up the dirt trail, we passed by a well that had large vegetable patches behind it. Next to the large patches was a building that probably had all the picked ones inside of it. A couples yards away from the barn and vegetable house was a regular looking house that the residents lived in.

I had been taking in the sights for so long that I didn't notice the two filly's take a sharp turn until I looked ahead of myself. As I turned to follow, I gaped in awe as I saw the main part that gave the farm its name. Infront of me were hundreds upon hundreds of trees that had shiny red apples ready for the pickin. I was surprised by how many there were. Of course it surprised me more that before we came here I asked about this Apple Bloom character. She lived and worked on the farm with her Granny Smith and older brother and sister. The fact that the two youngest ponies did the hard labor of harvesting this many trees was darn near amazing.

As we entered through the trees, I caught the site of many buckets filled to the brim with apples and could also hear the faint sound of a hard thwack amongst the trees. I looked ahead and felt my ears swivel and tried to make out what it was. I heard the track again but more closely and relized that it was somepony hitting the trees and to prove my point, I caught the slights of a tail peaking out of them as I heard another thwack, followed by the apples following out of the tree and into the buckets.

As we drew near, the tail happened to belong to a mare that came out from behind the tree. She had light orange fur with a long blond mane and tail that were tied up in a ponytail. On her flank was a Cutie Mark of three apples. As we drew near, her eyes -which were a emerald green- spotted us which caused her to stop her work and smile to us as she spoke in a southern accent.

“Howdy there girls, what brings ya’ll to the farm? And who's the feller walken ya?”

“Hi Applejack,” the duo said together, “we were coming to get Apple Bloom to show her our friend Mason here.” Scootaloo answered as she gestured back to me. Applejack looked to me with a smile still on her face. As I stared into her eyes, I could tell they spoke levels of honesty and that sent a shiver down my spine. Hmm, I'm starting to regret lying to my parents.

I was pulled from my thoughts when Applejack tipped her hat and greeted me.

“Well howdy there partner, names Applejack! Proud owner and worker here on Sweet Apple Acres, where we grow the best apples in Equestria!”

I smiled and gave nod of my head. “It's nice to meet ya Applejack, my name is Mason and I gotta say, I'm really impressed on the amount of apple trees that are here. Do you really harvest them all?” I said with curiosity and amazement.

Applejack tilted her head up slightly with pride as she answered truthfully. “We sure do sugarcube, now it may look like tough work but we manage what we can.” Applejack turned to walk back into the trees before casting her gaze upon the two fillies. “If ya’ll want Apple Bloom, she's up in the house with Granny Smith.”

The duo nodded and started their trek to the house, Sweetie stopped however and turned to me. “You stay out here Mason, we'll be right back out when we get Apple Bloom.” Nodding in response, the fillies continued their way out of the field of trees and into the house.

When the duo were out of sight, I turned my gaze to Applejack. “So how do you guys harvest all these apples?” I asked, “it must be hard work without any magic or wings.”

Applejack gestured for me to walk with her as she started walking back into the field of trees. I gladly followed as she spoke up. “While that might be true sugarcube, we earth ponies have something better than unicorns or a pegasus to help us farm our land.”

“What's that?” I asked with just as much curiosity as before.

“Well, unicorns have magic that is used through there horn, pegasi have magic that allows'em to walk on clouds and fly, but us earth ponies have magic that allows us ta farm our land and gives us enhanced strength.” Applejack explained. The farm mare continued walking past trees with filled buckets until we came up to a tree with empty buckets underneath it. “Allow me to show ya.”

Applejack got next to the tree, turned around, and bucked it. The impact of her buck was so powerful that all the apples fell from the tree and into the bucket, filling it to the brim. I stared with my mouth agape in amazement. Applejack chuckled at my state.

“Daaang, you practically knocked all of the apples out of it! That was impressive!” I shouted with amazement as I threw my hooves in the air.

Applejack smiled as she rubbed her leg with a hoof. “Ah shucks sugarcube, it ain't nothen really, just doing my job on the farm.” The mare picked up one of the buckets filled with apples and set it on her back and proceeded to carry it to a nearby cart that for some reason I didn't see. When we got to the cart, I saw the two fillies along with another one approaching.

The new filly looked at me with a shocked expression. “Wow, you girls weren't kidden when ya said he didn't have a Cutie Mark!”

“Told ya Apple Bloom.” Scootaloo exclaimed with a grin

As the new filly approached, I saw that like her sister she was an earth pony- er filly. She had light yellow fur with a red mane and tail along with a large pink bow tie. Of course like the other two, she didn't have a Cutie Mark.

“Sooo, does this mean he can join our club?” Apple Bloom asked curiously.

“Well, I mean if he wants to.” Sweetie said as she gestured to me.

“Again, what club are you talking about?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

The three fillies looked at me, then to each other and nodded, then looked back to me.

“We’ll tell you all about it at the treehouse, come on.” said an excited Scootaloo who began to move -almost hop- in the direction of said treehouse. I and the other two began following her but not before saying my goodbyes to Applejack.

“Bye Applejack, it was nice meeting you!” I said to her as I left with the fillies.

“It was nice meeting you too sugarcube, you four be safe now.” she replied back as the farm mare continued her work.

I kept following the three fillies into god knows where. We took some turns here and there, went around in circles there, pretty sure I saw Chuck Norris somewhere in these fields. Nah, I'm kidding. We approached the treehouse and It was pretty nice looking. It was like a small house….on a tree....hence the name tree house.

The girls walked up the ramp to the main door and entered, with me following close behind. It was really well decorated on the inside, had a few banners, drawings, and rugs here there with a table, chairs and a podium, and could be lit by a single lantern when night came.

“So Mason, you want to know what our club is about?” asked Sweetie as she and her friends walked up to the podium.

“Yeees, I've been asking you guys ever since you started talking about it.” I whined.

The girls giggled at my impatient whinning. “Our club consists of us three and any other pony that don't have a Cutie Mark, that is if they want to join.” explained Apple Bloom.

Scootaloo nodded and continued for Apple Bloom. “Basically we go on adventures like the ones I told you about trying to look for our Cutie Marks.”

“We call ourselves…” the trio trailed off as they looked to each other, then took a deep breath. A large deep breath. Realizing what was coming I tried to cover my ears but I was too late.


It was so loud that I think I actually heard my ear drums explode. I fell to the ground withering in slight pain as all I could hear was slight ringing. To be honest it shouldn't have been that bad but since I'm a pony I guess my sense of smell and hearing is better. I could see from my watery eyes that the girls were looking at me with worried expressions as I still withered in pain on the floor.

Scootaloo came up to me with concern as she tapped me. “You all right there Mason?”

“Well the full force of that didn't kill me so I think I'm alright, but I'm gonna be down here for a while.” I replied rubbing my ears.

Scootaloo rubbed the back of her neck as her ears fell and smiled sheepishly. “Heh, sorry about that.”

“It's alright,” I started while getting up, “I think I'm good now.” To be honest I can still hear the ringing.

The three fillies smiled. “Good because it's time for your initiation to the club.” Sweetie said happily as she clapped her hooves together. I raised an eyebrow.

“Time for my initiation?” the three nodded, “as in right now?” they nodded again seeming to get excited, “why?”

They're excitement immidiatley fell as they stared at me in confusion. “You do want to join our club right?” asked Apple Bloom.

“Yeah we could have so much fun together!” encouraged Scootaloo.

“Yeah!” agreed Sweetie, “we could help each other get our cutie marks!”

“Uh…” I had a strange feeling that I would regret this if I accepted, but at the same time it could be fun.

“Oh come on you gotta join!” Scootaloo cried desperately. Faster than I could blink the trio came up to me and gave the biggest puppy dog eyes I have ever seen.


Ak, I think something happened to my heart came the author's voice as he fell out of his chair.

Oh god, author down! We got an author down. Came another author.

I stared at the trio who were giving me puppy eyes and quivering their lips for emphasis, they were desperate. Now normally this doesn't work unless the kid doing it is younger than me, of course I didn't know how old these three were, but those puppy eyes were huge, oh I can feel my defenses slowly going away.

How bad could it be?’ I thought.

I looked to the fillies and smiled. “Sure, could be fun.”

They gave a happy ‘YAY’ and hugged me which caused my cheeks to heat up a bit and gasp from the breath getting squeezed out of me.

Fortunately for me they let go and were prepared for the initiation, I took the time to actually look at the sun and to see it was behind the highest mountain which had a building on the side of it. How the heck did I not notice that!

I turned to the girls. “Look I know you guys are excited to initiate me, but I think we should do it later.” The moment it left my mouth I could see the girls become deflated and give a sad 'aww'.

“How come?” asked Scootaloo as her ears fell.

“Because it's getting a bit late and I need to be at Sugarcube Corner for my party which is being hosted by Pinkie Pie.” I explained as I gestured my head to the window.

The girls gave me a curious look with tilted heads. “You mean yer not from Ponyville?” asked Apple Bloom.

I looked at her with a shocked expression. “How'd you know?”

“Well everytime a new pony comes to Ponyville, there's usually a party hosted by Pinkie Pie for that pony.” said Scootaloo.

“Come to think of it….” began Sweetie as she tapped her chin, “shouldn't we ha- omf!” Faster than anyone could see, a pink blur stuck a pink letter in Sweetie Belle’s mouth and left. I out of the three were surprised by such speed, it'd make The Flash jealous.

“I'm guessing that's the invitation?” said Scootaloo nonchalantly as if she'd seen into beofore.

“Yuf.” Sweetie said, muffled by the letter in her mouth.

She spat out the letter and opened it, resulting in a bunch of confetti to come out of it. Shaking away the confetti, she began to silently read it, the other two looking over her shoulder to read it for themselves.

I was about to come over and see what it says but Sweetie looked up and smiled stopping me. “Welp the invitation says here that your party is in another hour, so we should probably start heading over there.”

“Huh, guess we'll have ’ta skip the initiation then.” Apple Bloom spoke up, sounding a bit disappointed. I looked to the others who looked a bit disappointed to.

I smiled to all three of them. “Hey, how about tomorrow, when you gals are free you can give me the initiation then.”

The girls seemed to lighten up a bit when I said that. “That's a great idea, and we don't have school tomorrow so we'll totally be free to do it!” Scootaloo said buzzing her wings a little.

“Yeah!” jumped in Sweetie, “but it won't come any faster if we stand here all day!”

“Well let's head to that party then!” I said heading to the door with the girls following close behind.


Sugarcube Corner was just dead ahead as I and the other passengers in the wagon enjoyed the ride of Scootaloo buzzing her little wings on the scooter, but there was something off. The streets didn't seem so lively, and the lights in the building were off. It was quiet, too quiet.

I turned to look at the two girls on either side me, they looked very calm, as if this was normal. I get it was late in the day but, there should have a been at least one pony coming by. We came up to the door with haste and the girls immidiatley disembarked. I being a little slower. As I followed, Scootaloo quickly opened the dorm and motioned for me to go inside first.


Ok, I have a feeling what's going on but this place is all new to me, so it could be anything. I hesitantly walked in, all the lights were off and it was quiet. The only light was from what the open door would give off.

The girls soon came in with me, closing the door behind them that basked everything in complete darkness.

“Um,” I said squinting my eyes to adjust to the dark, “is it me or is something strange happening here.”

Just as I said that, the lights flicked on.


I think my heart exploded, the impact of it going from my chest to my other end. Before I felt around my chest to see what remained of my heart, I saw a lot of ponies and I mean a lot, I even saw some of the ponies I've already met.

Before I could say anything, my vision was obscured by pink. “So what did you think of your surprise?! Did ya like it?! Huh! Huh! Huh!”

I took the time to catch my breath and looked to pinkness that clouded my vision. “Yeah, I'd say I was more surprised than any other surprise I've gotten.”

Pinkie gave a happy ‘YAY’ then turned to all of the ponies.

“Alright everypony, you all know the drill, let's PARTAY!” When Pinkie said that all of the ponies cheered and got to the party. I then heard music start up, and I got to say it was really good.

Pinkie then looked to me with ever increasing excitement. “Come on Masey let me show what I have for your party!” she said happily. She started walking into the heap of ponies with me and the fillies following.


The party was really great, there were a lot of games, heck even a game of Apples to Apples and there were so many sweets. I ate so many of them with Pinkie that thought I was going to have a cavity, Pinkie on the other hand or hoof looked like she could eat so many and it wouldn't even affect her.

I also got to meet a lot of ponies and by a lot of ponies I mean every single pony, even the cool DJ at the party. She even said my mane was pretty cool. Not only that but I saw the two fillies at the orphanage, Fruity and Midnight. I also met the rest of Pinkie's friends, by that I mean I re-met most of the mares I already met.

The two new friends I met was a yellow furred mare with a pink mane and tail with three butterflies as a Cutie Mark who was named Fluttershy who actually lived up to her name and a purple scaled and green spiked dragon named Spike, not a talking lizard but a talking dragon, which was AWESOME!

After playing many of the games and somewhat have a disaster on the dance floor, I was now playing a game of Chess with Twilight. Pinkie said it wouldn't have been fun but that was proven wrong when I started beating her in the beginning. Eventually a lot of ponies watched as the smart librarian and Element of Magic was being beaten by a colt in a game of Chess.

Right now Twilight was checking over the board with two pawns, a rook, a knight, and her king. I had three pawns, both rooks, my queen, and my king. Sweetie and Scootaloo were behind me cheering me on while Spike -being behind Twilight- was giving pointers and holding notes she took of the game and certain strategies she could use, but every single one was soon demolished when I changed it up.

Right now we had a small crowd do to most of the people leaving the party. It was mainly consisted of the two fillies, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, a sleeping Apple Bloom, Spike who looked like he was dozing off himself, Pinkie, and some other ponies.

Twilight looked to my poker face that just stared into her very soul. I could see her sweating. She touched one of her rooks and looked up to see my unchanging face. Sweating even more, she changed directions to her knight. Still not seeing any change in my face, she winged it and then moved it. I looked to the board and my eyes widen which made Twilight smile. Said smile was short lived when I moved my queen in a space she didn't notice.

Twilight’s eyes widened and looked to me with her mouth agape.

“Checkmate.” I said calmly.

The crowd of ponies murmured in applause while Twilight looked with shock.

“WHAT!” she shouted, “how is that possible I studied all your moves the last few games and properly made a plan to make sure you couldn't do any major changes!”

“Guess I'm full of surprises.” I shrugged. In the corner of my eye I saw a grumpy Rainbow Dash handing gold coins over to a smug looking Applejack. I chuckled. It's surprising what you can learn from your mother when she was first place in a few lady Chess Matches.

“Well as fun as it has been darlings, me and Sweetie Belle should be heading home.” said a tired looking Rarity.

“Awww but I want to stay a little more.” Sweetie said disappointedly.

“Now-now Sweetie, you can play with your coltfriend later.” Rarity said with what sounded like a teasing tone.

Sweetie blushed at that and folded her ears back. “Wh-what? H-he isn't my coltfriend, he's just a friend!”

Rarity smiled teasingly. “Oh, that's what they all say Sweetie.”

I looked at them confusingly. “Might I ask what does she mean by coltfriend?”

Sweetie looked to me with an even brighter blush and nervously pawed at the ground. “She m-means l-l-like a s-special somepony.” As she said this she stared at the ground not making eye contact. I raised an eyebrow at this.

“What?” I asked still confused.

“She means someone you date Mason.” said Twilight who was helping Pinkie clean up.

I stared at Twilight unmoving, then it finally hit me. “Oh.” I felt my cheeks heating up at that. I heard some of the girls giggling, especially Pinkie.

“Well teasing aside, we need to take our leave Sweetie.” Rarity said as she went for the door. “It was nice seeing you again Mason, take care.”

“Bye Mason, see you at the treehouse tomorrow.” said a much calmer Sweetie Belle as she followed her sister. I said my goodbyes and then noticed Applejack leaving with a sleeping Apple Bloom on her back.

“Ah need to go as well, got some farm work tomorrow in the morning, see ya later everypony.”

“Bye Applejack.” I said to the farm mare. Scootaloo then came up next to me.

“We should be going back to the orphanage as well.” I nodded and started heading to the door while saying my goodbyes to Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Spike who by this point was already asleep.

Before I went out the door I was stopped by Pinkie. “Now where do you think your going mister.”

I looked back to the party pony with confusion. “Uh, the orphanage.”

“Not without giving me a hug you're not.” Pinkie then motioned her hooves for a hug. I shrugged and walked to the party pony and gave her a big one which she happily returned.

“Make sure to visit me.” Pinkie said as she tightened the embrace.

“Will do.” I said while tightening mine.

After the hug I walked outside to see Scootaloo on her scooter waiting patiently, I put my helmet on and looking between the two, shrugged and got on the scooter behind the filly. Soon we were calmly off to the orphanage.

After a while of enjoying the ride in silence, I heard Scootaloo speak up. “So what did you think of your party Mason?”

“It was really good, I loved the music, the games, the food, and all the ponies were very nice. Pinkie really knows how to make a good party.” I answered with a smile.

“That's why they say Pinkie is the best party pony in Ponyville.” she added with a nod.

As I felt Scootaloo make a small turn down one of the roads that led to the orphanage, I saw her peek over her shoulder at me. “So, you still want to join our club?”

“Haven't changed my mind since.” I said with a shrug.

“Cool, it's nice to have my friends on our adventures for our Cutie Marks, but with other ponies it's just the more fun, so we're very happy that you joined.”

I smiled and nodded to the filly. ‘And I think it will be fun as well,’ I looked ahead to see the orphanage, stuck in my thoughts, “and I think being in this town will be too.’

(Somewhere in Canterlot)

The small sound of paper being flipped was heard in a quiet room that had a large sun emblem on its door and was faintly lit by a small candle. The occupant of the room studied the paper with light pink eyes as she held a cup in her golden magic.

Princess Celestia was finishing some more paperwork at her desk inside her chambers while sipping some tea. It was another busy day in the castle for the sun princess. Nobles acting like foals, more paperwork, discussing trade with neighboring countries, and even more paperwork. Not the most easiest life of a princess.

Celestia set down the quill with her magic, deciding on finishing the rest tomorrow, but before she went off to the land of dreams, hoping not to get pranked by her sister, she looked to a letter she got not a few moments ago from the newly crowned Princess of Friendship.

Celestia picked up the letter and began to read it. “Dear Princess Celestia….everything is fine….walking through the Everfree….found a strange pegasus colt named Mason….can perform elemental magic of fire and lightning…. hmm, seems Twilight has found quite the discovery there.” The princess, not really paying attention took another sip of her tea. Until she realized what she just read, making her eyes go wide.

Still sipping the tea, which was a very long sip, re-read the letter.

Elemental magic….fire and lightning.’

The princess did a large spit take of her tea and quickly teleported to her sister Luna. When she had teleported, still spitting the tea which was now going into Luna’s face, began to talk about the letter which only resulted in more spitting of the tea.

Soon the sun princess’s lips were sealed by a blue aura, said aura now having a towel wipe the face of the moon princess’s face.

“Do tell, dear sister, what is the meaning of spitting into our face?" said an agitated Luna.

Celestia didn't speak but instead showed her the letter. Luna raised an eyebrow while taking the letter in her magic and began reading. Luna then looked back up to Celestia.

“Sister, it is just Twilight saying she found a pegasus colt who can perform elemental magic, it's not that big of a deal.” Who'd know that such wording would come right back to deliver a right hook, a large uppercut, and rain the mighty power of Morgan Freeman upon the moon princess.

Luna now with wide eyes stared at the letter, teleported her own tea, sipped it and then spat it out.

“Sister,” said Luna as she looked at the letter, “could it be….”

Celestia nodded. “I am afraid so sister, it appears another one was chosen.” Celestia then used her magic to teleport a quill and paper and began writing.

“What are you going to do Tia.” Luna said with urgency.

Celestia finished writing the letter and sent it away in a green flame and watched it exit a window. “We're going to have to tell the elements and that colt of what we know, so I have now sent a letter to Twilight and told her to bring the elements and the colt to the castle tomorrow as soon as possible.”

Luna looked out of one of the windows, then back to her sister. “You don't think….that they know do you?”

Celestia looked to the ground and furrowed her brow in thought, then looked up to Luna. “Let us hope not Lulu,” Celestia then looked out the window with narrowed eyes.

“Let us hope not.”