The Great War

by RandomPerson

Cancellation Notice

Hey guys. Sorry to do this, but...the story's not getting finished. Not really a surprise at this point tho, huh? I should have just owned up to it sooner but I never really planned this out from the get go and was just sort of winging it, hoping to come to a satisfying conclusion. Turns out, not planning a story that people may like with no idea what you'll do next isn't a great strategy and kinda stressful, who'd have thought right? I stopped watching the show for a while and even though I'm back into it now, whatever inspiration I had for this is no more.

I want to thank all of you who enjoyed it, the comments and discussion really helped me get through a rut at the time, especially those of you who've been here since the first chapter, as well as my two editors and several people who came forward to try and help me press forward. It really means a lot. If any of you want to try and finish it for yourselves, be my guest, you'll probably do better than I. Make sure to link me to any of them!