Wars of the Old World (A post nuclear Commie related interactive story)

by Soviet_Pony_Need_OCs

Chapter One page three 'Home?'

Chapter One

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  As Fire Tan and Hammer Will quickly scrambled up whatever supplies they can find, they bagged it up with an old army backpack that was inside the bunker, As they both walked outside the bunker for the first time since the bombs, Fire Tan was stunned by the horror she saw, at her hoof are the mangled bodies of what looks like three or four ponies, but the burns are so severe it has become impossible to recognize who they, she remembered how yesterday she heard banging on the door and how she was helpless to save them, a whimper escaped her as she bared the thought and the guilt that they could have been saved, but as she looked outside she realize that the world had changed, the town she knew was in ruins, trees left to their bare and the clouds cover the sky as the Pegasus that once attended them are now gone forever, the only thing that was familiar was the chilling winds and the small patches of snow that somehow survived the blast.

As Hammer Will walked into the middle hall, he checked for any surviving hostiles, upon confirming that the hallway was safe he walked towards Fire Tan.

‘’Is there A-ny-pony still alive?’’ Fire Tan’s voice trembled.

‘’I’m afraid not comrade, there really aren’t too many blast proof structures in this town, I doubt there will be any survivors. Hey at least the repair on the ceiling came in time, or else we wouldn’t be here talking now would we?’’ Hammer Will said still unfazed by the situation.

  ‘’How are you still calm? They destroyed the world! Our world!’’ Fire Tan cried out as she made her way through the corpses and walked towards Hammer Will.

  ‘’Comrade, this was bound to happen, but we will prevail, once we restore the silos-’’ Hammer Will said before he was cut off by an angry and confused Fire Tan.

  ‘’What? We so we can solar storm each other again?’’ Fire Tan said.

  ‘’Comrade, this is war, and if WE don’t put them in their graves, THEY WILL put us in instead.’’ Hammer Will said as he casually opened another can of canned coffee. ‘’Anyways we need to check out the armory.’’

  As Hammer Will and Fire Tan made their way to the security lounge where the armory was located, It would have appear that the armory doors had already been raided and cleared out, it seems like some-pony had busted open the lock.

  ‘’Well, that's a bad sign, some other group of ponies must have already came by here, but what confuses me are the fact that the heavy weapons are also gone.’’ as Hammer Will said that he turned around and stared at Fire Tan in a disappointed look.

  ‘’Hmm? What’s wrong with that?’’ Fire Tan asked.

  ‘’You see comrade, ever since the polish rebellion, the state had enforced laws towards any heavy weapons, rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers are all locked down and only a state controlled key can open it.’’ Hammer Will said as he walked into the armory to try to find some supplies.

  ‘’So you are saying that there are rebels that has the key?’’ Fire Tan said worried. ‘’They aren’t still here right?’’

  ‘’No, not that I know of, and also they seem to not be in a rush, everything is gone. Damn!’’ Hammer Will said as he slammed his coffee on the floor.

  ‘’Wait! I still have an idea, I kept my service rifle in my house across the town! I think I kept some ammo with it.’’ Fire Tan said as she sprung up in excitement.

  ‘’ Now that you mentioned that I think I’ll check my safe, I think I left some equipment there when I first arrived here for political officer duty.’’ Hammer Will said ‘’and no way it would have been missing, since that was a bullet proof password lock.’’ he said to Fire Tan.

  ‘’I’m sorry about the armory.’’ Fire Tan said with her head down.

  ‘’Why are YOU sorry?’’ Hammer Will said as her reached around Fire Tan’s shoulders to try to cheer her up.

  Sure enough, as Hammer Will walked to his office and after checking the safe, there was a well-kept, military standard issued flak vest and some ammo for the marekrov that Hammer Will is carrying.

  ‘’ alright lets go search your house.’’ Hammer Will said as e field dressed himself and rearmed his gun.

  The way to Fire Tans house was short, Just all the way down by the end of the tiny town, this path Fire Tan walked a thousand times, but this time it was different. The sense of life was gone, ruins surround her, her hooves no longer walking on soft cool dirt but instead the tiny pieces of rubber left from what once was her village, a odd sour feeling rose in Fire Tan’s heart and she felt her tears coming up. Walking by all the ruins she could still remember all the houses and the pony-folks who use to live in them, This was her home but now it’s just ash and the dead silence on the streets accompanied by the ghosts of the town folks that once lived there carved into the ground in (1.Solar Shadows) Although, the town had just gone through a solar blast it was odd that there wasn’t any sign that any other pony besides the three stallions that had attacked them had survived. After arriving to Fire Tan’s house, or what’s remaining of it, they heard noises from the ruins of the house and immediately ducked into cover behind a still standing wall.

  ‘’Come on get it open already!’’ an unknown but weak voice said in a worried tone.

  ‘’Okay, Okay! It’s almost open, I just need to make sure that we get the rifle in there, I’ve seem that mare stashed in here, if we get that we can defend ourselves.’’ the other voice said.

‘’Stallion and a mare by the sounds of it.’’ Hammer Will said as he armed his gun

  Upon closer inspection, they appear to be a couple that had survived. One of them was picking the lock, or at least trying to and the other one is slumped against the corner of the ruins.

  Seeing that they are unarmed Hammer Will leaped out with his gun and fired once into the air ‘’Hey put your hooves up!’’ Hammer Will shouted before Fire Tan could have said or done anything different, The Stallion ran towards his partner and attempted to carry his partner. Realizing Hammer Will had a gun, the stallion stopped and picked up a stick to attempt a pathetic defense.

  ‘’First the Missiles hit and then my wife gets shot and now you? Now what? You’re going to shoot us or rob us?’’ The Stallion cried out as he attempted to keep Hammer Will away from his wife.

  ‘’Hey I know you! You’re Ms. Kommniov from the Ammo Factory!’’ Fire Tan jumped up out of the cover and called out. ‘’What happened to you?’’

  ‘’ She’s been shot! That's What!’’ The Stallion yelled

  ‘’ Watch who you’re speaking to! This here is former Captain of the 14 Guard Division.’’ Hammer Will replied with a harsh voice.

  ‘’ Yeah right like if any-pony still gives a fuck about your union and ranks!’’ The Stallion replied with a scent of sarcasm.

  ‘’Say that again and I’ll put you down like a fucking dog! Don't you ever disgrace the motherland’’ Hammer Will shouted furiously as he leveled his gun towards the stallions head.

  ‘’Stop it! Both of you! We are all in this together, haven’t the motherland suffered enough? Do we still need to spill blood over trivial matter like this?’’ Fire Tan Shouted with an unusually strong tone.

The two stallions stopped and levelled their minds, after that Fire Tan went to retrieve her rifle, it’s an old SVT-40 and some ammo, this was the family passing that has gone through Fire Tan’s family it started with her grandfather ‘Fire Blaze’ who used it in the great patriotic war against Germaney and then her father ‘Fire Glow’ who continued to use it in the Vladivostok Campaign against China and now Fire Tan serving her though the Finnish Campaign, throughout all these years the shine had worn off and appeared in a bleached brown it has a USSPR sign engraved on the stock, although a relic from a long gone time, it still works well as it was well conditioned and well kept. Now with the rifle by her side she is ready for the wasteland.

‘’So you kept this old junk in your safe all this time?’’ The stallion said.

‘’This is not junk, it’s a family passage moron. Keep talking like that and I might land a 7.62mm hole in your skull.’’ Fire Tan replied with anger.

  ‘’Lets patch up Ms. Kommniov up and get settle for the night looks like we will have to give her some rest, Fire Tan! You’re on watch!’’ Hammer Will said. ‘’ and you civilian, keep your wife safe and watch what you say!’’

  With that the party of four prepared for the night, and tomorrow they will set for Leningrad.

1. Solar Shadow, it's a direct reference to nuclear shadow, where the immense heat caused by a nuclear detonation bleach the earth and the shadow are casted by the object or pony that was in that position when the blast occurred, in this case the SIMM blast.

Date: 1990/12/20, 10AM passing to 1990/12/21, 9AM
Fire Tan, Healthy
Hammer Will, Healthy
Ms. Tommniov, Wounded in the torso (Not fatal)
Mr. Tommislav (The stallion), Healthy
1 marekov pistol and 5 clips of ammo. (60 rounds)
1 SVT-40(scoped) and 3 clips of ammo. (30 rounds)
3 day worth of food.
Moscow Industrial district 19 (Fire Tan’s home).