Tempest and Twilight's Son

by Omegawolfben

Tempest and Twilights Son

"Look at him Twilight he's our new son" Tempest said happily as she had just given birth to her and Twilight's son although he was a earth pony they didn't care whatsoever he was there son and they couldn't be happier.

"He looks beautiful Tempest well done" Twilight said tears in her eyes as she nuzzled Tempest's cheek making her smile as they watched there new son get take to the nursery to be looked after by the doctors.

A few days later Tempest and Twilight came with Twilights friends to see there son as Twilight and the girls where at the window looking for there son as Tempest walked over to Twilight cuddling with her as they spotted there son yawning in a baby bed making everyone except Tempest "awh" at him.

"You two must be so proud of yourselves" Fluttershy said as the two both nodded happily looking at their son though the window as Tempest put her hoof to the window looking at her son making the others look at her.

"Has someone bounded with their son already Temp" Twilight smirked as Tempest nodded happily looking at Twilight and giving her horn a nuzzle.

"I think I have Twi I just hope my horn doesn't scare him when he sees it" Tempest said as her horn sparked making Twilight smile and press her head into her neck and smile at her"

"Temp he's our son and if your wife loves you he will adore you I know it let's just hope no world ending events happen" Twilight joked making the rest of the mane 6 look at her.

"That's not funny sugercube" Applejack said as they all smiled and waited for their son to be given to them as Nurse Redheart came out with Tempest and Twilights son in her hoof as she walked over to the two parents.

"Hello you two which of you would like to take him" Redheart asked making the two look at each other as Tempest nudged Twilight making her gulp with fear in her eyes.

"It's ok Twi you can hold him don't worry I'm here with you you won't mess up you raised Spike for Celestia's sake" Tempest said as Spike was beside Twilight smiling as Nurse Redheart handed there son to Twilight as she looked at her son seeing him grab her muzzle making her tear up.

"Tempest he's he's" Twilight couldn't finish her sentence tears in her eyes from the happiness as she kissed Tempest happily.

"So what you two going to call this darling" Rarity asked looking at there son as the two stopped kissing and thought for a few minutes.

"What about Ben Twilight ?" Tempest proposed as Twilight thought for a few seconds before nodding happily at her wife.

"Ben Sparkle sounds perfect to me Tempest say hello to Ben Sparkle girls" Twilight said as the girls walk over and looked at Ben he had grey fur and Tempests eye colour with black hair and some dark purple parts on his tail and hair like Twilight had.

The two parents couldn't be any happier with there new son as they spent as much time as they could if one of them had to go somewhere the other would keep there son close and always go to meet there partner with him in there hooves. Tempest was very close to Ben same as Twilight but the two of them had enough a connection every offspring has with one of their parent.

It was soon time for Ben to go to school for the first time as he had a saddle bag on ready to head to ponyville school as he was about to rush out the door he was lifted in the air by Twilight as herself and Tempest walked over to their son smiling.

"You ain't going to school on your own son not on the first day we are coming with you" Twilight said making Ben groan.

"Awh but what about moms horn I don't want her getting picked on" Ben said ever since he found out about Tempests horn he was protective of her moms horn and hated when ponies stared or said she was a freak.

"It's ok dear ponies know about my horn" Tempest said softly as she nuzzled her sons cheek happily as Twilight took her sons saddlebags as they started to walk towards the school as a family.

Ben was a very happy foal as he jumped at anything moving playfully as the two mares smiled watching him a Twilight whispered to Tempest.

"He so takes after you Temp just hope he doesn't get bullied at school Twilight said worried there son might get picked on being the son of a princess and ex Villian also as she felt Tempest put her hoof around her wife and smile at her.

"You worry too much Twi remember he is ours he will either outsmart them or scare them off like I did when we met and if that doesn't work well mommy Tempest will visit their parents and talk to them" Tempest said making Twilight look at her raising an Eyebrow.

"Now Tempest no hurting anyone even if they hurt our son" Twilight said sternly getting a nod from Tempest as they stopped outside the school seeing many other foals playing around before school started as Twilight put the saddlebag on Ben's back and smiled as she kissed her sons forehead.

"Okay Ben be good for us won't you I'll come pick you up when school finishes" Tempest said calmly making Ben turn back and hug her mothers legs.

"I'm going to miss you two so much" Ben said whimpering sadly as the two mares looked down at there son and smiled seeing her was worried to be left alone as Twilight hugged her son as Tempest roughed his mane.

"It will be ok Ben it's just for a few hours dear you can be brave and last a few hours for us can't you" Tempest said knowing her son was worried as they watched there son walk into the schoolhouse as they saw miss cheerliee and nodded at her as she went in shutting the doors.

"He will be okay right Temp ?" Twilight asked making Tempest smile at her and hold her hoof tightly and give her that smile from when she saved her.

"He'll be fine dear go to Canterlot for your meeting with the Princesses I'll look after Ben till you get home you know that" Tempest said as Twilight nodded at her wife and nuzzled her before heading to the train station to go to Canterlot.

A few hours later school had finished as Tempest saw the foals start coming out the schoolhouse and saw her son run towards her as she smiled happily her horn sparking as she picked her son up happily hugging him tightly feeling him crying into her fur.

"Shhh it's ok Ben mommy's here now it's ok I'm here now" Tempest said putting him on her back as they started walking back to the castle with Ben telling her how the day went.

Late that night the door opened at Tempest and Ben looked to the doorway seeing Twilight and Spike walk in as Ben was busy playing with Tempest as she used her horn sparks to make shadow puppets before Ben could guess the next puppet he was lifted in the air and brought to Twilight as she stroked his mane making Ben happy as he hugged his other mother not seeing Tempest walk over and hug Twilight as they both kiss happily with there son between them and the Princess and Commander couldn't be happier.