[Displaced] CRYSIS: Legacy



"Scot! Come on, we're gonna be late!" Alex yelled from the front door, clearly pissed.

"Hold on! I can't seem to find my helmet!" I yelled back, checking everywhere for the helmet of my cosplay.

"Just forget about the darn thing! Let's go!" I checked under the bed, to find it not there.

"You know I can't do that, rig- Aha!" I spotted my prize in the laundry basket. "Found it!" I then quickly took it and ran downstairs.

"Finally! That was taking like forever." My sister said,cosplaying as a Halo Spartan while leaning on the doorframe.

"I know, I know," I took the keys from the pouch on my suit,"let's go?" she nodded before heading outside to the car. I then followed next, locking the door before heading to the car in which my sister was already in.

I got in the drivers seat and buckled my seatbelt.

"Hey, Scot? What are you waiting for?" Alex asked beside me.

"Car's not moving till everyone is buckled up." I looked at her with a smirk.

"Ugh, fine." and she did what she was told.

Chuckling to my oh-so-sweet victory, I placed my helmet at the back seat before turning the ignition and going to our merry way.

Now, I know introductions are needed so I'm Scot Mcarthur. A 28 years old guy living with his younger sister in Manhattan. My sister beside me is Alexis Mcarthur, 19 years old.

I just finished collage five years ago. I also joined the US Army a year ago, even getting ranked as 1st Lt. Scot "Nova" Mcarthur. But don't ask me why I was dubbed Nova, I don't even know myself.

After stopping at a red light I glanced back at Alex to see her without her helmet, eating a lolipop. Her short black hair, combined with her sky blue eyes, she's pretty cute. Not the perverted type, but the caring-brother type.

"What?" I must've been staring too much that I didn't even notice her glance back at me.

"Oh, n-nothing." I stammered as my eyes went back on the road. But I could've sworn I saw her smile.

After the traffic light going green, we continued on our little adventure. And I'm just hoping that this ride won't make us late.

After arriving at the place just in time, we found a good parking spot and went in. The place was already packed. People cosplaying were found left in right,and the costumes were amazing.

After agreeing that we're going to meet at the car at 7 o'clock, we parted ways. But not before giving her hugs, kisses and 250 bucks. What? She used the puppy dog eyes! What am I supposed to do? Hit her in the head? Yeah, no thank you.


Anyway, after parting ways. I decided to check the place out. See stuff here and there and what-not.

After looking at shops to shops, I finally noticed something. No one was cosplaying as characters from Crysis. Is the game not good? Or is it just too hard to make the costume? Probably both...

After looking around some more, I finally found a guy wearing a Nanosuit with a hood on. And damn, was he badass! He's also selling Crysis related merchandizes, sweet!

"Ah, another Crysis fan I see." he said once he saw me walk up to him.

I chuckled at that,"I like your costume, though."

"Please, your's look better," he paused as he examined my costume," and using a CELL Nanosuit instead the classic Nanosuit? That's just brilliant!"

Alright, I am so liking this guy.

"So, what can I get ya?" He asked as he gestured to the items on sale.

"Anything cool would be nice." I replied.

"Then I have the perfect thing for you." he said excitedly as he grabbed something underneath the table. Once he took out the thing he was talking about, my eyes went large!

In his hands, was a weird looking compound bow. But I knew what it was, it was the 'Predator Bow'. Crysis 3 signature weapon.

"Now, judging to your reaction. I'd say, you know what this is, right?"

"How much is that one?" I asked, not taking my eyes off the merchandise.

"Hmm, let's see here. About... 600 bucks." Wait, what?!

"600 bucks!? That's outragous!" I am not wasting 600 bucks for one bow.

"I know, but this was hand made by myself. It can also do this, you know." he flicked the bow and it freaking transformed into its compact size. "You'll also get this." he took out some small boxes. But I knew it was detachable magazines that the Bow use.

'No wonder why it was 600 bucks. It was the whole package' I thought to myself, not taking my eyes off the bow and the magazines.

"So, you gonna buy it or..." I slammed the exact amount of money needed on his table.

"Just take my money!" if I wasn't wearing this helmet, he would've saw my eyes gleaming with stars.

"Alrighty then." he took the money and gave me the bow. Once the bow landed on my hands, I started looking at it more closely. Examining the complex details, even the detachable magazines.

I heard the merchant chuckle,"I see that you're really liking it, hmm?"

I just chuckled nervously and pocketed the bow with the magazines in my pouches. After that, I started leaving. Without waving and telling him that he just made my day of course.

Going around more the place, I ended up in a gaming store. After checking the available games, I bought Halo 5 for my sister and left.

Now, my stomach was going crazy. Like it's gonna explode any moment. 'Ugh, wish I didn't ate that Taco.' I thought to myself as I ran around looking for the bathroom. It didn't took long for me to find it and getting an available stall. But my stomach went back to normal when I got seated. 'Hmm, that's strange.' I thought to myself.

But then I got lightheaded all of the sudden. I tried fighting back the urge of losing conciousness . But in the end, I failed and blacked out in the stall.