by Daydreamfire

The nightmare

Rainbow Dash was in a black abyss and had no idea what was happening. Then there was a bitter wind that sent a shiver down her spine. Suddenly a blizzard appeared out of nowhere. Dash was cautious and took a few steps. She was absolutely freezing and then the storm came.

Rainbow's energy was slowly fading away and she was forced to the ground by the conditions. She felt something an her hoofs. She opened her eyes to see vines with thorns crawling up her hoofs and to her chest. Dash recoiled, pulling her hoofs, panicking as the vines reached her wings.

"So you are the mighty warrior," a stallion's voice echoed, frighting Rainbow even more than she already was. "I wonder was the element warriors saw in you," the stallion cackled.

Dash was very confused at this point. Who are this element warriors? What did then want to do with her? All question disappeared as she tried to escape. The vines just grew tighter. She winced when one the thorns cut into her hind leg.

"Join me Rainbow Dash and I will make you more powerful than all the princesses combined," the stallion offered, then glowing red eyes appeared from the darkness. They were so hypnotizing that Dash couldn't look away. She couldn't feel her hind legs and it was spreading to her flank.

"You are strong young foal, but I can make you stronger," the stallion tempted. Dash's wings were now dead and it wouldn't be long before she was too. Her eyes matched the glowing ones in the distance. She couldn't move. Her eyes were about to close. It was the end of Rainbow Dash.

"Join me young warrior and you'll have more power than you can ever imagine. Join me and you will survive," the stallion finished as Dash's body became lifeless.

* * *

Rainbow Dash woke up with a scream and startled everypony around her. Dash realized she was in Twilight's throne room and so were her friends. Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Spike were stare at her each with a concerned look. Well, everypony except for Pinkie Pie, she was just delighted Dash was awake, unlike Dash.

"And AHHHHH to you too, Dashie," Pinkie screamed, making Dash's ears ring.

"Rainbow Dash are you OK?" Fluttershy whispered louder than usual because she was worried about Dash.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Rainbow grumbled, leaning back in her throne.

"You sure? You look like you haven't slept in days," Twilight stated.

"I have to agreed. Your mane is even messier than usual, darling," Rarity expressed and levitated a mirror over to Dash.

Even Dash had to admit she looked awful. She hadn't noticed the bags under her eyes, unpreened feathers, bloodshot eyes and a very messy mane. "Whoa, that's bad," Dash agreed with Rarity.

"So, what were you talking about?" Dash asked, trying to change the subject. She hadn't told anypony about the nightmares she was having and she would like to keep it that way. It was the same dream that she has had for days

"Well, as I was saying, Celestia will be coming here later. She says it's very important that all of us are here. It might have something to do with the elements of harmony," Twilight announced but then she stopped smiling and a look of horror covered her face. "What if there's a villain coming back? What if it's Sombra or Chrysalis or Tirek or-"

"Or maybe yer just gettin' into a tizzy. Ah'm sure everything is just fine, Twi," Applejack interrupted, which calmed Twilight down a bit. Twilight took a deep breath.

"So can everypony be back before eight?" Twilight checked and they were four yeahs and one okie doki loki ( guess who ).

When Dash was trotting out Twilight stopped her. "Are you sure you're OK?" Twilight worried.

Yeah, Twi I'm fine. You gotta stop worrying about me," Dash answered but Twilight wasn't convinced. "OK," Twilight finished uneasily then she shut the door.

When Dash resumed trotting she felt a sharp pain up her hind leg. She looked back and saw a large cut. The same cut she got during the dream. Dash flew the rest of the way and she almost started sleep flying. She sighed.

Dash wanted to sleep but she knew she would have that nightmare again. She didn't care anymore, she needed sleep. Dash picked a comfortable cloud and was out like a light

* * *

The same thing happened. First the the wind, then the blizzard, the storm brewed and finally the vines. The creepy voice once again temped her to join him. The mesmerizing eyes appeared and Dash had enough of it. She was sick and tried.

"It's not fair that your friend Twilight became an alicorn and your still just a pegasus. But I can make you an alicorn too, more powerful then Celestia and you will rule Equestia but only if you join me," the stallion promised. "Join me and your friends will be powerless against you."

'Wait, what did he mean 'powerless against me'. He wants me to betray my friends. Well, that's not gonna happen,' Dash thought angrily then she glared at the eyes.

NO! I will not join you, because I'm loyal to my friends!" Rainbow yelled.

Then everything around Rainbow Dash disappeared. A multi-colored light surrounded her and hit her in the chest. It felt like magic covering her body and giving her energy and power.

* * *

Rainbow Dash woke with a sharp breath. She noticed the cloud she was on was now a dark rain cloud. Dash lightly tapped it and it started lashing rain. Gallons of water poured from it. This was definitely not a normal cloud. Dash tried to get it to stop but it wouldn't. "How do I get it to stop!" Dash yelled, as soon as she said 'stop' the cloud stopped raining and turned white again.

"What the ..." Dash wondered, not a single thing could explain what just happened. She decided to pretend that never happened. She felt a lot better so she decided to fly home. She flared her wings and with just one flap she was already there. She just went from one side of town to the other in a fraction of a second.

"What just happened?" Rainbow wondered for a minute, then she shrugged it off and zoomed inside. She glanced at a clock that show it was quarter to six. She had enough time so Dash went into the kitchen to make a sandwich.

She grabbed an empty glass and left it on the table then flew back to make her sandwich. When she finished she breezed over to the table and found the glass had water in it. She was masked with confusion then she smirk and rolled her eyes.

"Good one, Pinkie. You're trying to mess with me, aren't ya?" Dash laughed but she didn't hear Pinkie. Well, if it wasn't Pinkie who filled the glass.

Maybe Dash did it. And now she felt stupid. She continued on, ate her sandwich, preened her wings and brushed her hair. Now it was six and she was late.

She stood outside her house and once again flared her wings and with one flap she was in Twilight's castle and sitting on her throne. Everypony (and dragon) was there on their own thrones and staring at her in shock. Well, everypony except Pinkie. Again.

"Wow Dashie! You were really fast, even faster then usual and that's fast!" Pinkie giggled and bounced over to Rainbow Dash.

"Rainbow, you've been acting weird lately," Fluttershy shared, surprising everypony.

"She does have a point. First, yer dead on yer hoofs. Now, yer flyin' a gazillion miles per hour," Applejack stated and everypony else nodded in agreement.

"I just had a good sleep that's it," Dash replied honestly. She found it weird too and had no idea what was happening either.

Just then, Spike bleached and a letter appeared with Celestia's seal. "A letter from Celestia?" Twilight questioned, receiving odd looks from her friends.

"To my faithful student," Twilight began to read out loud. "I am sorry to inform you at this time but I will not be visiting Ponyville," Twilight stopped, a bit disappointed as were her friends. "It seems we have found a situation to our problem, Princess Celestia."

* * *

The next day, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were chatting as they walked to Sweet Apple Acres. Dash was going to the wonderbolts the next day so she was telling Applejack all about it but she was busy. So she offered to help on the farm, now they were bucking the apple trees.

Applejack went to get more buckets so Dash was alone. She walked over to a tree and bucked it hard. A load the apples fell and she just checked to see if some didn't fall. Dash saw there were still apples, in fact, they were more apples then before she bucked the tree.

Rainbow wanted to see how that was possible so she got empty buckets and place them under the same tree and once again bucked the tree. This time she looked at the top of tree and saw the apples falling then tiny apples appeared and started growing into large apples.

Dash's jaw hit the ground. How was that even possible? Then she felt something on her hoofs. Vines were growing around her hoofs like in her dreams. She darted into the air and shouted in fright. The vines continued growing.

"Rainbow, is somethin' wrong?" a country accent questioned, for behind her. Applejack was back with the buckets and a concerned look. Rainbow panicked and started ranting.

"No, what? No way, why would anything be wrong, everything is perfectly fine, why do you ask? Is something wrong?" Dash rambled. This was the third weird thing that happened to her and she still didn't want her friends to know about this. Sadly she was almost as bad as Applejack at lying.

"OK then, if ya say so. Hey, aren't ya goin' be late for wonderbolt training?" Applejack reminded Dash, who was relieved A.J. changed the subject, then annoyed with herself that she forgot about her work.

"Oh horse apples, I forgot! Thanks for reminding me. I'll see ya," Dash hurried.

Applejack laughed. "I'll see-," Applejack was stopped when dash took off. She was gone in the blink of an eye, all that was left was a rainbow trail. Applejack could only stare at the sparkling rainbow wondering how she could even fly that fast.