Forever Changed

by ShadowedKnight68


A week has passed since the rifts closing, Chrysalis escaped during the panic which angered James quit bit, James has been living in his own house as of now in ponyvill, he stays in his own pony form most of the time while walking around but usually is his changeling self at home, though he does like abusing his transformation ability, he loves pretending to be another pony and messing with everypony in town, him and the girls hang out whenever.

Rainbowdash has been teaching him how to fly and hes become a pretty good flyer, though that's what he says others will say he's decent at flying.

He helps Fluttershy out around her house when he can, he likes the little animals and is still trying to repay Flutters for all the trouble he put her through, though satan or angle as Fluttershy calls him is still a pain in James' ass, they never get along, Fluttershy surprised James one day by pulling out the ring box, he had completely forgot he'd lost it in the first place, he now keeps it by his bed to remember his old life.

James hangs out around the farm, he's still trying to learn how to buck a tree properly, one time he accidentally knock a tree down and had to spend the rest of the day trying to put the tree back up, applejack still says its crooked.

Rarity asked James if he'd be a model for her since he could literally be and body type she wanted, he wasn't to sure about it and felt embarrassed about wearing dresses, but he agreed, he still can't help but blush when he wears a dress, he'll forget the time he had his picture taken while wearing a dress, he chased the photographer down but wasn't able to chase the train the guy got on to, now he's apparently in magazines in Manehattan, spike always reminds him.

Twilight helps teach him how to control his magic and learn different spells, now he cane make a flower grow with out catching on fire, though he did accidentally cause a giant weed outbreak all over town, those dang things engulfed the town.

James loves hanging out with pinkie, she knows the perfect ways to make him laugh and he's found out his emotions are connected to his transformations, so laughing makes him change randomly into different ponies, he has fun changing to pinkie on parties, then everypony gets to deal with two pinkies.

Life's been pretty odd but also fun living in ponyvill, he's made a lot of new friends now and explores the lands of equestria, there's always something new happening in the world and he try's to enjoy it.

James is at the moment trying to write, one of the more difficult things he's had to deal with, he's writing his entire story of coming to equestria down in a journal, incase he gets memory loss again.

He finished writing the final chapter and set his pencil down smiling, he closed the book and looked at the title he gave it Forever Changed, it fit pretty well with how his life has been, he walked away from the desk and looked out his window, life may be hard and new now but he'll just have to adapt to it, it's all he can do.

"If only these dang headaches and black outs would go away..."