Redeeming Darkness - 'Displaced'

by KukriRyuTsukino

Personal Update

RyuTsukino here!! As much as I'd like to get the next chapter out quickly, and it is a work in progress... with twists and turns that frankly even surprise me, lol!!! Unfortunately as of next week, I will not be able to access the internet as I will be offline for personal reasons. I will, however, try to work on the next chapter as I can. It is, however, unfortunately possible that I may not get the next chapter out before Halloween, or Nightmare Night, which happens to be my favorite holiday of the year.

I enjoy scaring the hell out of people and I was thinking about recreating a scene, if slightly different, from an old horror movie, Re-Animator, though that plan will have to wait until next Nightmare Night, unfortunately, I suspect.

:pinkiecrazy: Before I'm flamed, I do have plans for Nightmare Moon, ones that will, hopefully, be quite... unique.