by Filipino_Gal7787

》Everyday I Follow,You Don't Even Glance《

Setting:Aftermath of Friendship Games.

It was yet another mundane,for now,school day at CHS as students alike walked down the halls to get to their lockers or classes.

One among these students' is a newly transfered budding young scientist that goes by name Twilight Sparkle. Formly from CHS's once rivaled school CPA and now proud Wondercolt.

Although she is now surrounded by such wonderous friends, Twilight still has anxiety about meeting other people since she wasn't used to being around an area where other students would greet her with a smile and the occational 'good morning' rather than an icy glare for just being a prized pupil.

This place is certainly much more welcoming than Crystal Prep. will ever be.

Giving nervous waves and greetings in return to their gestures, Twilight made her way to her assigned locker and unlocked it to get and leave the things she didn't need for her first class.

On the other side of the hall was Sunset Shimmer making her way to her own locker as students still gave her greetings and praise for her second act of heroism,even though it was months ago. It was such an amazing feeling that others had finally warmed up to her in spite of the way she had treated them at first.

So glad I surpassed the angry glares and threatening stares.

Sunset halted in her tracks as she spotted a particular student indulged in the organization of her locker and schedule, completely unaware of the approaching figure towards her.

"Hey Twilight" Sunset greeted as Twilight squeaked and looked at the source of the voice but quickly relaxed as a shade of pink flushed her cheeks.

"O-oh,h-hi Sunset...uhh hey to you too..."Twilight stammered as Sunset chuckled lightly and Twilight felt herself melt inside.

Although her time in CHS is still so short,she couldn't help but let an infatuation bubble to the surface at the girl that had saved her life and was the first one to forgive her,even if it wasn't entirely her fault.

"Are we still up for that study session later on?" Sunset questioned.

"Oh,of course! W-why don't we meet later after school?" Suggested Twilight as she nervously played with the hem of her skirt.

"Sure,I maybe a little late though. Is that fine with you?"

"Uhuh,sure! I'm ok with it!"

"Great! I'll see you later,Twi. Have a good day!" Sunset patted Twilight shoulder before walking past her and made her way to her respective locker.

Twilight turned to look back at Sunset as her figure got smaller. She touched the shoulder Sunset had patted on and could still imagine her hand being there.

"You've been here for months,yet you already got it bad for her." Spike's voice said from inside her backpack as she stops her daydreaming and tries to focus her mind on something else other than the red head/blonde beauty.


"Are-are you sure about this?" Twilight asked nervously as the bike comes roaring to life that caused to yelp at the abrupt loud noise.

Sunset chuckled,"Relax,Twi. I promise you i'll take it slow."

Hearing the reassurance in Sunset's voice, Twilight eased her muscles and slowly calmed down."Ok,I trust you,Sunset."

"Good now hold,it's gonna be a bit of a bumpy ride."

"Hold on to-whoaaa!" Twilight didn't get to finish her sentence as Sunset speedily exited the parking lot at which she instinctively wrapped her arms around Sunset's waist pulling herself closer and burying half of her face on Sunset's shoulder as she loudly exclaimed."You said you would take it slow?!"

"I am! This is by far the slowest speed I've ever been!" Was Sunset's carefree reply at the shaking girl.

"You and I have very different definition of slow!" Twilight screamed as Sunset goes full throttle and tightened her grip around her waist.

"So you much prefer this then?!" Feeling the vigorously shaking head of her passenger,Sunset slowed down her pace and ended her teasing at the poor bookworm.

"Relax,Twilight. I was only teasing you a little." Looking up,Twilight flicked Sunset's ear."Ow! What the fuck was that for?!"

"That was for scaring me to death! And also!" She flicked Sunset's ear again."Language! You know I hate that!"

"Geez,ok I may deserved that,but you should've known by now that I would do something shi-idiotic sooner or later!" Sunset says defensively.

She did have a point,Twilight knew Sunset would do anything to tease her, but that doesn't mean she was used to it by now.

"But still! With the speed you were going it could've resulted to us in a hospital!"

"Ok,fine,i'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that and you can flick me anytime as punishment but could you at least loosen your grip. I'm kinda having difficulty."

Looking down at her position Twilight realized that her body was practically pressed against Sunset like how a koala or tarsier clings on a branch.

Twilight could feel the heat rising from her cheeks to the tip of her ears."Oh,i'm sorry, Sunset!" She reluctantly got her arms off around Sunset but was stopped.

"It's ok,Sparks. You don't have to let go,you just have to loosen your grip." Nodding,Twilight followed Sunset's word and loosened her hold and hid her head on the other girl's shoulder to hide her blush.

She gave me a pet name. She freakin' gave me a pet name! This is the best day ever!


Sunset Shimmer was already fast asleep once her rump met the surface of the couch and Twilight was left staring at her form from beside her.

The sun has already set and twilight is taking place up in the sky above and the young women inside the Sparkle residence living room were already finished with their session along with their homeworks' and was left just lounging on the couch.

Twilight continued to stare as she reached a shaky hand out to run her fingers through Sunset's hair. She slowly raked her hand through the crimson and ember locks causing Sunset to squirm. Twilight was about to pull her hand back in fear that she might have awoken Sunset but to her surprise Sunset had instead leaned on her hand as if saying that she didn't want her to stop.

She once more raked her hand across those silky locks,she saw a smile form on the sleeping girl's face her as body practically scooted closer to hers. Adjusting her position so that Sunset's head was resting on her lap and so that she can get a better angle.

"I know we had a rocky start but it still confuses me that I develop feelings of something I would never expect to happen, just what is it about you that made these feelings rise to the surface?And how much time would it take for you to figure it out yourself?"

She looks down at the girl as if begging her to answer the swarm of questions flooding inside her mind but even she knew she wouldn't get a reply.

"What are you doing to me, Sunset Shimmer?" Twilight whispered."What is it about you that has captured my interest?"