Wars of the Old World (A post nuclear Commie related interactive story)

by Soviet_Pony_Need_OCs


Chapter prologue

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The Old World

  East Berlin 1990/12/19; Berlin 4th Garrison:

  (things are getting worse here, the wall was never torn down like it was supposed a few years ago and civilian unrest is getting higher and higher some of us in the camp even believe that the civilians here are receiving support from the westerners, there were even reports of rebellion in Ponland and that it’s gone to shit over there, good thing that premier Marekhail Gormanechev is deciding to lower tension by negotiating with those capitalists, Hopefully this cold war will end soon. My military service is done by tomorrow I’ll be back before Christmas, your stew are the best!

-Mary Dawn)

  Mary Dawn sighed as she gotten up from her desk and teared out the letter from the type writer, looking outside the window, it’s snowing as usual and the wind doesn’t help her either, usually by this time of the year she would be in Vladivostok sitting beside her family of three and telling the fillies stories, but this winter is different. Something didn’t feel right, although the world outside covered in white seemed so peaceful, the sense in the air just felt uneasy she finds herself on edge almost all the time but her thoughts of soon to be home reliefs her. Her comrades are off too, it seems every-pony is worried about something but no-pony will say it.

  She slowly folds her letter and puts it into her pocket, this tiny barrack she is in, this dark cramped tin can really made her feel unsettled, so she decided to take a walk to the officer’s cabin, that's where all the music and the latest gossips are at. She quickly grabs her coat and walks outside.

  The snow was thick and it was hard to walk in it, but after a short yet chilling walk she walked inside the cabin, opposite of the barracks, the cabin is so much cheerier, songs playing and ponies are doing their things, she walks up to her friend Ryossia Link who is sitting down by a table sipping coffee.

  ‘’what’s the news?’’ Mary Dawn asked as she patted Ryossia Link on the shoulder.

  Ryossia sprung up and after a brief second she replied.

  ‘’Well, a lot, negotiations with the Americans, Rebels in Poland, annexation of Finland, tension between China you name it.’’ Ryossia said as she picked up her coffee again and casually took a sip from it. ‘’By the way, the military service time was extended by a year.’’

  ‘’Wait WHAT?’’ Mary Dawn Jumped up and cried out loud. ‘’I don't want to stay here for another YEAR!’’

  ‘’I kid, kidding comrade…’’ Ryossia stopped as she realized a High ranking officer walked towards them.

  The Stallion grabbed Mary Dawn and slammed her against the wall furious at what she had said.

  ‘’TALK LIKE THAT AGAIN AND I WILL HAVE YOU SHOT! That is spreading demoralizing speeches around camp, I will not stand this kind of treason here.’’ He loosens his grip on Mary Dawn, leaving her trying to regain her senses, he turns around to face the rest of the ponies inside.

  ‘’The Government may weaken, but we mustn’t, our will must be strong! And we cannot back down! If I hear anymore ponies here looking forwards to making a run back home, I hope they are looking forwards to looking down the barrel of my gun!’’ He slams as he slams a TT pistol on the table, soon after he picked up the gun and stormed out the door.

  ‘’Crazy Bastard.’’ A soldier said.

  ‘’Are you okay?’’ Ryossia said as she walked to Mary Dawn worried.

  ‘’I’m fine, just deliver this mail to Vladivostok okay? Tell the postal there that it’s from Mary Dawn, they know where to send it.’’ Mary Dawn said weakly as she barely got up and walked towards the door.

  Just before Mary Dawn walked outside the door the music suddenly stopped, a voice comes online.

  ‘’Mares and Stallions of the Union! Stand up as there are tough times ahead, the Americans had invaded Alaska back in the weak Tsarist times, today by the order of the KGB regarding the premiers saying, we are at WAR! Our Brave Ponies at arms are landing on Alaska as we speak, Your Orders are as follow;

1.      Attack Western Germany and eliminate their defenses for our armor divisions.

2.      Put down ALL civilian resistance.

3.      Clear out the Garrisons on the boarders.

May the Will of the people be with us, Forwards Comrade!’’

  The Voice died off as it finished its last words. The Cabin is silent, every-pony is in disbelief, war had come to them. NOW?

  The silence was quickly replaced by a sharp siren.

  Mary Dawn still in disbelief wobbled her way outside the door, the world was about to change.

  Tanks roared to life and raced towards the Berlin walls a few pushing the wall over infantries jumped on their vehicles to follow the tanks, suddenly Hinds and Su-27s appeared in the air along with Pegasus airborne assisting, It was chaos, Soldiers shot every-pony that was in their way, the tanks pushed over the wall and fired at any unsuspecting soldiers on the other side, just then gun shots came from behind her, she turns around to see officers firing at soldiers trying to run away, she gulps and runs towards her barracks.

  She storms into the barracks with a million thoughts racing through her mind.

  ‘’What’s happening? We can’t-No I mean that’s a-Oh God Why Is this? Where is my rifle? I don’t want to die here.’’ She finds her rifle and her combat vest after scrambling to put it on she ran outside.

  A pony was dead at her foot as she step outside, another poor soul not wanting to be a part of this war.

  Ryossia ran by her confused.

  ‘’There was no forward notice? We weren’t even mobilized yet!’’ Ryossia said as she herself is trying to put on all of her equipment.

  Just then the broadcast came on again, over the sounds of the dying and the raging gunfire, over the once white world that now is covered in rubber and blood.

  ‘’Comrades! We have Confirms of SIMM launch by the Americans! A retaliation is in process. Your Orders are not changed, stand by the red army!’’

  It was then, that the situation really fell to chaos, around the two mares were nothing but screams and gun fire, they look towards western Europe and their homes, hundreds of Missiles flew through the air with grace, they signalled the end of something, the end of the old world, the two mares slowly backed into the barracks.

  It was it, in this time of doom, they felt at peace. Nothing to do, nothing they can do. A sense of casualness overwhelmed them along with a sense of relief.

  Ryossia sat down on a bunk bed and said to Mary Dawn.

  ‘’I guess you won’t be home for Christmas eh? Lier.’’ She said almost with a sense of joking with her.

  ‘’I guess I was never good at promises.’’ Mary Dawn glanced out the windows seeing the missiles closing in to the earth, she chucked with a sense of despair mixed into it.

  ‘’Damn, I forgot my coffee in the cabin.’’ Ryossia said. ‘’Do you have any?’’

  Just then, a blinding flash appeared outside the window, and rumbling of the earth is heard from the horizon. Their time is ticking.

  ‘’Not even a whisper is to be heard in the garden, everything has calmed down until dawn. If you only knew how dear they are to me, the evenings near Moscow!’’ Mary Dawn singed with whatever positive thought she can still gather.

  ‘’Moscow night eh? I always like to hear you sing.’’ Ryossia replied one last time as the heat slowly gets more immense.

  ‘’Nev-er good at jokes, but is this just me or is it getting hot in here.’’ Mary Dawn smiled.

Ryossia smiled back.

  A flash, as the blast wave engulfed them and and with that the land was dead. And along it, lies the old world in ruins