Rainbow Rocks: Bloopers!

by FourShadow

Behind The Scenes

"Okay, ready... action!" The clapboard came down

The cameras filmed the inside of a restaurant, and everyone within the scene was yelling at each other in anger, all the while green smoke was seen filling the air... a lot. In fact, the whole restaurant was filled with green smoke. No one could even see a thing that was in there.

"Uh... hey guys? I think you might have gone a little overboard on the smoke!" Sonata called out.

"Someone call Jim! We're going to need several fans, open windows, and some flashlights!" One of the film crew called out.

"Geez, its so misty in here I could swear I was in the bogs in Ireland." Aria spoke.

"Look, just stay where you are until the smoke clears. I can't see any of you in here!"

"Uh... I'm right over in the booth closest to the door?" Adagio tried waving her hand.


"I said, I was closest to the door!"

"I can't see you, hold on!"

Adagio could only groan in annoyance. This was going to take a while...

"Being stuck here with you two isn't making this world anymore bearable." Adagio gritted through her teeth.

On cue, she looked out the window which was only a green screen. Then as part of the scene, she jumped out of her seat and began to run towards the door. But as she tried to pull it open... nothing happened. She tugged on the handle hard but it wasn't opening.

"Come on... open!"

"Cut! Adagio?"

Adagio stopped.

"You're supposed to push, not pull!"

Adagio blinked for a moment and chuckled with red cheeks. "Oops..."

"Action!" The director called for the next scene.

The next scene was being shot at Canterlot High in the auditorium, and Pinkie was about to speak her line.

"And it smells like cake!"

"It does?" Fluttershy asked, trying to smell the poster.

Pinkie pushed the poster against Fluttershy's face, smushing it in the poster. But as she tried to pull it back, it got stuck. She tugged again and it still didn't budge. The poster was now stuck to her face.

"Uh... wait, this was supposed to come off! I thought we put frosting on here!"

Off-screen, there were a few staff members giggling, making Pinkie roll her eyes.

"Oh really funny guys! Really funny..." Pinkie giggled.

"Um... can someone help get this off of me?" Fluttershy asked meekly.

During a break session, Sunset was sitting in a chair reading through the pages of the script while everyone else was taking some much needed drinks and food.

"Uh, sir?" Sunset asked.

"Yes Sunset?" The director replied.

"How come everyone's really mean in this story? I understand that part of it comes from the Siren's spell later in the movie, and I understand before they even came to the school everyone is mad at me like they rightfully should be, but this just feels extremely mean spirited for a bit. It kind of feels like it goes a bit far."

"Its just how it was written Sunset. We still managed to make it work though, right?"

"I guess so." Sunset sighed.

"Hey, don't worry. I guarantee everyone's gonna like you at the end of the movie. In fact, you're already up for being a main lead for the next movie." The director smiled. "Besides, we've already got your big redemption planned out.

"Oh, okay. I guess this won't be too bad."

"Ten minutes guys! Then we got to get back to work!" The director yelled off-set.

Sunset looked back into the script again and shook her head.

"As long as I don't throw up rainbows or sparkles, I think this will be fine..."

The next scene being shot was Sunset showing the Dazzlings around Canterlot High for their orientation. The camera carefully followed them as they walked down the hallway.

"That's the science lab. Computer lab is in there," Sunset said as they walked.

But what the Dazzlings failed to notice was they were now walking onto part of a green screen, and it only took a few seconds for Sunset to turn around and look at them giggling.

"You walked us right off the set!" Sunset laughed.

Adagio let out a laugh as well. "Yes I did!"

"Come on..." Sunset turned around and so did the Dazzlings as they walked around to try again.

"And I'm going to do it again!" Adagio called out.


"I don't know, these girls were really strange." Sunset said.

"Like strange as in wearing toast in their pants?" Rainbow asked.

"No, Mike already does that."

Unexpectedly, a staff member with a cap and toast sticking out of his pants that was visible for the camera to see walked on past the girls.

"Hey girls."

"Hey Mike!" The girls called back.

"So, uh... shall we start shooting then? Wait... we were?" Sunset asked.

The crew turned on the smoke effects for the next scene where the Dazzlings were singing, but once again the smoke was too much and the entire room turned into a smoky sauna.

"Oh great not again..." Adagio scoffed. "Is there a setting to turn it on light?"

"No! There's just Bog and then Sauna! Those are the only settings!"

"Great, now we've got to wait again." Aria rolled her eyes, crossing her arms and standing in place.

Everyone just stood in awkward silence while they waited for the smoke to try and clear.

"Well, uh... anyone want to go get some grub?" Sonata asked. "I'll pay for it."

"Eh, why not?" Aria shrugged.

"I'm with you." Adagio replied.

"Great! Now if we can find our way out..." Sonata said, trying to move her hands around in the smoke. She hit her hand on something which felt fuzzy. "Ooh, is that a bunny?"

"Sonata, that's my hair." A British girl spoke.

"Oh, sorry Octavia!" Sonata blushed.


Spike and Twilight were ready to jump through the portal to go to Canterlot High. Spike successfully made it through and now it was just Princess Twilight who had to run through.

But before she could even jump through, the portal closed out of nowhere showing only the same mirror that was leading to the other side.

"OOF!" Twilight's face smashed against the mirror and glass shards cracked falling out of place and Twilight fell on her back.

"Cut! Who turned off the portal?"

"Ow..." Twilight moaned.

"Can someone please get an icepack for the Alicorn?"

Princess Twilight accepted Sunset's hand to help her get back on her feet to which, Sunset gave her a friendly smile. Then out of nowhere, Sunset just pulled Twilight in and gave her a big hug.

"Dah, hey!" Twilight giggled.

Everyone didn't say anything, they just let Sunset give her a big hug with a coy smile.

"Hey, how about a little sugar for Rainbow huh?" Rainbow interrupted.

"In a minute!" Sunset said, still hugging Twilight.

A few minutes went by, and she still didn't let go. Everyone was wondering if she was still awake from how long she was doing it.

"Uh... does someone have a crowbar?" Applejack asked.

"And... action!"

"Yeah, that isn't the only thing that's happened here." Rainbow said as she pulled out her phone. The video that was supposed to play was the video of her growing ears and wings, but that wasn't the video. Instead, there was just a video of a mother panda eating food and with a little baby panda beside her. Then in a complete jump, the baby panda let out a very loud sneeze that nearly scared the mother who dropped her food.

"Cut! Rainbow, were you watching panda videos again?"

Rainbow was confused. But as she pulled the phone back to look she noticed the video wasn't the one she was supposed to play.

"Oh my gosh! Sorry!" Rainbow blushed. "Hehe, guess I better pay attention more next time huh?"

They tried to go through that scene once again, and as Rainbow spoke, Vinyl Scratch was seen right behind them walking right past them. But as soon as Rainbow was finished her line, Vinyl Scratch began to moonwalk right behind them as she was leaving the place with a smirk on her face, sticking her tongue out at the camera as she just moonwalked right past them.

None of the girls even noticed what she was doing back there. And moments later, she came back only this time she now breakdancing by spinning around on her own head and they still didn't notice. She finished the move, and jumped back on her feet, raising her fingers up like a rocker.

Still nothing. Vinyl sighed and she walked off-screen disappointed that she didn't get their attention. Maybe next time she'd get their attention...

In another scene, Twilight and the girls were standing hands connected about to unleash their magic upon the Dazzlings to defeat them and their tyranny.

"Friendship is Magic!!!" Twilight called out as they all stood ready to unleash their power, but nothing happened. Everyone stood around in awkward silence, unsure of how to respond.

But as they were standing in awkward silence, Adagio couldn't help but snicker a bit, trying not to smile at the display. This was just too awkward for her.

"I'm sorry..." Adagio snickered. "Can... can we just redo this scene? I wasn't supposed to laugh."

"Places... action!"

The next scene being shot was over at Pinkie Pie's house, and the shot was down to her as she was updating her status on MyStable.

"Status update! Okie-doki-loki!" She typed in some letters on the keyboard but a buzzer went off on her laptop. "What!?"

"What, what happened?"

"New petition against tax again!?" Pinkie yelled.

Late at night, Twilight slowly got up from her little sleeping bag and she went to open the drawer where her notebook was placed. But as she pulled it out, the notebook wasn't there. Instead what was there was a little ping pong paddle.

"Wait, what?"

Twilight pulled out the paddle with a confused look, hearing the others laugh off-set.

"Oh real funny guys, real funny." Twilight scowled. "I thought we were supposed to be serious here, geez..."

Twilight just chucked the paddle back on the floor and walked away to the snack tables.

The very next day, the Battle of the Bands competition was being shot and Snips and Snails were up for their act. They were going to start singing their original rap, but that's not what they were singing. Snails began the first part.

Like a bullet from a gun
She arrives on the scene,
a young detective who doesn't know the meaning of, fear

Snips followed then.

When she's hot on the case,
no time to waste when you're face to face
with an evil that is looking but you just can't see it
Persist, persevere and the problem will disappear!

"Cut!" The director yelled. "Guys, I thought you were supposed to sing the original rap we made for you?"

"Dude, come on. That rap is terrible, everyone's just going to be cringing. And its not even worth a mic drop!" Snips spoke.

"This is the only scene you're going to get in the whole movie." The director remarked.

Both of them sighed.

"Fine, we'll sing what you told us to sing..." Snails sighed. "Seriously, that's nothing like me at all."

Snips shook his head. "I need a better agent..."


The Dazzlings wandered through the hallway on their way to the auditorium for when they would be called to come on stage, but as they turned around to the double doors, Sunset was leaning against a wall waiting for them.

"You're never going to get away with this." Sunset snarled.

"Why? Because you didn't?" Adagio asked with a sly smile.

"No because this is a children's movie and we always win!" Sunset snapped.

"Oh yeah, that's a good point..." Sonata tapped her chin.

"She's not wrong." Aria acknowledged.

"It is the usual route of kids films." Adagio nodded.

"Cut! Girls, I know you know that this movie is going to have the same ending like a regular hero story with the main heroes winning but can we just focus?"

"Oh, sorry about that!" Adagio called back. "Come on, back to positions."

The girls just chuckled as they set themselves back into positions.

As the next song number began, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata began to sing as they moved further out onto the center stage.

Oh whoa, oh whoa,
you didn't know that you fell

But Adagio accidentally walked a little farther than she was supposed to because at that moment, she tripped on her heel and fell right off the stage and onto the ground, face first.

"Cut!" The director yelled. "Adagio, are you okay?"

Adagio didn't reply.

"Adagio? Adagio? Oh my god, someone call an ambulance!"

But a weak hand rose up with a thumbs up.

"Oh, never mind! Still, lets bring some safety mats in here okay? We don't need to let the bodies hit the floor."

Oh whoa, oh whoa, you didn't know that you fell
oh whoa, oh whoa, now that you're under our spell

The Dazzlings were singing on point for their scene, and everyone was going through it quite well. In fact, they were almost done.

"Oh whoa, oh who--BLEECCHH!!!" Aria accidentally let out a loud burp into the microphone making everyone offset laughing.

"Sorry guys!" Aria chuckled. "I had a Diet Coke at lunch. Really need to lay off it..."

"That's the fifth time!" Sonata complained.

"I'm sorry okay?" Aria laughed.

Adagio just chuckled while rolling her eyes and shaking her head. "This scene is never going to get done..."

Much later as the movie progressed, more scenes were getting done and they were getting close to the near end of the movie. The next scene they were shooting now was when Trixie's band confronted the Rainbooms at the stage.

"It is I who deserve to be in the finals, and I will not be denied!" Trixie snapped her fingers.

One of Trixie's bandmates pulled on a giant lever to open up the trap door they were underneath. But nothing happened. The trap didn't go off, and the girls didn't collapse.

She switched the lever back, and pulled again, but nothing.

"Um... isn't that supposed to open the trap door?" Rarity asked.

Trixie blinked. "Trixie thought so... but nothing's happening."

"Cut! Can someone repair that? Go take a break girls, this will take a while." The director said.

"Oooh! Nummies!" Pinkie squeed as she dashed off set.

Trixie stood still for a moment scratching her chin for a moment and looked at the girls.

"Am I the only one who thinks its a bit pyschotic that I'm supposed to order them to have you all locked in a very dark room with no way out? That seems like kidnapping." Trixie shuddered.

"Its part of the scene, besides we still make it out of there, don't we?" Twilight asked.

"Not what it says here," Rarity replied, flipping through a page script. "We're supposed to be saved by Spike and a background character."

"Oh! That makes sense." Trixie nodded.

"Uh-huh!" Everyone agreed.

The Rainbooms were locked under the stage during the final round of the Battle of the Bands, all the while Trixie's band played above them. The sounds of her music only gave small echoes through the floor.

Rainbow was struggling to get them all out of the room by slamming into the door, but no luck. Maybe backing up a bit would work? She backed up, and she charged forward and moved her shoulder to hit the door. But as she slammed into the door, her entire body fell through a fake prop door which smashed from her own impact. Her face smacked against the ground when she fell.

"Oh my gosh, are you okay?" Twilight gasped.

"I'm okay!" Rainbow groaned.

"Cut! Someone get her some bandages!"

"Ow..." Rainbow moaned some more.

"I thought you never ask!" Rarity squeed as she pulled out a rack holding an assortment of costumes for them to wear.

But all of the Rainbooms took one look at the costumes and they couldn't help but laugh.

"What? What's so funny?"

"That's the goofiest looking outfit I've ever seen!" Pinkie clutched her sides. "We're all supposed to wear that?"

"Yes, unfortunately," Rarity scoffed.

"Oh this is not going well..." Sunset giggled.


The Dazzlings had finally received the power they needed, and they were ready to unleash their full power. The cranes raised the three girls up as they continued to sing.

But unfortunately one of the cables snapped and Adagio fell down again, face first.


"Cut! Another Adagio down! You okay?"

"Test the equipment before you have us use it!!" Aria yelled.

"Um... Adagio isn't moving." Sonata drooped her finger as she looked down to the girl who still was sprawled on the ground. Both Sonata's and Aria's eyes widened.

"This could be a problem."

"Sunset Shimmer! We need you!" Twilight called out to Sunset as the microphone rolled right up to her heel.

Sunset was about to reply but Twilight replied again.

"... To hand me back the microphone!"


"Cut! Twilight, you aren't supposed to say that part."

Twilight giggled. "I'm sorry, it seemed too easy!"

Sunset just chuckled. "Alright, real funny. We're doing this scene again anyway, aren't we?"

The Dazzlings were stopped and now laid about on the stage in defeat. Their gems were now in shards, now destroying their chances of singing.

They got back up and attempted to sing but their voices were so hoarse they sounded absolutely atrocious. It wasn't long until the crowd started booing and throwing food at them. The normal stuff like fruit and tomatoes were thrown, but the Dazzlings quickly noticed something else was array.

"Wait, why is there a chocolate bar up here?" Aria asked as another candy bar hit her face.

Sonata looked back and she was met with a giant fish slapping her across the side of the face as it flew past her.

"OW!" Sonata flinched.

"Okay, who decided to throw these things?" Adagio asked to the people off-set.

Adagio looked forward and her face was met with a giant basketball which knocked her down onto her back this time.

"Cut! Another Adagio down!"

Sonata and Aria stared down at her.

"Adagio? You okay?"

"Uh, she's not moving." Sonata said with fear.

"I'm sure she's fine!"

"I'm serious, she's not moving!" Sonata panicked.

"Someone call an ambulance!"


Sunset rocked out on a blue guitar she had near the stage for a few seconds before resting her arms and giving a big smile.

"I also play guitar."

Rainbow blinked in shock. She had no idea she was this good. And she also had no idea what she was supposed to say.

"We'll... try another take because I really need to remember my lines." Rainbow said.

"Yeah I suppose so." Twilight replied. "Good try though."

Sunset giggled. "Come on, lets try this again. Whew, how many times have we've screwd up on set?"

"Too many times to count Sunset." Applejack laughed. "I just hope they put them in the end credits, that'd be amazing."

One of the staff members whispered into an ear of the director.

"Should we tell them their bloopers won't make it into the credits?"

"Mm... nah." The director shrugged, while eating a doughnut.