The tale of an Armor Lizard

by Fex

1 Bone Yard

Darkness was all around me as I felt I was floating into nothingness slowly moving back and forth as if I was underwater near a coast or something.

I felt alone and yet I had the feeling I was being watched by thousands of sets off eyes who were judging every fiber off me. Every choice I ever have made maybe even off the ones I once will make.

The first sounds, in what felt like hours, was the sound of waves but if I listened closer it sounded like a million voices whispering at the same time following the back and forth motion of the waves I felt until it became silent and I heard a roar like growl in a whispered tone as if it was faraway or dampened by something.

Two thin line off lights slowly appear before they open slowly causing red light the darkness up.

The eyes look like they are made of lava the iris’s seemed to swirl even as they stared into my soul.

The darkness underneath the eyes started crack and get the rough shape of a cave or better yet the maw of hell itself with in the back lava the maw gave a roar, no matter how dampened, seemed to shake me to the core of my very being.

Waking up in a shock as I jumped up and my world became one of absolute pain as I bumped my head into something as hard as a rock. Correction it was rock.

When I flinched back I noticed I was in water and the drowning sensation didn’t go well with the headache, which I just acquired, as I groaned crawling out of the small body of water watching out for the low roof. There was a very strong smell off salt even worse than on the beach.

Feeling weird as if my body was different than it used to be and if that was so how did I look before or even better who was I? I couldn’t remember anything even that dream was getting harder and harder to remember. But that all had to wait for now first I need to get out of this cave and see where I was.

I started to feel the walls in the darkness as I crawled through the cave but for some reason I stopped at a piece of wall where there was only a hairline of a crack and yet a sort of six sense told me it was an exit for me.

Scratching ferociously at the wall causing sparks to appear as my nails moved over the stones. At first I only made small lines but slowly but surely pieces started to crumble as I scratched harder. Behind the slab of stone I saw that it had turned to peddles allowing me to dig through it fast and before long I felt the warmth of the sun in my face.

Blinded by the light I covered my eyes till was more adjusted and the first thing I saw was mountains and valleys which were covered with lots of salt if my smell didn’t deceive me.

Escaping the underground cave was great and did feel great but yet somewhere deep down it felt comfortable to be safe underground. As if a part of me was rather down than up.

I started to scan the area and saw something that would scare anyone and that was that over a row of five mountains was an enormous skeleton of a beast I couldn’t even name. As I started to look around more seeing many more big skeletons all around some as big as the first one some the size of a single mountain and others which were around my size. The ground almost as if it was made of skeletons, though it was more patches than whole areas. Many lay on top of the dirt and salt but even more were half buried staring with their empty eye sockets into the air. There were some that looked horse like, dog like, multiple different kind of lizards and many more I could not even name.

Remembering the weird sensation that I was different I started check my own body starting with my hands, no, my claws with two fingers and a thumb on each. Turning my head to check myself out I seemed to be around five feet tall, my body was around six feet long and with an eight feet long tail. My legs were pretty weird in my opinion. The leg went down towards the knee but after that it went up around the same height, maybe a bit lower, before it went down again towards my three toes. Two of the toes made up my whole feet and the third one was on the inside of the feet much smaller than the other two probably for better grip only. I started to feel my blind spots on my body to see if I had any armor, scales or any horns but wasn’t able to find anything but the dark brown mixed with dark blue smooth skin which one would expect on the body of an eel.

The way I looked it wasn’t anything I ever seen which would mean a lot if I could remember anything clearly.

It felt my mind was covered with something like dust but the moment I saw or came in contact with something my mind seemed to get the thoughts about said subject cleared. Like how my skin seemed like that one of an eel and what colors I was even though I couldn’t remember if I ever saw one.

For time being I had something else on my mind like finding drinkable water, food and shelter in this salt dessert. The heat of the sun was surprisingly not that bad even though it was somewhere around fifty degree Celsius.

If I could remember correctly it could get ice cold in the nights and if I was being a coldblooded being I would be in deep shit meaning I would freeze like a popsicle.

“Hello? Anyone there, hello?” I yelled in the hope that someone was around hear me to point me in the right direction but as I waited all I was hearing was the echo off the sound of my voice.

I did notice that my voice was a bit raspy and heavy like a growl from a t-rex but then more screechy as a raptor.

Not sure where to go I decided that I would go east maybe I would find a settlement in that direction for it was mostly downwards less mountains and canyons.

Traveling for hours over what felt a makeshift road which sometimes would end for no reason and start once more a mile further forcing me to climb a few times over skeletons or go through it if I was lucky or unlucky, I wasn’t sure myself.

When the sun slowly started settling on the horizon I stared amazed at all the beautiful purple and red colors turning the previous white and brown mountains in a giant painting.

But I couldn’t enjoy for long for it started to cool down rapidly and it felt like my reptile like body didn’t like the cold as it did like the sun. Meaning that I was in deed coldblooded.

Looking around for something that looked like shelter or a cave of some sort but I couldn’t find anything on this side of the cliff but bones and more bones.

Not liking my own idea as I moved towards one of the big skulls half buried into a mountain to use as shelter. I climbed in fast incase the jaws would shut and noticed it was covering a cave.

“Someone in here?” I tried once more but still no answer but then the sound of my own voice.

So I did the only sensible thing I could think off and that was slowly entering to leave the cold behind me as I went deeper but I could feel the cold following me.

The tunnel felt to go down ward slowly as further I went but when the last bits of light disappeared from the entrance as the sun disappeared I wasn’t greeted by darkness like when I woke up.

But everything was colored from blue at the entrance too white not far behind me too yellow further in the cave. It seemed I could see temperatures when it became too hard to see normally for me. I wondered if I could activate it or that it came and went on its own.

But my thoughts were cut off as I heard a sound, like bone moving over rock, from behind me and saw something moving towards me slowly.

The temperature from who or whatever was coming at me was below zero Celsius so that meant it couldn’t be alive or was covered by something that temperature.

So running deeper in the cave in the hope I could escape on the other side or hide long enough till it was gone.

My temperature vision disappeared as I saw in the distance some weird light that slowly changed from color blue, green, purple, red, white and who knows what other colors in random patterns but it was my only hope as the thing that followed me had multiplied to a small army.

When I reached the light I was amazed in the middle of the room was a crystal that hung from the ceiling of the cave. It seemed to be shaped like a upside down leafless tree that hung above an abyss.

The crystal itself seemed to be made of many different colors that had some way melted together in random patterns.

But what amazed me the most were the little lights that floated around the crystal. There were hundreds of little balls of light each having the same color of the crystal.

Some seemed to disappeared into the tree and others came from it making me think it was like a hive for the small lights.

But I realized that I had forgotten about my pursuers were close after me as they groaned as they see me now as they had gained onto me.

There had to be a sale for surprises because my pursuers were, as I could see, made of bones one more weirder than the other.

I was shocked making me want to run in fear but I had nowhere else to run towards as the hole where the giant crystal hung was blocking my path.

I could see that there were multiple entrances on the other side but no way to cross not even a few sticking out rocks for me to grab on.

“I am going to die aren’t I?” I said to myself as I felt that the last bits off hope drain from me as the army came closer and closer allowing me see better details. Among the army I saw smaller ones shaped like horses who almost seemed to smile at me with their bony faces. But among the others their empty eye sockets were almost maliciously looking at me as if I was their water in this dry wastes.

As I closed my eyes in fear off what was about to happen to me but as I waited but nothing happened.

Opening one of my eyes a bit I saw that the skeletons had topped their approach as if there was a barrier.

When I checked my surrounding, for what was stopping them, I saw that a single blue light was hanging above me much brighter than the others.

Not long after a loud humming came from the crystal as all the small lights suddenly started to vibrate and their lights shining as bright as a multi colored sun.

This caused the skeletons to run in fear from where they had followed me and not long after the shuffling sound slowly disappeared.

The moment they were all gone the humming stopped and the light went back to how it was before.

I felt drained as the adrenaline slowly became less making my body become fatigued as if I had been running for days.

The little light that had protected me flew against my nose before flying towards one of the walls where I saw a pile of sand and dragged myself towards it before dropping myself on top it as sleep claimed me fast.

But the last thing I saw was the small blue light floating in front of me as if it was guarding me.

When I woke up I looked around wildly as if it had all been a dream and the skeletons were there but I was relieved they were still gone.

I checked the crystal and saw that all the lights were gone but it was still shining as brightly as it had been last night.

When I stood up I bumped my feet against a stone where the middle had been carved out and water was slowly dripping from the ceiling into it.

Sniffing its content and not smelling any salt I took a deep gulp and the cold sensation was so refreshing. I was hungry as well but the water at least made that a bit less terrible.

Slowly making my way towards the exit being on my guard for the skeletons. When I moved my head around the corner I could see that there was none so far I could see into the dark passage.

Looking once back I moved through the dark passage my vision turned on once I was far enough from the light going to the red color of the entrance of the cave.

The whole trip went without a problem seeing and hearing nothing out of the ordinary.

When I reached the end I blinked a few times because something was wrong, terribly wrong. I mean truly world scale wrong.

The giant skull that had been covering the entrance was gone and was replaced by piles of bones.

But what was even weirder was that the cliff near the entrance was gone and replaced with even ground as if it had never been anything else.

Further examining the area I noticed that even mountains had changed spots, like the row of mountains across the cliff had been going from small to big was now completely shuffled, many of the giant skeletons were on different spots as well.

“GAH, this is unfair!” I yelled towards the sky because the mountain I had been in could have been moved as well and that means that I could be at the same spot as yesterday or somewhere further away from civilization. I could try to move here forever and not getting a step further if my luck was bad.

Starting my second try going east and I could only hope that a settlement had been moved towards me or some food and water source.

‘I do wonder what those lights were maybe were they will-o-wisp souls from every creature that died here? Who know how many more off those kind of nests were around or was it hives? Oh, well I try and figure that out some other time. But what about those skeletons what made them move? I had no clue beside my little theory that something had made home inside it and was moving it like a colony.’ But I kept pondering as I kept on moving.

I did came across a few dead creatures or was it beings for they were wearing clothing?

Their bodies were all dried out because of the salt, as it had drained all the fluids, which was laying with a thick layer on top of it.

Truly hoping that they had food on them as I scraped the thick layer of salt away which sometimes even removed the skin as if it was made of paper.

After a bit of trouble I was able to open their backpacks and found only food with salt on it which I threw away.

“I wish there was some food hungry.” I complained as I opened a smaller bag with gems in it.

For some reason something tickled my nose as a weird smell came from the bag. The crystals smelled as if they were edible.

Slowly putting a crystal in my mouth and my taste buds were swarmed with the amazing flavor of bacon. My stomach was grateful for the bit of food but it notified me that it wanted more and now and before I knew it I had swallowed all the crystals that had been in it.

With my stomach now filled to a comfortable level I went further till I stopped dead in my tracks.

I started to remember the cave with the giant crystal in it. Which was actually an all-you-can-eat buffet for me. I took a deep breath before I roared into the sky, which would make a dragon blush, my arms were waving angrily into the air.

A soft crack stopped my rage as I looked around for what it could be this time but I saw and hear no movement.

I was about to move on when the cracking happened again and this time I heard them come from below me.

Looking down I saw that there were multiple cracks like a spider web underneath my feet. They slowly grew in size and amount faster and faster.

Before I knew it I fell through a hole as it was some sort of natural slide that dragged me on a wild ride.

But it didn’t last too long as it spit me as fast out as it had swallowed me right above a village so it seemed.

I was filled with joy because I was saved.

But then I realized that I was hanging in the air causing my eye to twitch because I had to survive the fall before I was saved.

Not soon after many loud and painful grunts were shouted as I bounced down the pretty steep wall made of many lose rocks which joined me in my tumble.

As I was nearing the bottom the few rocks had grown to a full fledge avalanche and whoever was living in that town were running as me and my friend avalanche crashed the place.

I groaned as I now knew how meat felt when it was being made tender.

Slowly getting up as my ears were ringing and I felt as if I had been in an avalanche, oh right, I had been in one.

My vision was swinging wildly but I did notice as multiple pastel colored horses were running at me armed and yelling or something.

Not long after my lights were bucked out by some guy that had flanked me.

A big dark blue earth pony stood over me and looked not to happy.

“Tie that Armor Lizard up well they can bit your hoof with a single bite. As well, somepony repair that Celestia damned wall before nightfall. We don’t want more off those things in here.” His scowl went from a scowl to a creepy smile.

“Welcome to the Bone Yard it has been a while since one of your kind became brave enough to try an attack.”