No Better Title - Arc I

by ThePerverted1EyedBrony

Chapter 5- Morning / Pool Party? [Edited]

Chapter 5 – Morning/ Pool Party?

*Cam’s POV*

You return to the waking world, you rub your eyes and see that you’re in your room, “Arg, it sucks that, that was all a dream,” you think to yourself. You then hear the clanging of pots and pans, “Arg, why do people like to sneak into my house and just steal food,” you think to yourself, you walk over to your closet and open it, you then look around in it and find your metal baseball bat, “This should teach them not to come here and eat,” you quietly say to yourself as you throw the bat over your shoulder. You slowly open your bedroom door and walk out, you walk down the stairs and start smelling eggs and bacon, “Um, okay if this amazing scent is anything to go by, I might let them stay here just for their cooking,” you think in your head, you continue to walk down the stairs with your bat in tow. You reach the main floor and walk towards the kitchen, you look in the kitchen and see Amber cooking while humming a tune to herself, “Oh ya, I forgot, I’ve got five hot babes living under the same roof as me,” you think in your head. You sneak behind Amber, you wrap your hands around her waist and say,

“Mouring gorgeous,” you whisper to her, she turns her head and looks at you,

“Okay, now I know I’m dreaming,” Amber says in an irritated tone, you lightly hit her in the arm, “OW! What was that for?” she asks,

“You just registered pain,” you say while pointing at her, “that means you are wide awake and are actually experiencing this,” you say with a devious grin on your face, you look at Amber and she has a massive blush across her entire face, you start to laugh at her misfortune,

“That wasn’t funny!” Amber says in an embarrassed tone, you pick up on that

“I’m really sorry if I hit a sensitive spot Amber,” you say apologetically and sombrely while looking at the ground,

“No prob,” she says in a sad tone, “But pull something like that again,” she points at your chest, “and I’ll tear you limb from limb, and make sure you feel excruciating pain,” she says in a more light-hearted and serious tone,

“Don’t worry Amber,” you say as you look up from the floor, “But I think you should continue to make breakfast,” you point to the pan, “and don’t worry, I’ll make the others some hash browns,” you say to her,

“Oh, crap,” Amber says loudly, she turns back to the pan, “DAMIT!” she yells, you look over her shoulder and see that thanks to your prank you burnt the bacon she was cooking,

“Sorry Amber, if I didn’t pull that then we’d be eating delicious bacon,” you say with a little bit of a joking tone,

“No problem, I’ll just make more,” she turns to your freezer and pulls out some bacon.

You hear footsteps and doors opening and closing, you then see that Twilight had slept in a purple tank top with purple short shorts, “Good morning Twilight,” you greet her,

“Morning,” she says groggily and looks around the room, “Do you have any coffee? *Yawn*” She asks,

“I’ll get a pot on,” you say, you go to your cupboard and pull out the coffee maker, “You want regular or decaf?” you ask Twilight,

“Regular please,” she says groggily as you hear her pull out a chair,

“Okay, it’ll be done in a few minutes,” you tell Twilight as you return to your seat.

A few minuets later you hear some else come down the stairs, you turn and look to see Celestia in a cream white evening gown, “Morning Celestia,” you say,

“Sorry Cam but you are wrong,” she says to you, “No… it’s a great morning,” she says as she sits down, “Finally I can sleep in and not have to wake up to raise the sun or do any…” she says before Twilight interrupts her,

“Chores! Ya… chores around the house,” she says nervously, she then turns her head to the Celestia, “Right Celestia?” she asks in a tone like she’s telling her,

“Oh! Right, we have chores around the house that need to be done daily, so I wake up, raise the sun and get to work,” Celestia says nervously,

“Okay,” you say stretching it out, “But anyways, I have no plans for today,” you say on a brighter note, “So, what do you girls,” you then motion your head upwards, “including Luna, want to do today?” you ask,

“Well, I would like for you to get a handle on your powers if not become better at them,” Amber says,

“I would like to go swimming,” Cadence says,

“I would actually like to go swimming as well,” Celestia says,

“Me too,” Twilight says enthusiastically,

“So, it’s decided, we’re going swimming,” you say, “But, first things first,” you say in a serious tone, “Who wants to wake Luna up?” you ask. You notice that Everyone but Amber looks at you like you said you wanted to die, “What?” you ask.

“Waking Luna up before she wants to gets up is… how do I put this… it’s like… um… as you humans put it… signing your death warrant,” Celestia says in a calm tone, you look shocked at what she just said but you put it off,

“Fine, I’ll go and get her up,” you say as you turn around and start to go up the stairs, you hear them telling you not to go, but you ignore them and continue up to Luna’s room. You walk towards Luna’s bedroom door, and knock, you wait a few seconds, nothing, you knock again and ask, “Hey Luna, you in there?” nothing, “Well I might as well go in and see if she’s alright,” you think in your head. You slowly open the door and see that it’s pitch black in Luna’s room, “Wow, and I thought that I hated the light in the morning,” you say quietly to yourself. You look at the bed and see Luna curled up in the blankets, “She’s looks so adorable like this,” you think in your head, “WAIT! Why am I thinking like this, I’ve only known them for a total of a day,” you think in your head, “but… then again… it feels like I’ve known them forever,” you think in your head, “Then again, they did say that they’ve been watching over my family for 2000 years,” you think in your head. You walk up to Luna and lightly grab her shoulder, shake her and say, “Luna… it’s time to…” you start to say before you end up on the ground. You look up and see Luna awake and angry, until the anger changes into sympathy,

“Oh, Cam, we art very sorry,” she says apologetically,

“No, prob, just an honest mistake,” you say casually while getting up and dusting your pants off, you then look up and see Luna’s wearing a dark blue crop top, and dark blue short shorts, even shorter than Twilights, “Um… um… um… I… um… thought you… um… would like to… um… join us for… um… breakfast,” you stammer while looking at her figure,

“Art, thou just saying that, or art thou hitting on me again,” Luna asks you jokingly, “and don’t you try to lie to me, I saw the way you looked up at the night sky last night,” she says poking your chest, “and if thou art curious how we saw you, we were sitting on the roof of thy establishment, also watching the night sky,” she says poking your chest again,

“Okay, okay,” you say cracking under the pressure, “I’m not hitting on you and can you please stop messing with me like that, it’s really getting on my nerves,” you say as an idea pops into your head, “Unless… you have a crush on me,” you say deviously, you instantly see Luna’s face go from calm and cool, to nervous and embarrassed, she starts to stammer utter nonsense, deciding you’ve don’t enough, you grab her arm and drag her downstairs. “Okay, enough is enough, you’re coming with me downstairs to eat breakfast,” you say while descending stairs

You get down the stairs with Luna in hand, “You are sitting here and eating with the rest of us” you tell her as you sit her down in one of the kitchen table chairs.

“Why art thou forcing me to eat amongst the two of you?” Luna asks while gesturing to you and Amber,

“Because it’s my place, my rules,” you tell Luna in a parent like tone,

After you and the girls started eating together, they all broke off into their own respective conversations, while you were happy that they all talk amongst each other, you felt just a little bit out of the conversation, “I’m happy that they’re all having a good time, and are going swimming, but I still have a lot to do before I could join them in the pool later,” you think in your head. Luna looks over at you from her seat at the table,

“Cameron,” you look at her, “why art thou looking so distant?” Luna asks with genuine concern,

“Oh, I didn’t mean to worry…” you say before Celestia interrupts you,

“Sorry Cam, but I’ve seen the look on distant people before, and you match them perfectly, and I’m not the only one who noticed this cause as my sister said, you look distant and she would know, cause that distance caused her to do something terrible that hurt both of us for years,” Celestia tells you with a pleading tone,

“… Okay, I’ll talk,” you say sadly, “Only after the pool party,” you say on a brighter note while sticking out your tongue,

“You really want to keep this a secret, don’t you?” Twilight asks with concern in her voice,

“Yes, and no, but I won’t tell you girls anything till after the pool party, so all of you go upstairs, get dressed, and have fun in the pool while I do the last of the chores that need to be done around here,” you tell them in a tone they know you won’t back down from,

“Fine,” they all say in sync.

*Amber’s POV*

You head up to your room to change into the swimsuit you bought with the rest of the girls. You get in your room and start to change, “Why must Cam always do those chores,” you think to yourself while changing, “All he has to do is put off those chores, it’s not… like…” you suddenly realise that the way Cam acts is that of one who doesn’t think he’s worthy of having someone as hot as yourself in the same room as him, “I think I should be nicer to him, maybe that would cheer him up?” you think in your head, “WAIT! Why do I care about how Cam feels, it’s not like I like him anyways,” you think to yourself.

*Twilight’s POV*

You head up to your room, “Spike!” you yell, when you realize that he didn’t come with you because Ember had called him up to the DragonLands to help with the idea of dragons to have friends, “Oh ya, well… Cam’s been nice to us since after we revealed ourselves to them,” you say to yourself, “But that’s just who he is… is it?” you think aloud, “WAIT! Why is it I care only about him, he’s been nice to all of us,” you think aloud,

*Lunas POV*

You enter your room, and start to get ready to go swimming with the others, “We think Cameron will adore this swimming suit,” you say to yourself, “When we swim he will hold me close to that strong, handsome… WAIT! What am I thinking?” you say to yourself,

*Celestias POV*

You enter your room and start to change, “I think Cameron will love this swimsuit I got with the others, and who knows, maybe he might try something,” you say seductively to yourself, “WAIT! What am I saying, I’m co-ruler of an entire nation, and I should show restraint, but why am I thinking like this?” you ask yourself,

*Candences POV*

You enter your room and feel a ping, “Look’s like both my aunt’s and Twilight have a crush on Cam, *Giggle* I hope they finally realise what they want before he’s lost to another woman,” you say.

*Ambers, Celestias, Lunas, Twilights POV*

“*Lovingly Sigh* I think I’m in love with Cameron,” they all say at the same time in a love-struck tone.

*Cam’s POV*

You continue to clean the dishes everyone used during breakfast, you hear footsteps against the stairs, you turn to look at the bottom of the stairs and see the girls in their swimsuits.

Celestia wore a nice, cream colored, two piece bikini that left little to the imagination, Luna wore something similar to her sister but showed less skin and was a beautiful night blue, Amber wore a red, strapless, two piece bikini that only showed her legs and only a little bit of her cleavage and above, Twilight wore a lavender, one piece bikini that hugged her curves well and showed the top of her cleavage, while Cadence was wearing a bright pink one piece like Twilight but it covered her entire mid-section and wasn’t really complementing her figure.

“Wow, you girls, just… wow,” you say in a mix of awe and perverted glee,

“Oh Cam, you don’t need to complement us every time you see us,” Celestia tells you in a playful tone, “Now why don’t you go and get ready and join us?” Celestia asks in a seductive tone,

“While I would normally jump at a chance like this, I sadly have do decline,” you tell the group and they look down at the ground, “but don’t worry, I’ll be out after finish washing and drying these dishes,” you tell them,

“Okay,” they all say sadly in sync.

*Cadences POV*

You lay on one of the pool chairs deciding to get a tan. You look at your aunt and see that everyone else is trying to get her soaked in the pool… even your other aunt is trying to help the others, you giggle at that little display of your aunts being themselves and not trying to run a country, you decide that after you’ve all been out here for two hours you thought you might want to get everyone something to drink, “Anyone want something to drink?” you ask everyone while standing up,

“We shall have what he calls a root beer,” your aunt Luna says before getting soaked by everyone, you giggle at that,

“I’ll just have some water please,” Twilight says

“I think I’ll have an iced tea,” your aunt Celestia says,

“I’ll have root beer as well, and if he doesn’t have any, then get me a iced tea,” Amber says before getting dunked underwater by the others, this makes you giggle again. You walk towards the door, and before you put your hand on the door you hear what sounded like Cam sreaming,

            -End of Chapter 5-