Forever Changed

by ShadowedKnight68

Tears Shed

James slowly woke up from his dreamless sleep, he hated sleeping in this body he never got and dreams or anything just being awake while asleep it was horrible.

"She was very badly hurt worse then before, Twilight she needs help..." Fluttershy said to who James guessed was Twilight.

"Yeah and she's also a changeling queen, how do we know this isn't some kind of trick?" Twilight asked, she didn't sound like she was happy about the guest who was sleeping on her couch.

"Well...she could also not be tripping to?" Fluttershy said.

Then James heard a door open and a group of hooves clopping against the floor "alright Twilight I woke up from my nap for this what's up?" Rainbowdash asked.

"I found a changeling queen at my front door badly beaten up and out cold" Twilight explained.

"And you just let her sleep on yer couch? Now how is that a good idea?" Applejack asked in a country accent.

"I have to agree with Applejack on this one twilight" Rarity said.

"It wasn't my idea it was Fluttershy's" Twilight corrected.

"She's new to town right?" Pinkie asks as she tries to hold back her excitement.

"Yes well...we're pretty sure" twilight said not actually sure how long the changeling has been in town.

"Ok I gotta go bye!" Pinkie ran out of the room in a pink blurr.

"Well...that's great..." Rainbow said sarcastically.

James slowly sits up and rubs his head, he looks at them before jumping off the couch at them "oh my god!! I never even thought it would be possible for me to ever meet you in person!! This is like a dream come true! I mean your all really real!! This is amazing!" He cheered while hugging them all tightly, rainbow then punched him in the gut making him let go and hold his stomach.

"Ok...ill admit...I kinda deserved that...kinda wish this was a dream now...really hurts" James fell over.

"Alright twi what's her problem?" Rainbowdash growled annoyed.

"Well...from what Fluttershy's told me she's not really dangerous, she's basically the exact opposite of Chrysalis" twilight explained.

"Dang right I am...she sucks I'm AWASOME!!" James yelled as he threw his hooves in the air.

"....ok...explain" rarity asked.

"Um well...I was afraid she might be dangerous so I uh kinda...I used a spell to make her a little...loopy" twilight chuckled nervously.

" drugged me??...shit no wonder why I feel like and orange..." James took a moment to think about what he said "what the hell kind of drugs did you give me??" He stood up and stumbled around "I need to go drink some water" he ran into a wall "this wasn't here before...".

"Ok we have a drugged changeling queen who is acting drunk, what the heck do we do with her?" Rainbowdash asked.

"Well the spell will last for a few hours, so until then we just need to watch her and make sure she doesn't do anything bad" twilight explained.

James rubbed his head trying to get ahold of his jumbled mind "I...chrysalis is planing something...I think...she kicked my ass...or...I kicked hers....or I kicked my own?...I don't know everything's all over" he rubbed his head "I...I'm her sister!!! Or...not? I'm human! I'm James!!!" He face planted and was knocked out cold.

Everypony was looking at James with confusion, except twilight who had a shocked expression.

"Did she say her name was James?" Rainbowdash asked.

"Yes wait did she say human?" Twilight asked to make sure she didn't mishear what she said.

"Yes she did wait isn't that those things you met when you went in the mirror portal?" Rarity asked.

"Yes! How would she even know that?? Unless she's from there or maybe she's been spying on us and found out about it, could that be what chrysalis is planing??" Twilight theorized.


James groaned waking up and rubbed his head, his mind was finally a lot clearer so the drugs must have worn off.

James looked around and found he was in a different room, it looked like a bedroom but not Twilights, he figured it must be a guest room.

He walked around the room looking at the different things, he still couldn't get over how realistic everything was, since he has only seen it in 2d.

He stopped walking when he got to a mirror and looked at his reflection, the smile on the changeling queen vanished and turned into a depressed frown.

James got flash backs to how all the ponies in town reacted to seeing him, he would never hurt anyone of them on purpose but they all acted like he would have bit their heads off if they came close.

"Then why are you trying to protect them?" Chrysalis asked walking into view of the mirror.

James jumped back and got in a defensive stance baring his fangs as he aimed his form at her.

"My oh my you weren't this animalistic when we last met" Chrysalis chuckled not at all afraid.

James realized he was acting much like a wild animal and got back in a standing position, he was now scared of himself, why would he act like that he's never done it before, or at least from what he remembers.

"Hehe simple answer is your body's acting on instinct, you poor foolish monkey, did you really think you'd be able to control that body?" Chrysalis chuckled as she circled James "you have no knowledge on how to control this body simple you've been using it like you normally would your body, but there's a lot more to changeling bodies then a monkey's".

"I'm not a monkey!!" James roared as his horn shot a blast at her but she moved out of the way making it hit the wall, James growled before calming and his scared look returned "w-what's happening to me?...".

"Oh your poor poor little thing" Chrysalis walked over and nuzzled James' neck calming him.

James felt a lot calmer when she did that, things were better with her, James eyes widened and he pushed her away "s-stop that!" He yelled trying to sound tuffet then how he felt.

"Hahahahaha" Chrysalis laughed wickedly "my sister loved when I did that, something we shared".

"I'm not her you bug freak!" James yelled with annoyance.

"Really? Hm then" Chrysalis levitated the mirror over and placed it in front of James "this is you?" She asked.

"N-no" he said while looking at his reflection, he hated it looking at it just reminded him of what he's lost.

"Then who is it?" She said walking behind James.

"I-it's your sister....b-but I'm not her...I'm just in her body...that doesn't make me her..." He tried to explain.

"Hm...yes...but in body and magic and strength, your everything she was except in mind" Chrysalis said while she stood behind him and she moved to his ear, she whispered into his ear "but...if you were her in wouldn't have to deal with all this pain...all this hate, you could be free from this misery and memories" her horn lit up making James eyes glow green and his expression softened as he fell under her spell.

James' mind started to fog, the images of his friends becoming blurred until they were gone completely, his memories of his parents blurred before vanishing, people he's met and talked with disappearing from his mind.

Soon he got to the memories with Elizabeth, the first time they met vanished, their first date faded away, when they kissed disappeared, the times they spent together turned to black, the image of Elizabeth slowly clouded and fogged.

James' eye twitched before widening he shook his head and ducked chrysalis "s-stop!!" He yelled holding his head in pain.

"Hehehe I did enough already" Chrysalis teleported away leaving James alone.

He stumbled around the room as he struggled to think in his very jumbled mind, he winced and fell to the ground holding his head as he struggled to remember, he tried remembering his parents faces but only came up with nothing, he tried remembering his friends but got nothing, he struggled to remember Elizabeth's face but only got a blurry picture in his head.

Tears formed in his eyes as he began sobbing, this was worse then being away from them he couldn't remember them now, they were only the blank spaces of where he knew people should be.

He sobbed holding himself on the floor, he staid like that for hours and hours, his tears seeming to never end.

There was then a knocking on the door "h-hello? Um are you alright in there?" The voice of Fluttershy asked from behind the door.

"G-go away..." He sobbed and tightened himself into more of a ball, he just wanted to hide away from this world.

"Oh um...ok..." Fluttershy said backing away from the door, she the turned to the others "she's very upset and crying...".

"We heard Fluttershy" Twilight said looking at the door as they all heard the sobbing on the other side.

"Well ah can't stand here and just listen to her suffer like that, we need to somehow cheer her up" Applejack said.

"And how exactly are we supposed to do that?" Rainbowdash asked.

They all then came to the same conclusion and said all together "Pinkie".

"I'm sure one of her parties would make her feel better" Fluttershy smiled.

"Well if Pinkie can't then no one can" Applejack declared.

They all agreed on the plan and went off to find the pink party master pony.


Many hours have passed and James has continued to lay on the floor in a tight sobbing ball, his eyes now stung from the amount of tears he's shed, each new one he let out stung a bit, he continued sniffling.

James saw a pink letter slid under the door into his room, he sniffled and stood up and walked over to it, he looked at the pink paper with blue writing on it, the writing said three simple words.

Come Down Stairs

James sniffled and opened his door, he might as well see what they wanted, jams walked down the hall his head hung low as he sniffled, he noticed a blue string that lead down the hall and down the stairs, he followed it all the way down the stairs.

When he got to the bottom of the stairs he found himself in a dark room, he couldn't see anything but he could hear people shuffling around in the darkness, fear filled his body and he back up fearing this was a trap.

The lights then turned on, James covered his eyes in fear waiting for the inevitable attack, but it never came he lowered his arm and looked at the now lot room.

"SURPRISE!!!" The mane six cheered as confetti and balloons fell from the ceiling out of nowhere.

"W-what?..." James said just below a whisper as he looked at them all, the tables with gifts on them and party hats all over, then there was a loud bang from behind James followed by something hitting him from behind, he jumped and turned around in panic to see Pinkie with her party cannon, but James thought he just saw her with the others how did she? Oh yeah this was pinkie, James smiled faintly before the memories or lack of them returned making him depressed again.

"Aww this is a party you supposed to smile silly" Pinkie pulled the corners of James lips up in a smile shape and let go hoping the smile would stay but it just fell back into a sad frown.

"Um...hey look!" Pinkie pulled James over to a table with a bunch of party hats, she grabbed a purple one and put it on James head, she smiled and looked at James expecting a smile but only found a frown.

"Uh...look over there!" She pulled James over to a piƱata and put a blind fold on her self and spun around swinging a bat around before falling over, she giggled and pulled the blind fold off, only to see James still depressed.

Pinkie chuckled nervously and looked around for anything to cheer her up, she saw the gift table "look presents!" She grabbed James and ran over to the table "go ahead these are all yours" Pinkie said gesturing to the presents.

James looked at pinkie then the table, he then grabbed one and slowly unwrapped it, once unwrapped he found a mirror.

"That ones mine darling, since I know a mare just loves to make sure her mane is perfect" Rarity said with a smile as she flipped her mane.

James looked at his reflection and tears formed in his eyes as he began sobbing, Pinkie grabbed the mirror and chucked it out of the room she then through the box at Rarity landing on her horn.

"Uh..uh...uh...the cake!" Pinkie dragged the sobbing James over to a table with a absolutely giant cake "girls! Help me!" Pinkie yelled as she couldn't reach the candles.

The rest of the girls ran over and made a tower of ponies to get James up top, pinkie was just below him.

"Blow out the candles and make a wish" Pinkie smiled while trying to keep hold of James, the rest of the girls were struggling to keep them up as they wobbled left and right.

James sniffled and looked at the candles, they reminded him of when he was little, but he couldn't remember his parents faces, this made him cry harder.

"Gah! No no it's ok don't cry!" Pinkie said panicking, the tower of ponies then started leaning towards the cake.

"Ah can't hold it!" Applejack yelled as they all collapsed onto the cake making cake explode out all over the room.

Everypony was absolutely covered in cake, pinkie poked her head up and looked around at the huge mess and failure, tears formed in pinkies eyes at the failure of party until she heard laughter, but it wasn't from any of the girls it was from James.

James was sitting with cake all over him laughing in tears, he wiped cake off his face and looked at it making him burst out into more laughter.

Soon everypony else was laughing and giggling, Pinkie walked over to James "what made you go from gloomy to laughy?" She asked.

"Hehe...I-it's just...this reminded me of when I was a kid...I was so excited about my cake I slipped and face planted into it entire family laughed as I lifted my head with cake covering my face, I saw all their faces and it was so nice seeing them that happy" he rubbed some tears from his eyes before realization struck him.

He remembered his families faces, he remembered what they looked like, he remembered his friends as well, tears of happiness streamed down his face and he hugged pinkie tightly.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You made me remember you really are the best party pony ever!" James cheered as he hugged pinkie and cried tears of happiness.

"Your welcome" Pinkie beamed with happiness.

James scooped up some cake and smooshed it in her face, pinkie then did the same, soon an all out cake war started with everyone throwing cake at each other back and forth, the night went on like that the crystal castle filled with laughter.


Chrysalis paced back and fourth in her room practicing her spell on changeling after changeling all ending in failure.

"Hrr damn it!" She growled and slammed her hooves on the ground making the changeling in her room wince.

"What am I doing wrong?!" She growled before taking a deep breath and casting the spell once more, the changeling's eyes widened before relaxing.

"W-what's going on?..." The changeling groaned rubbing it head.

"Haha it worked!!!" Chrysalis cheered.

"What worked? Why are you so much more taller then me now??" The changeling asked confused and angry.

"Oh shut up your spoiling this for me" Chrysalis cast another spell wiping the changeling memories, she then had two others drag it away.

"Oh little monkey get ready because now my spell is ready, and you will regret ever coming to this world!" Chrysalis laughed maniacally.