No Better Title - Arc I

by ThePerverted1EyedBrony

Chapter 4 - Shopping / Trying to Open up [Edited]

Chapter 4 – Shopping/ Trying to Open up

*Amber’s POV (Point of view) *

“So, where do you four want to go?” you ask the others,

“Well we would like to go shopping for cloths, and MAYBE some swimsuits,” Celestia says,

“Okay. Where would you like to go first?” you ask,

“Well we would like to go shopping for some new cloths first,” Twilight says,

“Okay,” you look at the other three, “Any objections?” you ask, they shake their heads, “Okay. Cloths shopping it is then,”

-A Couple of Hours later-

“Okay you four, it’s getting late,” you say to the other four,

“Yes, thou art right,” Luna says. You all walk back to Cam’s place with your new cloths and swimsuits in hand. As you get close to Cam’s place you start to smell burgers,

“MMMM, burgers, haven’t had them in a long while,” you say, as you look at the others,

“What’s in the burgers?” Twilight asks,

“You don’t have burgers back where you come from?” you ask in slight shock,

“No, we have burgers, but we just want to know if your kind makes them any differently,” Celestia says,

“Oh, well, okay,” you say, “Well, there’s vegan, vegetarian,” they nod in acceptance, “there’s beef,” you instantly hear them gasp, “Um, what’s wrong?” you ask the girls who look mortified at you,

“Y-y-y-you e-e-e-eat m-m-m-m-meat?” Twilight says in horror,

“Yes, humans are omnivores, so we eat both plants and meat,” you say worriedly,

“Well, it’s just that, where we’re from, almost everyone is an herbivore, only 2-3 races eat meat, and when we talk with them back where we’re from, we usually have to specially order the meat for them,” Celestia says a little shaken,

“OH, I’m so sorry, if it’s taboo where you’re from, its just that humans get some important nutrients from meats so that’s why we eat meat,” you tell them.

“Tis not a problem,” Luna says,

“Oh, thank goodness,” you say relived, “but, anyways, would you like get back to Cam’s,” you ask, “Just so he’s not worried about something happening to you,” you add quickly while blushing a little.

*Cam’s POV*

You continue to cook dinner for the girls when they get back, “Let’s hope that they’re all in the mood for some burgers,” you say to yourself, you start to set the table, and your mind starts to wander, “All the girls have nice racks,” you think, “Wait! What am I thinking, keep your head on straight Cam,” you think, you then hear the door open,

“Cam! We’re back!” you hear Amber yell,

“I’m in the kitchen,” you yell back, you then see Amber and the girls with a large amount of shopping bags from various clothing stores, “Please tell me you didn’t spend millions on their wardrobe?” you ask,

“Don’t worry Cammy, I didn’t spend even a grand on their cloths,” Amber says,

“Oh, good,” you say relived, “Anyways,” you mention “now it’s time to eat dinner,” you motion towards the table, “I made 10 Hamburgers, 10 chicken burgers, and 15 veggie burgers,” you say,

“Oh, Cam, almost forgot,” Amber mentions, “You see… it’s kind of a taboo thing to eat meat where they come from,” Amber says,

“OH, sorry, its just that…” you start to say,

“No, need to worry,” Luna says

“But-but-but,” you stammer,

“Amber has explained to us why thou eat meat,” Luna says

“Oh, okay, sorry,” you say apologetically, “Well, anyways,” you perk up, “WHO’S HUNGRY!” you say excitedly,

You and the girls eat in silence, Amber and you are the only ones eating the chicken and hamburgers, while Luna and the others are eating the veggie burgers, “Okay, this silence is getting on my nerves,” you openly voice, “so, Luna, how was shopping today?” you then ask,

“Um… good. Why art thou asking?” Luna asks you,

“Its just that I’ve lived alone for so long now, so it’s just that I want to talk to people during a meal like a real group of friends would,” you say,

“Well, we did find an adorable shirt that we think thou might like,” Luna says in a light-hearted tone,

“Cool, I would love to see what you all got later,” you say.

As you clean the kitchen of the mess you and the girls made during dinner, you see Luna drying the dishes you’re washing, “Thanks for helping Luna,” you say,

“Tis no problem Cam,” Luna says,

“No offence when I ask,” you say to Luna, Luna looks at you, “But why do you talk in an old medieval dialect, with the tis, and thou?” you ask,

“That will be a story for another time… okay?” Luna responds in a sombre tone,

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know I hit a sensitive topic, sorry,” you respond to her answer,

“Tis no problem… but we would like it if thou helped us learn to speak in a more modern way,” Luna asks,

“No prob Luna,” you say as you put your arm around her shoulders,

“Art, thou hitting on me?” Luna asks with a grin,

“WHAT, no I just… it’s just that…” you stammer in a panicked tone, Luna then starts to laugh at you and your misfortune, “Oh, ha-ha very funny, pick on the guy that just made you feel better,” you say sarcastically,

“It’s just that *laughs* we couldn’t help ourselves *laughs* and the look on your face *laughs* tis priceless,” Luna says in-between laughs, Celestia then enters the kitchen,

“What’s so funny Luna?” Celestia asks Luna, Luna then burst into laughter, “Seriously what’s so funny?” Celestia turns to you, “What’s so funny?” Celestia asks you,

“Luna just made a joke at my expense,” you respond, “but then again, it could be taken seriously, but anyways, all I did was comfort her after asking about a sensitive topic and see made a joke about me hitting on her,” you say,

“Oh, *giggles* she’s always been that way Cam, so don’t worry,” Celestia says as she leaves the kitchen,

“I don’t understand women,” you think to yourself, “But…” you look to Luna laughing on your shoulder, “I have to protect them, I finally have people that care about me,” you think to yourself.

“Hahahaha, *sigh* tis funny right Cam?” Luna asks as she looks at your eyes, “Um… Cam,” Luna says almost trance like, “why are you looking at me like that?” Luna asks in the same trance like tone, both of you slowly start to bring your faces closer together,

“Am I interrupting something?” Cadence asks,

“Wh-wh-what?” you both say,

“Um… I’m… sorry, I have to go,” Luna says nervously, she quickly runs upstairs and you hear a door slam shut,

“I don’t know what I did wrong?” you ask Cadence as you turn to look at her, “seriously, what did I do wrong Candance?” you ask,

“Oh, you did nothing wrong, it’s just that… well…” she starts to trail off, “but anyways though, I want to talk to you about something,” Cadence says as she walks up to you, “I think you and Luna should try to talk about what happened, okay,” Cadence asks you,

“Don’t worry, I’ll go talk to her,” you turn to leave the kitchen, “Right after I finish the dishes,” you say turning around and walking back to the sink to finish the dishes, and you could swear that you heard Cadence giggle behind you,

*Luna’s POV after running into your room*

You run into your room and slam the door shut, “What was I thinking? Why did I almost kiss him?” you question yourself in your head, “No! He was just comforting us, yes… that’s it,” you think to yourself as you look in the mirror, “I’m not the monster I once was, I’ve let friendship into my heart,” you look in the mirror and see none other than NightMare Moon,

“Have you really let friendship into your heart you idiotic girl?” Your reflection asks,

“I-I-I-I-I have, it’s just that… with someone as nice and cool and hot as…” you realize that you just said Cameron was hot, “w-w-w-well not that I mean it in a hitting on sort of way,” you panic as you look at your reflection,

“Ah, so many times you’ve lied to yourself, and so many times I’ve been the one to point them out,” Nightmare moon says back to you, “It’s just that this time, I would actually like to help you, and not go against you and your friends,” she says back to you. You look at your reflection shocked,

“Why do you want to help me?” you ask suspiciously,

“It’s just that…I’ve been defeated three times, once as you, once when I possessed the element of generosity, and the third time when I became the Tantibus,” your refection says, but before you can speak back to it, it continues, “Its just that I would like a body of my own, and the only way I can have one is if you or the element of generosity had a kid,” Nightmare Moon says solemnly to you,

“Oh, you poor thing,” you say and before you can say anything else you hear a knock at your door, you turn and look back at your mirror and see your normal reflection, “Who is it?” you ask,

“Hey Luna, it’s me… Cam, I would like to talk to you for a little bit,” you hear him say through the door, you open your door and let him, “Thanks,” he says

“What do you want to talk about?” you ask him,

“Well, it’s just that I saw you looking at my gaming systems, so I thought that you’d want to go downstairs and play for a little bit?” Cameron asks sincerely,

“Well, I do want to play a little bit… so fine,” you say, Cam brightens up at that and you leave your room and go down to the basement.

*Cam’s POV*

You and Luna go to the basement, “Please Luna, get comfy on the couch,” you tell Luna as you jester towards the couch, Luna nods and takes a seat on the couch, you go to your collection of games and look through hoping to find one Luna would like, you settle upon three games you think Luna would like, “So, out of these three games, which one do you want to play?” you ask Luna, Luna looks at the three games you pulled out and picks up the 3D multiplayer platformer, “Good choice Luna,” you complement her as she places down the case on the table. You pick up the case and throw the game in and boot it up, you pass Luna a controller and give her a quick tutorial on how the game works, the controls, and how some of the power-ups work. You look up at the clock it reads 7:30, you then turn your attention back to the game and play with Luna.

You and Luna beat World 3. You look up at the clock and it reads 10:00, “Wow, we’ve been playing for 2 and ½ hours,” you think to yourself, you look at Luna, “Hey Luna,” Luna looks at you, “I think it’s time we pack it up, and get to bed,” you say to her,

“Aw, come on, just a few more levels,” she asks like a little kid,

You giggle at her adorableness, “No Luna, it’s time for us to get some sleep,” you start to turn off the system and pack up the controllers. You both travel up the stairs and open the door, you see everyone but Amber and Cadence up, “Um, girls,” they look at you, “I say it’s time for all of us to hit the hay,” you say hoping you didn’t offend them,

“Before we do that,” Celestia asks as she stands and turns to face you, “We have a quick question,” She asks politely

“Okay, shoot,” you say,

“No, we’re not going to shoot you,” Celestia says,

“Phrase of expression,” you but in before she starts to talk anymore about the expression,

“Oh, sorry, *Ahem* anyways, back on topic,” Celestia looks you dead in the eyes, “Why isn’t mine and my sister’s celestial powers working?” She asks,

“Um… care to explain what those are?” you ask

“Oh, sorry. Well both me and my sister together control the sun and the moon in our world, so why can’t we control it here?” Celestia asks you,

“WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, hold on, you’re saying that both of you,” you point to Celestia and Luna, “control the sun and the moon, as in their raising and setting?” You ask a little bit panicky,

“Yes, we do control that, and if we had not held back during our battle you would’ve died from the first hit I gave you,” Celestia says,

“Okay… anyways the reason you can’t control them is because Earth orbits the sun and since it’s night out that means our hemisphere is facing away from the sun right now, and the moon orbits Earth, and where it is in it’s phases will change what the moon looks like depending on the reflection off of the sun,” you explain to them,

“Oh, tis explains a lot,” Luna says,

“I have to agree, and that also explains the lack of magic in this world,” Celestia says,

“Well, I’m gonna hit the hay, Okay,” You look at them while going up the stairs to your room,

“Goodnight Cam,” they all say,

You enter your room and start to change into your sleep wear, you then look out your window and see that the moon is full tonight and the stars are twinkling in the sky, “It’s a beautiful night out right now,” you think in your head, “Well, it’s time to hit the hay,” you say as you turn out your lights and get settled into bed.

Little did you know, you were being watched from a branch in the tree near your window, “I definitely have to report this before even going on with the mission,” The mysterious figure says quietly to themselves before disappearing.

-End of Chapter 4-