There We Were

by Randy11201

Explanation plus Prolouge

Well hello there, this is your author speaking here. I assume that you had read my previous story that I've written before, I hope you enjoy it. Anyway now you guys might ask what happened before that and why did Ally get drafted in the first place? Well today I'm going to explain what happened.

This is Tryscal. A middle east country that produces not just oil, but crystal and diamonds. It is known as the Crystal empire by many people and it is one of the beautiful countries in the world, but the only weird thing about Trycal is, it is the only middle east country that has jungles and it's located near the coast of the country. The capital city of Tryscal is Krobuk, its a big city and it has largest population. Middle of the city is the iconic Crystal palace, built during almost a century ago, it has seen many rise and falls.

And this is General Sombra, or I should say King Sombra. Major General Sombra, former general of the Tryscan Army, West Point candidate who scored flying colors in every classes and current leader of Tryscal or ditactor. Almost two decades ago, Sombra led a coup against it's govermant and the country into a militaristic state like North Korea. His mad personality makes him a very dangerous person same like Kim Jong Un and Saddam Hussein. The united Nation has placed harsh sanctions on him but appearently Sombra still doesn't give a shit. things get even worst year by year as the locals start to starve and being brainwash by some kind of commie terrorist type propaganda.

It all started the moment when this happened. US journalist working in Tryscal after been accused for been spying against him and they were send into prison. The US had tried to negotiate with Sombra in order to free the hostages, but what happened is instead of releasing the hostages, Sombra ordered their execution and the captured journalist were excecuted on live TV. Now this really pissed off America and other coalition countries.

Immediately, the next day, the US, under president Donald Trump declared war against Tryscal. The next thing is, the US send out a marine task force under the US navy's 3th fleet to invade Tryscal. Few days later, the task force reached the coast of Tryscal by night. With the cover of darkness, the marine task force landed on Rainbow beach and managed to take the beach with a swift assault from unsuspecting Tryscan soldiers without suffering heavy casualties.

Using this opportunity, the local Tryscans. Who were mostly defected soldiers, rebels and locals who didn't get brainwashed, Launch a rebellion against Sombra's regime, plunging the entire country into civil war. But it was this time, the US high command found out a problem. After the defeat at Rainbow beach, Sombra ordered his troops to retreat back into the jungle in attempt to win against the US with guerrilla tactics just like what the Vietnamese did a few decades ago. And another problem facing the high command is, during Obama's time as president, Obama gave most of the funds to the Air Force resulted the army and marines having less funds. This ended up making the US having less ground forces because most of the people rather join the Air Force instead of the army and marines.
On the other hand, NATO forces led by the British army landed on Silver beach on the other side of the coast soon find themselve fighting a geurilla war same like the US.

To counter this problem, the US had no choice but had to issue a draft. All Americans under the age of 18 and above are required to serve in the military. But during the draft, some computer problem occurred which ended up resulted in Ally been drafted military.

After a three day break from Parris Island, our two heroes. Craig Allison and Cloud Bleeze are now in their school, CHS, tidying up their things and their packing their personal belongings from their lockers into a box.

"Can't believe we are leaving this place now." Breeze said closing his locker door.

"Yeah, except I still be able to comeback here and continue studying if I manage to survive and come home in one piece." Ally replied.

"Damn right."

Ally and Bleeze lift both of their boxes up and walks away from their lockers. The school is still quiet due to the fact that it is still studying time. As they are walking, Ally takes a Glimse outside the class that he used to study at. Inside the class is his friends, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and his girlfriend, Sunset Shimmer. He lets out a sigh and say. "I don't know when can I see you again sunset, I'm going to miss you." Before walking away.

The two continue to walk towards the door and walks down the stairs. Ally takes a look at his watch and says. "12:00 pm, still got four hours before leaving."

"Yeah, we will take a trip to Cloudsdale air base by bus at 4:00 pm where we will take a flight to Pearl Harbour." Bleeze said.

"Why don't we just take a flight straight to Tryscal?" Ally asked." It be even faster.

"If we did, we could have did it already." Bleeze said. "The nearest airfield is still under enemy control and we are still stuck in the jungle, we could only just use this way until we can capture the airfield."

"Damn, but anyway I see you."

"Just remember, wait at the bus stop at the school."

4:00pm afternoon. There he is sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus to cloudsdale. Ally looks next to the bus stop which is where Canterlot High School stood at, Ally was suddenly disturbed as Bleeze pats his shoulder.

"Hey." Bleeze said

"Sup man." Ally replied

"Bleeze walk towards to a seat and sits down and say. "No turning back now."

"Since when did I turn back"

"Well, I was afraid that you would turn back." Bleeze said while looking at the school.

As the sun starts to set, the bell of the school starts to ring. Soon, student starts to poured from the school entrance and make their way to the stairs. One of them is Sunset Shimmer, Ally's girlfriend. She looks at the bus stop where she saw a familiar face which she immediately ran towards to the bus stop.

"Ally!" She yelled running towards her boyfriend

"Sunset." He replied

"So..." She muttered "so your going?"

Ally lets out a deep sigh and says "well, yeah I'm going to somewhere that is far and dangerous that I will probably ended up getting killed."

Sunset suddenly hugs Ally, wrapping both of her arms around her boyfriend's body. "I miss you sweetie."

"I know babe, I miss you too." Tears start to leaked out from his eyes as he hugs back Sunset. "The only thing that I will miss when I was in Tryscal is you."

For one last time since their first date, Sunset planted her lips on Ally lips, giving him a goodbye kiss while her eyes starts to fill up with tears. Memories started to flood their minds as they are kissing, from the first day they met, to the day that Ally confessed his fellings to her, until the day they exchanged their first time.

They are suddenly cut off as Bleeze opened his mouth and said "sorry to interrupted you, but the bus is almost arriving" Bleeze faces his head on the road looking for the bus.

Ally Brokes his kiss with sunset and says " I promised you, I"ll come home." The bus arrives at the bus stop and the door opened.

"Alright, cmon man lets go" Bleese said as he steps on the bus.

Ally gets up from the seat from steps on the bus. But before he could step on the bus, he feeled his right hand being holded. He turn his head around, it was Sunset who is still holding his hand. Ally moved towards Sunset and slowly moves her hand from his arm.

"Wait for me sweetie, I'll come home" he sobs before stepping on the bus.

Ally takes a seat on the bus and saves at Sunset by the window. The bus drives off, leaving the bus stop.

"Hey Anon, what's up?" Bleeze said while turning his head around looking at Anon.

"What's wrong with Allison?" Anon asked "who is that girl anyway?"

"That's his girlfriend."

"Well it all make sense."

On the way to the airbase, Ally just looks at the window, he didn't say anything, just thinking about the days where he use to be together with Sunset. The happy days.

After a few hours, it's 9:00pm at night. The bus had reach cloudscape. A few more miles later, a board is seen written 'Welcome to Cloudsdale Airbase' signaling the beginning of the soldiers and marines journey.

The bus reaches the entrance of the airbase, the place is busy and it's filled with the sound of aircraft engine.

The bus stops and its door opens. The passengers in the bus stands up and take their belongings before exit the bus.

"Alright, let's go." Ally say to himself before standing up and take his belongings before exiting the bus along with Bleeze and Anon.