No Better Title - Arc I

by ThePerverted1EyedBrony

Chapter 2 - The Battle/ The Aftermath [Edited]

Chapter 2 – The Battle/ The Aftermath

“What… have I done,” you say frightfully while staring at four demons of enormous power. As you stare at them a pink cube forms around you, David, Amber, DayBreaker, NightMare, Midnight, and Abomination,

“Well, well, well, lookey here, we have three offerings to our almighty power, what do you think we should do to them?” NightMare asks the others,

“You already know what I’m going to say sister…KILL THEM,” DayBreaker says.

“I couldn’t agree more sis…” NightMare starts to say as she looks at your wrist,

“WHAT! TIS IMPOSSIBLE, HOW ART THOU ALIVE MORTAL!!! YOU DIED SEALING US AWAY THOSE MANY MOONS AGO!!!” NightMare yells at you. The other three demons turn from each other and look in your direction.

“Well I got no choice, I was hoping to save them noticing us, oh well, HEAR ME DEMONS… I AM CAMERON THE DECENDANT OF THE ONE WHO ORIGINALLY SEALED YOU AWAY! NOW, SURRENDDER AND WE CAN TALK ABOUT THIS PEACFULLY,” you say/ yell loud enough for them to hear at the end.

“That explains sooooo much to us mortal, but now that we know you’re here to kill or reform us… WE’LL KILL YOU!!!” DayBreaker says.

“Like hell you will Demon,” Amber yells.

Amber Rushes forward towards the four demons, “Amber! Don’t! It’s a trap!” you yell, “ARG, lets go David,” you tell David as both of you rush in, “David, I need you to work with Amber to take on Abomination, and Midnight, okay?” you ask/ order him to do.

“You got it Cam,” David says as he rushes off to help his sister with Abomination while you solely fight DayBreaker and NightMare.

“Do you think those kids will pull through?” Mr. Red askes Mr. Green,

“All I can say, is that I hope they can fulfill prophecy passed down from my family over these 2000 years,” Mr. Green say solemnly to Mr. Red.

“Yes… all we can do… is hope,” Mr. Red says.

Amber and David stand against Midnight and Abomination, “Well, well, well, it looks like we get to have the more… interesting battle, don’t you agree Midnight?” Abomination asks Midnight,

“In most circumstances, I would agree with you… but in this one… probably not… mostly because he’s the descendant of the one who stopped us all those years ago,” Midnight say to Abomination.

“Hum, you do have a good point,” Abomination says.

“HEY, YOU DEMONS, WE’RE YOUR OPPONENTS HERE, NOT HIM! SO, YOU BETTER BE PAYING ATTENTION,” Amber yells as she launches herself at Midnight, “TO US BEFORE YOU END UP DEAD!!!” Amber yells as she spins and pulls out a yellow bracelet and uppercuts Midnight.

“You really think that that attack would do something? HA! You two aren’t even worth our full power,” Midnight mocks at them.

“WE WILL MAKE YOU SAY OUR NAMES YOU DEMONS!” both Amber and David yell as he appears beside his sister.

As you run up towards DayBreaker and NightMare, the ground below you heats up, “I gotta move,” you think to yourself as you jump to the side, only to have fire rise from the spot you were just on, “Okay… now I know to move if the ground below me heats up,” you think to yourself. Suddenly, you feel a gust of wind go by you. Before you know it your implanted into the wall on the far side of the room. “GA!” you yell as you impact the wall and bounce off and land on the ground, “What the hell?” you think quizzically, “Never mind that, I have to keep my eye on…” you think as you look up and see DayBreaker’s missing. You feel a tap on your shoulder, you instantly try to turn and punch who’s behind you, but you are met with a hard straight of her own. You sail across the air and impact another wall, “GA!” you scream out as you once again impact a wall, as you land, you fall, you fall onto your knees and start to cough up blood. “What can I *cough’s up blood* do to slow them *coughs up more blood* down?” you ask yourself.

“There getting creamed out there Green, we need to go in and save them!!!” Mr. Orange yells.

“NO! Not yet, can you not feel it? The build up of magic power?” Mr. Green asks the other two.


“You’re right, I can feel Cam’s build up of magic power. But he still doesn’t know how to use his powers,” Mr. Red says to Mr. Green.

“He will, just please be patient,” Mr. Green says to the others.

You punch the ground as hard as you can, suddenly a bright flash appears right in front of your eyes, “To use the power within you, you must first master your emotions, secondly you must think with the earth, call upon her power, her power is your power, learn to control it and you will be unstoppable,” you hear a mysterious voice say as you come back to reality. Suddenly you slowly get up from your knelling position and put your hand forward. Suddenly large boulders of the earth come up from beside you without damaging the floor near you, suddenly the boulders are sent in the direction of DayBreaker and NightMare. They both swiftly dodge them, you shake your head.

“What just happened…” you look at the place the demon sisters were standing, “Did I do that… Wait no time for questions, I gotta keep my head in this fight, I can think about this later,” you say to yourself.

“You really like talking to yourself don’t you mortal?” DayBreaker asks.

“While it’s true I talk to myself a lot, I only need to stop you and this world can be freed from your tyranny,” you say to DayBreaker. Suddenly you feel like you know the two demons in front of you, but you shake it off, “You will call me by my name before this battle ends, you hear me?” you say to them. DayBreaker and NightMare raise their right arms to their sides, suddenly a white handled, golden bladed halberd appears in DayBreaker’s hand while a dark blue longsword with a crescent moon on the cross guard appears in NightMare's hand. You decide to try the same, but you raise both arms to your sides, and like them, you get a shield in your left arm and a longsword in your right arm.

“How has he mastered weapon manifestation?” NightMare asks.

“I don’t know sister, but we must defeat him,” DayBreaker says to her sister as she charges at you. This time though you see it coming and parry her attack, she goes for another attack, you parry effortlessly.

“I never thought Cam could master such advanced techniques on the fly like that, he might be better than your grand-daughter Amber,” Mr. Red says to Mr. Green,

“I must agree, but using so much magic before your ready could kill him if he’s not careful,” Mr. Green says.

“I’m surprised he’s keeping up that supersonic pace that they’re currently fighting at, it’s impressive, especially for someone so new to magic,” Mr. Orange says to the other.

“Yes, while I can agree it is impressive, in the end though all of us can agree this is only the beginning,” Mr. Green says as he looks up at the hole in the ceiling.

You slide back on your feet with a gash across your abdomen, you fall to a knee with your sword in the ground to help with balance, “AMBER, DAVID,” you yell at them,

“Kinda busy here Cam,” David says as he parries a magic blast with his broadsword,



“I DON’T CARE, AND I SAID GET OUT!” you yell louder. They look at each other and silently agree, they start to run to the only entrance/ exit,

“WE WON’T LET YOU ESCAPE!” Abomination yells as they all rush the exit, you get up and swing your sword, suddenly, it extends and almost hits the demons, but they dodged the strike,

“At least they got out and can help think of a plan to stop them if I die,” you think to yourself. The demons start to walk towards you ready to kill you. DayBreaker grabs your sword, and stabs you cleanly though your body.

Amber and David run up the stairs toward where their grand-father was watching the match, “Grandpa you need to get Cam out of there! HE’S DYING IN THERE!” Amber yells, she looks towards the arena, and sees a large pool of blood beneath your body, “No,” Amber says in shock,

“You did what you were meant to do… stall,” Mr. Green looks at Amber, “you stalled them long enough, it all comes down to this one minute,” Mr. Green says as he looks back at the arena,

“What was that about one-minute grandpa?” David asks,

“As you know, Cameron has been up since dawn,” Mr. Green stares at your body, “only during that day his power will slowly grow hour by hour along with the sun, and at high noon, it reaches its peak, like its about to,” Mr. Green says as he looks across the arena, “During that time, for just one minute, he becomes the invincible incarnation of power, an ability his ancestor had, his ancestor gave that form a name,” Mr. Green looks up at the ceiling, “the name he gave it was… THE ONE,” Mr. Green says.

"After the one minute he has like that," Amber says in realization.

You lay there dying thinking about how much you wish you had outlived your family. Suddenly you start to feel tingly, stronger, faster, more powerful. You slowly get up and glare at the demons, “WHAT, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!! I RAN YOU THROUGH WITH YOUR OWN SWORD!!!” DayBreaker yells. That familiarity feeling hits you again, but his time you decide to act on it. You take a stance like you did when you held your blade after getting it but with your right foot forward, “So, you still have some tricks up your sleeve, I’ll put an end to those!” DayBreaker yells as all four of them charge magic into their hands, they each shoot a beam that was the same color as their coffins, the beams merge together and hit you leaving a smokescreen of dust, you swipe the dust away and it creates a giant gust of wind,

“Nothing but an itch,” you say, they all suddenly launch themselves at you surrounded by their magic.  The bright light appears again,

To use the divine blade Escanor you must be THE ONE and only then will it not potentially kill you,” the mysterious voice says, when you come back to reality its as if time had stopped and is only now resuming.

“I only got one shot at this,” you think to yourself, you place your right foot in front, “DIVINE BLADE” you yell, the four demons get in front of you, “ESCONOR!!!!” you yell as you take another step forward.

It goes silent in the arena except for the heavy breathing of the combatants, you feel a trickle of blood pour down from your forehead, “YOU BASTAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!” They all yell, as you hear them all fall over onto their faces, you turn around and face the watching area, you raise your fist in victory, you then lower your fist and turn to the demons,

“As gods of  everything… how does it feel… to be looked down upon… by a mortal,” you say mockingly, you then slowly walk up to them, you slowly turn them over to face you, “Just give up now DayBreaker,” you say to her,

“I would *wheeze* rather die *wheeze* than surrender,” she says weakly,

“Oh just give up the act already. Okay?” you ask DayBreaker,

“What act, what are you…” DayBreaker says before you cut her off,

“JUST CUT THE SHERADE CELESTIA!!!” you yell at “Celestia”, “Celestia” looks at you with shock in her eyes, the shock slowly turns to acceptance as she looks at the other demons, “Celestia” nods to the other demons and a bright light flashes from all of the demons.

The demons slowly change, and after they change they each look different from when they were in their demon forms. Celestia looks like an actual angel, with white wings coming out from her back, her hair color is that of the aurora borealis, she has pale skin but not the unattractive kind, J-Cup breasts, and a beautiful hourglass figure like a goddess , while Luna looked like a fallen angel, she has black wings, hair that looks like a starry night sky, ebony skin, G-cup breasts, with a nice slim figure, while Twilight Sparkle has lavender wings, purple hair with a lavender and pink highlight, a tanned skin tone, G-Cup breasts, and looks like she’s starting to get an hourglass figure, while Cadence has a tad darker tanned skin than Twi, pink hair with a yellow and purple highlight, bright pink wings, H-Cup breasts, and an hourglass figure .

“So… now you know… what are you going to do to us? Kill us, experiment on us, or just use us as weapons?” Celestia asks,

“No, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you four, okay?” you say in a nice tone,

“So, thou shall not use us as weapons?” Luna asks,

“No we won’t, not if I have anything to say about it,” you tell them,

“You should get some sleep Cam, you look like you need it,” Cadence says,

“Ya… *yawn* I really could use a…” you say before passing out on the ground.

-Later that night in an abandoned building-

Two hooded figures enter a room with a single light set on a table, one of the cloaked figures say, “Now that those demons have been released and are now under care of the Green Faction you can kill them,” the other cloaked figure looks at the other,

“You know I’m doing this for a reduced cost, but not free, so, first I want the money, then you can have their heads,” the second figure says to the first one,

“Fine,” he pulls out a large bag money from his cloak, “Here, now do what your job, and make sure it’s not linked to me in any way, shape or form,” the figure says,

“We have ourselves a deal,” the other cloaked figure says before disappearing.

“Once those monsters and their friends are dead, they’ll reveal their true colors and I’ll be there to kill them, MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!” the figure says/ laughs manically.

-End of Chapter 2-