A little Sparkling Blaze

by Sparkling blaze

First steps/An love?

Aria's POV
1 year and a few months later...

The time seemed to fly by the next thing I knew Sparkling was over a year old. She was talking pretty good at this point. Far better then what a human should be. She was still having some trouble walking.

"I wish I knew a better way to teach you." I tell Sparkling while trying teaching her to walk. "Oh I have an idea, Rainbow Dash. How about it want to go see your aunt Dashie?"

"Yeah, let's go see aunt Dashie! " Sparkling told me in a exiceted tone.

"Alright let's go get ready." I tell her as I pick her up.

I trade her clothes real quick, then pick her up and go downstairs.

"Me and Sparkling are going to Dash's house." I tell Adagio and Sonata while getting my key. "I'll see you two when I get back."

We arrived at Dash, I knock on her door.

Dash answers the door.

"Aria, hey what's up?"

"Just thought I'd came by, since Sparkling wanted to see you."I say then turn to Sparkling."Right, Sparkling?"

"Yeah!Hi Auntie Dash."She says exicetedely holding out her arms for Dash to catch her.

" Oh. Of course Come on in." Dash says and catches Sparkling. "Hi, Sparkling. How are you doing?"

We go in.

"Just fine. "Says Sparkling sweetly.

"That's great." Dash says and puts Sparkling down. "Go play." Then she turned to me. "Sometimes it's hard to believe she's not even two years old."

"I know right?Maybe it's her siren side I don't know." I say.

"It must be, Adagio's twins are this smart too. Must have something to do with the magic. Do you think, Sunset is going through it too?"Dash asks.

"I don't think so. Me and Adagio went to her house last week,and Sparkling seems way ahead of Sunset's twins.But that she is having twice of the work now that her husband went missing,she is."

"I never liked that guy. There was always something off about him. And if Sunset's twins aren't that far ahead of where there supposed to be it could be a siren thing and not an Equestria thing."

"Yeah, I don't like him too ,but Sunset really likes him and him really likes Sunset."I start thinking about what Adagio said. "And yeah. I think so."

"Aria, Sparkling is gonna be alright. So she's a little ahead of what she should be. Isn't that better then her being behind what she should be?" She says in a serious tone, then looks away and smiles. "And not to change the subject but I think our little girl is about to go for a walk."

"Oh, it's just something Adagio said...And...Wait, what?" I look and see Sparkling is starting to walk.

Sparkling takes a few steps and gets her bottle.

"You're walking Sparkling!"I say excitedly and hug her. "I'm so proud."

She starts drinking her milk.

"Of course she's walking, I bet she's running by the end of the week. Just hope she's not as fast as I am."Says Dash.

" Yeah. "I laugh a little.

"Kids are great but don't think I'll ever have one." Dash sighs.

"Don't be talking like that Dash."

"Most guys want a little princess they can take care of, not someone that could beat them up...Besides I've never been in to guys...Just not my thing."

I look deep into Dash' s magenta eyes,and put my hand on her shoulders:

"Dash, you will find love someday, it's just a matter of time with how awesome you are.And while you don't, don't worry you got your friends,I'm sure when you find love it'll be awesome."

"You're right I will one of these days. It just seems like I'm the one one who hasn't."

"I get the feeling Dash."I say.If only I could tell her...

"You feel it too?..You know us? I..I think I love you I always have." Dash stops talking for a little. "I mean I..I.. oh god I just ruined our friendship didn't I?"

I feel my cheecks burning and look around for some excuse to go away.

"Well you see Sparkling is tired,I gotta go home,see ya later, Dash." I nervously laugh and go out.

I arrive home.

"You're back sooner then I expected you to be. Is everything alright?"Adagio asks.

" Yeah,yeah just fine...Dagi you know where's Sonata?"I ask.

"I'm pretty sure she's upstairs. She's getting ready to go see Flash."

"Great."I say and puts Sparkling on the couch and as do it she wakes up and I give her to Adagio.

"Take care of her." Then I get on Sonata's bed room door. "Sonata,romance situation."

She opens the door.

"Oh? What is it?"She asks.

" Dash confessed to me."I say quietly probably blushing.

"She did?! Awesome...I mean how do you feel? Do you feel the same way?"

"Yeah I think I do.But I can't just think that I do.I have to be sure. Because I wouldn't want to hurt Dash's feeling, or ruin our friendship." Damn it I hate being in love.

"How about you two go on a date then? Just to see where things go. Because you're right you can't just rush into this."Sonata says, you would think Adagio would know this things better, but actually Sonata does, she's pretty smart.

" Yeah you're right."I mess Sonata's hair a little. "Thanks taco girl."

She laughs a little:

"Anytime Ari."

"I better go watching Sparkling.But Sonata one more thing..." I had to ask her that, I needed to know to protect her. "You're happy with this Flash guy? I don't like him very much... If he ever let you down you just tell me."

"Yeah I'm really happy with him and I know you don't like him,you never trust anyone that seems too good to be true. You know I've always been a good judge of character. I don't think it's an act. But if he does I'll tell you."

"Alright just was making sure." I say and go downstairs. And I'm almost sure Adagio heard our conversation.

Cause right away she gives an sly smile and says in a teasing tone:

"So you and Dash huh? I can see it working."

"Don't tease me."I say.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about. If you love each other you love each other. Just be sure before you jump into anything."She says in a more serious tone.

" That's what I'm going to do. Anyways how things are going in Sunset's house?I know you went there today. "

"Things are going pretty good over there. Sky and Blame are doing fine."

"Any clues of finding Sunset's husband yet? She seemed pretty upset the last time I asked her about that."

"She's still upset about it, and no we have none idea where he is. He just left one day and didn't come back."

"I hope they find him soon.Sunny sure does loves him."I say as Adagio's phone starts ringing.

Adagio answers.

"Sunset? What's wrong?"She says worriedly."Oh my god what happened?... I'll call Winter and I'll be right over."

Adagio hangs up then turns to me:
"They found Sunset's husband. He's dead...someone killed him."

"What?! No way... We have to go be there for her.Let's find someone to take care of the girls,after all Sonata is going out."

We sunddely hear screams and cry coming from the kitchen.

"Stop chasing me,I don't wanna play with you!"It was Sparkling,she was crying.

Me and Dagi run to the kitchen.

"I'm sure we can get one of the other girls to watch them." Adagio says to me then turns to her daughters and gets on her knees to look right in their eyes and to get the knifes out of their hand. "Tifany, Rebecca, how many times do I have to tell the two of you not to do that? It's dangerous."

"But Mommy we were ju-ju-just..."Rebecca tries to finish the sentence but faints before she can.

" C'mon Mommy we can't have fun?"Tifany frowns.

Sunddely I feel Sparkling's little hands grabbing my leg.

"Becca!"Adagio catches Becca then turns to Tifany. "Not fun like this."

Tifany runs upstairs as Adagio puts Rebecca on the couch.

"I wish there was something we could do for them, but no one knows whats causing it." Adagio says to herself then turns to me. " I don't want to scare you but something like this could happen to Sparkling."

I catch Sparkling and start trying to calm her down.

"Stop crying.Mom's here, mom's here Shhh shh."I turn to Adagio. "Why do you think so?"

"Things like what the girls have are normally passed down in the family. But there's nothing like this in ether our or Winter's family, so best we can figure it's because there half human half siren. Same reason why there so far ahead of what they should be."

" Well Adagio, I can say for sure that
there's nothing wrong at least with my daughter."

"I hope it stays like that."

I rolls my eyes.

"I'll call someone to stay with the girls."

I look through the contacts list and pick Fluttershy.

"Hey Shy.Can you come by to stay with Rebecca, Tifany and Sparkling?" I tell her what happened. "And Sonata is going out."

She tells me she'll be right over.

"Thanks Shy."I hang the phone, and put Sparkling on her bed since she's sleeping, I look at her, she looks so peaceful sleeping. I can't help but get worried. "What if Adagio is right?"

Soon after Sonata goes out I hear an knock on the door. I open it, and it's Fluttershy:

"Hi Shy, come in."

"Hi Aria." She says as she goes inside.

"Thanks again.Sparkling is in her room, Tifany is coloring in the kitchen and Rebecca is in the couch.Me and Adagio really have to go now." I tell her where the girls are and me and Adagio leave.