No Better Title - Arc I

by ThePerverted1EyedBrony

Chapter 1 - Meeting Our Hero/ The Unsealing [Edited]

Chapter 1

“Urg, why does English have to be a mandatory class,” you ask yourself in your head, while tapping you pencil against your desk.

*Oh, hello, my name is Cameron Robin’s, I’m 18 year’s old and currently attending collage in one of the local arena’s, I have green eyes, and dark hazel medium length hair, I weigh 145 pounds, and I’m 5 ft. 9 ½ inches tall, I'm a single guy that hopes to find a decent chick who is good looking and mostly has a personality like mine so we can get along and do some of our likes with each other. But anyways*

You continuously tap your pencil to try and figure out the last answer to the final question on the test you were given, it was also your ticket out of class. You finally come up with an answer and write it down. “Okay done, now all I have to do is just hand this in and I’m home free,” you think to yourself. You walk towards the front of the class with you gear and hand in your test.

“Okay Cameron, your are free to leave,” the teacher says.

“Okay, enjoy the rest of your day though,” you say to the teacher as you walk out the door of the classroom.

As you walk out of the building you notice something out of the corner of your eye, you see what looks like a couple going behind the school. “I shouldn’t spy on them… but… the boyfriend did look like he was going to do something she didn’t want to. Maybe someone else will go and check up on them… or… ARG!” you mumble to your self in irritation, “I know I’m going to regret this,” you think to yourself as you go towards where the couple ran to.

When you get close, you hear, “Don’t worry, its not like I’m goanna hurt you… that much, Honey,” you hear what you guess is the boyfriend’s voice dripping with venom.

“No...get back you…you… good for nothing!” you hear the girl”friend” yell at the boyfriend.

“Oh, you think I’m the good for nothing… really, even though you’re the one that has all the attention on you where ever you go just because people think you’re the Great One and you got nothing but the best. The best education, the best teachers, the best food, the best of EVERYTHING!!!”  you hear the supposedly ex-boyfriend yell at her.

“Ug, I know I shouldn’t step in, but if I don’t, who will,” you think to yourself. You step into the little ally they were having this conversation in.

“HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THAT GIRL THERE!!!” you yell just loud enough for both of them to hear.

“Ya… what’s it to you, loser,” the boyfriend says in a malicious tone.

“While I may be a loser, I at least know how to treat someone that hot with the respect they deserve,” you say in a half mocking tone, while getting in between the two.

“Oh… Oh… you really think that SHE should get the respect… REALLY, all she’s ever done for me is help me in my classes and be my friend, while SHE’S gotten the very best of everything in life, how about this then, how about you…” he slowly pulls out a rag covered in what smelled like chloroform,  “JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!” he yells.

“Crap,” you think aloud while dodging the rag. “I just have to wait for an opening and then I can…” you think before getting nailed in the back of the head by a blunt object.

“Think I hit him too hard big bro,”

“Na, I think he’ll just have a headache when he get’s up,” you hear before blacking out.

Check if his heart is still beating,” you hear faintly throughout the darkness.

I think his heart is still beating because he’s still breathing sis,” you faintly hear what sounds like the brother of the one who asked if you’re okay.

“I think I should get up know and start running… and tell the cops,” you think to yourself. “Okay, on three, one… two…” you slowly think to yourself.

“Don’t even think on running out of her Mr. Robins, you wouldn’t even make it to the door,” you hear one of them yell towards you in a calm manner.

“Crap, there goes my first escape plan, time for plan B,” you think to yourself. You slowly open your eyes and try to swing at the closest person to you, but are meet with, “glass?” you think, “What the hell?” as you finally finish opening your eyes, and see that you’re trapped in some sort of bubble. “Um… first… what the hell, second, what is this, third, why the hell am I here, fourth, who the hell are you guys, and fifth, what the hell do you want with me?!” you say in an asking like tone.

“To answer your questions, first and secondly, you’re in a barrier bubble, thirdly, we’ll tell you shortly, fourthly, we’re exorcists, and finally, we need your help with something, so stop swearing in a church” you hear a familiar voice say behind you. You turn your head and see the girl from the ally with the same boy from the alley as well.

“What the… but I thought… and you were…OKAY WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE!!!” you start stammering into a scream.

“Okay, first of all, no need to yell in our ears, secondly, the name’s David, David Green, and this is my little sis, Amber, Amber Green, and we’re the best team the Green Faction has, and our grandfather is…” David says.

*Amber has a DD-cup bust, with an athletic/hourglass figure*

“Me, the head of the Green exorcist faction,” you hear and old man say as he enters the room you and the two exorcists are in.

“Hi sir, we were just about to come and get you,” Amber says.

“No need for the formalities honey,” the grandfather says as he ruffes Amber’s hair. “Now, Mr. Robins, we need your help with something, and before you ask why we needed you, it’s because your ancestor, a long time family friend, died sealing away…” the Green faction head says.

“Ug, let me guess, he died sealing away a great evil that could destroy the entire planet and you want me to give my life to strengthen the seal on it, and don't call me Mr. Robins; it's Cameron,” you say in a half sarcastic tone while giving the group in front of you a devious grin, going into an angry tone.

“You’re close, but not quite on the money. You were right in saying you need to strengthen the seal, but it’s not gonna cost you your life, and there’s more than one, so you’re strengthening the seal on four different tombs,” David says.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… wait a minute, so your saying I don’t have to die to help you guys…” Amber glares at you, “and chicks, and all I have to do what to is strengthen the seals on the tombs? Even though I think it would be a great idea to see if they’ve learned their lessons and set them free to try to fit in with the modern world to help with your exorcisms, and I could keep them at my place with both Amber and David to help watch them, “ you say to the group in a half asking tome. They all stare at you in a combination of shock and anger.


“Ug, stop that incensed yelling Amber Green or I’ll make sure you’re off of this exorcism assignment,” a man in a black suit and tie enters the room, “Then again, your grandfather will probably just reassign you even if I kick out of this assignment, but anyways, I have to agree with Amber here, they must be destroyed at all costs,” the man in the suit says. “Oh, how rude of me to not introduce myself to the descendant of our great hero,  I’m Benjamin Red, the head of the Red Faction of exorcists, nice to meet you,” Ben says extending his hand.

“Nice to meet you to Ben, the name’s Cameron…” you say as you get pulled away by none other than Amber, “What was that for Amber? I was just being polite,” you  ask in a wining tone.

“Well, if you had held onto his hand he probably would have tried to kill you on the spot, mostly because his ancestor, was a close friend of yours, and now he seeks nothing but to put an end to you so he can take the credit for killing those monsters.” Amber says into your ear in a hushed tone.

“Okay, thanks for the tip… anything else I need to know about this guy… or anyone else for that matter?” you ask Amber, “Also… Amber… you kinda have me… you know… in between your… you know,” you say as you blush heavily.

“OH! I’m so sorry for that… YOU BETTER’VE NOT COPED A FEEL OR I’LL SEND YOU INTO NEXT CENTURY,” Amber half yells as everyone else in the room but Mr. Red laughs at Amber.

“Okay, okay, I didn’t… you know… but anyways continuing with what you said earlier, what else did you have to tell me.” you say while your face is a deep crimson and not looking into her eyes.

“Anyways, with Mr. Red coming in here, David, can you go and get the box,” Mr. green asks David.

“No prob, Sir,” David says before rushing off.

“Now, where was I… oh yes, Mr. Red’s a descendant of your ancestors closest friend, and most trusted ally, who went into the battle together, but as you can guess, only he returned,” Mr. Green says in a somber tone, “Anyways, you think your ancestor was a part of the red faction, but no, he was in this same faction as me, David, and Amber, yes, he was in the green faction, and one of our best, but you think just like him, and I hope that I get to see the day the letter your ancestor wrote to my ancestor will come to pass in my lifetime,” Mr. Green says as David re-enters the room with an old looking box.

“You’ve never told us what was on that letter anyways, not even me, do you not trust me enough to know what secret that weapon holds or what future his ancestor saw when he sealed those monsters away,” Mr. Red half yells at Mr. Green.

“Ug, all I can tell you is the letter told my family to not tell anyone except the next one to take the mantle of the head of the Green Faction, I’m sorry I can’t tell you Mr. Red, but my family has been keeping this promise for almost 2000 years,” Mr. Green say to Mr. Red.

“Ug, fine, I can understand that, *sigh* but I at least would like to know if you agree to let us see if they’ve been reformed by their time in the seals,” Mr. Red reluctantly says.

“Well, I plan to see if they have reformed over these years, BUT inside a Perfect Barrier, just so then if they have to fight then we don’t have to worry about them getting out and causing massive damage to the surrounding area,” Mr. Green says, “Anyways back to Cameron here,” Mr. Green looks at you, “This weapon here contains more power than anything we’ve ever created, more than our demon seals, and the weapon decides if you are worthy of being the first person since your ancestor to wield this,” Mr. Green says as he pulls out the weapon.

“Um… this looks like a bracelet… an extremely old one at that,” you say.

“This weapon changes depending on it user, like your ancestor before you this is what it looked like,” Mr. Green says as he pulls out the bracelet and puts it on a table beside you.

“Um… oookaaay,” you say skeptically. You walk up to the table and look at the bracelet carefully. “Um… hello… you might not know me… but your original owner was my ancestor… let hope we can get along and see if we can get those… monsters to see that they can be good… okay?” you ask the bracelet like it’s a living person.


“Okay, fine I’ll do just that Amber… but for some reason I feel like I shouldn’t,” you tell Amber.

“OH, WHAT’S IT GONNA DO TO YOU, HU? EAT YOUR ARM OFF, KILL YOU, LIKE IT CAN DO THAT, ALL IT IS, IS A BRACELET YOU IDIOT!!! And people thought I was crazy for trying advanced spells when I was five,” Amber says to you while mumbling the last part.

“I heard all that Amber, but for some reason…” you say as the bracelet starts shaking, “WHOA, why did it just shake?” you ask as the bracelet starts to look like a serpent. “WHOA… wait… hey there, little guy, how are you, enjoying your time out of the box?” you ask the snake.

“…You really think I’m a snake?” the bracelet says.

“THAT THING CAN TALK!?” everyone but you, Mr. Green, and Mr. Red yells.

“I did not see that coming,” you say bewildered.

“So, you’re the descendant of my previous owner… not the best looking, but still though, you didn’t try to instantly wear me like the rest of the people they’ve tried this test on,” the snake says to you as it slithers up to your arm.

“So… do you talk all the time while on my arm?” you ask while placing your right arm on the table.

“No, I only talk during this process of seeing if you are a descendant of my original master,” the snake says as it slithers up your arm, “… and you’re actually one of his descendants, now, before I shut up, you will be gaining some of your ancestor’s memories over time, specifically, the more of my power you use, the closer you’ll get to your ancestor,” the snake says.

“Okay, that seems cool and all, but its not gonna harm me in anyway, right?” you ask the snake.

“No, none of this will harm you, but you should know this, once I’ve finished this, I’ll glow and change to what YOU think I should look like, goodbye Cameron,” the snake says as it starts to glow around your arm. It slowly shifts and begins to look golden with green accents and has a blue topaz lining around the bracelet. The glowing stops and you marvel at how beautiful it looks.

“WOW, this looks so cool, and it also has my birthstone in it, cool,” you say in awe.

“Wow, that looks…  just wow,” Amber says in complete awe.

“Agreed,” everyone else in the room says while nodding their heads. Suddenly the doors burst open to the room you’re in.

“I felt the presence of the weapon that is said to have sealed away the monsters of old,” a man in what looks like a construction workers outfit.

“Mr. Orange meet Cameron, the descendant of the one who sealed away the monsters of old, and his weapon has finally chosen its new master,” Mr. Green say to Mr. Orange.


“Ug, can you not yell in my ear, I just had Amber yell in there earlier and you yelling right into it isn’t helping my hearing,” Mr. Red says to Mr. Orange.

“That’s Mr. Orange, he’s the more… what word am I looking for… oh ya, weapon design, creator, and tester for almost all of the weapons and talismans we use,” Amber whisper into your ear.

“Yes… it is time, to see if they’ve seen the error of their ways and can now be used to help us,” Mr. Green says as he slowly turns to you, “We’ve already decided who will be joining you in this mission, and just to inform you, YOU are in charge of the mission,” Mr. Green says to you.

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, hold on, I don’t even know how to use this things power,” you say while pointing to the bracelet.

“You will know when the time comes, but back on track, *AHEM* AMBER, DAVID, you will be going with him to make sure they’ve changed their ways,” Mr. Green yells/ says to Amber and David.


“Well if you don’t obey his orders, then I could just find someone else to go in your place,” Mr. Green says with a smirk on his face.

“Um…um…um… what I meant to say is… um… I would love to go… ya that’s it… ha-ha” Amber says nervously.

“Okay, good to know you see things my way honey,” Mr. Green says to Amber while patting her head, “Any other suggestions anyone wants to make…” no one responds, “okay… good… so we’re all in agreement then, these three will go to the tombs, Cameron here will unseal them, and we will see if they’ve changed their ways during their 2000-year nap,” Mr. Green says.

“Okay, first things first, how do I undo the seal,” you ask.

“Oh that’s simple, all you need to do is place a line of your blood on each of their coffins,” Mr. Green says to you.

“Okay… that’s gonna be a bit of a pain to do, but still though, I don’t need to die if I decide we need to reseal, or kill them in the end, right?” you ask.

“Only if you die,” David says.

“Oh, that just makes me feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER,” you say sarcastically,

“Oh, hope it helped,” David says with a smile on his face.

            You slowly descend down an old looking stairway filled with cob-webs. You are brought into a spherical looking room with light coming through, through a hole in the ceiling. “Um… how are people not falling through that hole in the ceiling?” you ask,

“That’s simple you idiot, its called a light hole, all it does is let light in through a hole you make with magic, and it makes sure no one can fall in and hurt themselves,” Amber says to you,

“Oh, okay, thanks Amber,” you say politely to Amber.

“Now Cameron, please come here so we can begin,” Mr. Green says. You walk up to Mr. Green and give him your left hand, “Now, I know this might hurt a little, but after the seals are broken the wound will instantly heal itself,” Mr. Green says while grabbing a small knife from behind him,

“Okay,” you take a deep breath, “lets do this,” you say with confidence. Mr. Green lightly slices the palm of your hand till your lightly bleeding, you walk towards the four coffins. As you approach you think about how they might look, they might be hotties… or dudes… but you’d prefer hotties. You make it to the base of the coffins. You slowly put your palm on the lid of the white coffin, and slowly move your hand across the white coffin, the blue coffin, the lavender coffin, and the pink coffin. You slowly step back as the perfect cube spell is activated. The coffins shake violently until the lids burst off.

“Ah, so good to finally be free right sister?” a shadow says to another shadow.

“Yes, tis good to finally be rid of that seal,” the shadow closest to the other one says. As the smoke clears you see what no one saw coming, the angels of legend were actually demons.

“Hello there mortals, I’m DayBreaker,” the white one known as DayBreaker says.

“I’m NightMare,” the black one known as NightMare says.

“I’m Midnight Sparkle,” says the lavender one known as Midnight Sparkle.

“And I’m Abomination,” the dark pink one known as Abomination says.

“What... have I done?” you ask I fright.

-End of Chapter 1-