No Better Title - Arc I

by ThePerverted1EyedBrony

Prologue - The Begining [Edited]

Prologue: The Beginning

                -18 A.C-

                The war raged on between the exorcists’ factions. Until as if magically, four angelic beings descended from the heaven’s, “Hear me creatures of this realm, we have come to bring harmony between your people. We wish for this senseless death and violence to stop,” the brightest of the angels called, all was peaceful, until they realised that one of the angels was a fallen.

                The factions decided to smite the fallen one, but the other three, decided to fight back to defend and protect the fallen one. Many exorcists fell trying to exorcise the angels, all had seemed lost until, the faction’s heads decided to seal them away till an exorcist strong enough to defeat them arose. One thousand brave exorcists went to enact the seal, only one came back, “The seal Mr. Robin’s enacted… he…*sigh*…sacrificed himself to enact it. Only a descendant of his bloodline can strengthen, or… destroy the seal so many of us died to enact. As you know seals don’t last forever, so… in two thousand years the seal will weaken, and only his descendant can re-enact the seal, but at least they won’t lose their life like he did.” The only survivor reported to the heads.

“Then we will have to monitor his wife, and child’s bloodline till the day the seal must be strengthened. Agreed?” said the head exorcist of the Green faction.

“Agreed.” All the other faction head’s voiced.

“Also, he… told me to give this to you when I see you again.” The survivor say’s, while pulling out a bracelet of some kind and showing it to the head of the Green Faction.

"Okay, we’ll hold onto it until a descendant of his comes along and strengthens the seal, or… hopefully be strong enough to destroy them,” says the head of the Green faction.

                Little did they know they had sent a shockwave throughout time and space stopping one world’s time completely.

-End of Prologue-