Sour Sweet Relapse

by Nico-Stone Rupan


Legally, Second Person was still deemed to be a competent adult so there would be no serious child custody case in response to his wife's relapse.

Personally, Second deemed himself to be incompetent and a failure, both as a husband and a father.

Sour Sweet was his best friend, his lawfully wedded wife, and his soulmate. Bitter Honey was his daughter, his pride and joy, and his world. How could he have not been there for them? He noticed at least one of the warning signs with Sour's sleeplessness. Couldn't he have made sure that she was taking her medication? Bitter said that there was reckless driving. What if there was a crash? Second had the scars on his left arm to know what a driver with impaired health could do. Bitter missed several meals. Why wasn't he there to feed her? Why? Why? WHY?!

Second's self-agonizing thoughts were interrupted by the pain in his hands. He was gripping the steering wheel too tightly. He loosened up.

He glanced over to Sour. She was silent, simply peering out the window. Her face seemed so full of thought. He wondered if she was seeing anything extra among the scenery at the moment. Second used the rearview mirror to look back at Bitter. She was following Sour's example, quietly watching the world go by. She even had a similar expression upon her face.

Second cracked a smile. Like mother, like daughter.

They pulled into the parking lot. The sign on the building read, "CANTERLOT PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL".

Second got out and opened the door for Bitter first. He unbuckled her from the car seat, picking her up and out onto the ground. He then opened the door for Sour. Similarly, he unbuckled her and with hand held, helped her out.

They entered the hospital. Second signed the forms that the receptionist handed to him. Every stroke of the pen pained him. A nurse came for Sour. Second picked Bitter up so she could be at eye level with her mother.

"Get better, mama."

"Sour, we're going to visit you as often as they allow us to."

Sour didn't respond to either of them. The nurse gently placed her hands on her and began guiding the way to her room. Sour compiled for a moment, but then stopped. She turned back around.


Second perked up. "Yes, honey?"

"Did you win your award?"

Second blinked. He had honestly forgotten all about that. "Yes, Sour. I did. Anon was pissed."

A small, barely visible smile grew on his wife's face. "I knew you would."

With that, Sour turned back around and followed the nurse. She had treatment to begin.


Leaving the hospital, Second took Bitter to the city park. He felt he had a lot of making up to do over his daughter's lost fun weekend.

Bitter grew excited, tugging at his hand. "Daddy, let's go to the roundabout first!"

Second chuckled. "Alright, alright. Just don't pull my arm off, girl!"

Bitter jumped onto the roundabout. She sat right in the middle and gripped the bars.

"Ready?" Second asked.


Not too hard, Second gave it a spin. Bitter let out a "Wooo!" as she went round and round. However, she wasn't completely satisfied.

"Faster, daddy, faster!"

Second shrugged. "Alright, you asked for it."

As hard as he could, he spun it. Bitter laughed. The entire world around her was a complete blur. Steadily, she began to slow down and to make out objects. She saw her father coming and going with each rotation. Then, something odd happened. She began seeing two men. It wasn't double. It was her father and clearly someone else. A man with blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing a fine, tailored suit, with a sadistic grin on his face.

The roundabout slowed to a stop. Bitter was joyously dizzy. The other man was gone, though. Only her father was there with her.

Bitter grinned. "Again! Again!"

Perhaps she would see more people this time.